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Missed Connections is a section of the local classifieds site Craigslist for those who believe in love at first sight and yet someone didn’t manage to get the girl’s number! To make your own Missed Connections posting for Elgin Illinois please visit Craigslist.

Sep 16, 2018
You look amazing today, I knew we cant do this but I couldn't keep my eye of you today....
Long..ish haired biker dude at rookies (Elgin il)
Sep 15, 2018
You have sholder length straight brown hair. You ride, Harley I assume, & you're hot af. I'd never have the nerve to speak to you one on one, knowing full well you can have your pick of anyone at...
you were so cute (Elgin)
Sep 14, 2018
I was at the Meijr on Randal and you walked by and winked. You were so cute, but youll never read this im sure....