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Elgin Township Candidates (open thread)

2 April 2013 Elgin Illinois One Comment

Mental hospital, Elgin, IL Mental hospital, Elgin, IL (Photo by The Elginite).

The Elgin Township races are summarized below:

June Wooten (D)
Annette Miller (R)

Frank Imhoff (D)
Laura Wallett (R)

Highway Commissioner:
Donna Griffin-Lego (D)
Richard Burnidge (R)

Jonathan Bowles (D)
Elvira Ramirez (D)
Kenneth Spotts (D)
Susan Van Weelden (D)
Randy Endean (R)
Robert Johnson (R)
J. Patrick Hudgens (R)
Vicki Pelock (R)

Please use this space to discuss individual races, post your endorsements, etc.

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One Response to “Elgin Township Candidates (open thread)”

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  1. One Vote says:

    Straight Republican for me.
    The Dems sent out the pie chart mailer.
    I suppose their point was the high percentage of payroll.
    (They should look at U-46.)
    The idea that the Dems were the fiscally responsible ones was a laugh.
    I would have preferred an initiative to abolish township government altogether.