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Candidates for ECC Board of Trustees (open thread)

2 April 2013 Elgin Illinois 2 Comments

Pet shop Pet shop (Photo by The Elginite).

Candidates for Elgin Community College Board of Trustees this year are:

2-year seat (1 open seat):
Art Sauceda
Nadia Blanc Daley

6-year seat (2 open seats):
Clare M. Ollayos
Elias A. Palacios
Risé D. Jones
Angela J. Causey

This is an open thread. Please use this space to discuss the race and post your endorsements, etc.

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2 Responses to “Candidates for ECC Board of Trustees (open thread)”

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  1. One Vote says:

    I’m voting for Art Sauceda (friend of a friend)
    Clare Ollayos
    Rise Jones (wife’s recommendation)

    • bennie says:

      I just want to comment on the running of slates: slates are equal to an invitation to corruption, which is a function of 2 much concentrated power which is what you get when slates are endorsed /elected. Personally I think slates are tacky and simply put destructive and ill advised especially for an entity who claims transparency. During the LWV forum I was shocked when Rise’ Jones began the promotion of their “slate” followed by the chorus of the other slate participants, Ollayos,Sauceda. That precisely makes my point concentrated power=corruption. Nothing will get done unless these sanctioned gangsters concur enuf said