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Rosemarie Kahn: City Council Candidate

23 February 2013 Elgin Illinois 4 Comments

Rosemarie Kahn Rosemarie Kahn (Photo by The Elginite).

The questionnaire below was completed by city council candidate Rosemarie Kahn. Ms. Kahn will be a candidate in the city council election on April 9th.


Rosemarie Kahn

Seat for which you are running:

4 year city council

Can you tell us a bit about your background, both personally and professionally?

I’ve lived in the Chicago Suburbs most of my life, and purchsed a house and moved to Elgin 6 years ago. I am married and work as an associate Manger at ATT.

Why are you running for Elgin City Council?

I am running for Elgin City Council because I want to make more of an impact on my community. The decisions of City Council directly reflect everyone’s life in Elgin. If I were to win, I would make it a point to get input from my community on issues brought to the council.

What do you view as the major issues facing Elgin in the next few years?

We are all still dealing with a slow economy and with incomes that don’t seem to be increasing. It is the responsibility of the council to ensure that the core services on Elgin are fully funded. The issues facing the council are of how to cut and where to cut, as we cannot continue taking more income away from an already struggling community.

Are you generally in agreement with decisions the city council has made in the past few years? Please describe any measures with which you particularly agreed or disagreed.

What prompted me to run for city council was the fact that there was an open seat in the 4 and 2 year terms. In general, I do agree with many of the decisions that city council has made. I do not agree with the amount of new taxes the council has agreed on, and I do not agree with the decision to spend any amount of money on a feasibilty study on a hydro-electric dam, this is NOT the first time a study has been done. The dam will cost an estimated 4.4 million dollars, and add $75,000 a year to the city operating budget for upkeep. With this economy, and the cost of the study, it just doesn’t make sense. The money would be better spent on the the stormwater separation project, which is an on-going capital project, instead of trying to create new taxes once again, as the Mayor would like to do.

If elected, what do you expect to accomplish during your time on the council?

I would like to get the residents more involved in the decision making process. I know that I have my views, but the views of the residents need to be accepted as well. I plan on trying to keep the residents informed of the larger decisions that the coucil is facing and getting their input. Not just at council meetings, but making issues available on a website for input. I also would like to see a more common sense approach to projects and spending outside of the core services that the city provides. Until the time that the economy picks up, we need to be frugal in our expenditures, just like we all are in our personal lives.

From a crowded field of candidates, why should voters choose you to represent them on the city council?

“I feel that I can represent the community well because I am a part of the community. I have a home and a vested interest in ensuring that Elgin continues to be a community that cares for its people. I would like to help our city to be known as a place that people in the suburbs WANT to visit and live in. I will do my best to accomplish that goal.

I plan on ensuring that the city council is responsible with the funds that the residents provide. I feel that we have been taxed enough and will fight any idea that could create more ‘new’ taxes. I will keep in mind that nobody has extra right now, and ensure that the council realizes that now is not the time for any type of increase…as most people are living from paycheck to paycheck.”

What’s the best way for voters to find out more about your campaign?

“I have a Facebook page:


Feel free to post, ask questions and dialog with me. I am interested in your thoughts and opinions.”

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4 Responses to “Rosemarie Kahn: City Council Candidate”

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  1. One Vote says:

    Where would one turn for more information about your point-of-view on specific city issues? Things like:
    Pit bulls
    Police contract
    Tell us how you would have voted in the last four city council meetings, and why.
    For what it’s worth, I like what you’ve said about taxation. I’m just not sure what you’d do when revenue picked up again.

  2. One Vote,

    Thank you for your questions. I will try to answer them as best I can, as they are very general questions.

    Pit Bulls~ I love dogs. All dogs. I feel that, more than anything else, dogs are a product of their owners. If you are a good owner, you will have a well behaved, docile dog. If you are not, your dog will easily be out of control, and a menace to the community. Pit Bulls are a trigger dog. Pit Bulls CAN be very gentle loving pets. However, SOME have a very mean streak in them. SOME can become vicious without provocation. A good owner will know if the dog has that in their disposition. I feel, once a pitty is shown to be aggressive, it needs to be removed from the community. For the safety of all. And GOOD owners know this.

    Pavers~ Since the city required Providence to remove the pavers from our entryway…because they are ‘costly to maintain’ and can ’cause troubles for plows’ I would prefer pavers stay off the roadways. If pavers are ‘wanted’ they should be placed on walkways in a decorative manner.

    About taxes…when revenue ‘picks up’ again, I would not recommend additional taxes. As the economy improves, housing values go up, and more is collected in taxes. People spend more, so more will come in sales tax. I would recommend making sure we have funds for future capital projects to prevent the need for raising taxes in the future. The city of Elgin has plenty, and should learn to use what it has wisely.

  3. Chuck Keysor says:

    Hello Rosemarie. Your answers are very well reasoned and respectable. Thanks, Chuck

  4. Frank Salvatini says:

    What is your position on illegals and gangs?