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Michael K. “Big Mike” DeBrocke: City Council Candidate

15 February 2013 Elgin Illinois 7 Comments

Michael K. Michael K. "Big Mike" DeBrocke (Photo by The Elginite).

The questionnaire below was completed by city council candidate Michael K. “Big Mike” DeBrocke. Mr. DeBrocke will be a candidate in the city council primary election on February 26th.


Michael K. “Big Mike” DeBrocke

Seat for which you are running:

2 year city council

Can you tell us a bit about your background, both personally and professionally?

“Celebrating 20th Year in Elgin 2013
25 years in Technology Sales Multi-Million Dollar Contracts and Negotiations and Technical Sales

Contract Trainer Eagle Productivity Solutions
Substitute Teacher U-46 seven years
Customer Service Desk Centre of Elgin
Levy Restaurants, Certified Mixologist

Married 26 years
DePaul University BS in Commerce/Marketing
Mechanical Engineering Wright Community College AA Liberal Arts
Three Children Thru U-46 Schools

President Country Trails Neighborhood Association 16 years
Elgin Leadership Academy Class of 2003, ELA Member to the Chamber of Commerce
Elgin Police Academy Graduate
CERT (Citizens Emergency Response) Trained
Neighborhood Watch Block Captain
Citizen Advisory Member Shale’s Parkway Design Team
U-46 Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) Member
CO-Chair Enrollment and Facilities Committee two years
Boy Scout Troop #111/ Cub Scout Pack #49 various support and Leader Positions
Fox Waterway Clean-up Volunteer
Wetlands Caretaker and Activist
Multiple presentations to City Council, Planning Commission and various boards

Knights of Columbus 4th Degree, Member Board of Officers
American Legion SAL (Sons of the American Legion) Finance Officer
Elgin Riverside Club 125yrs in Elgin
Volunteer Opportunities:
Assisted in Jaycee Event at American Legion
Cook for American Legion Breakfasts
Cook for ITND Annual Citywide Holiday Community Meals
Cook for the Elgin High School E Boosters
Nightmare on Chicago Street
Elgin Fox Trot

Very Passionate about Elgin”

Why are you running for Elgin City Council?

The two year candidate position is an expansion to the city councils’ total membership. It is a testament to the growth of our great city. I have twenty-five years of business experience, in the design and sales of complex networking and computer systems solutions, negotiating many multimillion dollar contracts. As an active volunteer member of this community for the last twenty years I have seen Elgin at its worst and best. I am committed to representing ALL citizens of Elgin and their concerns about its governing body.

What do you view as the major issues facing Elgin in the next few years?

Fiscal Financial Responsibility and Renewed Commitment to existing Businesses and New Business Development.

Are you generally in agreement with decisions the city council has made in the past few years? Please describe any measures with which you particularly agreed or disagreed.

I prefer to look forward not back. With my addition to the council I will add a new set of expertise and influence to this group, as we do what we feel is best for ALL in our Great City.

If elected, what do you expect to accomplish during your time on the council?

We need to concentrate our efforts on program development to achieve financial targets, and create best practices for utilization and to maximize customer touches, in every department in every facility throughout the city.

From a crowded field of candidates, why should voters choose you to represent them on the city council?

I am Experienced Open Minded and Passionate about our Great City.

What’s the best way for voters to find out more about your campaign?



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7 Responses to “Michael K. “Big Mike” DeBrocke: City Council Candidate”

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  1. Tim Palmer says:

    Thank you, Mike. You have said nothing in all of your words. You have no ideas or plans.
    You would fit right in with most of the council. You took the easy way out by saying you prefer to look forward and not back on Elgin’s troubles???

    I will also look forward. To the next candidate in your race. Who is next RS?

  2. One Vote says:

    I think Tim might be a little harsh, but I went to that facebook link and I saw a nice photo of you and a couple of comments from your supporters.
    Where would I go to get your position on things?
    Like the business licenses, or deconversions, or westward expansion, or gang crimes, or streetscaping, or rain tax, or the size and scope of government, or city payroll, or the pension problem, or….
    Seriously, the flowery words are nice and we all like the forward thinking line, but what are your ideas? What needs changing?
    I like the fact that you are big enough to pick up and throw any other council member, but that might not be enough reason to vote for you.

    • Tim Palmer says:

      If all we get from anyone 11 days before the darn primary race is double-talk and no exact ideas, that’s not being harsh. Every one running for office had months to come up with a reason and something other than politicalspeak..

      Moving on.

      • Tim Palmer says:

        Mike DeBrocke took the time to acknowledge that Elgin is in need of a change. If you think that candidates or a candidate should express themselves more, use your time to write them an email. Bashing someone based on these questions is pretty low and a waste of time.

  3. One Vote says:

    Take a deep breath, Tim. I agree with you.

  4. Educated Voter says:

    If all I was going on was this non-informative questionaire. His gross negligence to proper use of capitalization and poorly placed commas I would never vote for this man.

  5. Tim Palmer says:

    Big Mike must have zip to offer if all his supporters have to do is take my name and make it the voters job to get info from a candidate after he filled out a questionaire. Is there anybody out there who has a clue about Elgin’s problems or are all the candidates full of general b.s. as to not offend??