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November elections open thread

28 October 2012 Elgin Illinois 74 Comments

Jewel-Osco, South Elgin Jewel-Osco, South Elgin (Photo by Elgin Town).

Here you can discuss federal, state and local races. Some competitive contests include:

John Walters (R) vs John G. Dalton (D) for circuit judge
Cary Collins (R) vs Michael Noland (D) for the state senate
Joe Walsh (R) vs Tammy Duckworth (D) for Congress

Also all Kane County Board seats are up for grabs.

Post your endorsements, comments and questions.

Please note that this is not a thread for municipal elections which are further down the road. We will open a separate thread for that.

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74 Responses to “November elections open thread”

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  1. Chuck Keysor says:

    Rick, my post on Dalton appeared right after you opened the new thread, so I have posted a copy here to get the ball rolling. Chuck
    Interesting point One Vote.

    At the Elgin OCTAVE candidate forum late last month, a question was put to Mr. Dalton that I found very interesting. Mr. Dalton was asked that if he is so deeply involved in Law, and has such a passion for legal matters, why is it that last year he applied for the job of communications director for the City of Elgin? In his reply, he directly acknowledged applying for that job.

    More than any other question, that one really gave me pause. Why would someone who described themselves as being so legally qualified and with so many honors in his field of jurisprudence, want to bail out of the legal profession to become the communications director for the City of Elgin? That isn’t a legal position, even in the most remote sense. Should someone who wants to bail out of the legal profession become a Judge?

    Afterwards, some suggested a few theories to me, but none were very positive, and I can’t think of any myself.


  2. One Vote says:

    When Dalton was running before he was quoted in a GBLT newspaper, and the quote was frightening to me.
    He sees a judgeship as some sort of prize to be won by the gay community. With a group of financial supporters he suggested that a victory would be some prize for the gay agenda. I don’t want a judge with that kind of chip on his shoulder.
    He’s also made it clear that he’s an advocate for the illegal aliens. He’s even been awarded the MLK prize by his liberal friends.
    At least this time around he’s openly talking about his “family.”
    Walters is no David Akemann, but at least he’s not carrying around a liberal agenda for the GBLT.

    • paul says:

      “an advocate for the illegal aliens”

      ANYONE advocating for illegal activity is UNQUALIFIED to be a judge.

      Now I don’t know for sure Dalton is an advocate for illegals. But I do know for sure he is co-founder of a local group called SOAP (speak out against prejudice) founded for the purpose of pre-judging anyone against illegal immigration and its associated consequences as being racist bigots. Hilariously, Dalton’s activities with SOAP qualify him as a prejudiced bigot.

      Dalton is preeminently unqualified to be a judge.

      • Bill O'Neill says:

        John Dalton was a founding member of SOAP (Stop Odie from Appressing Poop or something clever). An organization started by Gold Coast Attorneys to scream “racism” at the city because the anti-illegal contingent was getting too much press….and being as politically correct as they were, the city jumped to attention to listen to them and black-balled anyone who was associated with anything anti-illegal criminal alien.

        Wisely, their Yahoo Group has been deleted, but I still have every post up to a few months ago. While calling people names who merely wanted laws enforced, one of their fearless leaders, Shirley Sadjadi (an Elgin Immigration attorney) distributed photos of people in a post titled “The Illiterate Minority” holding signs that had things misspelled in them, implying they were Republican and uneducated.

        Larkin High School also let members of SOAP hold an impromptu assembly at the school on MayDay a few years ago where for over an hour, they literally told students that our laws meant nothing to illegal aliens and that in fact, they had broken no laws.

        Also, they enlisted members of the SEIU who were literally wandering the halls of larkin handing out red leaflets looking for students to “march”.

        Richard Webb was Principal then, and has since been fired along with a group of other “tool” admins.

        Dalton is so FAR from being partial on a NUMBER of things, I honestly don’t see him getting elected. If he does….”stupidy” has won and for no other reason than the shear number of signs he’s amassed over the years.

        Sorry. Was I rambling? ;-)

        • Bill O'Neill says:

          “Dalton is so FAR from being partial on a NUMBER of things”

          Sorry…that should have read “Dalton is so FAR from being IMpartial on a NUMBER of things..”

  3. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    For Kane County Board District 19 I am voting for Kurt Kojzarek

    Kurt Kojzarek, a Republican, is a former Elgin Township trustee and current Elgin Township clerk.

    Kojzarek wants to start an online checkbook detailing county expenses to make it harder for departments to hide wasteful spending. He also supports a stricter ethics ordinance for employees and elected officials.

    Kojzarek’s ideas have a lot of common sense to them coupled with his previous and current township experience are the reasons why I will vote for Kurt Kojzarek.

    Common Sense Clarence Hayward

    “A conservative voice in the Elgin community since 1971″

    • paul says:

      “a stricter ethics ordinance”

      ANY politician who needs a codified code of ethics in order to have a code of ethics disqualifies themselves from being my representative.

      He probably supports sustainability and world peace too!

      Winston Churchill - “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

  4. Cruex says:

    I have no problem with John Dalton. But Paul is right, he is not qualified to be any judge. Being popular amongst a small circle of people does not make you a good candidate for any office. And just being listed as an attorney of record in a courtroom is not the same as trying an actual court case. I also do not like someone running for an office just because there is an opening. Walters isn’t the greatest campaigner but neither was Judge Akeman and he beat Dalton easily.

  5. Terry Gavin says:

    I’m a 100% supporter of Congressman Joe Walsh’s re-election for the 8th District seat! I’ve worked as a volunteer for his campaign for over 10 months now. After attending numerous townhall meetings he’s held throughout the District these facts are self evident,1) Cong. Walsh is the most honest politician I’ve ever met, he doesn’t change his message from one day to the next,2) he’s fearless in dealing with critics who show up at his meetings whether it’s a group of Muslims calling him a “racist” or a union “thug”, 3) but most of all he understands that our freedoms here are under attack both by the huge deficit’s that our nation is facing & from enemies both foreign & domestic who wish to destroy our nation.

    Last but not least his opponent Ms. Duckworth is not from this District, nor has she spent much time campaigning in this district & has no ideas on how to fix any of the problems our district is facing. Instead she campaigns in California where she raised millions of $’s from liberal pac’s & Hollywood types. She’s also a tool of the Chicago Democrat machine who’ll follow orders from the same people who are destroying Illinois & our country! In fact she’s so out of touch that when she was asked at a debate “if 8th District residents are better off today than they were 4 years ago” she replied,
    “absolutely”! Maybe things are better for her & her ruling class buddies but not for the average citizen here. Anyone that far out of touch doesn’t deserve to hold the office of Congress 8th District of IL.

    • SIE says:

      Rep. Walsh will be soundly beaten by Duckworth. I’m not saying she is who I am supporting but it’s pretty obvious she will win handily.

    • Ernie says:

      Walsh is the WORST Congressman Illinois has had to offer in decades. He is a deadbeat dad who has done NOTHING for Elgin, Illinois or this country. Please give me one example of something he has accomplished. You can’t. He’s a loud mouth who likes to run for office and get his name in the paper. I think Mr. Gavin shares that tendency.

      Ms. Duckworth is a VETERAN from humble beginnings who has served her country honorably. She is a much better representative for what is good and noble in this country- especially next to the blowhard she is running against.

      I say Vote No for Walsh and No for Terry Gavin. Neither are good for Elgin, Illinois or our Country.

      • Terry Gavin says:

        Hey Ernie careful with that Obama kool-aid you’re drinking it makes
        people say & do dumb things!

      • paul says:

        “what is good and noble in this country”

        $16 TRILLION deficit is good and noble?

        Bankrupt state of Illinois is good and noble?

        Massive tax increases in Elgin reducing citizen’s standard of living is good and noble?

        Stealing other people’s money is good and noble?

        Exterminating innocent human life is good and noble?

        Ernie’s moral compass is so far off that bad and evil is now good and noble!

  6. Ernie says:

    Your lame responses to my question as to what dead-beat dad, blowhard Walsh has accomplished just prove my point. Walsh has done nothing to reduce the deficit. He’s ineffective and shows no leadership ability at all. He’s good at blaming others for his problems (including his ex-wife) but has no solutions. We will see who is dumb and out of touch with Elgin voters and the American people on election day. Walsh is going down and it will prove that you are as dumb and out of touch with what voters believe and want from their leaders as he is.

    • Terry Gavin says:

      Your name calling is lame, & though I was hoping to stay out of the mud & slime with you I can’t allow your dishonesty to stand unanswered.

      Fact #1) Cong. Walsh’s so called child support charges WERE dismissed by a judge back in December, #2) he nor I am a so called “loud mouth” or “blowhard” but we’re both outspoken on the threats to our nation, our freedoms & our futures whether they be local or national, #3) the Congressman,if you ever attended one of his townhalls or a neighborhood meet & greets, is a gentleman who demands respect be shown for everyone who voices their opinions, including those who disagree with him & I’ve WITNESSED this in person. So stop with the name calling unless you wish the same back, Ernie.

      More facts for you, Cong. Walsh has moved several pieces of legislation through the Congress including sponsoring a Balance Budget Amendment that was ignored in the Harry Reid Senate as were all of the budgets the House passed over the last 3 years. The Congressman sponsored a bill to defund Planned Parenthood which is in the business of aborting babies of which most are of color. Again a bill that died in the Senate. As you should know Ernie no one Congressman or Senator can accomplish anything without others support which Joe has done as a freshman Congressman. What will Tammy Duckworth be able to accomplish? What are her solutions so far I’ve heard none but to back the Obama agenda. More government, more spending, more debit. That’s a formula for disaster here as it is throughout the world, I guess in your world that is noble. And of course let’s remember her great answer to the question “are 8th District residents better of today then 4 years ago & her answer was “absolutely”!

      While were on the subject of “good & noble” try this on for size your most noble “Messiah” Commander in Chief let an Ambassador, 2 former Navy Seals & a CIA operative die horrible deaths in Benghazi, Libya while watching on real time video & refused to let the military move in to save them. Now that’s real noble & real leadership.

      Yes the America people will decide who’s out of touch but clearly people like Tammy, President Obama & you are out of touch, no matter what the results are, you see mob rule is not justice & just because a majority of people get suckered into voting for the WORST President in recent history & that includes Pres. Carter does not make it right.

      So Ernie sip your kool-aid & watch what happens but I’ll ignore you from here forward because you’re not worth my time to explain any more facts to. So name call & do as you please but try it on someone else.

  7. Todd Martin says:

    I support Tammy Duckworth for Representative. One thing that you need in a politician, regardless of position, is the ability to be civil to people. As an example, I disagreed with former mayor Schock’s positions on residential developments, but I greatly respected the courtesy and politeness he showed in City council deliberations. Joe Walsh is a blowhard and a bully. He attacks people without tact, restraint, or humility. Tammy Duckworth is respectful to people and that has earned my vote.

    • Terry Gavin says:

      By your own standards Todd you must not be voting for our current President & V.P. since NOBODY is a bigger bully, blowhard or loud mouth then V.P. Uncle Joe Biden. For that matter Pres. Obama is pretty good at being uncivil to his opponents as well as members of Congress who he regularly side steps with his Executive Orders.

      Also I seem to recall you challenging me as impolite for what you said was “name calling” but here you are name calling Cong. Walsh. Seems to me you might have a double standard there. In fact in all the hours I’ve spent in Joe’s company I’ve never seen him once be a bully, be uncivil to anyone, or lack humility. He’s been a gentleman, with a great sense of humor & at times very humble. So may I suggest that you spend time with a person before you go off accusing them of things you’ve not witnessed 1st hand.

      • Todd Martin says:


        “In November 2011, Walsh was videotaped meeting with his constituents, becoming visibly aggressive and swearing at a woman who questioned him about his comment that the marketplace and the banks were not responsible “for the mess we’re in right now.” He later apologized for being “too passionate”.”

        Terry, I’ve seen plenty of video & transcripts regarding Joe Walsh’s behavior. As for your decorum, I’ll let your words here on Elginite speak for themselves.

        In my opinion, Joe Walsh is exactly what’s wrong with Congress. He tries to beat his opponents senseless in the media to force capitulation. This causes gridlock.

        My sincere advice regarding your campaign is to watch the election; if Joe Walsh is defeated, then think about how you want to publicly treat people… even those you disagree with.

        • Todd Martin says:

          FYI, I support neither Obama nor Romney. I liked Newt Gingrich; he gave an inspiring speech in Florida which appeals to me. Regardless, I think local races are a lot more important than the Presidential race; Illinois is NOT a swing state for the Presidency in any way, shape, or form.

        • Terry Gavin says:


          I’ve never professed to being perfect nor would Cong. Walsh but somehow you seem capable of judging other people based on your standards. Well let me try to deal with your critique of me & our Congressman, first of all have you ever run for public office & had the media pound away at you with personal attacks, name calling & false charges? Well until you’ve been there then I don’t think you understand what it feels like & if you’re in my shoes it means you either surrender or fight back against untruths. I also notice that you attack us both on style not substance. It’s how Cong. Walsh speaks on issues or shows passion for what he believes in, not how he votes on the issues? He’s been consistent in supporting that which he ran on & won, solid American values. My record while serving on the council was also similar as his is today. In your comments about me specifically, you seem to miss the fact that I only strike back after someone has attacked me or a friend of mine or if someone in government is trying to take more of our hard earned money for some “lame” brained new government program.

          May I suggest to you, as much as you seem like a nice guy, that your biases are self evident, Joe Walsh is a “bully”, “blowhard”, “loudmouth” but you’re not biased towards the liberalism agenda that says you’re right & we’re not? Well you must believe you’re above criticism because you mean well. The fact is We the People still have the 1st Amendment to be able to have free speech but in your world it seems that “right” is solely the property of the “left”! Sorry Todd, we’ve got as much right as you to speak out any time we want on anything we want especially when our government is “stealing” our tax dollars & spending it against the will of the people.

          You attack Congressman Walsh on his style but don’t seem to have a problem with Tammy’s horrible record as a appointed bureaucrat at the IL V.A., which includes charges of wasting $4M of taxpayer monies, firing a “whistle-blower” a total of 16 violations discovered through an audit by the State of Illinois Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs, compliance exam for 2 years ended June 30, 2008.

          Btw gridlock in government is not always a bad thing especially when you’ve got an “Imperial” President who wants to destroy/transform our nation to his own image, just watch the documentary “2016 Obama’s America” & learn some truths. Also Newt Gingrich was attacked mercilously when he was Speaker
          & as I recall he was called similiar names you called Cong. Walsh.

          Whether Cong. Walsh wins re-election (must I even mention the Democrats in Chicago/Springfield drew up this district to give it to Tammy) or not I’ll not change my believes & my core values of freedom, less government, less deficit spending & a better economy that lifts all people up not makes people dependent on government handouts. I seriously doubt you’d vote for me or any other freedom loving conservative but yet you’ll sit back & criticize anybody who disagrees with your belief that more government is a good thing. I’m respectful to those who disagree with me unless they are just here to attack me.

          You have the nerve to say that Ed Schock was polite in public meetings but I & others have a different view, he was always a tyrant to anyone who disagreed with him & that comes from my personal experience as well as many citizens he treated like dirt. He was vulgar to both Mayor Kelly & I but he did it behind closed doors so don’t always believe what you see from the outside of a situation.

          In closing may I offer these words of wisdom to you, “Don’t judge someone else untill you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”!

  8. Ben Burch says:


    Agree totally. Civility is vital, and Walsh seems to not be capable of it.

  9. One Vote says:

    There wasn’t much talk about “civility” until conservatives started speaking out. Apparently Code Pink is patriotic dissent but the Tea Party is shrill and uncivil.

  10. paul says:

    “tact, restraint, or humility. Tammy Duckworth is respectful”

    $16 TRILLION debt is respectful, tactful, restraint and humility?

    Bankrupt state of Illinois is respectful, tactful, restraint and humility?

    Massive tax increases in Elgin reducing citizen’s standard of living is respectful, tactful, restraint and humility?

    Stealing other people’s money is respectful, tactful, restraint and humility?

    Exterminating innocent human life is respectful, tactful, restraint and humility?

    About as respectful, tactful, restraint and humility as confiscating all the possessions and herding people into freight trains.

    • Todd Martin says:

      Paul, let’s not get silly. Tammy Duckworth’s career has had nothing to do the Federal debt, the Illinois debt, Elgin tax rates, burglaries, or Abortion. Here’s her bio:

      In 2003, Tammy Duckworth was working on a project for Rotary International to provide wheelchairs for the disabled in developing countries including Iraq. As a Captain in the National Guard, she was mobilized for Operation Iraqi Freedom and deployed in 2004.

      As a Black Hawk helicopter pilot, she was one of the first women to fly combat missions in Iraq until November 12th, 2004 when her helicopter was hit by an RPG. Tammy lost both legs and part of the use of her right arm in the explosion, and was awarded the Purple Heart for her combat injuries.

      During her recovery at Walter Reed, Tammy was one of the highest-ranking amputees and became an advocate for her fellow soldiers. Her leadership was recognized when she was asked to testify before Congress and recruited to run for the House of Representatives. After losing a close race, Tammy continued to serve as a Major in the National Guard and became Director of Illinois’ Department of Veterans’ Affairs. There, she implemented many first in the nation programs to address Post Traumatic Stress, improve traumatic brain injury screening and reduce homelessness among Vets.

      In 2009, Tammy was tapped by President Obama to be Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs where she sought to improve the standard of care for Vets. She oversaw VA’s effort to end Veteran homelessness and lead initiatives for female Vets and increased accessibility and accountability with the new Office of Online Communications.

      Military service is a Duckworth tradition - a family member has served during every period of conflict since the Revolution. Tammy followed suit by joining the Reserves in graduate school and chose to fly helicopters because it was one of the few combat jobs open to women.

      Tammy is a graduate of the University of Hawaii and received a Masters of Arts in International Affairs from the George Washington University. She and her husband Bryan, an Army Major, live in Hoffman Estates where their home was rebuilt for wheelchair access in 2005 by her fellow Soldiers and friends. Despite her injuries, she declined a military medical retirement and continues to drill as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard

      • Terry Gavin says:

        Here’s an interesting article on Tammy & her attacks on whistlelowers & her attempted cover up while at the IL VA.


        • Terry Gavin says:

          Here’s more facts to add to Tammy’s resume, 1) “As a Veterans Affairs Bureaucrat Tammy Duckworth let our veterans down by wasting millions of dollars.” Washington Examiner, 9/4/12, As head of the Veterans Affairs, Duckworth fired a “Whistleblower” who attempted to report corruption. Chicago Sun Times, 10/11/12, & finally “Tammy Duckworth is a “Tax Cheat” who ILLEGALLY claimed two homestead exemtions on her income tax report” Daily Herald Citation, 8/25/2012!

          Amazing how some people in government think the rules they make for us don’t apply to them. Just say NO to Duckworth on 11/6/12!

      • paul says:

        There Todd goes again, unable to conduct himself in a respectful manner, starting off with disparaging name calling and then proceeding to speak untruths.

        Here is her bio: she’s a democrat. Evidently Todd believes that local, State and Federal democrats have NOTHING to do with local, State of Federal debt, taxation, or killing of innocent human life DESPITE local, State and Federal democrats creating the debt, creating massive tax increases and supporting killing of innocent human life!

        • One Vote says:

          In our secular media, Obama was out talking about rape and abortion on the talk show circuit.
          The headline the next morning should have read: “Obama openly ridicules the official Catholic position on abortion.”
          Catholics make up 24% of the US population. You would think they’d want to know that. But instead it was the war on woman meme of the democrat party that came out the next day.
          As Mother Teresa said: “A child is a gift from God. If you do not want it, then give it to me. I want it.”

  11. One Vote says:

    You gotta love the silly season.
    Dalton sent a mailer to my house that says “Elect a Judge that Knows, and is Involved In His Community!” (sic)
    How do you throw that out there with a straight face when your opponent was on the city council for 22 years? Not to mention Walters’ involvement in youth sports and Kiwanis.
    Perhaps Dalton’s “Community” means something else. He’s been known to do fundraisers with the Chicago gay community.

    • I'm Voting says:

      One Vote, if you look at Dalton’s materials you see someone that doesn’t have a firm grasp on the English language. Off the top of my head, we have him using the word “judgement” on all of his materials. We aren’t British, that spelling is not accepted in the United States. Also, one of his mailer said something like “lets set the record straight…” Someone should tell him that the word is “let’s” - it’s a contraction for “let us.” For someone that claims to have such an incredible education, he sure doesn’t use it. Maybe he should be asking for a refund from Augustana and The U of I.
      I want my judge to know how to spell and communicate clearly in English, that’s why, for many other reasons, I’m voting for Walters.

  12. Scott Liss says:

    Here we go again Mike Noland stealing opponents signs again

    When will Kane County arrest this guy?


  13. One Vote says:

    I don’t get the obvious yard sign violations that are ignored. Like the Kahn sign in the center island on Kimball Street at Brook. How many cops and city leaders drive past it all day long. And here it sits.
    There’s a Patlak sign on the island at Willow and I-294 in Glenview. It has been there for weeks. There must be 100,000 cars that pass it every day. Why hasn’t it been moved.
    If I were running for office and saw people getting away with it, mine would be up there, too.

  14. Cruex says:

    I don’t see Dalton as having any chance in this election and I bet he gets less than 25% of the vote. Nice enough man but drastically inexperienced in a courtroom and a weak overall resume in the law world. I would be more impressed if he were a touting his local experience instead of being lost in a big law firm just for the sake of dropping a name.

  15. I am having a difficult time understanding why Senator Mike Noland does such petty illegal activities like stealing opponent signs and gets re-elected. I assume that anyone willing to openly commit crimes is only doing worse things behind closed doors. I think it is sad any elected official can have such disrespect for the laws they swear they are here to protect.

    • bennie says:


      • paul says:


        All caps signifies you are shouting. Calm down.

        The issue is about as serious as you can get. I was kind of with you there at first, bennie. This is unbelievable. Noland can’t be this ridiculously petty - even for a democrat. No petty person such as described could possibly be Illinois Senator - even a democrat.
        If this is remotely true it is incredible!!! INCREDIBLE.

        Literally, grade school behavior. Not a momentary lapse in judgement, grade school mentality. Not fit to represent me as a block captain.

        This is really too much. A complete corruption of democracy itself.
        This is as serious as felony burglary. How about a citizens arrest.

        I do not believe this.
        Arrest him or shut up.

        • bennie says:

          sorry didn’t mean to yell but I thought this was a bit develish unless the writer had proof if so they should deal with the matter the right way instead of dragging him through the courts of public opinion I have no interest in arresting any one too much of that going on these days with too little evidence of wrong doing. This is simply amazing for something to hit the airwaves

  16. One Vote says:

    There is at least one race I will leave blank; Coroner.
    I would normally default to the GOP candidate, but not Russell.
    If you will recall, Russell was running for Sheriff two years ago and abruptly backed out of the primary “to spend more time with my family.”
    And here he is in another election.
    I don’t trust people like that.

    • One Vote says:

      Oops! My bad. It was the ECC Trustee race Russell dropped out of. Not exactly a fast-paced, position.

  17. scottliss says:

    There have been at least 6 police reports filed on Senator Noland this year in Elgin a long. Cook County has three or 4. Kane County prosecutors refuse to file charges against Noland call them ask them why? I have spoken to the Collins campaign and met a former campaign advisor from the Elenz camp who told me how the Elgin police laughed at them when they had witnesses Noland was stealing them himself

    • bennie says:

      sounds like if you or anyone have that much info you could do something about it, either deal with the police or deal with Noland directly through the courts. This corruption makes me sick you can’t trust anyone in politic’s until we get term limits which will hopefully stop some of the games played by politicians personally I don’t C anyone running worth my loyalty or my vote. each cycle of elections are just getting worst. A real sad commentary.
      As far as the police dept. laughing at complaints of campaign sign theft by noland or anyone else is hard to believe I don’t think the police chief or any of the New commanders are aware of this. I believe that any one of these options would not see things as you have described.

  18. Cruex says:

    This report of Noland stealing signs makes me sick. It’s the cowardly act of a small man. Let’s see what the Elgin police are going to do about it. At least there are residents who put their name out as being a witness. God Bless them.

    • I'm Voting says:

      No kidding. I hope that either the homeowner or the Collins campaign files suit, too. If there are witnesses, they could probably sue for the value of the signs (I’m guessing in small claims). I’m willing to acknowledge that this is not the best use of judicial resources, but maybe it would start to teach people a lesson that performing stunts like that is not acceptable.
      Let’s just make sure that Dalton isn’t on the bench to hear that case - we can all guess how that one would turn out.

  19. Terry Gavin says:

    Yes folks it’s that time of the year again to just say NO to NOland. Not only a liberal/progressive but a petty thief! A total disgrace to the office of State Senator…

  20. Chuck Keysor says:

    OK, this is old news, and actually, probably not even news. But because we are talking about Mike Noland, I am going to trot out the following true story, that happened to me on Saturday, October 30th, 2010. This is what I wrote that same evening, and I shared this widely, and told the story on WRMN on the following Tuesday/election day. Chuck

    “At 5:30 this evening, I went down to mow the beautification site on Crystal Street. Not long after 6pm, the end of my mowing was in site, when a car pulled up to the curb and stopped. I thought, oh, this is nice, someone has stopped to visit. (I do enjoy getting to visit with people who pass by and want to talk about the beautification site!) In the dimming light, I recognized that it was Senator Noland who had stopped, and was he was coming to talk to me. I could tell by his stern stride, that he was not happy.

    I approached him with an outstretched hand of greeting, and began to explain why I had a Rauschenberger sign in my yard. I tried to explain why I was so disappointed in him, but Mike was clearly angry and wouldn’t hear me out. He asserted that Steve Rauschenberger had worked for 14 years to mess up Springfield. I told Mike that he has had 4 years to fix things, yet things are more messed up than ever. He said he has problems with the leadership, and that has made it hard to get changes made.

    I said this election was not about him, as no one senator could be the cause of our state’s sorry condition, and no one senator could fix it. Instead, I said that having the Democrats holding all the power was at the heart of our current mess, and that I could only hope that enough people across the state would feel the same way, so that we could once again hope to have a functioning two party government. But Mike would have none of it.

    Mike said in a very stern, borderline angry tone, that if I did not take down the Rauschenberger signs from my yard, that I would never be welcome in his office again. He said that this is serious business, and that he was not joking. With that, he angrily departed.”

    So, add this to the reports of Noland stealing other people’s campaign signs, the fact that he was ejected from a polling station in Carpentersville because he was “electioneering” (Elgin Courier News 11/7/10), lifting lines from JFK without attribution (Daily Herald 12/3/10), his questionable use of official state stationary to promote his political agenda (Daily Herald 5/7/10). Or Noland trying to force U46 to support his “tax swap” (Daily Herald 11/12/10) as another example of his tactics.

    So that is why I would ask anyone to think twice before voting for Mike Noland. Chuck

    • Bob says:

      To that list why not add that he acted like an egotistical dimwit when he blocked Rep. Elaine Nekritz’s eavesdropping bill that would have made it legal to record police activity in public.


      And when Noland says he believes it’s the government’s role to provide jobs he really means providing jobs to his friends and family.


      Everybody knows John Dalton’s relationship to Noland. Dalton is the spouse of Noland aide Rich Jacobs, and now he has a judgeship created just for him, courtesy of Mike Noland.

      Noland has voted for every tax increase and against Elgin interests over and over again. When he plagiarized Kennedy’s speech on the senate floor he didn’t just embarass himself, he disgraced the city, the entire district and the state of Illinois in front of a national audience, because yes, that did make national news.


      And yet this is the man that wins the elections. Why? Because if you repeat your lies enough people believe it. If you bully, threaten and shout loud enough your critics go quiet and walk away. If you tear down and steal enough of your opponents’ signs people believe they don’t exist. This man embodies everything that is wrong in politics and that’s why he wins.

      • Terry Gavin says:

        Great post Bob! Not all people who win elections are bad people it just seems that way when you look at someone like Sen. Nolan. I’d rather lose an election then sacrifice my integrity.

        Vote for Cary Collins tomorrow for honest representation!

  21. Jules says:

    I’m voting for Tammy Duckworth. She’s a hard worker and I agree with her views on most issues. She has served the public in a multitude of ways.

    I take issue with Joe Walsh being all about the 8th District. He ran for office in two north shore districts in the 90’s. He’s just had better luck out here.

    I don’t think that blog posts about Mike Noland stealing signs should be believed without verification from Streamwood police. It’s just gossip at this point. Is this a gossip board or do we discuss news and issues?

    • I'm Voting says:

      Jules, as you will note from the link in Scott Liss’ post, a police report is actually referenced. It’s a matter of public record now that he has been accused of stealing signs. If people are willing to put their names on the report, I think it’s fair game for constituents to comment on it.
      Personally, I’m eagerly awaiting Sen. Noland’s response. I would hope he has something better to say than that the signs were improperly placed.

    • paul says:

      “I take issue with Joe Walsh being all about the 8th District. ”

      “should be believed without verification”

      “It’s just gossip at this point.”

    • Terry Gavin says:

      Jules, we’re sure you’re voting for all of the liberal/progressives on the ballot but please Tammy Duckworth, “She’s a hard worker and I agree with her views on most issues”. Yeah she’s been a hard worker raising money on the California “gold coast” but spent little or no time in the 8th District during this campaign.

      When you say you “agree with her views on most issues” you simply mean you agree with Obama’s view of the issues since she’s not offered any ideas of her own during the debates that differ from his. In essence she’s a “puppet” for the Obama agenda!

      Cong. Walsh never ran on the north shore as you state,”He ran for office in two north shore districts in the 90’s. He’s just had better luck out here”. So what you’re saying is a lie. But really irrelevant
      since Cong. Walsh won on his own issues 2 years ago & beat the liberal/Chicago democrat incumbent who had well over a $1M war chest solely on the issues, We the People of the district care about. Tammy is NOT from this district nor does she care a whit about us so called “little people”, she only cares about her own best interests.
      And of course let’s not forget her memorable statement “That the people of the 8th district are better of today then we were 4 years ago” now that’s truly an “out of touch” position when most of us would say that’s a false statement!

      Vote for freedom tomorrow, Vote for Joe Walsh for Congress!

      • Jules says:

        Sorry that I wasn’t specific. His Wikipedia page states that he ran for other offices. Congressman Walsh ran in the 9th District (Evanston/Skokie etc…) in 1996. Here is a clipping a picture of him: http://capitolfax.com/wp-content/Picture5.jpg
        And the source article:
        You pretty much calling me a liar is borderline on the comment policy for being civil, but I forgive you.

        It IS unfortunate that BOTH of our candidates are funded largely by those outside our district by Super PACS. But it was BOTH candidates who have raised or been given outside money. http://www.opensecrets.org/races/summary.php?id=IL08&cycle=2012

        In Nov. 2008, folks were freaking out when their retirement funds were reduced by the condition of the stock market. My Republican friends were blaming President Obama for this- he was not even president yet. Now they’re freaking out about a feeling of being better off or not. We’re not yet better off than we were before their recession. But Lt. Col. Tammy Duckworth’s RIGHT, we are better off than we were in the midst of it. She says that veterans are better off. Here’s all of what Duckworth said in that interview Mr. Gavin quotes and where she disagrees with President Obama on an issue: http://wlsam.com/Article.asp?id=2527585&spid=17424

        • Terry Gavin says:

          I stand corrected on the part about Cong. Walsh’s former runs for office & apologize for referring to you as a liar.

          My reference to Ms. Duckworth’s comments about district residents being better of then 4 years ago came from a live debate broadcast on TV between the 2 of them.

          At this point all of that is irrelevant she won fair & square in a district that was drawn for a Democrat to win easily.

  22. Jules says:

    Being accused of stealing is different from being charged with or found guilty of stealing. But I agree that people can comment all they like. I’m sure we’ve all been accused of something which is untrue before. I hate those mugshots for arrests in the newspapers too. It’s all gossip. Does one really need to respond to gossip? I think it would just perpetuate gossip.

    • I'm Voting says:

      I absolutely agree. My point is that it isn’t mere gossip now. People have put their names on the police report. To me, that means Sen. Noland needs to do something. I’m not a huge fan of his, but if he is our senator, I want him to succeed and he will not succeed if he allows issues like this to loiter. He either needs to fight it and win, or he needs to own up to his mistake and let it blow over.

      • Bob says:

        Noland has been doing this since he first ran for legislature against Ruth Munson. Go around and talk to his former volunteers and the people he ran against in all elections up to now. This is nothing new. The only reason you don’t know about it is the media and the police have no interest in ever reporting anything like this. The police are supposed to arrest him for misdemeanor theft but they don’t. Take it to the city council and ask them why police are not enforcing the laws.

        We have a copy of the police report but there’s no arrest and no news story. Don’t you wonder why?

  23. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    Please vote for Jeff Meyer for Kane Board Rep in District 17

    The Daily Herald endorses Jeff Meyer saying this below.


    In District 17, Republican Jeffrey Meyer is endorsed over incumbent Deborah Allan. Whether it’s pay raises, Fabyan campus development or the need for a computer system upgrades, Meyer uses excellent knowledge of the issues to brainstorm ideas for realistic solutions.

  24. SIE says:

    So now besides living in Elgin with it’s out of touch elected officials I get Tammy Duckworth to represent me in Washington, how wonderful.

    If she doesn’t kill someone (and even maybe if she does) she will be a Congresswoman for life, or until she moves up to something even better.

    I also can’t believe Keith Farnham ran unopposed. I was wondering why I never saw an endorsement in that race. At one time I thought this area had some pretty significant republican constituents. Apparently they couldn’t even come up with a candidate for this race? What does that say?

  25. SIE says:

    Is there a November open thread? If so move this there please.

    From the Daily Herald regarding Elgin lowering property taxes:

    “City Manager Sean Stegall said the third consecutive year of property tax reduction is consistent with city council policy. The goal laid out in the 2012-2016 financial plan was for a 25-percent reduction in the property tax levy by the fifth year.”

    Huh? I’m pretty sure the tax rate for Elgin on my property tax bill increased last year, not to mention the previous two.

    Can this guy just blatantly lie and nothing is done about it?

    I’d email him to ask for clarification but he doesn’t respond. And you can’t call him, you get his secreretary.

    Elgin is a joke.

  26. One Vote says:

    The situation is worse than I thought. Dalton won.
    Of course, Noland won again.
    Duckworth won based on a map drawn specifically for the purpose. But they said that about Hastert’s map, too, and Foster filled the power vacuum. She can be beat.
    If only the Kane GOP were smart enough to run winners against the likes of Noland.
    But as we see when we go looking for city council candidates, the pickings are slim. It may well be that the eastern portion of Kane County has gone to the democrats forever.
    Lauzen and Schmitz do well, but they are in upscale towns.
    Just rambling about the shift in town…..

  27. Cruex says:

    I absorbed the results and came to a conclusion that the election of John Dalton was more about how poor of a campaigner John Walters was and not how qualified Dalton is.

    I mean Walters didn’t do anything wrong while on the bench that I know of yet he still lost to a man who has hardly ever been seen in a court room.

    • One Vote says:

      Dalton had more mailers (at least in my mailbox).
      Most people don’t attend the forums, but Walters can be dry and combative. Dalton is slicker.
      Dalton had more yard signs. Walters should have had more than enough name recognition without them.
      I’m thinking the old-timer voters are all but gone, replaced with young immigrant voters with a higher housing density who will pick the democrat over the republican.

    • bennie says:

      walters acted as though he is suffering from pre altzheimers when he appeared at the Octave candidates forum held at the twp office. He is not a good debater.

      • paul says:

        He does come across as slow witted, which still beats the hate and bigotry of Dalton.

        And his campaign signs were outnumbered 10 to 1. Given that many people have no idea who either of them are, name recognition from Dalton’s campaign signs was probably the determining factor. Would be interesting to know who financed Dalton.

  28. Cruex says:

    I watched the meeting last night and thought the best question was why previous councils ignored the sewer problems for 40 years. I forgot who asked it, maybe Prigge. That sounded like a slap to Gilliam which is deserving. If this sewer problem is so important now and Kaptain wants ANOTHER utility tax why wasn’t it important when the rec center was built?

  29. Chuck Keysor says:

    Hello Cruex. Yes, Prigge is the one who asked about the sewers being slowly fiddled with since 1972 when the EPA told Elgin to separate the storm and waste sewers.

    While I won’t say who Prigge was aiming at with his important question, to me the spotlight should have been on Mayor Kaptain. Kaptain worked on the Elgin sewer/water system for his career. So that is at the heart of his passions. No doubt he was mad that the City never purposefully tackled this environmental issue. So, in MY opinion, he has made this his personal mission to fix the sewers in a shorter time frame. Good or bad, this is on Kaptain’s PERSONAL agenda.

    So instead of fiddling around for 40 more years, spending a few million here, and a few million there to fix the sewers, Kaptain wants us to dive at this post haste.

    Now, in a traditional situation, a city could sell bonds to pay for this $30 to $40 million project (numbers I recall Kaptain offered as estimates, until the $288,000 water/sewer/stormwater study comes back).

    But Kaptain has decided we will just pay for his agenda directly out of new taxes. This gave rise to the “rain tax” As I posted earlier, the “Rain Tax” may raise between $2.79 million and $3.72 million per year.

    Disturbingly though, the Mayor, and others discussed using the “Rain Tax” for several things at last Wednesday’s session. That seemed to contradict the earlier message of the rain tax being used to pay for sewer separation.

    I rambled, but the sewer correction has been hanging over our heads for 40 years, and to me, it looks like Kaptain’s personal decision to fix this in a short timeframe, requiring money to be raised, giving rise to the “rain tax”, which now may get spent on other things, which happens when politicians start imagining all the ways they can spend tax dollars that they can easily raise without any protest.


    • Terry Gavin says:

      Once again Chuck you’ve hit the nail on the head with just one possible miss. First, though it also surprised me when Mgr. Stegall mentioned in his opening remarks that the “Rain water” tax could be used for more “lowering” of the property taxes, I guess they can say that about any new tax they pass but never really do it. But as soon as Mayor Kaptain started speaking it was right back to all of it going towards sewer separation. Somehow Sean either didn’t get Dave’s memo or he’s trying to smoke screen/fool the taxpayers again with misdirection. Guess who’s going to win this issue. Well of course the Mayor.

      Now for the miss, maybe just a slight miss,”when politicians start imagining all the ways they can spend tax dollars that they can easily raise without any protest”. Well from talking to hundreds of citizens while circulating my petitions once I tell people about Elgin’s new “Rain water” tax, they ask me what are they(city council) crazy? I explain the details & there’s immediate anger, so I’ll bet dollars to donuts that come next election (Spring 2013) we’ll see & hear real protest. Of course as I always say it’s much easier to defeat an tax/issue before it gets passed then repeal it after. No vote is expected on this issue till June 2013.

  30. Cruex says:


    Thank you for the information and your insight. What is starting to trouble me more is almost everyone on the council supports this idea of stormwater taxing! Is there any pride left in this city at all???

  31. One Vote says:

    I didn’t see my tax rate decrease. Here’s the actual data from my tax bill, where they ITEMIZE the rate by gov agency.
    Elgin City has two lines, one for the expenses and the other for the pension.
    Here’s mine:
    2008 | 1.599659 | 0.320299 | 1.919958
    2009 | 1.521028 | 0.39914 | 1.920168
    2010 | 1.574202 | 0.347201 | 1.921403
    2011 | 1.596472 | 0.387094 | 1.983566

    Sorry Sean, I don’t see any decrease in your rate.

  32. susan says:

    I just recently found out about this bogus “rain tax”. Firstly, it is preposterous. Secondly, how exactly will it be calculated, other than the size of your roof? If it is raining outside it could be raining across the street yet not on my side of the street. Am considering building a giant umbrella over my house as a loop hole. Am prepared to go door to door with a petition to get rid of this tax. It is sickening…..

  33. Chuck Keysor says:

    Hello Susan. Here is a post of mine from October 25th. Go back and look for other related posts in that time frame. The company conducting the study will attempt to come up with a means by which each property can be assessed. You may get a credit for rain barrels, but probably not for a giant umbrella………. Remember Kaptain is already for this proposal, and Prigge is already against it. Everyone else is waiting for the study, which conveniently won’t be done until after the 2013 council elections! Isn’t that nice….. This will however been asked about at every candidate forum. The Elgin OCTAVE will conduct two candidate forums. Prior to the first forum, we will submit a questionnaire to all of the candidates, and we will ask each candidate to make a stand on the rain tax. We will distribute the results of all the candidates surveys at the first forum (1/12/13).

    Anyway, here is a background old post on the rain tax. Chuck

    For everyone who wants to become informed about the new “Rain Tax”, here is a link to a Daily Herald story reporting on last Friday’s special council session. The story also covers the proposal to change the water and sewer rates. http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20121022/news/710229717/

    And here are my suplemental notes on the same council session which was held on 10/19/12 held in the Heritage Ballroom.

    Strand and Associates to be paid $288,000 to study and report on Elgin’s water rates, sewer rates, and potential “storm water utility tax”. The study would determine the cost of all the storm water related expenses to the city of Elgin, the level of service, the area, examine sewer separation, flood control, stream bank erosion, and detention basins.

    One typical house with a yard of 3100 square feet, is considered as one equivalent residential unit. One ERU results in a typical amount of water runoff. The size would establish how many ERUs would be assigned to each property. Elgin has a total size of about 78,000 ERUs. The study would be done in June of 2013, and the first bills would be sent out in January 2014.

    “Rain taxes” have been implemented in 16 communities in upper Illinois. (Downers Grove, Rantool, Highland Park, Aurora, Rock Island, Champaign…..)

    The typical fee is $3 to $4 per month. For Elgin, this would provide from $2.79 million to $3.72 million in new taxes per year.

  34. Cruex says:

    I applaud Elgin Octave for getting these candidates to commit on the Elgin rain tax. I suspect the mayor’s two friends running will support it. HA! They can’t even decide what race they want to run in! There has to be a way to hold these city politicians to their word long before their re-election. Is the answer shorter terms? Would Elgin Octave consider doing a progress report card on candidates every year like schools do?

  35. Chuck Keysor says:

    Hello Cruex.

    a)Thanks re Elgin OCTAVE’s plan to get all candidates to take a position on the “rain tax”. Of course, this will require that the candidates be honest, or don’t drink that magic “agree with everybody else on the council” elixir when they get on the council.

    b) We have had a couple of ideas for keeping the council accountable for their voting records, AND for the council’s communications record. However, both of those fell on hard times due to lack of resources/volunteers. Great ideas abound, but getting anyone to actually carry them out is another matter. But doing an annual report card is an EXCELLENT idea. Perhaps it would help if we would change our entrance requirement. We don’t ask anybody to join us, if they have not spoken to the council at a regular council session, to publicly disagree with the council on a fiscal or management type of issue.

    Thanks, Chuck