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15-year-olds charged in Elgin murder

12 June 2012 Elgin Illinois 6 Comments

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By Paul Biasco Two 15-year-olds have been charged with murder in connection to a gang-related shooting that killed a 16-year-old Elgin teen Thursday night. The Elgin Gang Crimes Unit arrested Ricky J. Moreno and Mario A. Williams Monday evening after …

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6 Responses to “15-year-olds charged in Elgin murder”

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  1. One Vote says:

    I found the Courier article to have the most details (presumably accurate) about the encounter.
    It started with a Facebook challenge to meet for a rumble.
    They puffed out their chests at the skate park built on the Casa Linda flood plain.
    The deceased decided to follow the perps down to the quicky mart. Perp A handed a 40 caliber pistol to perp B who fired 2 or 3 shots.
    What a waste of three lives.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never really understood why they chose that location as a place for a park. Its literally the arm pit of Elgin, there is no access to the area by sidewalk and it’s sandwiched between junkyards lending to it a privacy that teens and young people will only use for trouble.

    • RS says:

      That particular park is also next to a residential area so it’s not that isolated.

      But I don’t think the park has anything to do with this. Most shootings/murders that I recall in this city have happened right out in public–on the street, parking lot, etc.

      • One Vote says:

        I agree with Anonymous. I wouldn’t call it a residential area. There is a trailer park to the east and a few homes as you approach Ellis. Otherwise it is isolated.
        Then again, I’m not a fan of skate parks.

  3. One Vote says:

    I decided to Check out the skate park neighborhood from the air to see how residential it is.
    What I found made me laugh out loud.
    If you use Google Maps and enter “Willard Ave, Elgin IL, 60120″ you’ll see the skate park. You’ll also see two Elgin squad cars parked door-to-door having one of their famous field consultation meetings. It’s perfect!

  4. Terry Gavin says:

    Just a little history on that park site. It use to be the Casa Linda apartments built in the 60’s for upper middle class professionals. Problem is it was built in a FLOOD PLAIN, guess standards were pretty low even back then. Well of course within a few years the whole complex was flooding every year & the good people simply moved out.

    Once the middle class moved out the poor & illegals moved in, go figure, the complex continued to decay & finally become a mini-ghetto/barrio. The gangs took over & drugs & violence escalated with shootings & stabbings becoming common place.

    The city started legal proceedings in the 80’s to buy, condemn & destroy the buildings. Of course being in Crook County & the owners either Chicago politicians or “mobsters” Elgin kept getting the run around.There was money to be made there with Section 8 tenets so their lawyers kept delaying the lawsuit.

    Finally in 1996 the city won the case & we bought it & tore it down. I was there & actually sat on one of the bulldozers that eventually took down the buildings. It was a moment to celebrate & I was proud to have been on the council when this blighted property was finally destroyed! Since then of course Schock & the boys/girls on the council couldn’t build anything there, it’s a flood plain, they built
    a “community” park & now the riff raff is back just like some evil spirit still lingering on those grounds. What a shame that it now is connected to the gang murder of a 16 year old boy.