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April open thread [2012]

1 April 2012 Elgin Illinois 24 Comments

Oak tree, Elgin IL Oak tree, Elgin IL (Photo by The Elginite).

Monthly open thread. Post what you want.

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24 Responses to “April open thread [2012]”

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  1. One Vote says:

    Don’t miss it folks. ECC is hosting a conference on April 27th for college counselors.
    The topic: How to better serve undocumented students.

  2. Bill O'Neill says:

    You’re joking, right?

    • Terry Gavin says:

      Yes of course I was jesting that’s why the “snark” reference. But it’s not really a funny joke because it’s a tragedy that our Federal government along with the State of ILL. support & encourage “illegals” to come here with benefits & sanctuary status for cities like Chicago & Cook County.

  3. One Vote says:

    Here’s the official announcement:
    Please forward to your counseling colleagues
    Elgin Community College
    Friday, April 27
    Psychological Impact of Being an Undocumented Student:
    Implications for Community College Counselors

    Our guest speaker, Dr. Roberto G. Gonzales, has done in-depth research and many presentations about undocumented students in the U.S. Please review the topic he will be addressing:
    The recent reintroduction of the DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act in the 112th Congress has once again raised awareness of the untenable situation facing more than 2.1 million undocumented immigrant children and young adults who have lived in the U.S. since childhood. Each year, tens of thousands of undocumented youngsters leave American high schools to embark upon uncertain futures. Due to a greater level of scholarly and community activity, however, we now know much more about their lived experiences than we did even five years ago. Professor Gonzales takes a holistic approach in examining the range of challenges facing undocumented youth, and explores community, institutional, and policy solutions to address their needs. Drawing from research in California, Washington, and Illinois, he finds that conflicting and contradictory laws move undocumented youth from experiences of belonging and inclusion to rejection and exclusion. The multiple transitions that undocumented youth experience in their adolescent and adult transitions have important implications for their identity formation, friendship patterns, aspirations and expectations, mental and well-being, and social mobility.
    In addition, we are looking forward to hearing the voices from our student panel regarding the ways documentation status impacts community college experience and what we could do to help students succeed.
    Finally, we are looking forward to catching up over a meal and sharing our perspectives on the best way to help undocumented students on our campuses.
    The ECC Counseling Consortium Committee
    Beth Santell, Manuel Salgado, and Patti Jachowicz

  4. Terry Gavin says:

    Disgraceful, then people wonder why we’ve got an illegal alien problem that leads to overcrowding. This is treasoness behavior to encourage our most crooked politicians to seek amnesty for millions of these “illegals” by those Liberal/Progressives/Marxists like our President, Sen. Durbin, etc. who simply want their votes to stay in power. Meanwhile those same elected officials don’t care a wit about the well being of our communities or these people.

  5. Leslie says:

    Wow…I guess the fact that the United States of America is largely made up of individuals who immigrating here over the past few centuries is completely forgotten about now. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. I suppose that is gone away as well, leaving us with the approach of, “Give us your wealthy, who have followed a process that differs depending on the country of filling out paperwork…but only will be allowed in if there is a need for you.”

    • Leslie says:

      That was meant to be a reply to Terry Gavin

      • Bill O'Neill says:

        Come on. REALLY? We created immigration laws when our country was new and hungry. Since then, we’ve added laws. Us “Americans” have to abide by laws. Why not illegal aliens? Back when Ellis Island was given to the U.S., it was an honor to be let into this country, and when people were admitted to come here, they assimilated to the “American” way of life to fit in. They were proud to be new Americans. Now, we’re just suppose to let anyone come in and live and work here, pay for their schooling and medical bills?

        We need a new law here that says if you’re a bleeding heart liberal, then YOU can take in these people, YOU can pay for their medical expenses and YOU can put them through schooling. There’s too many unemployed people in this country right now to even think about making millions who came here and made their first act in coming here, a criminal one.

        We set immigration quotas in this country for a reason. Right now there’s MILLIONS of people who are trying to come here the legal way, and can’t because one portion of the world has inundated us with their people. Where and how is that fair to those trying to come here legally?

        Let’s go a little further in pointing out that criminal aliens are directly responsible for well over 50,000 deaths in this country. That’s 50,000 people who would still be with their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husband, wife and or children right now, if it weren’t for some criminal alien who disregarded our laws. How is that fair?

        Raise your hand if you want to support these people. Put a sign in your yard telling them to come live with you and that you’ll feed them and their families and relatives. Be sure to let us know how you do with that too. (I’ll be watching the papers)

        • Bill O'Neill says:

          I meant the Statue of Liberty…not Ellis Island. lol.

          “….Back when Ellis Island was given to the U.S., it was an honor to be let into this country…”

    • One Vote says:

      We already issue one million green cards a year, mostly to relatives of earlier immigrants. A small percentage are for workers. A smaller percentage goes to refugees and asylees.
      So Leslie, what number did you have in mind? Or are you a “Y’all come” proponent?

    • paul says:

      Your inability to comprehend the difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL renders your argument silly, at best.

  6. GibbyPhD says:

    This guy ain’t no Clint Eastwood and Detroit Ad… what do you think of this viral “Anti-Earth Day” video?


    • paul says:

      Had to read phd’s 5 times to translate it. “Detroit ad”!!! Detroit is bankrupt - they have no money for ads. phd must be referencing the Italian automaker’s subsidiary bailed out by the American taxpayers that hired Eastwood to sell cars for it.
      Calling that video “Anti-Earth day” is the equivalent of labeling the US military as the Anti-Peace force. I’d call that video Pro-American, but then I’m not (as the video so aptly states) the sympathetic media drowning out the voices of reason!!!
      Isn’t phd the local community organizer leading the charge to turn our public Lords Park into commune-ity farm land because the 46 million Americans on food stamp welfare can’t afford to buy the produce grown by the taxpayer subsidized American farmer?

      • GibbyPhD says:

        Just putting it out there, I put no comments around it. Free Market America who made the video called it their “Anti-Earth Day” stance and released it Sunday. Perhaps it went viral so quick because it channeled the familiar style of the Crysler ads and also had some thought provoking facts and comments in it. As a free market American, it’s good to look at all sides of the issue and then decide for yourself. Just sharing so others could do the same, period.

        Trying to link it to an attack to myself and involvement in the city I live in an work hard to make better in multiple ways I can… well, that has nothing to do with my post.

        LFG, GibbyPhD, Gibster - etc, etc.

        • paul says:

          Went through 3 pages of google search results on Free Market America and didn’t find a single reference of Free Market America calling their video “anti-earth day”. No. They specifically called it “If I wanted America to fail” video.
          (Maybe the US military does call themselves the Anti
          -Peace Force!!!)
          Just putting it out there.
          As to the “no comment” comments - my opinion (if I’m still allowed that) is that the video was much better than Eastwood’s shilling for an Italian automaker’s ad trying to make me feel better about the stunning mismanagement leading to the bankruptcy of the city of Detroit and its associated UAW controlled automakers. There are a dozen automakers in the US who didn’t go bankrupt who now have to compete with the continued taxpayer subsidized former bankrupt automakers that were literally stolen from the legal rightful owners.
          Just sharing so others can decide for themselves.

          Not sure why phd considers an accurate description of a previous activity of her’s, an attack on her. But when someone makes off the cuff comments without explanation, I find it helpful to link previous activities of the person to the person to provide useful perspective on the person.

          Sustainability is lowering taxes enabling people to keep their homes and businesses. Not raising taxes and claiming you are helping them out by allowing them to grow vegetables in Lord’s Park. Just my opinion.

          paul (no “etc, etc”’s)

  7. Terry Gavin says:

    Great video Gibby, the truth is more powerful then the propaganda! Let’s pray it’s not to late…

  8. Cruex says:

    I watched the city meeting last weekend on TV and came away feeling so hopeless at the topics discussed. Train horns? Laws for trees? Studies for whatever and whatever and whatever. No talk about spending less, just talk about spending more and more. I really have zero respect for most of the city council. They don’t represent me. I still say the last election brought us the worst batch of politicians. All 4 have been pitiful.

  9. Chuck Keysor says:

    Cruex, I attended the special council session on Wednesday, and you are so right. And what about the “Rainwater run-off tax”? What insanity! Here are my notes on that for those who haven’t heard about this latest rip-off proposal! Chuck

    7) Storm Water Run-off Tax: This will go into effect in 2014 to diversify the City’s income sources. This will offset/make up for declines in property tax revenues. State has been looking at State level efforts to take run-off tax controls out of hands of cities and transfer it to the County level. But this is stalled out at the state level.

    Implementation would require a very complex outside engineering analysis. The study would probably take one year to complete. All paved areas and roof-top areas need to be accounted for. City could use estimated values for residences and use actual measurements for industrial and commercial facilities. The City will issue an RFP in May or June to do an analysis. Cogley said 15 communities have this, and 6 are considering this. The ordinances themselves are rather simple. The money gathered from the new tax could pay for street sweeping and catch basin cleaning. Credits could be issued to Industrial properties that have on-site water management mechanisms. Incentives for homeowners to make ponds, have cisterns, rain barrels, semi-permeable pavers. Schools would also be charged, but could get credits for teaching kids about how to prevent rain water run-off. The tax would be collected by the monthly water bill. Fees could be determined after the engineering report is gathered.

    • One Vote says:

      Tell me you are making all this up.
      Tell me you read it in The Onion.
      Please say it ain’t so.
      It gives new meaning to the term “Revenue Stream.”

  10. Cruex says:


    How can they predict a tax will be implemented 2 years away? I suppose if you leave it up to this council session then anything to raise taxes is possible. What scares me the most is what lies ahead until the next election because most of the council (except Prigge) is so liberal they may spend us into another tax hike next year. Particularly scary is the lack of potential help on the council until that time. Moeller and Powell are useless. They are good at attending dinners and ribbon cuttings and flitting around in Springfield but they are the problem and are clueless on solutions and that is too bad because you would think being new they would be the most receptive. But they are not.

    • Chuck Keysor says:

      Cruex, I too was mystified by the roll out date on the storm-water run off tax. I asked someone else who was there, and they didn’t understand this any more than I did. So it isn’t like I missed something that was said, but this is what was said. Chuck

  11. Terry Gavin says:

    All of you are right, Chuck, Cruex, OV, paul we the people of Elgin are under assault from this crazy “green” sustainability nonsense aka liberal garbage! Instead of backing down when it’s shown that the city never had a $12M deficit this council doubles or even triple downs, with more new taxes, programs, studies about things that the average citizen could care less about.

    I was at the last regular COW & council meeting, couldn’t make the special session since I’ve got a job, & it was so distressing listening to the dog & pony show that was put on, no hesitation on expanding the size of city govt. no hesitation in spending our tax dollars for anything they want but not what we need. Enough is enough of this b.s. time to clean house guys & bring sanity back to our local govt.

    The other thing that’s been bugging me for sometime is that Mayor Kaptain is totally disprespectful to people who disagree with his policies. Though he’s not as bad as Schock yet, give him time. Most disturbing to me is I supported him for councilman in 2007, even though we had differences, because there wasn’t anybody better on the ballot. Then I pulled out all the stops for him for Mayor & now he’s disprespectful to me & I see him do that to others that supported him too. Of course he’s Mr. Nice guy to his little band of supporters who never speak up. Hopefully if he continues down this road he’ll be a one term Mayor. Elgin City Council stop taking our money for things only you & a few extremists want, it’s not your money to play with!

    • One Vote says:

      We shouldn’t be surprised by Kaptain’s over-the-top ideas about green initiatives. Pillow talk is very powerful, you know.
      Taxing rain water is a new low if you ask me.
      Remember those Audi commercials about the green police?