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April events open thread [2012]

1 April 2012 Elgin Illinois 29 Comments

Ray's diner, Elgin IL Ray's diner, Elgin IL (Photo by The Elginite).

What’s happening this month? Post your events here!

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29 Responses to “April events open thread [2012]”

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  1. Bill O'Neill says:

    Went down Douglas today and noticed another new vacancy. SpaceTaste Gallery is now gone?

  2. Craig says:

    I also noticed that the new restaurant in Quizo’s old place is now open…

    • Anonymous says:

      If the people they employ treat that place like the home they rent it’ll be gone soon.

  3. One Vote says:

    Does anyone know anything about the house fire on Dwight this afternoon?
    WBBM was saying 9 people lived in the house and a pregnant woman and a three-year-old were taken to the hospital after crossing through the fire in the basement.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just 9 people? Good thing it was a one bedroom…… Anything larger and it would probably be pushing triple digits in occupancy.

      • One Vote says:

        That’s the downside of HUDophobia.
        I’ve got an overcrowding situation next door. Every time the renters change you have to call out Code Enforcement. About all they can do is get them to stop parking on the lawn.
        You can’t really get them to stop cooking or sleeping in the basement until there is a fire.

        • Bill O'Neill says:

          The City needs to step up code enforcement on the over-crowding issue before it really leads to a disaster. The Dwight St. fire was the wake up call.

          • Terry Gavin says:

            Overcrowding has been & will continue to be a serious problem here in Elgin. Frankly since the HUD threat to cut off Federal funding the will isn’t there but it should be! Enforcing public safety is the first responsibility of government not PCism or special rights for select groups of people.

            My guess is that most of the current council/Mayor is really only interested in diversifing our tax revenues aka raising & creating new taxes for new programs.

            Beware it would appear the Mayor is grooming candidates that support his agenda for the next city election. Turnout is key to victory for those who want lower taxes.

            HAPPY EASTER to all!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have some lawn Parker’s right behind me

  5. Cruex says:

    Mr. Gavin-

    If what you say is true, how many more spendaholics can Elgin endure? Any more liberals on the city council and we will be bankrupt. Prigge needs to do some recruiting right now.

    • Terry Gavin says:


      I totally agree with you on the current staus at city hall. Recruiting candidates is one thing but recruiting winning candidates is quite another.

    • Chuck Keysor says:

      It isn’t just up to Prigge to recruit candidates who will not continue to flush our tax dollars down the drain! We all need to identify qualified individuals, and encourage them to run.

      Who do you know that is conservative (for lower taxes and smaller government), that is honest, dependable, capable, responsive, intelligent and dedicated? Oh, and who has that special stage presence/gravitas that seems to be a vital ingredient in charming the voters? When you have identified such people, then you can send them to the Elgin OCTAVE candidate workshop.

      The Elgin OCTAVE is planning to hold a free clinic on how to run for council, some time in June. The legal requirements, processes, costs, and concepts of how to run a campaign will all be covered. Additional information will be provided as our plans are settled.

  6. Harmony says:

    As to the overcrowding situation in this City, it will only get worse. There is new management at the Code Department and they have no expertise in code enforcement. They now have 4 inspectors that just ride around and issue citations. This is now a money making department and not a compliance motivated operation. They might as well save us tax payers money and eliminate this department. They have already out sourced the vacant property inspections to a private company. That company also does rental license inspections in West Chicago. Why is Elgin paying 4 inspectors $28+ and benifits to issue tickets? Let those people go and hire some part timers at $10 and no benifits just like the parking control division. Also they have 2 managers making &80k each , one oversees 4 new constuction inspectors and the other 6. And The City manager lays off others?? If this city council and mayor want to be re-elected they better start looking for an honest city manager with expertise.

  7. Grimm says:

    One vote, yes you can get them to stop living and cooking in the basement. Continue to call code as Elgin now has a square footage-living space ordinance. Terry, Cruex is correct, Prigge is the loner now. We had a chance for balance the last two elections, the one’s who voted, did’nt pick up on it,or on who! perhaps you could recruit a candidate to run with you! We would have 3 conservatives.

    • Terry Gavin says:

      Good idea Grimm, the key of course for any real conservative to win is turnout! If turnout stays where it’s been over the last 10-12 years only the candidates who appeal to special interest groups can win. These interest groups have a vested interest to elect those who’ll keep the coffers full of tax payer money for their own selfish reasons. Of course that leaves us tax payers paying the bill. That has to stop at all levels of government or we’re doomed to a financial meltdown.

    • Chuck Keysor says:

      Grimm, in regards to your reference about rebalancing the City Council, here is a thought or two. And I am not offering this as an attack on Tish Powell, but instead as a concrete example that demonstrates the difficulty in correctly choosing candidates to vote for.

      In the last council election, we had Tish Powell who was a rather vague candidate. She was the only candidate who at forums would consistently say she could not answer questions because she needed more information. Yet Tish had worked for Ruth Munson in her re-election bid, and she was supported by some pretty conservative people. So it was easy to assume that she was at least not at the left end of the political spectrum. To my recollection, she gave no hints what-so-ever as to being a big government/government has the rights/citizens don’t, tax and spend liberal.

      Yet when I first talked with her on an issue, just three weeks after her being sworn in, she was totally on the side of government needing to know things that are not their business and of supporting new taxation. She didn’t have to hesitate at that point to seek further information. And to date, she has voted for all the tax increases, and voted to spend on just about anything that has come down from City Staff to the Council.

      So candidates such as these do an injustice to those citizens who want to rebalance the council, by not truthfully representing themselves for what they really are.

      When I think of the many candidate forums, which provide the best chances for citizens to see and compare the candidates, I was disappointed by the many low-quality questions. For example, candidates are often asked trivial questions such as, why would you tell someone to move to Elgin? Or what is your favorite sport, etc. These do nothing to reveal or define the candidate’s core political philosophy, ie are they for increased taxes and more government control, or are they for smaller government/less government control and lower taxes. And after all, isn’t the candidate’s core philosphy on government and its relation to the citizens at the heart of why we should choosing who gets our votes?

      I closely followed all the press coverage of the 2011 election cycle. The Elginite did provide perhaps the best interviewing. But I really found no effective penetration into the deeper level of the candidate’s core philosophies. And perhaps it is not even possible to do this, if a candate wants to remain obtuse and indeterminant. (But let this be a lesson, if a candidate appears to be uncertain or evasive, let that sound alarm bells, and do not vote for them.)

      Before the next election cycle, it will be of the utmost importance to figure out the best ways possible to get a true reading of each candidate’s core political philosophy. If someone is liberal, fine, the voters should know so if they want a liberal, they can vote correctly. And if a conservative voter wants a conservative in office, they need to know reliably that is what they are voting for and will get after the election. But when the candidates are vague and possibly even deceptive, that is where everyone gets short-changed.

      Any ideas or suggestions on how we can best get a true reading on the core political philoshophies of the Council candidates in the 2013 election cycle?

      • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

        How about asking them who they voted for in the Nov. 2012 election?

  8. Cruex says:


    When they were running in 2009 it seemed Dunne and Prigge had more in common than not. Dunne reminds me of another councilman. That councilman portrayed himself as a conservative during the election and then voted like a Liberal and lost his re-election bid and a few other later elections as a Democrat. Then he told everyone he was always a Democrat.

  9. Cruex says:


    Good call on Powell. 2011 will go down in history as being the election of unqualified people. All what the 2011 elected people have done is raise taxes and spend money irresponsibly. They need to be held responsible now for their deeds and we should not be forced to wait for their elections. They need to be called out and asked in public for complete explanations right now. If your budget figures are right there should be pressure applied to make them resign or admit they messed up and drop the tax increases. That sounds drastic but we are talking millions of dollars and painful tax increases here.

    And by the way, Bob Gilliam being gone for four months is not the reason we have this bad of a city council. He is part of the problem no matter if he attends meetings or not or really lives in Arizona or not.

  10. b4real says:

    What a person does is the best ways to determine their core principals. What if a candidate is for lower taxes speaks out for it, wants smaller government, believes the quote from ” Abraham Lincoln, that through government, we should do together what we cannot do as well for ourselves.
    Government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers, the free market should be free. What if that candidate does not call them self a conservative or a liberal would you support them?

    • Chuck Keysor says:

      My point is, what do we do when the candidate, with Tish being cited as just one example, does not have a track record to go on, and is often evasive when answering questions at public forums? One would assume such a person wouldn’t win, so why worry about them? But since Tish won, it proves this is not an idle consideration.

      And in a variation, look at Rich Dunne. A nice man, I like him a lot. He lead me and plenty of others to believe he would be conservative and would buck the big spending ways in City Hall. I supported Rich in 2009, gathering signatures and handing out fliers in the snow. I proudly displayed his signs in my yard. He started off being independent. But then look at his record for spending. He has voted for every tax increase, and has voted for probably every opportunity to spend money possible. And he supports the government as having rights above the individual as shown in his support for the Elgin Business License.

      Again, my points of concern for 2013 are how do avoid electing:
      A) someone who has no political track record and is evasive by stating in the campaign that they can’t answer without added information would not stand a chance, and then when in office turn out to be pro taxes and pro government power and regulation?

      B) Someone who has no political track record, but who even leads you to believe they are conservative, yet turns out to vote for every tax increase that comes along, who believes the city government has the need to know what every business is doing (which is a liberal, pro-big government stand)? Isn’t leading the voter to expect one thing, and then delivering the opposite even worse than being foggy about what you will deliver if you are elected?

      We need to figure out how to not be hoodwinked again and again and again by anybody in the 2013 election, when many of the candidates will have no track record, and when it is proven that candidates cand and do say one thing, and then vote the opposite way.

  11. b4real says:

    There an old saying from Texas fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, well your not going to fool me twice. The best way to find out were they stand is to ask them good questions not not allow evasive answers. With today’s technology we can capture what is stated on the campaign trail and hold them to it once in office, and if they change we can bring that up while they are in office and when they run again for the reelection at the debate/forums. Lower taxes and smaller government are in everyone’s best interest and a good candidate should be able to articulate where they stand on the important issues.

  12. One Vote says:

    The trouble is the electorate.
    Jeremiah 5:21 (King James version): “Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not.”
    How many times have the politicians been exposed, and yet they get elected anyway.
    Take Meg Gorecki for example.
    It has to do with the other choices on the ballot, low turnout and uninformed voters. We have the means to nail candidates to the wall, but most voters make their choice based on the photo of the candidate they get in the mail with some bogus bullet points about their achievements. If they like the looks of the candidate’s family, the sweaters they are wearing and the golden retriever…that’s the one they vote for.
    Hard evidence and criticism actually work against us. People think we are fringe extremists.
    The bottom line: We are back in grade school electing our student council on popularity, not substance.

    • Terry Gavin says:

      Talk about hitting the nail on the head! Once again O V you’ve precisely described why we’ve got the mess we’ve got in government at all levels & why if we keep doing this we’re headed for disaster.

    • Chuck Keysor says:

      One Vote, I like your comparison of the council election to a high school election. I know two rational adults who with straight faces told me that they voted for one of our new council members, because they said she looked so nice! I am not making this up. Just like high school!

  13. Cruex says:


    Good points about Dunne. He hoodwinked the veterans and the neighborhood groups for sure to vote for him. Powell has offended more people than Dunne I feel because she accused the police of racism and could not prove it. I do not like that and I think many voters don’t either.