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Daily Herald endorses Noland

22 February 2012 RS 40 Comments

Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin IL Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin IL (Photo by The Elginite).

In the Democratic primary election, The Daily Herald endorsed incumbent State Senator Michael Noland (D-Elgin) over challenger Tim Elenz Wednesday. The editorial board writes:

The key distinction in this race is experience, and it shows in the level of detail with which the two candidates, both from Elgin, discuss the issues. Noland, recently selected by the Senate president to serve on a governor’s panel studying pensions, is intimately familiar with the relative merits and shortcomings of various proosals for dealing with the state’s pension crisis. He has a comprehensive understanding of the budget problems facing the state and, although no party maverick by any means, was willing to break from the Democrats and vote against the state’s income tax hike. He supports term limits for legislative leaders, opposes further state borrowing and wants to see a comprehensive restructuring of the state’s tax system. Elenz contends that Noland doesn’t work as effectively as he could with the region’s other legislators and complains that Noland did not fight hard enough against casino expansion. He has a broad sense of the challenges facing the state budget, but his proposals often lack detail or specific insight. Noland is the better candidate.

The full endorsement is available on the newspaper’s website.

While the endorsement states that, “although no party maverick by any means, [he] was willing to break from the Democrats and vote against the state’s income tax hike,” the statement is not entirely accurate.

As any reader of the Daily Herald and other newspapers know, Mr. Noland supported a 67% income tax hike for years before it finally passed. He voted for the bill in the senate and was a sponsor of the bill up until the last minute. It was not until the house stripped a property tax rebate provision from the bill that he had his name removed as a sponsor of the senate bill and voted against it in the final form.

The property tax rebate would have returned a net $250 million to property owners in Illinois to offset the $6.5 billion tax increase, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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40 Responses to “Daily Herald endorses Noland”

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  1. One Vote says:

    Noland is like Durbin; you never meet anyone willing to admit they voted for him yet he carries the election.
    Elenz impresses me as someone with great political depth (based on his radio show) and an open mind. He seems far more approachable than Noland. But the ElenZ yard signs do nothing for name recognition if you ask me.
    As for Noland, he’s the Teflon man if no one goes after him for “picking a good fight” with Sears and his sexist party invitation.

    • Terry Gavin says:

      O V as Plato was quoted “One of the penalties of not participating in politics is you will be governed by inferiors” says it best!

      So the reason we’ve got the governments we do is because those who sit on the sidelines & often complain don’t get the government they want but they get the government they deserve.

      I won’t even try to explain why many voters keep voting for people who’ve created the mess we’re in & when things go bad they can’t understand why. I guess being a liberal/progressive just means never having to say you’re sorry for voting for corrupt people, or something like that.

    • zreebs says:

      I can’t say I’ve been impressed with either Noland or Elenz, but, I don’t see anything about Elenz that leads me to believe he is intelligent or particularly knowledgeable. At least Noland has an advanced degree from a good university. I’m voting for Noland.

      • One Vote says:

        You obviously haven’t tried to have a conversation with either one.

        • Zreebs says:

          I haven’t had a conversation with either one, but I read their responses to a questionnaire.

          despite what Terry said, I have no reason to believe that Noland is corrupt or that he created any mess.

          • Terry Gavin says:

            No where in my post do I accuse Mr. Nolan of corruption Zreebs. My suggestion to you is to speak with both candidates before you vote.

            Sen. Nolan has been running continously for some office for well over 10 years & has been our State Senator for the last 6, so yes he is part of the mess that today is Springfield. His votes on expanding gambling in Illinios has hurt our district & doesn’t solve the problems caused by over spending revenues.

            May I also remind you that many leaders & successful people have not graduated from college including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs & our first Commander in Chief/ President George Washington to name a few.

            On the other hand my friend Tim Elenz is a hardworking highly successful businessman who’s given much to his community with his work with charities. Tim is certainly the better choice to represent us in this election.

  2. Grimm says:

    No Poll for Noland vs. Elenz ??

  3. Chuck Keysor says:

    Rick, I think that instead of a straw poll, it would be more useful to offer links to newspaper articles which highlight various aspects of Mike Noland’s term in office. That set of articles would cover Noland being removed from a polling station in November 2010, the accusation of his plagerizing JFK, sending inappropriate information with State letter heads, upsetting the City Council with his position on the expansion of gambling and his demanding that U46 must support Noland’s tax proposal in order to get his help with State funding.

    I have most of these stories on file, and will email them to you for your evaluation. Providing these stories would provide fairly neutral reporting that your readers can use to help evaluate Noland.

    As to “transparency”, I will admit that I have a negative bias against Noland. I worked with Noland for years in my role as the president of our neighborhood group. I found him to be unwilling or unable to follow up on even the simplest promises (such as talking to some local leaders, just a meeting a talk is all that I asked for, and he said over two years that he would. But follow-up with the affected parties shows that he never did.) And of course getting bigger things done, that is not even worth discussing.

    As a result, I put up Rauschenberger signs in my yard for the November 2010 election. The Saturday before the election, Noland sought me out, and found me while I was mowing abandoned railroad property in my neighborhood. As soon as he got out of his car and came towards me, I could tell he was really mad. He angrily told me that unless I removed the Rauschenberger signs from my yard, that I would never be welcome in his office again. My subsequent discussions of this incident with various officials and not-for-profit heads confirmed to my satisfaction that my experience with Noland was not out of character.

    On June 3rd, 2011, I was at the Elgin City Council retreat, when Noland had upset the council concerning the voting to expand gambling. Kaptain and other members of the council were very upset with Noland and said this is not the type of representation Elgin needs in Springfield. I think that exchange was covered in the local press as well.

    I do not believe that this bullying attitude is good for Elgin. What if Noland alienates people in Springfield? Doesn’t that compromise his ability to be an effective wheeler and dealer? And what about his constituents? Do they benefit from Noland being strident and confrontational?


    • You want to continue to play? says:

      I just hope the voters take a look at the current Senator, his record and the disgrace he has brought to the people of the 22nd District. We deserve better!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday, the Senate voted down an attempt by the GOP to let employers opt out of providing any medical service they personally objected to — but the bill was really drafted to let them opt out of covering contraception.

    Of course, Democrats in the Senate stood strong.

    But right after the vote, the bill’s sponsor, Senator Roy Blunt, said, “I’m confident this issue is not over.” House Speaker John Boehner immediately backed him up, saying, “It’s important for us to win this issue,” before hinting that he’d put it to a vote in the House.

    This fight is definitely not over — and we need to stand up for the women and men whose access to care would be denied if the GOP has their way.

    Make sure we’re ready for the next round. Chip in $5 or more to help Democrats fight back:




    • One Vote says:

      Your comment is way off topic, but since you mention it I fear the democrats more. They want health care with no choice, unless you happen to get a union waiver. Strange mentality indeed.

  5. Terry Gavin says:

    Hey O V me thinks Anonymous doesn’t know the difference between a race for State Senator & an issue before the U.S. Senate. Hey but that’s just me reading his post.

    Oh btw Anonymous the 1st Amendment states that we not only have Freedom of Speech but also the Freedom of Religion, which simply put means no President,even this one, has the right to tell any organization what they must do if it violates their religious values!

    Once again it’s known as “freedom” to seek Life, Liberty & the pursuit of happiness. Ever hear of it?

  6. Anonymous says:

    It got your attention, that is what counts.

  7. paul says:

    “It got your attention, that is what counts.”

    The exact objective of Osama! Only he used airlines as missiles as ameans of depriving people of their liberty; you use lies.

    “women and men whose access to care would be denied if the GOP has their way.”

    The GOP is not depriving ANYONE of access to care. But the GOP is trying to deprive you of forcing me to pay for your health care. Pay at the window just like you pay for gasoline.

    Literally, by your logic Obama is denying Americans access to gasoline by denying us the right to buy Canadian oil.

  8. Anonymous says:

    another meaningless opinion.

    • One Vote says:

      As I recall, you turned this thread into an Obamacare commentary. You can scarcely criticize the opinions of others on the subject.
      While we’re on the subject, my employer just informed me that my share of the health insurance premium is $472 every two weeks.
      Have a nice day.

    • Terry Gavin says:

      As for meaningless opinion’s yours would count as one. Obamacare with it’s mandates that have already kicked in is & will continue to drive private health insurance companies out of the business. Btw that’s exactly what he wants so then the government will have to step in & take over just like G M, the housing market, student loans, etc.

      When the government/taxpayers can’t afford government health care they will ration it like everywhere in the world that has tried it. These are facts of history. I say this with over 30 years experience in the insurance business & as a student of health care around the world for the last 20 years.

      • Terry Gavin says:

        Btw my last post is directed at Anonymous.

      • One Vote says:

        They’ve already invaded. When I applied for this insurance I was required to fill out a State of Illinois application. It was 10 pages long! No longer can an insurance company use their own forms.
        So…we’re using government forms and paying rates based on the mandates…the next step is socialized medicine.
        If I were part of Obama’s buddy club I could get a waiver.
        Let’s hope cooler heads will unravel this mess come next January.

        • Terry Gavin says:

          Not only did the State mandate the forms for all companies in 2/2011, which of course cost all companies extra dollars of expenses but they’ve been doing Blago’s Child Care program for years. Blago’s plan now continued by Quinn is a total disaster, cost overruns for administration, doctors will not take the plan because not only does the state pay late it pays very little for doctor’s services. That also applies to Illinois’ Medicaid program

          A socialized government system for all citizens is a formula for the destruction of the best health care system in the world. The only role for the government program in a true free market system is as a safety net for those who are disabled and/or are to poor to pay for their own care. Instead of a safety net our government is building a hammock which can not handle the load!

          • Zreebs says:

            First of all, it would be very hard to argue that America has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It is the most expensive - by a huge margin, but there are many countries with populations that live longer and are healthier than ours. And if you are a student of history, you already know that other countries are much more satisfied with their healthcare system than ours. And there is no significant movement in other countries to make heir healthcare more like ours. Some conservatives give examples of Canadians who travel to the US for thir healthcare. But the Conservative Party in Canada supports their existing healthcare system, which is much more liberal than ours.

            Presumably you are offended by some aspects of Obamacare such as the requirement that insurance carriers’ plans provide free preventative care. At this point, it is not clear whether this will save money or not. My bet is that it will, but even if it doesn’t, it should improve the overall health of this country.

          • Terry Gavin says:

            Well I’ll give you one thing Zreebs & that’s you’ve got your liberal talking points down. Unfortunately those talking points are full of half truths & falsehoods. So nice try selling us on the Utopian government run health care world you’re living in. In the real world it’s another story.

            First it’s very easy to argue that America does have the best health care system when you consider that people with the money & connections come here for life saving procedures all the time. The cost is high but a lot of it has to do with trial lawyers & juries awarding outlandish settlements that ultimately drive up malpractice rates which gets pushed back on us consumers. Illinois has one of the worst jury awards records in the nation. We need real Tort reform & we need it now! Another reason costs are so high is that the government already insurers about 40% of the people in our nation with Medicare & Medicaid. With those programs the government “dictates” the costs to doctors & hospitals so medical providers take it & then “cost shift” their losses to the privately insured patients again driving up premiums for those under 65 & workers. Besides Medicare & Medicaid are going broke as is most everything the government runs today but at a much faster pace then in the past. Plus there’s an enormous number of illegal aliens in this country who simply go to any public hospital & receive care with no insurance & simply never pay the bills. Should I mention where those bills get shifted or are you getting this.

            More facts for you the Canadian system rations care plain & simple as does the British system, patients are left to fend for themselves. Not only is the data available to back this up but I’ve personally spoken with citizens from these countries who are now America citizens who stated that our health care system is far superior then the one in their home countries. In fact in England those who can afford to are buying private coverage so that they can move to the front of the line to receive better care then the national system.

            More then offended with Obamacare I’m terrified that my Federal government can mandate an illegal order to purchase any product or service without my consent. In fact it’s unconstitutional, what next they order us to buy crappy electric cars like the Volt? No the Federal government can’t be trusted to take over anything as important as health care & run it right, just look at the V.A. system. One last thing for you to understand there’s nothing “free” in life or health care so if someone gets something someone else PAYS for it. Even freedom isn’t free & if the government runs health care your freedom to choose will be gone forever. Btw most health insurance plans already cover preventive procedures.

  9. Chuck Keysor says:

    I have read in a couple of places that Muslims are exempt from getting enrolled in the upcoming national health care program. They are exempt because Islam teaches that insurance, gambling, interest, are all bad. Someone can fact check this as this is second hand information. But if it is correct, it is pretty important. The rest of us can face fines if we don’t enroll. Catholics can be forced to have their religious objections over-ruled, but not Muslims.

  10. Cruex says:

    You have to hand it to Elenz because he has more campaign signs placed in public right of ways and closed businesses than any candidate I’ve ever seen before. That must be the way they do it in Chicago, right? Still in all, he is a much better choice than Noland.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mike Noland was out at the Dundee st Patrick’s day parade being flanked full for by the seiu unions cronies.

  12. Grimm says:

    Not impressed with Mr. Elenz. All of the Chicago connections he brings out on Boca Jump reflect on the past and present friends he will owe favors to. The majority of his answers and opinions were based on who he worked for in what ward, he was George Dunne’s driver, he did this or that for what alderman, we do not need more Chicago Politics in our State Govt. Also I have been told by some Elgin insiders that when things don’t go Mr. Elenz way, he gets somewhat pushy and argumentative. How would this work out as a Senator. Our family will vote for Mr. Noland

  13. Cruex says:

    Ummmm, Grimm, we already have a senator who gets pushy and argumentative. His name is Mike Noland. I don’t vote Democratic but I have told three people who do that Elenz seems like a better person than Noland. And guess what all three said? They said they already knew that and were going to vote for Elenz. He may be different, I don’t know. We have seen enough of what six liberals on the Elgin city council can do to a city.

  14. Chuck Keysor says:

    As a follow-up comment, while others speculate that Mike Noland is a bully, I am going to repeat that I have experienced his bullying first hand, and this is not a second hand rumor. (See my post near the top of the page.)

    I would also like to remind everyone of these issues which had been reported in the papers about Noland: Noland being removed from a polling station in November 2010, the accusation of his plagerizing JFK, sending inappropriate information with State letter heads, upsetting the City Council with his position on the expansion of gambling and his demanding that U46 must support Noland’s tax proposal in order to get his help with State funding. And there was even debate over the indecent overtones communicated in some of his literature, though that was rather subjective.

    Does such an accumulation of negatives suggest to you that Noland should be re-elected?


    • One Vote says:

      I’ve been a victim of Noland’s tactics as well. He won’t even hear you out. I’ve always figured it was a combination of his ego and the money that put him in office.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kind of like Romney. A money man with an ego. President Obama will bring him down in November. We can’t wair for the Fall election.

  15. Terry Gavin says:

    We can’t either taking down a phony Messiah who’s never had a real job or run anything successfully will be fun!

    • One Vote says:

      As Benjamin Franklin wrote: “He that lives upon Hope dies farting.”
      Let’s pray that Mr. Hope and Change passes (politically speaking) quietly in the night.
      But I have often underestimated the stupidity of the voter…and the GOP.

  16. Cruex says:

    Now we’re STUCK with him. Thanks much Springfield

    • RS says:

      Well you can still recruit a Republican candidate. But anybody that gets slated will still need to gather signatures under the state law passed a couple years ago.