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New Walmart opens on Randall Road

26 October 2011 RS 5 Comments

This mountain of dirt has given way to a gleaming new Walmart store, Elgin, IL This mountain of dirt has given way to a gleaming new Walmart store, Elgin, IL (Photo by The Elginite).

After a year of massive earth moving and construction, Walmart finally opened its doors to customers today at its new Randall & Bowes Road location. The old store at Randall & Royal Boulevard closed yesterday. The new store is a hypermarket, combining a complete supermarket with the traditional discount store offerings. The exterior of the building sports a bright and fresh look compared to the traditional Walmart design. However, the interior is decidedly drabbier, somewhat dark, with concrete floors that have yet to take on the lustrous patina conferred by heavy use. The layout mirrors that of the Meijer store, another hypermarket, that sits just a block north on Randall Road. These stores are now in direct competition.

A mile or two down the road in South Elgin, Super Target has a somewhat more upscale clientele, though their customer traffic is likely to fall in response to their recent decision to discontinue processing film. The new Walmart appears to have a complete photo lab with a new Fuji Frontier machine for handling film processing, scanning and printing CDs and prints. Additionally, Walmart’s send-out service can handle most types of film including medium format, slides, black and white, and until months ago it even processed Super 8.

Next to this new Walmart location, Elgin’s first Sam’s Club is expected to be open for business sometime next year. Together the two stores may generate as much as $1.8M a year in tax revenue for the cash-strapped city.

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5 Responses to “New Walmart opens on Randall Road”

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  1. paul says:

    Ugly ugly store in comparison to the one in Belvedere (nice wide open ailses).
    City of Elgin (Kaptain) required Walmart to reduce their store size for environmental cover reasons (Kaptain’s union socialist politics requires him to hate Walmart).
    Reduced store size means reduced aisle space. Everything is crammed in there. Ugly ugly store.
    Great job city of Elgin and Dave Kaptain. Elgin can’t even have a decent Walmart. Ugly store for an ugly town.

    • Lance says:

      “ugly store for an ugly town”. Glad you are proud of your Walmart. Pathetic really. But my response to you is: ugly comment for an ugly person.

      • paul says:

        ” ugly comment for an ugly person.”

        Yet I don’t say that about you!

        To assist you further in your demonstrated limited understanding, take a peak in the mirror.

    • Mo says:

      I disagree with you Paul. I have been in both walmarts and I don’t think that Belvedere’s Walmart is that great or that different than the one in Elgin. How about next time you keep your opinion to yourself especially if you are not from the town and stay out of the Elgin Walmart.

  2. East Coaster says:

    Thanks for the update!