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Daily Herald to charge for online access

30 August 2011 RS 8 Comments

Elgin readers must now pay for online access to the Daily Herald Elgin readers must now pay for online access to the Daily Herald (Photo by The Elginite).

Arlington Heights-based Daily Herald, which publishes local newspapers throughout the Chicago suburbs, including Elgin, will begin charging for online access to its content starting next week, the paper announced today.

In making the announcement, Ray also outlined details of a Subscriber Total Access package that will give print subscribers access to Daily Herald content on all digital platforms at a discounted $1-per-week rate, compared to a $19.99 30-day fee that will be charged to digital-only subscribers.

As part of the initiative, the newspaper is introducing an array of new digital products — an iPad application, improvements in its smartphone apps, an app for Android tablet applications due out later in the fall, e-edition replicas of the print newspaper and an electronic newsletter with afternoon headline alerts. Subscriber Total Access members will have complete access to those platforms in addition to the dailyherald.com website. They also will have opportunities to participate in a number of Daily Herald events involving newspaper columnists, reporters, editors and other experts, the company said.

Ray said a number of digital-only features will be added to dailyherald.com and most related digital platforms. Among them are new video features, new blogs, changes in online commenting to create a more civil environment, more interactivity with the audience and opportunities for Subscriber Total Access members to get behind-the-scenes views of the newsroom.

Read more: http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20110830/business/708309983/#ixzz1WYUxD02P

Non-subscribers will be able to view 15 pages per month without charge, but certain “premium” content will not be available at all to non-subscribers.

The digital-only fee of $19.99, which comes out to about $240 per year actually exceeds the cost of a regular print subscription with daily delivery, which costs about $190. Print subscribers can add the digital services for $1 per week, which would bring the yearly cost of print plus digital to the same cost as the digital-only package. As a result of this unusual pricing structure, readers who have no interest in the print paper may choose to receive it anyway. This may have the effect of boosting the paper’s circulation numbers, making it more attractive to advertisers. The Daily Herald’s combined daily circulation currently stands at about 150,000.

The Daily Herald’s decision to charge may provide a lifeline for its competitor in the Elgin market, the Courier News, which is now also able to charge for online access. Readers who choose not to subscribe to either will have to turn to other sites including TribLocal, BocaJump and The Elginite for online news and discussion.

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8 Responses to “Daily Herald to charge for online access”

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  1. Dannyboy says:

    Goodbye, Daily Herald. This just sunk your publication. Give it a month– they’ll be back or be gone.

  2. One Vote says:

    They just don’t understand new media.
    I don’t think they can cut much more. They’ve already laid off all the talent and are running on cub reporters.
    But Reflejos is still free at the local newsstand.

  3. JD says:

    The Courier News doesn’t charge for online access.

  4. One Vote says:

    The Herald is a pimple on the arse of progress, but the boards there serve the purpose of healthy debate as well as some venting. And the feedback is helpful to politicians.
    Also, there are times when information from the posters actually augment the story. You can’t always know if the poster is a reliable source, but the same goes for reporters.
    Perhaps some of those posters will hang out here.

  5. GibbyPhD says:

    I welcome the robust iPad app and accountable comment system, the IT and editorial staff has been promising these changes for 3-years now… I have no problem trying a 30-day billable trial to ensure the new service online and in apps is worth it. Already feel guilty about all the papers that get recycled weekly.

  6. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    As a penny pincher, who even went to the free premiere of Contagion to watch the goings on outside but will wait for it to be a dollar at Redbox for watching the actual movie; I am just not ready to pay for an online subscription to the Daily Herald.

    • RS says:

      So how was the party, Clarence?

      • Clarence Hayward says:

        It was unique to Elgin. I just watched the goings on outside where the white carpet was at. I think there was some special things going on inside as well after that. I must say the girls from Larkin looked very elegant in their evening gowns.

        I think perhaps outside if Jeff Meyer’s mike had been on a loud speaker as he interviewed the extras that would have been good. Perhaps that went on inside?

        I talked to my fellow actor Dennis Stewart who hopefully is in the movie. He was Mr. Potter to my Uncle Billy when we did It’s A Wonderful Life last year with Elgin Theater Company. Dennis is a very good actor. I roared with laughter at him and the rest of the cast of Noises Off last year.

        I have to hand it to Judy Brownfield for always thinking out of the box with events such as this.

        Does anyone know if the extras got much face time in the movie?