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July open thread

1 July 2011 RS 109 Comments

The Kane County fair will be held July 20-24 The Kane County fair will be held July 20-24 (Photo by The Elginite).

The regularly scheduled monthly open thread. Discuss what you want.

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109 Responses to “July open thread”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just want to give credit to which ever piece of garbage vandalized the lords park fountain statue. Way to go! Hopefully some of the tax money that is currently used to support your scumbag family can be diverted to repairing the damage.

  2. One Vote says:

    Elgin is being mum on a murder.
    It happened at about 10:30 pm on the 4th.
    Location: 800 block of Arthur, just off of Hiawatha about halfway between Summit and Congdon.
    The vic was 18-years-old.
    So…the Herald and the Trib just picked up the story at 5 pm tonight with zero details.
    What gives, Swoboda?

    • One Vote says:

      …and the big red “H” (for homicide) doesn’t appear on the crime reports map either.
      So much for real-time crime info.

  3. Terry Gavin says:

    The shooting on Arthur Dr. is just 2 1/2 blocks from our house. In fact the home where it happened was one of several my wife & I looked at before buying the one we’ve got now in Lords Park Manor.

    It would appear to me that police are with holding further info while conducting their investigation and/or contacting the family of the victim. This is a terrible incident in a very good neighborhood & is a real tragedy. Police officers have been in front of the home most of the day from my observations. Let’s let the professionals(police) handle this & wait for all the facts to come out.

  4. One Vote says:

    Anybody think Sue Olafson needs some help fronting for the Elgin Police? What a total disaster.

    • RS says:

      Good point about ethnicizing the issue. The papers seemed to go out of their way to describe everyone as either Hispanic, Laotian or Greek.

      As for the situation, it’s very tragic. Even if the victim was burglarizing he didn’t deserve to get shot in the head. It’s amazing that some people can think it’s worthwhile to defend a car or other property with deadly force. The charge should be voluntary manslaughter in this case, not involuntary.

      • Terry Gavin says:

        Excellent link One Vote it tells it like it is & what it is isn’t pretty! It seems quite obvious that the EPD does need help with it’s PR dept. And RS you’re so right about the use of deadly force in this case the law is clear that no one has the right to gun down another person unless it’s in self defense which this is clearly not!

        As for the ehnicizing this tragedy let me say that simply put this happened on an America holiday of Independence & all of the people involved were American citizens a tragedy that that seems lost in the reporting! How sad that the media mostly doesn’t get it.

    • RS says:

      AFLA, sorry about the delay in getting your comment published. As a precaution against spam, any time there are two or more links it goes into the moderation queue, which isn’t checked regularly.

  5. Combos says:

    Did anyone happen to catch the Wednesday city council meeting on TV last night and see Tish Powell making faces to the crowd and rolling her eyes while Prigge was speaking about carnivals? WOW! It’s priceless and in pretty bad taste at the same time!!! Very ballsy and for a rookie council person to be childish. Who was she trying to act up in front of? A case of poor manners, for sure. Prigge couldn’t have seen it.

    • RS says:

      We are lazy so you will have to tell us where to jump to in the video


      • Combos says:

        It is near the end of the 6 0′clock meeting at about the 1 hour and 5 minute mark and goes on from there. The topic is Carnival discussion. I watched it again just now from your link. It is pretty obvious and pretty insulting. I wonder if Prigge or any of the other council folks saw it. Rather crude !!!!!

        • LFG-A says:

          If you want to continue a play-by-play with council people, fine. I would hope they have some basic pointers on how the newer members handle themselves in public and on camera, in front of reporters, etc… I do recall John Prigge had a learning curve himself in 2009.

          BTW, I have a resident with video of Prigge refusing to take hand-outs or materials from the Lords Park Task Force and rolling his eyes plenty in the process last year. Just saying Combos… we all can have one of those days with a topic we’re sick of re-hashing….

          Oh, and are we pizza or nacho flavor this week with your crude attack comments?

          BTW, this is the correct link for the Committee of the Whole meeting: http://cityofelgin.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=4&clip_id=637

        • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

          Hi Combos,

          Please give us the seconds as I don’t see what anyone else is describing. One hour 5 minute mark and exactly what seconds are you referring to?

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      Hi Combos,

      What minute and seconds of the video are you referring to exactly?

  6. cruexxxx says:

    Rs, I watched it a few times. It’s under letter “I” on the roster just to the right of the screen just before the announcements from council section. My conclusion is there is no doubt that Tish Powell is low-rent and unprofessional for this conduct. If she thinks she’s being hip and cute like she knows better, she is way off. I DID notice she had nothing to say after Prigge was done speaking so if she had a different opinion why didn’t she speak up? I would love to know if the mayor and Prigge saw this and what they think.

    • One Vote says:

      Such childish antics never get punished. Look at Karen Carney over at U46. She pulled that crap over and over but kept getting reelected. Too few people know about it to matter on election day.
      And dare I say it…Powell has got a certain amount of affirmative action immunity.

      • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

        Hi One Vote,

        What minute and seconds of the video are you referring to exactly?

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      Hi Cruexx,

      What minute and seconds of the video are you referring to exactly?

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      Hi Cruexx,

      Exactly what hour minutes and seconds did this all happen? I don’t see it. If you can point out the exact seconds then I will understand what you are so worked up about.

  7. Mike Robins says:

    Hello, it’s been a while since I was on here, I could not believe what I was watching on my lap top during the committee of the whole session, it was insulting, irritating and embarrassing, as a resident and past candidate. During Mr. Prigge addressing topics, one of the newly elected council members acted like a high school punk making faces and gestures with her eyes like they were sitting in class making fun of the teacher! my opinion of this person has changed forever. It’s Mr. Prigee’s decision whether to address this or not, I can tell you he is now aware of it and feels the disrespect was not warranted. I know exactly how I would handle a fellow member who thought I was funny, they would take me very seriously in the future.

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      I watched the video at the link supplied twice and I could not come to the same conclusions of disrespect towards Councilman Prigge as the above posters think they have.

      I didn’t see the meeting on my tv. Is there a different tv angle that reveals something different?

      It doesn’t make any common sense to me to suggest having a carnival in an upscale neighborhood like Providence or any other neighborhood. Neighborhoods should be sanctuaries where we can go to have peace and quiet in our homes.

      Imagine all the flashing lights and noise from a carnival held in a neighborhood with homes.

      That plot of land where people watched the boat races seems like a reasonable alternative if you don’t want to have a bunch of people in your downtown.

      • Terry Gavin says:

        Clarence part of Councilman Prigge’s concerns center on the fact that downtown is a neigborhood itself complete with stores, business’ & residents. He believes as do I that those who live & work downtown need to be represented just like any neighborhood.

        Though I don’t support a total ban on carnivals downtown if the merchants & residents oppose them then I would too. We also should think about people who visit the downtown & what their concerns are with regard to traffic problems,image & possible crime that could break out among groups/gangs that attend these events.

        In this day of more open & transparent govt., Mayor Kaptains words, Councilman Prigge has EVERY right to speak to this issue or any other issue without people disrespecting him!

        As the old saying goes, “While I might not agree with what you’re saying I’ll fight to the death for you to have the right to say it”.

        • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:


          Regarding carnivals maybe it would be better for all concerned to just have them in a Meier parking lot so it isn’t close to any homes or small businesses.

          As far as Councilwoman Tish Powell goes I did not vote for her but unless some posters can give me a definitive look in one, two, or three seconds that says these seconds are where the eyes roll and show disrespect I think people are just seeing what they want to see and not actually what they are describing.

          To say it starts at such and such and goes for a minute or two is not good enough because I don’t think through my eyes what you are describing is there. So you need to pin point the look in a frame of a second with the hour and minute as well.

          Example, at 2 hour 5 minutes and 53 seconds she gave the disrespectful look. I don’t think any of you can do that because I think you are seeing what you want to see and not what is actually there.

          If you really want to look at expressions I imagine this week end LFG-A has some great ones in her principal part of the Elgin Summer Theater play Annie. I am toying with the idea of going just to see her but the $15 ticket price I just wish was only $10.

          • LFG-A says:

            Clarence - call the box office to volunteer to usher - you see the show for free and get to wear a nifty red vest!

            Terry - I heard people complaining of your disrespect to the speakers during the Public Input session - no idea where you were sitting as I couldn’t attend in person and watched the live stream - either way, you may have an apology yourself to Mr. Curtin for your reported gestures made while he was addressing the council. (Again, didn’t see myself, just heard from others).

          • Craig says:

            People can make any gesture they want while I’m speaking—I won’t be offended nor deterred!

          • Terry Gavin says:

            Clarence if you watch the entire video from start to finish
            you’ll see the gestures & laughing from Ms. Powell towards the audience, that’s what people are talking about not just a second or couple of seconds.

            Laurie let’s see you weren’t there, I’m not on camera but someone tells you something second hand & it’s fact? Look I’m not sitting in front of the audience laughing at another councilman’s words. If staining my neck to see Mr. Curtain speaking as he stumbles during his comments is disrespect then I guess I’m guilty.

            For the sake of full disclosure Laurie why don’t you state your strong support for downtown carnivals as well as making inaccurate comments attacking Councilman Prigge over the Lord’s Park Task Force? Plus speaking of cameras where’s the apology to Mr. Prigge & City Mgr. Stegall for your husbands personal attacks against them on video at 2030? Satire is one thing but personal attacks are another. Could it be that thanks to Councilman Prigge’s attempts at banning pit bulls has turned you loose to feel
            free to continue to attack him? People want to know & I do too.

          • LFG-A says:

            Terry - I have never personally attacked any council-member or staff member since I officially moved to Elgin in 2005.

            So I do not feel I need to apologize to anyone unless they speak to me personally and air their grievances for my thoughts or behaviors I am not aware of causing offense in their minds or memory.

            I also was not accusing you of being disrespectful, as I was not there to witness any in-person behaviors myself - just giving you a heads up that others read you body language as a ‘negative’ when Mr. Curtain was speaking. Just sharing info here - I’ll do better to send you feedback in a private message in the future and not expose it in a public forum, for that I apologize. (sincerely)

            That is the RIGHT way to give someone pointers on subjects such as this to controlling public displays of emotions, etc. Right?

          • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

            I went to see the play Annie so that I could see LFG-A play Lily St. Regis. Laurie Faith Gibson - Aiello was wonderful in the part.

            Annie was adorable singing her songs as well as the entire cast backing her up. Way to go!

            The show is on tonight - Saturday the 23rd and Sunday afternoon the 24th.

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      Hi Mike,

      What minute and seconds of the video are you referring to exactly?

      • Elgin2030 says:

        The hilarious thing is that a lot more people want me to apologize for making City Manager a hero and Prigge a character I respect. I’ve heard and considered your request.

        Request denied.

  8. Terry Gavin says:

    I’ve watched the video of Ms. Powell’s actions at the Committe of the Whole meeting & agree that it’s very disrespectful of fellow Councilman Prigge. It’s not just the rolling of the eyes & other facial gestures but she seems to be pandering to someone or to the crowd in general. To me as a former council person that is the biggest problem with what she did. Disagreeing with what another council person is saying is one thing but to play to the crowd is not professional & in fact is a total lack of courtesy. That’s not a rookie mistake it’s a character flaw.

    • LFG-A says:

      I disagree, if you look at the video, both Ms. Moeller and Powell were making eye contact with someone in the front row and towards the center of the table (upstage and downstage). Not looking at Mr. Prigge directly, so what. Is there a magic eye-roll bullet I’m missing here?

      When they pull out to show the full council, you have only Mr. Dunne sitting at attention - Mr. Steffen and Mr. Gilliam are both leaning back in their chairs, quite relaxed and not facing Mr. Prigge who is speaking. You also see two people in the front row of the audience raising their hands as if they are asking the Mayor to speak to Mr. Prigge. (they were not called)

      In my opinion this reveals a lots more about what you see as smirks and glances in the middle of a 10 minute speech from Mr. Prigge. When finally complete, not one council person had a question or comment. They spoke their opinion by voting of NO to banning downtown carnivals and putting an end to over 3-months of discussion for banning a problem that does not exist nor help fix the budget deficit.

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      Hi Terry,

      What minute and seconds of the video are you referring to exactly?

  9. cruexxxx says:

    I agree with Terry Gavin, Powell’s sideshow is very much a character flaw. Disrespect and lack of decorum in a public meeting while a fellow councilman is speaking shows a lack of early training that can’t be corrected at her age.

    Powell is showing off to what looks like an unidentified African-American woman in the audience and councilman Gilliam. No matter, this is Prigge’s issue to handle. I also don’t think mayor Kaptain will get involved in this one even tho Ed Schock would have. Ed Schock would have taught Powell that council meetings are held in a public building and not on a street corner.

    • LFG-A says:


    • reply says:

      the unidentified woman was Ina Dews, Our current mayor will not publicly get involved, however will recommend she apologize, and hopes that all council members can play nice with each other.

  10. One Vote says:

    Did I see Farnham and Noland in the audience at COW? What’s up with that?

  11. Terry Gavin says:

    Fyi, after my wife watched the video of Councilwoman Powell’s disrespect towards Councilman Prigge she exclaimed “who does she think she is?”. This is coming from someone who voted for Ms. Powell, but I’m sure unlikely to vote for her again!

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      Hi Terry,

      What minute and seconds of the video is your wife referring to exactly?

      • Terry Gavin says:

        Clarence it starts soon after Mr. Prigge starts talking on the issue & gets worse when he mentions using city parks to host carnivals. The city has a long history of hosting such events. In the 90’s when I was a member of NEBA we’d throw a summer carnival in Trout Park that raised a lot of money for charity.

        • One Vote says:

          With all due respect, Clarence doesn’t get offended easily. He’s been there and has developed the ability to ignore the snears of those who think his ideas are oddball.
          You can almost hear them saying, “Here comes Clarence again.”
          Perhaps that’s why he doesn’t see it.

  12. One Vote says:

    Maybe we can become like East Dundee. A few years back they had a circus at just about every board meeting. It was fun to watch and kept them from spending money.

  13. anance1 says:

    We need leaders to cut spending and balance the books. Why should homeowners and business get a taxes increase at a time like this, home values are declining, which means homes are worth less and the equalization is still high which means higher taxes compared to value. The city has an obligation for certain responsibilities, Police Dept (needed especially now), Fire and Rescue, Street and Sanitation (streets need work). The council needs to separate it’s allegiance from doing what the staff wants done to what the people want done, The people elected council not staff and council should take direction from those that put them in office, not the ones we employ. If we continue to ignore the obvious we are headed for a crisis that will require drastic cuts in vital services in order to continue our spend and tax policy. If you want to get the public input put it out there. btw who ran on raising


  14. anance1 says:

    We need leaders to cut spending and balance the books. Why should homeowners and business get a taxes increase at a time like this, home values are declining, which means homes are worth less and the equalization is still high which means higher taxes compared to value. The city has an obligation for certain responsibilities, Police Dept (needed especially now), Fire and Rescue, Street and Sanitation (streets need work). The council needs to separate it’s allegiance from doing what the staff wants done to what the people want done, The people elected council not staff and council should take direction from those that put them in office, not the ones we employ. If we continue to ignore the obvious we are headed for a crisis that will require drastic cuts in vital services in order to continue our spend and tax policy. If you want to get the public input put it out there. btw who ran on raising taxes, I missed that in the campaign.


    • Terry Gavin says:

      I second these comments & if fortunate enough to be chosen to serve on the Elgin Budget Task Force will push hard for option #2, balance the books & make the hard decisions to do it as I’ve always done.

      I also would ask for suggestions from everyone on here & from any & all sources as to how to cut spending at a minimum loss of services!

      If not chosen I’ll work to defeat any candidate/incumbent who votes for any tax increases.

      • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

        The day after Mayor Schock lost his reelection I received an email from Mike Bailey informing me I was banned from posting on bocajump. I would like to see the city stop spending $30,000 on advertising at bocajump. Why in this day of having dvd rentals for a $1 do we need to have movies in the park and spend money advertising that on bocajump?

        Mike Bailey told me I broke many of bocaujump’s rules in posting in the past. Funny, he never informed me I was breaking rules and I could never find rules posted at bocajump.

    • mike_c says:

      Terry, if you are chosen for the Budget Task Force, I think one thing that we can do to reduce our $4.5M shortfall is to properly charge our TIF districts. The $270k PSA given to DNA was taken from the General Fund. Plus, the city could declare our TIF funds as surplus and reimburse the General Fund to remove the deficit. Also, many of the services that are specific to downtown can and should be charged to the TIF. I have been told that things like overtime associated with downtown snow removal can be charged to the TIF. During the big snow storm last winter it took the city about a week to dig out the downtown. That should have been charged to the TIF.

      I would like to see the city spend more on general interests and less on special interests.

      • Terry Gavin says:

        Good points Mike & TIF’s are regulated by state laws & have
        changed over the years because communities have abused them for non “blighted” areas within there borders. I don’t believe the city can shift TIF funds to General Fund to cover our current deficit, that would have to be researched through the legal dept. & the state law.

        I also would like to see the city spend more on general services & less on special interests!

        • Terry Gavin says:

          Additionally the City of Elgin’s problems with their budget isn’t just the $4.5 million shortfall for 2012 it’s what about the shortfalls in revenues for years 2013-2014 & beyond! So what I’m saying is that the problem is a long term issue if the economy continues along it’s current path.

  15. Combos says:

    I showed the video to my spouse Sunday. It then went viral at her office yesterday and sort of made Elgin famous. My spouse is in charge of about 50 phone people, administrative assistants and some mid-level management. 35 of them are women of mixed-ethnicities including African-American, Asian and Caucasian. During their scheduled Monday team meeting the portion of the video showing Tish Powell’s actions with the sound muted was replayed on their office wide screen monitor. They were asked to respond to what they watched during the presentation and afterward. One of the employees recognized it was the Elgin city council but said nothing until the end.

    Every single one of them reacted negatively to Powell’s responses. I was told most of the responses were gasps and looks of disbelief towards each other watching. One asked if everyone knew they were being taped! My spouse was able to use the video as a training exercise in being respectful to others in the work place and it went over very well. Something positive came out of a vey disrespectful situation !! Thank you, Elgin….

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      So exactly what second has the eyes rolling in disrespect in the video?

      I went to the meeting at the library last night to hear the professor explain council at large verses modified ward or district. I took no chances. I had my sunglasses on the whole time so no one could accuse me of doing something disrespectful with my eyes and then not be willing to point out the exact second in the video that it occurred.

      The best thing I learned from that meeting was that we would have a better voter turnout if we had our city election the same time as the national elections.

      I also learned that if we would go to a modified ward the city would probably get sued just like Naperville is currently being sued.

      Anyone who would be elected in Elgin to represent a specific part of Elgin is going to be motivated to spend our tax dollars for that area so it looks like they are serving the people who voted for that person.

      It is also said that with a modified ward their can possibly be more pork projects. Example - you vote for this project and I will vote for yours.

      So I can save the League of Women Voters a lot of time because I have come to the conclusion that our current form of city government is the best although not perfect. If the league wants to improve anything I would suggest we change the election to coincide with the national elections and we will have a more democratic representation of city voters.

  16. cruexxxx says:

    Oh, great Combos. It is good to know the actions of a poor mannered council woman was made into a training experience on how NOT TO ACT in a public meeting!

  17. Terry Gavin says:

    Look folks here’s the bottom line on this issue the vast majority of posters & those who viewed the video believe Councilwoman Powell was disrespectful to Councilman Prigge at the COW on 7/13. She should apologize to him asap & not do it again. Anything else is plain nonsense!

  18. Terry Gavin says:

    Laurie- Apology accepted & appreciated. “These are the times that try mens/womens souls” we as a community, state & nation are facing the worst economy of our lifetimes. Passions are running high & many are stressed & on edge but we need to work together as a community to solve our problems & accept our differences!

    Lets hope that our city council with help from the Budget Task Force can find a way out of the $4.5 million gap for year 2012 & beyond.

    As for the “right” way to give pointers on public displays of emotion, I guess it depends if you’ve got a good realtionship with the person, then yes. If you don’t know the person and/or they’re a public figure maybe not.

  19. Alan says:

    Something I never saw posted on here that I sure everyone knows is that Red Bar has closed. I really like the place although I wish the menu had been bigger. Sorry Clarence, I don’t know the exact time of closure.

    Also, it looks like something new is moving in to the Mad Maggies space. I saw a sign in the window yesterday, I believe it was at 6:14:37pm but i may be off by a few seconds, that said Grove Central Station coming soon. Can anyone get more info?

  20. Danise Habun says:

    I attended the City Council meeting and the meeting of the whole that have been at the Center of this discussion. I observed none of the antics that have been described here. The only disrespectful behavior that I observed and heard was when a member of the audience made disparaging remarks and got up and left during Senator Noland’s turn at the podium. This, of course, is not captured on any footage of the proceedings.

    • One Vote says:

      I’m gonna guess you voted for Powell…and you didn’t vote for Prigge in 2009. Right?

      • danise habun says:

        We’re talking about perceptions of disrespectful behavior not who voted for whom.

      • LFG-A says:

        I voted for Prigge and Warren in 2009 - this website helped me make informed decisions as well. How neat is that?!?!

        As citizens we can have our own opinions as well and the freedom to share them. Be it behavior we see of one council member throwing another committee member ‘under the bus’ to make a point, persons posting rumors and absurdness on the Internets (FYI, I spent not one day or dollar at a downtown carnival since 2006) - including persons calling my cell phone and house phone in the last 2 years to give ‘warnings’ to myself and family.

        The recent discussions on this site about Ms. Powell’s supposed behavior and what the ‘lady’ should do to correct or apologize rings strangely familiar. Put your NAME where your words are or be quiet, take your ball home and play with your other ANON friends.

        This is a matter between John Prigge to bring up to Ms. Powell in private and deal with in a professional manner so she can as well. There should be no public flogging forum at the next council. If that’s the case, some people need to line up to take it for their own actions over the past few years.

        Can you all just let this non-issue go already? There is a deficit and other important matters to solve in this city besides attempting to ban-carnivals.

        • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

          The city does not need to spend $30,000 advertising on bocajump. They need to tweet their own web site a bit and do all their advertising on their own web site.

          They can announce that all advertising will be on their own web site when they send water bills out to everyone as well as use that electronic sign at the Centre to spread the word.

          • LFG-A says:

            Ditto CSCH - the city has a website re-design in the 2012 budget already for ‘less’ then the ad rates… let’s hope it doesn’t get cut!

        • Alan says:

          You tell people to put their name where there words are, yet you don’t.

          • LFG-A says:

            Sorry Alan, I’m just the only person with these initials in Elgin in recent years, figured everyone on this board knew by now. Laurie Faith Gibson-Aiello.

            LFG-A is much shorter and easier to post by. :)))

    • Combos says:

      Denise-The camera doesn’t lie and it’s all over the camera. Don’t feel bad, many people at an event cannot see everything that goes on. I don’t know who left when Senator Noland was speaking but it may have been a nature break or it could have been a message. Either way, this is Powell’s problem and it is a big one. Her ’superior than thou’ attitude may play well in some neighborhoods, but I bet not in all of the neighborhoods that voted for her. Say what you will about Mike Warren whom Powell defeated, but at least he had class.

  21. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    I think it would be so funny if at the next meeting of the Whole the entire council came out wearing sunglasses.

  22. Combos says:

    The best thing for Powell is to be admonished by the mayor. My guess is the mayor could not do that because he is afraid. The worst thing for Powell is to be admonished by Prigge. My guess is he would do that because he is not afraid. No matter who does what, Powell needs to be admonished publicly for her street corner behavior. And Anna Moeller needs to pay attention to that admonishing…..!

  23. Terry Gavin says:

    With regards to Senator Noland hopefully everyone in Elgin knows that last year he voted “yes” to a bill in the senate to increase gambling throughout Illinois. Just this last spring he voted “present” on a bill that passed with massive new gambling mostly in the Chicago land area. If this how he represents our interests in Springfield maybe everyone should have walked out on him because he walked out on us!

    There’s a big difference between a private citizen walking out of a public meeting & one or maybe two council people laughing or mocking another council person making a serious point. If some one up there cracks a joke that’s one thing but Councilman Prigge was very serious.

    Lastly Clarence the council would have to come out with sunglasses big enough to cover everyones entire face to miss the smirks & laughs that were being displayed while Mr. Prigge was speaking!

  24. cruexxxx says:

    I think Powell is scared of her new position. She may be too scared to speak up and because of that, she can only act up. She’s insecure. Rude, too but insecure. This behavior is typical of those who like to act out because they are too intimidated to be seen or heard up front. I know because my kids acted this way when they were 12 and 13.

  25. Danise Habun says:

    I think this whole “to do” is really “much ado about nothing” and serves as an example of not so covert racism. The level of scrutiny directed at Ms. Powell is astonishing. Many of the remarks posted here and subsequent actions (ie sending a video of a city council meeting out to employees) are evil in nature. Ms. Powell did nothing to deserve these diatribes and attacks and is owed an apology by the majority of the persons commenting here.

  26. Danise Habun says:

    These posts regarding Ms. Powell’s behavior are really “much ado about nothing” and serve as examples of not so covert racism. This scrutiny is absolutely astonishing. The commentary and alleged actions (ie: sending a video of a city council meeting to colleagues in a work place) are absolutely evil-natured. I can not imagine this intense analysis of facial expressions being applied to other members of the council. Ms. Powell has done nothing that warrants an apology since nothing happened. In fact, those writers who have posted here under the cloak of anonymity, along with those of you who have posted under your real names, owe Ms. Powell an apology for your attacks.

    • One Vote says:

      Put away the race card, dearie.

      • Danise Habun says:

        I call it when I see, hear and read it.

        • One Vote says:

          When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Your work on the Human Rights Commission has clouded your view.

          • Danise Habun says:

            Actually, the work has opened my eyes,my mind and my soul. I hope you will be blessed with similar enlightenment.

    • Combos says:

      Thank you very much, Ms. Habun, for finally breaking the ice and playing the desperate and typical race card. You must not have noticed during your attempt to push the panic button that no one charged racism against Powell for her display of poor manners and said it was racially motivated against a white councilman. Now, because you don’t like reading other people’s views, you play the race card against those who you ASSUME are of a different race than Powell….!

      • Danise Habun says:

        There has been no panic button pushed nor are my words desperate. There can be no charges of racism attached to Ms. Powell because she did not engage in the behavior that has been described in the majority of these posts. Racist behavior used to be tolerated and hidden behind and underneath white hoods. Current racism is tolerated and hidden behind user names and anonymous postings.

  27. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    Just to set the record straight I challenged all these posters to state the specific second that the eye rolling occurred because I don’t think it did occur on this video. I believe I am right as no one has come forward and stated what second on the video they are talking about.

    • Danise Habun says:

      Clarence, you deserve a commendation for your comments and for pointing out that these “emperors” are not wearing any clothes, metaphorically speaking of course. You didn’t see any eye rolling because no eye rolling occurred. Thank you for your courage in attempting to set the record straight.

    • Combos says:

      There have 2 other reference points posted here….. Try the 1hour and 9minute mark….This is the worst example of several. The starting point has previously been noted at 1hour and 5minutes!

    • Alan says:

      Clarence, did you even watch the video? Try the following:

      1:09:14 thru 1:09:17

      • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

        I watched those times again and previously I had watched those times three times and you people have wishful viewing in my opinion. You can’t read any thoughts into those eyes from simply viewing that in my opinion.

        We need to think of something else to argue about. The city is suppose to write a wind turbine ordinance that will be disclosed at the next council meeting or meeting of the whole.

        Wind turbines can make neighboring property owners lives miserable if the turbines are not set back far enough.

        Does anyone have any thoughts on wind turbines in Elgin?

        • Jules says:

          Were they going to discuss a wind farm (tall windills) or residential turbines?

          I can already hear my neighbor’s pool motor, train horns and cicadas. I think that I would get used to residential turbines, especially since they’d be offsetting the energy used for someone’s pool filter, second fridge, etc…

          I’ve told my electrician friend in recent years that his team should learn how to install small residential turbines to offset wine fridges and hot tubs they put in earlier. Some homeowners will buy anything and he can keep his people working!

          Some turbines in the area are sculptural and not all that efficient. But they get people thinking about waste, like reusable grocery bags do. http://www.solaripedia.com/13/26/chicago_residential_wind_turbine_%28illinois,_usa%29.html

  28. Rose Gavin says:

    I was born in Texas of Mexican heritage & can assure you that neither I nor my husband Terry are racists & shame on anyone who suggests that we are!

    When we first watched the video of the incident I was shocked at how rude Councilwoman Powell was & to a lesser degree Councilwoman Moeller while Mr. Prigge was speaking the smirks the looking out at the crowd & at one point Ms. Powell was seen mouthing words while John was still speaking.

    I voted for Ms. Powell & after watching her attitude on display now regret my vote. Hopefully she’ll learn from this mistake & not repeat it at a public meeting again. As a elected official she should conduct herself accordingly.

  29. Saying good by to another Bison and next steps for Preserving our Herd

    July 23, 2011

    Early Friday our volunteers learned that Cahoya, our oldest Bison who was raised in the park her whole life passed away. In Bison years, she was considered to be past her ‘golden years’ and had lived a happy and well cared for life raising many young offspring in the park over the past 26 years. In recent months she’s revieved great care from her bovine vet and the parks staff to ensure she was comfortable and able to lead a good life in the Park, her home, arthritis and some fast growing hoves being her only complaints in recent seasons.

    Articles from the local Newspapers on 07/23/2011 provided coverage and information for our thousand of residents that have watched Cahoya be born and raised in the 116 year old Lords Park Zoo and in turn raise many of her own Bison calves over the years in the park, most recently in 2006.

    The Friends of Lords Park Zoo will present a proposal for Phase One of the Zoo improvement projects to the Elgin City Council on Wednesday July 27th at 6pm. There have been over 25,000 dollars raised and commited from private donors and citizens towards the Bison Pen replacement project in 2011. With a goal of adding one of Cahoya and Dakota’s male offspring back to the Zoo with another female donation from Fermi Lab in 2011/2012. Check this site and our facebook page for additional details on Monday 07/25 on how you can support this effort in-person or in-kind.

    A quick quote from a fan on Facebook says it well this morning:

    “I keep hearing the voice of a teacher from U46, ‘Once they take it away, it’ll never come back.’ She was speaking about losing assistants for classrooms as the class numbers continued to grow. I hear her voice anytime something’s about to be lost. With the death of Cahoya, Lords Park is heavy on my mind.”

    From the Daily Herald:

    Cahoya, the oldest bison at the Lords Park Zoo in Elgin, has gone onto greener pastures.

    The 24-year-old bison passed away Friday morning, after living her entire life at the zoo. The official cause was unknown but an email from City
    Manager Sean Stegall to the city council indicates her advanced age, rather than the heat wave, was the reason behind her death. Captive bison
    typically live to between eight and 10 years.

    … Cahoya’s death came five days before city council members were due to discuss matching the $22,000 the Friends of Lords Park Zoo raised for a new
    fence around the bison pen. Once the new fence goes up, the city will be willing to add younger bison, Mayor Dave Kaptain said.

    Her death also comes a year-and-a-half after Dakota, one of the other bison in the pen, died from pneumonia complications at the age of 18. Their
    absence now leaves Pokey, 20, on her own.

    “Anybody that’s had animals and dogs … it’s part of what happens,” Kaptain said. “It appears to me that we did what we could. It was well taken care
    of, it’s past its life expectancy and it was time.”

    Read more:

    From the Courier-News:

    Lords Park bison dies; only one remaining

    ELGIN — The buffalo pen at Lords Park now only holds one animal.

    Friends of Lords Park Zoo advocate Laurie Faith Gibson-Aiello, posted on Facebook Friday afternoon that Cahoya, a 26-year-old female, had died Friday.

    Contacted through the social networking site, Gibson-Aiello said, “She passed away earlier today and (we’re) waiting on some official information from
    the vet and city about cause. She was very old in bison-years. We have been all working together very well over this …?.”

    According to city officials, the animal was subject to regular inspections, received medication and was frequently sedated to trim hooves that grew
    abnormally long and affected her motion. Those hooves were most recently trimmed in June, and an examination consisting of X-rays and blood work was
    performed while she was sedated.

    On Friday, staff contacted veterinarian William Morrissey of Seneca Bovine Services of Marengo, who treated the bison for the city and informed them that with the extreme heat, large animals have been expiring at an accelerated rate this past week. Morrissey told staff he did not believe that staff
    could have done anything to prevent her death.

    Dakota, the 18-year-old male bison at the park who was featured in The Courier-News Faces of 2009 series, died Dec. 27, 2009, from complications caused by a respiratory infection. Bison typically live about 15 years in the wild.

    The only remaining bison is the female named Pokey, who was born in 1991.

    Read More:

  30. Seriously says:

    All of those “offended” by Powell’s facial expressions need to man up and move on. Biggest non-issue to waste more time and space that I’ve seen here. Combos’ wife and her business must be pretty lame if they can spend so much time analyzing some dumb city council video for an hour trying to see how some woman moved her eyes. Give me a break.

    • Combos says:

      Seriously- it was a standard 30-minute office team meeting from 8 to 8:30 am and btw, it received rave reviews as a real-life example of disrespectful and show-off behavior within a work group. Too bad for us Elgin folks it was from one of our own politicians over a minor issue during a public meeting. If Powell acts up like this on LITTLE issues, I can’t wait to see how she acts on the BIG ones…

  31. RS says:

    I got back from vacation today and finally watched this video. There is nothing there that I would take offense at if I was the speaker. Ms. Powell raises her eyebrows at some points but it doesn’t mean she is reacting to what Mr. Prigge is saying.

    Not everybody can sit stone-faced through a long speech. Everybody has different facial gestures that they will tend to make, either habitually or in response to stimuli or lack of it. Some like to furrow their eyebrows, some raise them, etc. We would like to think that each gesture has a clear meaning, but it doesn’t. Furrowed eyebrows for example could mean pensiveness, agreement or disagreement or thinking about lunch or nothing at all. In this case it appears Ms. Powell likes to raise her eyebrows. Let’s not read more meaning into it than there is.

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      Very well said RS.

    • LFG-A says:

      Well said RS, next thing we know - people will be analyzing emoticons on Twitter and Facebook. I mean, what do those side-ways eye-brows mean?

      >:] = Smile
      >:D = Laughing
      >:[ = Frown
      >;] = Wink
      >:P = Tongue sticking out
      >:\ = Skeptical
      >:X = Embarrassed

      As there are no frames to analyze, let’s match the video with the Emoticon, it’s like a fun new game! So which one was it again? ;)

  32. cruexxxx says:

    What everyone seems to be forgetting is that Powell’s rude behavior said she had an opinion on the matter being discussed. Am I right? Why would anyone who acted that way NOT have an opinion on what is being discussed? When it was her chance to say something, she stopped acting and never said a word! That’s what they call a credibility fail.

  33. Whats Missing says:

    [Ed. Note: This comment was removed as it was a rumor with no proof from an anonymous source. We don't like to moderate comments, but comments of this nature do nothing to foster discussion and have no apparent basis in fact.]

    • Combos says:

      Whats Missing’s comment is inappropriate and accusatory. I don’t believe it is fair to state rumors of this nature. It’s one thing to comment on rude and insulting behavior that can be plainly seen online but quite another to make statements like that. I would suggest removing it.

  34. Terry Gavin says:

    Btw folks the Elgin Budget Task Force has been created & formed. The only person who choose the members of the committee was Mayor Kaptain.
    The council was asked on Wednesday to approve the creation of the task force without knowing who was on it. Bad public policy & kudos to Councilman Prigge for voting NO.

    From what little info has come out the list of members is not very promising for us tax payers. I was not only not choosen but another ex-councilman was who has been part of the problem with city hall over the last 10 years!

  35. Terry Gavin says:

    Fwi folks if you’re wondering what legal authority Mayor Kaptain has to appoint members of a board or commission here it is. According to the IL. State Constitution the ” Mayor or executive branch has the authority to appoint people to boards & commissions with council/legislative support. similar to the POTUS powers. The problem here is Mayor Kaptain appointed ALL of the Budget Task Force in secret & the council was asked to vote up or down on nothing.,

    A little history lesson for those of us here in Elgin in 1996-1997 by a vote of 4-3 council members Schock & Gilliam decided to strip Mayor Kelly of his constitutionaly given right to appoint w/ council approval people to boards & commissions.

    Now we’ve got a new Mayor who appoints before naming who’s on commission & asks for council support. Is anybody else uncomfortable with this?

    Fyi back in 1997 we had a letter from then Attorney General Jim Ryan saying that what our council had done by stripping the then mayor of his right to appoint people to boards & commissions was ILLEGAL under the IL Constitution but the media at that time ignored it!

  36. Combos says:

    I give Prigge kudos for saying “No” to the appointment list without seeing the Damn thing!! The man had guts with Schock and obviously now with Kaptain. But why does it take guts to say no to something you can’t see?