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Prigge: Let’s ban downtown carnivals

11 June 2011 RS 26 Comments

Councilman Prigge wants carnivals banned from downtown Elgin Councilman Prigge wants carnivals banned from downtown Elgin (Photo by The Elginite).

Elgin City Councilman John Prigge would like to see carnivals banned from downtown Elgin:

Noting there have been three carnivals held in Elgin’s Center City area in the past four years, Prigge said he does not believe it is the best place to hold such events.

The last carnival, held at Kimball Street and Douglas Avenue, was spread out over eight days during the first two weeks of May. The Community Carnival Fundraiser was sponsored by the League of Women Voters of the Elgin Area, the Elgin Public Museum and the YWCA Elgin.

While they do draw more traffic into the area, Prigge said he doubts whether that traffic benefits downtown businesses. In fact, Prigge said he has talked with some Center City business owners who believe their commerce has suffered because of the carnivals. (BocaJump)

Mr. Prigge’s comments on Facebook also indicate a concern that carnivals are not good for Elgin’s image.

4. My first issue when running in 2009 was to improve Elgin’s image and reputation.

3. I believe downtown carnivals do nothing to improve Elgin’s image, especially our downtown image. We have done enough to downtown merchants with construction.

I’m not sure it’s a good idea for four or five people to decide what is good and bad for Elgin’s image. Banning carnivals now. What next? It’s a slippery slope.

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26 Responses to “Prigge: Let’s ban downtown carnivals”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Of elgin wants to worry about its image they have a thousand bigger problems than downtown carnivals. Illegals, homeless, and criminals infesting the city and spreading everyday.

    • Robin says:

      Amen, anonymous! Let’s add all the gang “tagging” that’s been happening, too.

      How can a sweet little carnival with games and rides and *families* hurt the downtown’s image?

      Until the city focuses its efforts into getting an anchor store into the downtown area (like a Trader Joe’s, etc.) which will draw people in from surrounding suburbs, they will continue to hurt the poor “ma & pa” bizzes down there. God bless ‘em.

  2. Combos says:

    What do you think attracts “illegals, homeless and criminals”?? Events like downtown carnivals do. You have illegals and criminals living all over the northend of downtown in NENA and a significant homeless crowd at the park on Dundee and Kimball.

    So why put a carnival in the heart of an area that has those three elements? The reason is mucho simple. Illegals have cash and carnivals are a cash-only business. The accepted risks of criminals (gang members) being attracted to cash-only events and the homeless find pan-handling easier in large groups of people carrying cash is outweighed by the lure of illegals spending their cash. Did anyone happen to notice that the first carnival in May was held over Cinco de Mayo weekend? Hmmmmmmmm. Just a coincidence? I don’t think so.

    I have two family members in law enforcement and both tell me carnivals in bad neighborhoods or cramped sites are dangerous and high-alert situations. There are too many places to run and hide in that neighborhood. I would like to see data showing carnivals have helped downtown Elgin businesses. If downtown’s reputation is going to change, it’s not going to get there as long as there are carnivals in neighborhoods that need less “illegals, homeless and criminals”, that’s for sure!!!!

  3. raingirl2 says:

    As long as the city of Elgin continues to turn a blind eye to the destruction,crime and the explosion of Illegals who have literally taken over this town it will never attract anything or any business that will contribute to reviving this city. Elgin has and continues to look like the ghetto, the downtown is pathetic no one wants to go down town except the illegals, panhandlers,most towns hold carnivals on the outskirts of the city not in the main street business section so the decision by the Elgin city leaders to allow carnivals in the downtown area signals their lack of interest in polling the legal citizens on issues that impact them. There are a few restaurants downtown and literally nothing else except panhandlers, bums and political rhetoric. Elgin is a dying community except for a bunch of Illegals parasites who have taken control of every aspect of this city. Legal citizens are moving out of this city and the State of Illinois because This state is filled with corrupt leaders who only look out for Illegal aliens. It’s time the City leaders do something about enforcing the city housing ordinances there are too many safe houses, and store fronts posing as legitimate businesses that are actually drug houses, police and ambulance calls, vehicle accidents, domestic violence, sexual preditors ect., of which have brought this city to it’s knees. It is very sad to see a once vibrant city go to the dogs because no one has the will or guts to address issues that are clearly the jurisdiction of the city leaders to controll many negative practices brought to this community by illegals that have never been tolerated by the legal citizens. Enough is enough.

    • One Vote says:

      Well said.
      But the city leaders will label your words as extreme and ignore them. Others will call it hate speech.
      Surely they see the decay, but they choose to throw money around without addressing the core problems.

  4. jessica says:

    fun! the next thing to ban would be fun itself!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I do not go downtown any more. I let the gangbangers, the druggies, the homeless and the illegal aliens with all their babies have it years ago. I say give ‘em carnivals, low rider car shows, immigration classes Cinco de Mayo parades and anything else that ruins Elgin but makes cashola for someone. Can you blame the charities that sponsor carnivals? No way because they know the downtown is lost and they just want to make a little bit of that trash cash like Combos said. I feel sorry for Prigge because he thinks downtown is worth saving.

  6. Todd Martin says:

    There’s a lot more to Elgin than some of these anonymous posters believe. Somehow, a few people seem to think they can spot an “Illegal” walking down the street. I wonder how? Here’s a partial list from the DNA:

    Elgin Downtown Restaurants:

    Al’s Cafe & Creamery
    Bangkok House - Shanghai Restaurant
    Domani Cafe
    Douglas Street Sports Bar & Grill
    Elgin Public House
    Gasthaus Bar & Grill
    Grand Victoria Casino: Buckinghams
    Casa Lara
    La Puesta Del Sol
    La Quebrada Restaurant & Banquet Hall
    Hangout Club & Grill
    Martini Room
    Pastigel Bakery & El Rincon de Pastigel
    Prime Burger House
    Ravenheart Coffee
    Red Bar Winery & Bistro
    Spanky’s Gyros
    Toom Toom Thai
    Villa Verone

    Elgin Downtown Shops:

    Andersen’s Trophies
    Artistic Framing & Supplies
    Butera Finer Foods
    Collingbourne’s Interesting Things
    Elgin Antiques and Uniques
    Elgin Books
    Elgin Jewelers
    Extreme Wireless
    Harvest Market
    Shockey Jewelers
    Sophie’s Jewelry
    Spacetaste Gallery
    Two Doors Down Antiques
    WPI-US Cellular
    Wrona Brothers
    Ziegler’s Ace Hardware

  7. raingirl2 says:

    Todd you make me LOL the businesses you listed sounds like they are located in Mexico or some foreign country. Business can’t be booming This town has never had a night life or any quality restaurants. Having said that I guess the businesses you listed are what the majority of parasites want. I bet you can count on one hand how many citizen resident go to these restaurants on a regular basis. Don’t be offended when the truth is spoken that is what is wrong with the leadership of this town now. Too many blind,dishonest people who are afraid to speak the truth no matter who it hurts. Personally I don’t care if a carnival ever comes to this town we have too many bigger issues to address than worrying about a silly carnival. Lets start a honest open truthful dialogue about the real issues that plague this city. Here are some of the issues we could start with. Enforce All the city ordinances for all residents equally and fairly including housing occupancy, hiring illegals by city contractors,business fronts for drug houses,driving with no insurance or license,identity theft (San Filippo’s huge problems with ID theft)retail theft, child neglect, milking taxpayers with abuse of city services ie. frivolous ambulance and police calls calls many calls are for the soul purpose of establishing a right to remain here due to domestic violence complaints.staging accidents, (clearly many drivers in this town never drove a nail let a lone a vehicle and never read the rules of the road) retail theft, unregistered pedophiles,drinking and urinating in public, trespassing on private property, certain police officers turning a blind to certain residents acts of crime. I could go on and on these issues are just the tip of the iceberg of what we could discuss.When the leaders of this city figure out just how out of touch they are with reality and how out of control this city is it will be too late.

    • One Vote says:

      Methinks it is already too late.
      Those who have tried to point this out to the city fathers are considered fringe lunatics/bigots/racists/xenophobes.
      We have passed the point of no return. There are not enough middle class people to fund the entitlements. It will collapse under its own weight.
      A question for Todd: How many of those downtown businesses have received government money (renovations, loans, subsidies…)?

  8. Paul says:

    “Somehow, a few people seem to think they can spot an “Illegal” walking down the street. ”

    And somehow a few people conjugate up a strawman by pretending that if an “illegal” can’t be identified via walking down the street therefore, thus, ergo, there are no “illegals” nor are there any problems stemming from “illegals”. Thus the quote marks around the term illegal to indicate that the word illegal associated to people who illegally snuck into this country is not politically correct. LOL

  9. Paul says:

    “I’m not sure it’s a good idea for four or five people to decide what is good and bad for Elgin’s image. Banning carnivals now. What next? It’s a slippery slope. ”

    Yeah, really. Next, 4-5 people will try to ban loud car stereos and give Carlucci’s $500K to operate a high end government restaurant at Bowes Creek CC. All for nothing but image.

  10. Todd Martin says:

    “Raingirl” laughs out loud (LOL) because 5 out of 35 businesses I listed are “Mexican” related. Really? I think it’s sad that she would think a Mexican restaurant is bad for Elgin. She calls human beings parasites, of course that is offensive! If she believes all of these allegations, she should move.

    I understand your beliefs about illegal immigration. The truth is that you can’t tell whether someone is allowed to be here by just looking at them. Anytime someone says they see “Illegals” attending a Carnival or a restaurant, they are racist fools.

    “One Vote”, you should know that downtown Elgin businesses have received modest grants for facade & sign improvements. They have endured several years of major road construction, beautification & sewer separation projects. Entitlements (Social Security, Medicare) have nothing to do with the Carnival or our downtown.

    • raingirl2 says:

      Raingirl never said whether she thought the mexican restaurants were good or bad, just referenced the low probability that the restaurant business in downtown Elgin were creating a booming business environment. Perhaps you have never looked for a “good restaurants” with a variety of selections in Elgin I have, God forbid you seek restaurant food after 9:00 p.m. I am absolutely disappointed. My comments were my own thoughts don’t get your shorts in a bundle it will be o.k. As for why I don’t move? well I still have 1st amendment rights to freedom of speech just like you it is healthy to have different opinions I respect you for yours but obviously you think that when I exercise my views that differ from yours I should move. I think you should not respond to comments that do not align with your thinking.It’s my right to express what ever I feel and your right to express your feelings seems that Blogging is probably too stressful for you to participate I sense your tension and it is not my desire to stress anyone out just to express how I feel. By the way No matter where I go Democrats have laid millions of illegal land mines so I might as well remain here in Good ole Elgin and continue speaking to issues that concern me. Todd let me leave you with the definition of Parasite. An organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense. 2. A person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return. I think that the term parasite defines the invasion of illegal aliens that have invaded this country and that includes Elgin Sanctuary city IL.

      • Elgin Mack says:

        Raingirl is just upset because there isn’t a ‘Denneys’ in downtown Elgin.

        • raingirl says:

          Raingirl is an excellent cook don’t eat out much don’t like eating human blood on or in my food like the french fries the two women ate at the Mcdonalds on Randall road or the woman doing her accucheck at the front counter at the McDonalds on Summit. I prefer to prepare my food from my own kitchen where I know it is disease free and clean. Denney’s must be your choice of upscale dining; no thanks.

    • Paul says:

      “they are racist fools”

      Yes, todd. It is well understood by now that to liberal “fools” any reference to illegal immigrants as being illegal defines that person automatically as racist.

  11. Terry Gavin says:

    Though I normally oppose govt. bans on anything because they mostly don’t work, I support Councilman Prigge’s efforts to prohibit carnivals downtown. His reasoning plus the fact that if a major disaster were to take place, man made or natural, it would shut down access to crossing the river via our 2 bridges could endanger public safety! One thing I’d be interested in has anyone surveyed the downtown business’ as to what they want?

  12. Elgin Mack says:

    1. We are not racist. We just are against people being here illegally.

    2. All brown people who attend a carnival are here illegally.

    3. If number 2 sounds like racism, it is not. Please refer to number 1.

    • Elgin Mack says:

      These are not my own sentiments. I was just trying to point out the obvious contradiction between saying you are not a racist and yet calling everyone who is non-white illegal.

    • raingirl says:

      Mack you are acting silly Illegal migration is not about race it is about whether our government respects our laws like most other countries or if our leaders care more about votes, and cheap labor that they will allow the devil to come in who ever that may be. We don’t have a clue as to who is in this country, what we do know is that we the taxpayers are being fleeced and bled dry by millions of imported poor people. Stop riding lines of rhetoric stick to the facts people who entered this country without an invitation are illegal aliens and should according to our laws be Deported. If this is the definition of racism then the constitution is nothing more than dirty toilet paper. and this country is just another third world cesspool lawless failed country like the countries that these illegals are fleeing from. If nothing is done talk to me in another two years you will be screaming. Keep the faith. Racism has outlived it’s usefulness it’s time for the laws of equality and justice for citizens to kick in. That won’t happen because of warped minds who just don’t want to acknowledge reality. We are under siege make no mistake about it.

  13. mike_c says:

    My wife and I volunteered at the carnival. I think that it is fair to say that the majority of the people who attended the carnival were hispanic. I have no real means of estimating the percentages of legal and illegal attendees, but I do feel comfortable saying that the carnival crowds were peaceful. Mostly just families looking for something to do. With that being said, if moving the carnival to a different location would provide better overall economic benefits and would be safer, then it makes sense to make the move. However, falsely characterizing the attendees of the carnival is going to unnecessarily turn this debate into a very polarizing emotional issue.

  14. One Vote says:

    Did anyone see Jose Antonio Vargas there?

    • raingirl says:

      I bet not he is in the Rose Garden at the White House drinking beer with Obozo LOL. Getting his hugs and kisses for coming out OOPS! I mean coming out of the dark shadows U know the ones the illegals say they are hiding in. get back to me one vote.

      • LFG-A says:

        Raingirl… please use your true name or identify yourself when mocking and making this site possibly liable for your comments invoking the legal names of others who you mock in your posts. Tsk Tsk.

  15. raingirl says:

    raingirl only uses names posted if that is your legal name you choose to use it get over it Tsk,Tsk, Tsk get your facts straight