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One step closer to a Chicago casino

30 May 2011 RS 3 Comments

Casinos will open in Chicago and elsewhere, not Elgin Casinos will open in Chicago and elsewhere, not Elgin (Photo by The Elginite).

The Illinois House of Representatives approved a Chicago casino today. It still needs approval in the Senate and the governor’s approval before becoming law.

SPRINGFIELD — A major gambling package won House approval today with provisions for a land-based casino in Chicago or a riverboat gambling palace on Lake Michigan, four more casinos around the state, and slot machines at racetracks and Chicago’s two airports. (Chicago Tribune 5/30/2011)

That’s suddenly a lot of competition for the Grand Victoria Riverboat Casino in Elgin.

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3 Responses to “One step closer to a Chicago casino”

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  1. b4real says:

    What is the city’s plan to deal with the decline in funds. Less money from the boat (new gambling in the state des plains casino, rockford casino etc - less money from property tax base home values down, more forclosures - less money from the state (broke) - less money in reserve -4million over last two years and expected -4 million this year = minus 8 million of 3 years.Time to make tough choices or keep up the same policy of kicking the can down the road with our AAA rating. Robbing Peter(the future) to pay Paul (current expenses)will lead to disaster in the future.

  2. RS says:

    In addition to the Chicago casino, the legislation authorizes new casinos in Danville, Rockford, the Lake County community of Park City and an undetermined south Cook County suburb. And horse racing tracks would get slot machines, among other add-ons that helped supporters get enough votes for passage.


    • RS says:

      I think the way they’re doing it is pretty dumb. How do you market casinos scattered across the state?

      We need critical mass. They should just put all the casinos in Elgin. The city’s share can be given to the rest of the state as long as our total take stays fairly constant. We’re looking at thousands of jobs to build and operate them. We have the lots. Get to work, people. Make it happen.