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April open thread [2011]

7 April 2011 RS 36 Comments

Douglas Avenue, Elgin Douglas Avenue, Elgin (Photo by The Elginite).

The regularly scheduled monthly open thread for April. Discuss whatever you want.

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36 Responses to “April open thread [2011]”

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  1. One Vote says:

    I do hope Moeller and the city attorney are having discussions about her day job, disclosure and recusing herself from certain votes.
    As some of you know, she is the ED of a McHenry County association of local government bodies. In that position she helps municipalities get state and federal grant money…the SAME MONEY Elgin is applying for.
    I would think that would make her position on the council awkward at times, especially when the awards are narrowed down to either Elgin or Crystal Lake.

    • Combos says:

      One Vote——- Moeller is a creation of Schock. She will not abstain from any vote. She will vote just as Schock tells her to. Because Schock and his other creation, Mike Warren, will not be there in sight, he will still control her vote 100%.

      Why? She owes him BIG. Moeller is carrying a tremendous amount of guilt, now that she won and Schock lost. She OWES him !!!!!!

      • One Vote says:

        But after Powers, won’t she get caught? Kaptain isn’t Schock and Dave forced the issue with Powers.
        Moeller’s ethical problems could go both ways. She gets some inside info as a council member and uses it to her advantage at her day job…or…gets a tidbit at work and saves it for Stegal.
        It won’t be hard to figure out, and municipalities will be watching her like a hawk.

        • Combos says:

          One Vote- Moeller will be watched, for sure, so much to the point she will be unable to function properly on some votes. She will be carrying a burden with her until her re-election and that burden is finishing Schock’s agenda. If she forgets Ed is her maker and will be a meddler, she will be quickly corrected in-person by Gilliam and then later on the phone with Schock. In 2015 she could easily meet the same demise Warren did only this time it would be worse. A council member being controlled by a former mayor! That’s sick.

    • Anna Moeller says:

      I don’t apply for grants for municipalities in McHenry County and even if I did- I don’t see how that would be a conflict. If you have specific questions for me- please feel free to contact me at my email address- abicanic@msn.com. Thanks.

      • Anna Moeller says:

        The conspiracy theories are amusing- I would hope you’d allow me the chance to serve before you begin projecting to 2015! Again- feel free to contact me at my e-mail address: abicanic@msn.com with questions or comments. I generally do not participate on these blogs- especially since it’s hard to have a dialogue with unnamed commentators.

        • Combos says:

          You’re right, Mrs. Moeller. You generally do not participate in blogs, unless they promote you or are a benefit to you somehow. You were scared off this blog when you were asked about illegals in February. Today’s entry was your first in nearly two months. A legitimate question was asked right after you posted something touting your candidacy and you ran and hid. I’m sure in your neighborhood of NENA there are many places for illegal alien supporters to hide.

          I truly believe your timidness and lack of courage on mildly tough issues, like illegal aliens, will be exposed to citizens very soon. Now that Dr. Schock and lab assistant Warren are gone, who will you hide behind when illegals are brought up as a councilperson? Steffen? Maybe, but he will not be strong enough to defend himself, let alone another liberal.

          I hope you were taking notes during Warren’s campaign because voters can sniff out manufactured candidates!

          • Anna Moeller says:

            I provided my position on all issues including immigration, at the 7 neighborhood forums, to the news media and in talking with residents over the past six months. As anonymous commentator, I find your argument that I am hiding from the issues highly ironic.

          • Combos says:

            Mrs. Moeller, you were not asked about immigration HERE. You were asked about illegal aliens. Don’t assume 1: There is no difference and 2: Readers don’t catch your attempt at illusion and diversion.

            At any of the “7 neighborhood forums, to the news media and in talking with residents over the past six months,” did you ever refuse to answer a question? No, you didn’t, yet you did refuse to answer a question HERE. The one about illegal aliens. You ran away for two months until after the election!!!!

            Don’t be too smitten with yourself about people being anonymous commentators. Most people on blogs do hide their name because they can or they don’t need attention and promotion. You have not hidden your name but you HAVE hidden your feelings on illegal aliens here at a critical point in your campaign.

            What is “highly ironic” to me is your hiding from issues here but proudly stamping your name on other posts when it suits you. At this rate you will be more of a politician than a servant of the public.

      • One Vote says:

        You don’t apply for grants, but you are knee high in info about them. Don’t kid us.

        • RS says:

          You guys need to give it a rest. She hasn’t even been sworn in yet and you are already on the warpath. Give her a chance.

          I think she will do a fine job on the council, and wish her the best of luck.

  2. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    I actively opposed Mayor Schock’s campaign, and to a lesser extent the three winners of council, Steffen, Moeller, and Powell. The day after the election results I found out I am denied access to posting on http://www.bocajump.com by Mike Bailey because he said I broke many rules. The problem is I was never informed of all the rules I broke and I never came across a list of rules regarding posting.

    The first comment I wanted to post when I found out I can’t was to congratulate all the winners, even the one’s I opposed.

    Any comments on this?

  3. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    They have some interesting articles written on the sight by a number of different writers. One nice feature is you can have your picture next to your post. Because it is a sight devoted to Elgin and I have lived in Elgin since 1971 I have some opinions about Elgin. Since I like to argue I feel wronged by Mike Bailey and whoever else at boca wanted my off the sight. I find it interesting when people are discriminating based on a person’s view point not being the same as their own or discriminating based on a violation of unknown rules that they choose to say were broken by an individual with a view point other than their own.

    It is only through free expression of both sides to an argument that people can someday perhaps meet in the middle on an issue.

    Mike Bailey has been a thorn in my side ever since I told him as a journalist I thought he had a conflict of interest being appointed to a volunteer position by the mayor and council to serve on the parks and recreation department board or whatever they call it and to be writing articles at the Courier called Why I like the Mayor or something to that effect.

    Seems to me as a journalist you should not have both positions.

  4. westwide says:

    I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding the construction at Randall and Bowes. I know the original plan called for a Super Walmart and a Sam’s but in looking at the site I only see a Walmart building and the sign at the site only lists the Walmart. While I could care less about the Walmart, I would really enjoy Sam’s Club in Elgin. An article in the Courier today about someone losing trees on their property because of the construction referenced both a Walmart and Sam’s.

    This would be a huge plus to not have to travel to Batavia to use a Sam’s Club. Not to mention how much tax revenue we are losing to collar areas by not have a Sam’s and/or Costco with in our taxing boundaries. I would think a city of our size, with the number of both residents and business would already have one of these warehouse suppliers.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • One Vote says:

      Don’t know the answer, but Ed Schock only talked about the Walmart during the campaign.
      But watch the shell game. Opening one at Bowes will surely mean the closing of the one at Royal. Net job gain? Not likely.
      We may end up with another flea market in a big box.
      FYI, the old Seigle’s hardware store on Big Timber at McLean is now a six-days-a-week flea market.
      And it will host the Mexican Consulate for three days in May so they can issue Matricula Consular Cards so “immigrants” can open bank accounts so they can buy cars.
      I wonder why they don’t just use their passports and social security cards rather than pay $25 for the Matricula?

      • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

        I am under the impression that the new Wal Mart will be a Super Wal Mart with a full grocery store in it. I have not had an opportunity to compare prices of a Super Wal Mart to the other local chains but I am hoping I will be able to save a lot of money. I have never been in a Sam’s except for years ago and I don’t remember if I thought it was something I would use a lot or not.

        I already save a lot at Aldi’s but their selection is limited. In my opinion Aldi’s has the best tasting easiest to prepare in microwave three dollar box of hot wings.

    • LFG-A says:

      Walmart will be phase one of property development, hiring/opening Fall 2011, Sam’s Club would be built as phase two - open sometime 2012, perhaps summer?

      “The agreement also calls for Walmart and Sam’s Club to hold a job fair at least 90 days before opening. Qualified Elgin residents would be given preferences in hiring, according to the agreement.”


      • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:


        Will it have a full produce, deli, meat, and floral deparment?

        • LFG-A says:

          CSCH - I believe it will have a ‘convenience stop fresh, frozen, packaged’ - similar to the Hoffman Estates store now… the full grocery will be at Sam’s Club once built. That’s what the approved committee of the whole documents from the last 2-3 years indicate anyway.

          • One Vote says:

            Since you seem to know all about it, what is the fate of the Randall/Royal Walmart?

          • LFG-A says:

            One Vote: that will go back to be re-leased by the commercial property owners. Walmart currently has leased this property for 10+ years.

          • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

            Thank you LFG-A

      • westside says:

        Thanks for the reply and info. I found drawings of the site on a plan document and it showed Walmart to the south and Sam’s to the north. That info is contained below:

        (Discussion starts around the 30s pages with images in the 40s pages.)

        I am for the construction of the facility and especially the street improvements, because it needed it with or without the new shopping complex, since it may bring out of town money to the area, although I did not agree with the tax breaks and incentives offered. Additionally, I feel that only the Sam’s would bring the new money since there are no warehouse clubs in the Elgin area. The other reason that I feel the Walmart will not bring in new money and/or taxes is because a Walmart already exists and any new sales they generate will likely be at the cost of other area merchants.

        That being said the location of the Walmart building appears to be directly in the middle of the construction area, where the attached proposal shows the Walmart to the south and Sam’s to the north. I just really hope that they are building the Sam’s and not giving all this incentive to only provide a new Walmart location.

        • Jow says:

          I have been hearing that the Sams club is no longer coming is that true? Also is there still going to be a Jc Penny? I also heard that the elderly that live behind the Wal-Mart in Elgin are very upset you are closing that wal-mart and it may not close.

  5. John G. Dalton says:

    I would like to express my profound appreciation to the voters of Elgin Community College District 509 for granting me the opportunity to serve you as Trustee. It is a solemn obligation, which I take very seriously.

    I would also like to thank my slate mates on the “Three for ECC” slate, Ellie MacKinney and John Duffy, and everyone that assisted us in our successful campaign. I am eternally grateful. I know I owe many debts I may never be able to fully repay, but I’m sure going to try.

    ECC is a vital part of our community. Now, more than ever. It serves over 12,000 hard working students, providing each an affordable, yet top quality education. Enrollment at ECC is up 35% since 2008, and enrollment is surging in all categories, including folks over 30, many of whom are counting on ECC to assist with the job skills needed to compete in a tough economy.

    Much of the credit for the superior quality of the instruction ECC offers goes to the exemplary cadre of professors and instructors, as well as the great administrators and other staff.

    Joining the Board in the midst of contentious faculty contract negotiations, and the threat of a strike, is a challenging time indeed, but I promise to do my very best to balance the competing interests of all concerned, the faculty, students and the college community as a whole.

    I will be formally seated and become a voting member of the Board on May 2nd, but I’m already hard at work studying my Board packet and going to meetings, so I can “hit the ground running” for the citizens of the 32 municipalities, four school districts and portions of four counties I now serve.

    Retiring Trustee Dr. Phyllis Folarin certainly leaves large shoes to fill. She was a towering figure on the ECC Board. I will work hard to follow her example and justify your trust, faith and confidence. Thank you.

    John G. Dalton
    Trustee Elect
    Elgin Community College District 509

    • RS says:

      Congratulations on your election, Mr. Dalton. I’m sure you will do your best to serve ECC and the taxpayers that fund it.

      • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

        Congratulations of your win John and the other three for ECC winners.

  6. One Vote says:

    Has political correctness come to Elginite?
    I note that comments are still open on other April 5th candidates, but not on John Dalton’s.
    Now why is that?

  7. Tim Thielen says:

    Just wanted to send out a special thank you to the scumbags that abandoned a cage full of 6 tiny kittens for dead in Lords Park this morning. Great job leaving an open cage with adult cat food and no blankets at all. I hope you die in a fire.

  8. Jules says:

    Thanks for taking care of the kittens, Tim. Someone’s mini poodle was running around loose by the Chicago Street Dairy Queen on Saturday. Thanks to the Elgin Fire Dept. staff who called animal control while I chased him around. I hope he’s safe with his family.

    I have some tax links to post again now that the new bills are in the mail.

    This is a chart of property taxes for many townships in Kane Co:
    http://www.co.kane.il.us/Treasurer/ptax.htm We’re the highest of those listed. The assessor search page is here:
    Elgin Township’s tax rate payable last year (2009 payable in 2010) was 7.878…Kane County tax bill search is here: http://www.co.kane.il.us/TaxAssessment/

    Tax rates are compiled at the Tax Extender office in Kane County. With assessments starting to come down, the rates are increasing.

    • Jules says:

      Sorry for the double post. The April 25, 2011 at 1:05 pm post has an extra tidbit of info.

  9. One Vote says:

    Thanks, Jules. Good info.
    What irks me is that our home values are inflated.
    Unless you’ve filed to have it lowered, you are paying far more in taxes than your house is worth. A $200K assessment would have a market value of around $140K in this market.
    Plus, a national comparison puts Kane County’s tax bill approx 32nd HIGHEST among 800 counties in the USA, even when you factor in home value and average income.
    Any way you slice it, we’re paying TOO MUCH.