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City Council Candidate Profiles

12 March 2011 RS No Comment

Shrubs and house, Elgin, IL Shrubs and house, Elgin, IL (Photo by The Elginite).

With the publication of Dave Kaptain: Candidate for Mayor, The Elginite has now completed its series of candidate profiles for city council and mayor. Current Elgin Mayor Ed Schock did not respond to multiple requests to complete our survey.

For the convenience of our readers, links to candidate profiles are below:

Dave Kaptain: Candidate for Mayor

Candidates for Elgin City Council:

Mike Curtin (published 1/28/2011)
Shane Nowak (published 1/31/2011)
Manfred Czymmek (published 2/2/2011)
Tish Powell (published 2/8/2011)
Anna Moeller (published 2/12/2011
Toby Shaw (2/17/2011)
Mike Robins (published 2/18/2011)
Mike Warren (published 2/20/2011)
Tom McCarthy (published 2/28/2011)
John Steffen (published 3/1/2011)

We will be publishing candidate profiles for U-46 board, ECC board and Gail Borden Public Library board so visit our site often. We are also preparing our own candidate profile for Ed Schock.

Dave Kaptain: Candidate for Mayor
City Council Candidate Profiles
Mayor Ed Schock sees no conflicts of interest
Mayor neglected basic infrastructure
Businesses fund mayor’s election campaign
Ed Schock increased mayor’s pay 8-fold
Ed Schock blamed for U-46 lawsuit
Schock denies responsibility for U-46 lawsuit
Daily Herald Schock endorsement draws heat
Another year without a 4th of July
Lawsuit puts liquor commission in spotlight

If you have not already done so, please take the time to participate in our poll for mayor and city council. It’s in the sidebar. –>

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