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Dave Kaptain: Candidate for Mayor

11 March 2011 RS 13 Comments

Councilman Dave Kaptain, candidate for mayor, at the Elgin Historical Society Councilman Dave Kaptain, candidate for mayor, at the Elgin Historical Society (Photo by The Elginite).

The questionnaire below was completed by Councilman Dave Kaptain who is running for Elgin mayor.

Can you tell us a bit about your background, both personally and professionally?

I have lived in Elgin all my life (63 years), educated in U-46 schools, ECC and have a BS from Bradley University. I worked for the Fox River Water Reclamation District as Chief Chemist for over 30 years and am currently retired. I served as President of the Illinois Association of Water Pollution Control Operators (1992), was selected as Operator of the Year by IEPA (1992), Outstanding Personal Service in Illinois Water Pollution Control (1996) and lab analyst excellence award for the States of Illinois Wisconsin and Minnesota (1997).

My wife Sandy and I have lived in Eagle Heights for 25 years. I was a cofounder and president of the Eagle Heights Residents Association for 10 years until 2000. I was selected as chairman of the steering committee which Founded the Elgin Community Network in 2001, an umbrella group for neighborhood associations and not for profits, and have served as its Executive Director for 10 years.

I served two terms on the Planning and Development Commission before being elected to City Council in 2005. I am currently serving as a council liaison to the cultural arts commission and the sustainability master plan committee. After the merger of the Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) of Elgin with NHS of Chicago I was asked to serve on the advisory committee of the NHS of the Fox Valley and currently serve as its chairman. I was asked to serve on the Board of Directors of the NHS of Chicago in 2010 and recently was awarded their “Neighborhood Hero Award”.

Why are you running for mayor?

A number of people have encouraged me to run for mayor for a wide variety of reasons. The Villa Olivia annexation issue and a number of other important issues I felt were not being properly addressed also led to my final decision. I believe the people of Elgin deserve a choice of qualified candidates to lead their city.

What are some major issues facing Elgin going forward?

I have begun discussing 10 major issues facing Elgin on my website. To list a few that Elgin’s government and our community need to work on:

1) The lack of government transparency.
2) Elgin’s government needs to be a better steward of taxpayer money.
3) We should focus on rebuilding our infrastructure and reinvest in existing neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods are more at risk today than they were 10 years ago.
4) We need to plan to provide affordable housing for aging population.
5) We need to plan for new growth and a housing recovery by changing the current plan for building homes.
6) The world is changing and role of government is changing. We must adapt to those changes.

How do you feel about the direction that the Council has taken Elgin in the past and the direction they aim to take it in the future?

The direction of the council majority since 1999 has been to lure upscale, higher income residents to Elgin. The council of the future should change its focus to helping people and businesses that already live and work here.

What do you expect to accomplish as mayor?

I will continue my work of the past 20 years to encourage open, transparent government and strengthen communication between Elgin’s government and its residents. I will strive to make Elgin more independent, rebuild our established neighborhoods and make certain taxpayer money is spent wisely.

What sets you apart from your opponent, incumbent Mayor Ed Schock?

I believe in open, responsive government and communication with residents. I have a reputation of being available and responsive, of listening to the citizens, of returning calls and responding to emails in a short time. Ed Schock’s actions and voting record do not support those fundamental rights of residents.

I believe in building a community. Ed Schock’s campaign is focusing on his accomplishments of building “things” such as the Recreation Centre, condominiums and new residential developments.

Why should Elginites vote for you?

I will lead by example. I will help set the standard for fairness, open government, and fiscal responsibility. The world is changing, Elgin is changing and local government is changing. I believe I am the best qualified candidate to guide Elgin during this critical period.

What’s the best way for people to find out more about your campaign or ask you a question?

You can learn more about my positions and mayoral campaign at:



contact me at:



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13 Responses to “Dave Kaptain: Candidate for Mayor”

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  1. rm says:

    RS, your candidate profiles have been very helpful, and the many comments they’ve generated have shown the wide disagreements on the candidates’ individual characters and abilities.

    But there’s one thing we should all agree on: your candidate photos are outstanding, true works of art with historic significance to the community.

    It’s too bad these efforts couldn’t have gotten an Image Award.

    • LFG-A says:

      Kudos to RM for the positive comment!

      …and DITTO on the photos of Elgin - a true gem for this site and gift for you to capture our ‘moments’ around town. Maybe 50 years from now these will be their own exhibit in the Elgin Historical Society building.

    • RS says:

      Thank you both for the kind words. The pictures would not have been possible without the gracious cooperation of the library staff at Rakow Branch and the museum of the Elgin Area Historical Society, so many thanks to them. And of course to the subjects themselves who agreed to the sittings and were all very patient with the process.

      We should have you sit for a photo some time, rm.

      • rm says:

        RS, you’re offering me a photo?

        Very grateful - seriously - but I think it’s the ones who’ve thrown their hats in the ring that deserve your skill. Mr. Schock will regret passing on the opportunity, and these photos may be the best thing to come out of this election.

  2. Dave Reinert says:

    Dave Kaptain’s photo is the best thing he has going for his campaign. He is just another status quo candidate. His agenda is the same old political garbage. Lot of talk, and no action.

  3. Todd Martin says:

    I support Dave Kaptain’s candidacy for mayor. I will share my thoughts on why:

    1) When I first became concerned about an upcoming city council vote, it was in 2007 regarding the former Channing YMCA site in the GPA area. The city council voted to spend over 1 million dollars to buy the 3 acre site, clean it up, add infrastructure (like water and sewer connections), and subsidize Aspen Development to build 13 homes. The developer would then sell the homes for about $300000 each. Elgin’s Planning & Development Commission voted against the project and neighborhood residents were against it. Mayor Schock pushed it through anyway. After the city spent its money prepping the site, the developer failed to build anything and in November 2010 the city gave up on the project. Dave Kaptain was in the minority opposing this project.

    I learned that when you go to a city council meeting, you are not allowed to speak about anything on the agenda. Public comments take place only after all votes are taken. Mayor Schock is responsible for these rules.

    2) In 2008, the Villa Olivia Country Club owners & Ryland Homes wanted to develop single and multi-family homes on the golf course. Bartlett wanted nothing to do with it, so they devised a scheme for the City of Elgin to annex the site. The proposal was despite the fact that Villa Olivia had a covenant promising the space was to be kept open. Elgin residents living next to the golf course stood to lose out on property value and open space. Water service and emergency response needs were big concerns. Lawsuits were brought forward. Mayor Schock pushed through a vote in favor of the Annexation and Dave Kaptain was in the minority. Eventually, the lawsuits stopped the development.

    What I found incredible was that in 2006, Mayor Schock earned over $1300 in a fund-raiser at the Villa Olivia Country Club and accepted campaign contributions of $500 from Ryland Homes. He then went and voted for projects which would directly benefit his sponsors. Mayor Schock accepts all kinds of campaign contributions from developers and other businesses (many of whom from outside the community). Coincidently, I don’t think he’s yet come across a development project that he hasn’t supported. Dave doesn’t do that.

    Currently, this is the status quo. I want a change where the citizens of Elgin have a voice on where those city subsidies go. Yes, even a voice that can be heard in those public city council meetings. I trust Dave Kaptain will allow us to speak.

    I want the city to invest in energy efficiency. Tax dollars and people’s paychecks go a lot farther when they aren’t paying for drafty windows and doors or the operating costs of tired old boilers & furnaces. Dave has proposed that a portion of the TIFF dollars raised go to help Elginites make minor exterior repairs and upgrade their home’s efficiency. The hydroelectric proposal for the Elgin dam which Dave has spearheaded looks promising. With a short payback period, the city can dramatically reduce its energy bills. These are ideas that transform “tired and rundown” into something which works.

    • Dave Reinert says:

      Thes are just norman jobs for a seated councilman. I expect the members of the council to do what they were elected to do. I need a more workable agenda before I would just vote for a run of the mill candidate. Give me an issue I can sink my teeth into that will improve our city. Your reasons for voting for Dave Kaptain are both small and weak.

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      Why would Mayor Schock want to take campign contibutions from

      K Hovanian T&C Homes LLC 1806 S Highland Ave What does this home builder hope to gain?

      Lombard, IL 60148 $750.00
      10/25/2010 1A
      Citizens for Ed Schock

      Randall 90 LLC $500 Auto Mall What does this auto mall developer on Randall hope to gain?

      Kent Shodeen $500 If this is a builder, what does this builder hope to gain?

      Michael Vondra Properties Acct. $1000 If this is Michael P Vondra that has or had ties to founding Bluff City Materials what does this donor hope to gain?

      I didn’t bother to go through all of the Mayor’s election contributors for this year but I just can’t help but express my disapproval of who he takes contributions from since there is a good chance they will want or some may already have gotten incentives from the city council in the past.

      Because of that I just think the citizen’s of Elgin would want more distance between the Mayor and the money these companies give to him for the campaign.

      Have you been Schocked enough lately?

      • Dave Reinert says:

        You asked that same question last week. Did you forget? Just proves you blog way to much. You forget what and when you post about.

        • greg says:

          Dave, your posts can be mundane, this is good info on Schock, it shows what several have complained about with his conflict of interests through his term, lets sink our teeth into that. The forum this week should bring out many interesting facts!

          • Truth in Elgin says:

            I hadn’t seen these posts before but from what I’ve been able to tell abouut DR he states the same mundane items over and over again-deny the obvious. It’s always worked before right?

          • Truth in Elgin says:

            I hadn’t seen these posts before but from what I’ve been able to tell abouut DR he states the same mundane items over and over again and deny the obvious. It’s always worked before right?