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Anna Moeller: City Council Candidate [2011]

12 February 2011 RS 60 Comments

Candidate Anna Moeller at Rakow Branch Library Candidate Anna Moeller at Rakow Branch Library (Photo by The Elginite).

The questionnaire below was completed by city council candidate Anna Moeller.

First off, can you tell us a bit about your background, both personally and professionally?

I am a working mother of two young daughters, Madeline and Eleanor, and married to Marc Moeller, a teacher in the Barrington School District 220.

I am also an experienced public administrator and have worked in local government for over 12 years. I currently serve as the Executive Director of the McHenry County Council of Governments and have experience in local government management, budgeting, planning and economic development. I also served as the Legislative Aide for former Illinois State Representative Andrea S. Moore, 61st District and Legislative Intern for former Congressman John Porter, 10th Illinois District in Washington D.C. I have a Bachelors Degree in History and Masters Degree in Public Administration from Northern Illinois University and was inducted into the Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration in 1999.

I also have several years of civic involvement in Elgin. I have served on the Elgin Planning and Development Commission since 2004, as Vice-President of the Northeast Neighborhood Association of Elgin since 2005 and Channing Elementary School PTO Treasurer since 2009. I have also served on the Elgin Human Relations Commission and volunteered as an English as a Second Language Tutor for the Literacy Connection for five years.

What spurred your decision to run for Elgin City Council?

As a resident of Elgin for 12 years and after many years of civic involvement in the community, I decided that now is the time to run for City Council. I want Elgin to be a sustainable, diverse and vibrant community that people enjoy living and working in. We need a City Council that will meet head-on the challenges that the City is facing right now.

In your opinion, what are some major issues facing Elgin going forward?

I believe there are four major challenges confronting Elgin right now. These include wise financial management of the City’s resources during these challenging economic times, neighborhood improvements, the need for more jobs and businesses (especially in the downtown) and a city government that is more responsive to the needs and concerns of our residents and neighborhoods.

We are still in the midst of the national economic downturn and our strained financial resources require tough decisions. We need to prioritize our spending while holding the line on taxes and fees. For example, the 2011 budget includes a line item in the Riverboat Fund for upgrades to the City-wide Wi-Fi system at an annual projected cost of $500,000 starting in 2012. While this project may be worthy of funding in better economic times, I believe this kind of program can be deferred. Our limited tax dollars need to be targeted, in large part, toward helping our neighborhoods improve. Our limited resources need to be allocated where they can provide the most good for the community. And thus funding for neighborhood and housing grants, infrastructure improvements and programs that increase public safety must be a priority.

We also need to work to attract more businesses and jobs (especially in the downtown) and ensure that there is community input and involvement at all levels of decision-making. While I support the downtown improvements that have been funded through the Tax Increment Finance District so far, we need to do more to assist our existing businesses and to attract new businesses to the downtown. For example, I support bringing more residential development and mixed-use development to the downtown in order to help businesses attract more customers. The ArtSpace project and the townhome and condo developments were a step in the right direction but we will need to do more before the downtown is fully revitalized.

Finally, the City Council must take a more proactive approach toward engaging the community and reaching out to residents on issues facing the City. We need to use existing networks such as neighborhood organizations and other civic groups to increase resident input and discussion. Individual Council members must also be accessible to residents and work proactively to understand the concerns and views of residents. The discussion over whether to change the form of government from an at-large to a mixed ward system illustrates that concern regarding accessibility and accountability on the City Council.

How do you feel about the direction that the Council has taken Elgin in the past and the direction they aim to take it in the future?

In the previous question, I outlined the challenges that I believe the City Council needs to address now, which have not been adequately addressed in the past. These challenges include prioritizing our financial resources in order to improve our neighborhoods; doing more to bring businesses and jobs to the downtown and a City Council that is more accessible to residents. These are the priorities I would work for if elected to the City Council.

Would you agree that your views mostly coincide with those of Mayor Schock? If not, how do they differ?

Regardless of who is Mayor, if I am elected to the City Council I will serve as an independent voice and representative of the community. I will make decisions based on my own analysis, best judgment and input from the community. I have worked with both Mayor Schock and Councilman Kaptain (on the Planning and Development Commission) and have the highest regard for both of them.

To address the question, I agree with Mayor Schock on some issues and disagree with him on others. I believe that during Mayor Schock’s tenure, the City has made progress in many notable areas including economic development, increased recreational opportunities, improvements in the downtown and reduced crime rates. The Mayor has also been an effective advocate for the City in the region and at the state and federal levels as evidenced by resources he has secured for infrastructure improvements and economic development.

Nevertheless, as a member of the Elgin Planning and Development Commission I have disagreed with the Mayor on several development proposals, most notably the Villa Olivia annexation. I voted to table the plan initially because I believed the petition was premature and when the table was overturned, voted against the plan. I was concerned that the development would have strained our fire and water services on the far-east side. I have also disagreed with some liquor licensing decisions where businesses that have had a history of criminal incidents have had their liquor licenses renewed. In my view, decisions on whether to renew or grant liquor licenses or not should take into consideration how granting the license will affect the adjacent areas.

Once elected, what do you expect to accomplish during your time on the council?

As a 12-year resident and public administration professional, I have formed a perspective on what municipalities should be doing to ensure a healthy and sustainable future. There are several constants- things we need to do on a regular basis- and there are urgent, immediate challenges that we must address now. In terms of constants, we need to maintain a responsive and transparent municipal government, put families first when thinking about taxes, education and neighborhood improvements, create a climate that encourages business and job growth and plan for future development in an environmentally and economically sustainable fashion.

During my time on the Council, I would work to ensure the sustainability of the City’s finances and resources, refocus efforts on improving our neighborhoods through increased funding of neighborhood improvement grants and infrastructure, work to create conditions that increase jobs and businesses in Elgin and put processes in place that increase outreach to the community.

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

My vision of working towards a sustainable, diverse and vibrant community sets me apart from the other candidates. I also bring a unique perspective as a working mother with a professional background in local government management, municipal budgeting, economic development and planning. Finally, I have a record of civic involvement and spent several years volunteering in a variety of organizations in Elgin.

Why should Elginites vote for you?

I ask for Elgin residents’ vote and support on April 5, 2011. I will work hard to make Elgin a sustainable, diverse and vibrant community where people enjoy living and working. I will reach out to the residents of Elgin by listening to their concerns and seeking their input. Finally, as a working mother with many years of professional experience in local government I can provide a perspective that is currently lacking on the City Council.

What’s the best way for people to find out more about your campaign or ask you a question?

My website: www.annamoeller.com , via e-mail at moellerforcitycouncil@gmail.com or on Facebook at Anna Moeller for Elgin City Council.

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60 Responses to “Anna Moeller: City Council Candidate [2011]”

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  1. What are they thinking says:

    I see you are interested in bringing more businesses to downtown Elgin. I believe the key to success is to make it a destination area. Since the region is already known as having good restaurants as well as the casino, an arts and entertainment theme would make sense.

    This runs at cross purposes with having residential in the downtown. Why do we want to turn our downtown into another residential “subdivision”? What would make other Elginites want to come downtown if it’s just a place where a lot of people live? And don’t tell me having people living downtown will create a “critical mass” and business will want to locate downtown. People who live downtown don’t eat out every night, and even if they did, it doesn’t mean they won’t get in their cars and go somewhere else.

    It’s fine if someone wants to live downtown. But they should be on upper levels of buildings, in lofts, and in fill-in spaces. These are people who want an urban lifestyle, who want to be in the center of the action. People who realize that it’s a noisy, busy place. Not a place that shuts down at sunset.

    It’s hard enough to have a successful business in this city. With the new business license tax and the noise restrictions on top of all the previous requirements, what businessman would want to come to Elgin.

    Why don’t you start by helping the businesses that are already there? Maybe a cash rebate on sales tax for retail establishments. Something that would entice someone to chose downtown Elgin over other areas.

    And instead of giving large financial incentives to residential developers, use that money to lure the type of business that we are looking for; restaurants, bars, retail, entertainment, and others that draw people to the area. To buy, not to sleep.

  2. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:


    I believe that the current president of NENA is Kerry Kelly. Since you are a vice president of that association I would like to know what your opinion was in 2004 regarding the U46 new boundary plan and the sparks of litigation talk that are now roaring as a class action lawsuit that has cost the taxpayers of Elgin and taxpayers in other towns in U46 9 million dollars and no end in sight.

    You can read in a July, 2004 Daily Herald article - Elgin Won’t Sue U46 - the whole story at -


    Read the quote by Kerry Kelly at the above news story. Kerry Kelly is (the wife of Current Councilman Steffen who is running for reelection} in the article and you will see why I wish Councilman Steffen would have stifled her as Archie Bunker would say back in 2004.

    Her quote below -

    “It’s great if the city is on board, but we’re still here if they’re not on board,” said Elgin resident and U-46 parent Kerry Kelly, who is not a potential litigant but supports the parents’ efforts.

    So Kerry Kelly says we’re still here if they’re not on board.”

    Would you be one of the “we’re” she was referring too.

    That 9 million dollars and counting that is going into lawyers hands sure could help our school district.


    P.S. If you google president of northeast neighborhood association of elgin the third, fourth, and fifth googles after the first and second facebooks have been moved or never existed. I am wondering if there is info on those pages that people do not want to have read anymore?

    I am sure there are more people than just me that would like to read your answers so please share them with us all.

  3. Anna Moeller says:

    Hi Clarence,

    I’m not sure who Linda is but I assume you are directing your question at me? The Northeast Neighborhood Association, of which I am member has nothing to do with the law suit against U46. But I’d be happy to discuss any of the issues facing the city today and my platform as a candidate for Council. Best regards- Anna

  4. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    Thanks Gibster for that info. Sorry Anna for the use of the wrong name.


    The U46 class action lawsuit is a 9 million dollar Elgin issue. Some of our elected officials in 2004 wanted to SUE OUR OWN SCHOOL DISTRICT so it is important to me to know which side you were on back then.

    In July of 2004 were you in favor of the parents hiring Futterman? Yes or No please.

    In 2004 were you in favor of the city hiring Futterman when they informally proposed that for $39,000? Yes or No please.

    Here is the story for those who were not around back in 2004.


    The class action suit is suppose to come to trial this year and U46 is out 9 million dollars and counting to defend this suit.

    It is because of the quote in the link above by Kerry Kelly regarding this suit that I am so concerned about your position Linda. Kerry Kelly has a long time relationship with NENA and so do you.

    I am not voting for Mayor Schock because of his position back then so any council candidates I vote for I need to know they had the common sense to realize they should not even whisper litigation talk back then.

    I can’t help but think that with Kerry Kelly’s husband Councilman John Steffen running for reelection, why he as a lawyer could not see where this was going based on past Futterman law firm actions in other school districts that cost those school districts millions. I would think as her husband he would have had enough influence to stifle Kerry’s litigation talk as quoted in the newspaper article. (PLEASE NOTE THAT COUNCILMAN STEFFEN WAS NOT ON THE COUNCIL IN 2004)

    So let’s have some open communication with the readers with a simple yes or no to my two questions. Thank you.



    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      Sorry for the typo further down where I call Anna Moeller Linda again. We just heard from a long time friend for the first time in 20 years and her name is Linda.

      • Anna Moeller says:

        Hi Clarence-

        I was not involved in the lawsuit against U-46.

        Hope that clarifies the issue for you.

        Best regards-


        • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:


          I know you were not involved in the lawsuit. That is not what I was asking. I am asking which side you were on?

          In July of 2004 were you in favor of the parents hiring Futterman? Yes or No please.

          In 2004 were you in favor of the city hiring Futterman when they informally proposed that for $39,000? Yes or No please.

          I was not in favor of either. With you being so involved in the community surely you must have leaned one way or the other?


  5. cruexxx says:

    Mrs. Moeller-

    I read your web site and a few things struck me. You seem interested in engaging more “residents” in making decisions for the city of Elgin. Does that include illegal aliens who may be “residents”, albeit illegal “residents” hiding from the law in Elgin? Please tell me you do not want to include illegal aliens’ opinions and desires in your plan of deciding what should be done in Elgin.

    Related to that subject, I also noticed nowhere on your site do you mention the word “citizen”. Is that an oversight or do you really feel anyone who lives in Elgin should be served by an elected official, regardless of their right to be on Elgin soil? You also say you will strive for a diverse community. What is your idea of diversity? More Hispanics??? More African-Americans? More Asians? How can you strive to make Elgin more diverse?

    What exactly is your position on illegal aliens in Elgin? Does Elgin need to do more to prevent illegals from living, working and stealing from citizens here? Are they doing too much? Too little?

    Frankly speaking, I will never, ever vote for someone in my city with a tolerant position on illegal aliens. I’d like your answers because the questions are going to be asked in public.

    • rm says:

      Cruexxx, you can erase Anna Moeller from your candidate list.

      In the last election Anna Moeller was an outspoken public supporter of John G. Dalton, the leader of Elgin’s illegal alien movement. In a letter published in the Daily Herald Anna Bicanic Moeller praised the “high ethical standards” of Elgin’s most prominent illegal alien activist and lauded Mr. Dalton’s “integrity, intelligence and commitment to our community.”

      One should assume that if elected Mrs. Moeller will pursue the Daltonite form of community “commitment.” In other words, Elgin will be subjected to more illegal activity, poverty, dependency and ethnic division …, all the conditions behind the high rates of local unemployment, the deterioration of Elgin’s housing stock, neighborhoods, schools, social agencies and retail economy, and the toxic community environment underlying the Futterman U-46 suit and the political careers of Mr. Dalton, Michael Noland and, apparently now, Anna Moeller.

      Forget the questionnaire responses… No supporter of John G. Dalton can be seriously regarded as someone working for a community of strong and safe neighborhoods, good schools, successful retail environments, and an economy of jobs supporting middle-class families. That’s not the Daltonite vision for Elgin, for Illinois or for anywhere else in America. Don’t take my word for it; just look around Elgin and see for yourself what the Daltonite “commitment” has done.

      Oh, by the way…, Mr. Dalton is now running for a seat on the Elgin Community College Board of Trustees. Having finished off U-46 as an effective American educational institution, the Dalton-Noland element now wants to sink its fangs into ECC.

    • Todd Martin says:

      I’d like to speak out a bit about diversity. It has been said many times that America is a melting pot, a nation of immigrants, and that it is one of our strengths. Elgin reflects this saying more than most communities with substantial Hispanic, Black, and Asian minorities.

      No ethnicity has a monopoly on the best food, dance, language, or art. Elgin draws people, money and business with ethnic restaurants, stores, and festivals.

      No ethnicity has a monopoly on the best, brightest, or hardest working individuals either. When a community can draw upon a larger pool of talent, the free market works more efficiently and productively. Our standard of living is directly tied to the success we engendered by embracing women and minorities into the workforce.

      In my career, I deal directly with customers in 26 different countries. We routinely draw upon employees with bi-lingual skills in a variety of languages in order to communicate effectively. Without women and minorities in our workplace, we would be unable to compete in a global marketplace.

      Elgin needs to embrace diversity with ethnic business outreach, bi-lingual staff, and cultural amenities.

      • Ralph says:

        “Elgin needs to embrace diversity with ethnic business outreach, bi-lingual staff, and cultural amenities.”

        I think we’ve already done a fantastic job at embracing others. Tell me why the heck the City does not have 4th of July fireworks display. Oh yeah, because the Puerto Rican Festival, Asian Fest, Black History Fest and other cultural fests are more important right? I think Elgin has done it’s fair share of embracing diversity and it’s not time to go back to embracing OUR culture.

  6. consistent voter says:

    Mr. Hayward, you are missing the point here, already, Anna Moeller is acting like a politician. She has not answered your question or even discussed the matter at hand with her view point involved or not involved. You got a very polite blow off. Cruexxx, the immigration matter does not have the gusto it should have with the amount of money it costs all of us in so many ways, however, she does not address any of the topics surrounding this issue in elgin, such as overcrowding, incentives for employers that only hire citizens, or any other issues with illegals. She is also backed and supported by Mayor Schock and is getting help from councilman Steffen! We had this problem the last election with another candidate who made it in. Look at his voting record with the mayor’s. She may say that she will vote independent, however, it’s human nature, when push comes to shove from the two of them, she will support their vote on an issue. The Mchenry County Council of govt. fosters intergovernmental cooperation among municipalities and local goverments. She not only on illegal immigration matters with the city and business matters will have to walk on egg shells, she will also have to watch her votes on other matters that may shine a negative light on her with her outside activities! RM- It’s already going around town about the info you posted, thankyou for the relevant data. Why would we want a supporter of Dalton, someone who has worked with so many politicians, she will step right into that negative aspect on the council, which we don’t need more of. We need a grass roots candidate with experience.

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      consistent voter,

      Like Detective Columbo I just had to keep rephrasing the question. I did not think I would get a straight answer to my question. In my opinion I think she side steps the questions in the same way as President Clinton.

      How about it Anna,

      Were you on the side of the parents, Mayor Schock, and Kerry Kelly (lawyer wife of Councilman Steffen who is running for reelection) or were you on the side of more common sense minds in 2004 who knew no one except lawyers win when you want to sue your own school district?

      For a refresher on the locals being played as pawns by Chess Master Futterman Law Firm please read -



    • Anonymous says:

      “Consistent voter”, why do you feel Moeller is backed and supported by Mayor Schock? I just looked on the Illinois electoral website and she is entirely self funded so far. In contrast, Mayor Schock has received over a dozen contributions from businesses, such as the Elgin Fruit Market.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I will be a little more patient waiting for a response from Mrs. Moeller. I was not aware of her endorsement of Mr. Dalton. I can only hope the same voters who helped him lose as a judge will also step up and see to it the same happens at ECC. Illegals get enough free education in this country.
    I trust voters will make short work of any candidate, male or female, who endorse the tolerance of illegal aliens. They did the last time when Walters and Figueroa ran for re-election. They were two softies on illegals and were beaten by newbies.

  8. Tony Elgin says:

    You guys are too funny. It really wasn’t that long ago that the Irish were the culprits. Or the Italians. Or the Chinese. Or the Catholics. Or the Protestants. Or the Pakistanis. Or the Arabs. Or the Native Americans….whoops….thinking about that debacle probably doesn’t fit very well into your selective racism.

    Keep it up though. The more anonymous posers (…I mean posters) who espouse crazy irrational hate will probably make absolutely no difference at all.

    But it IS funny….

    Rock on Council Candidates!

    • Craig says:

      Tony your points aren’t without merit.

      This whole illegal immigration debate frustrates me.

      Those who “support” the immigrants tend to be liberals who want to “help”.

      Of course others tend say that they’re ILLEGAL therefore they are bad and should be punished.

      However, the root of the problem is missed…Why do some feel animosity towards these immigrants? I have a hunch that it’s because those opposed often feel like immigrants are a drain resources and that this is unfair.

      But, wasn’t America the place that was to take in the “tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free”?

      Well, that worked in old America. You could come here and no one would give you a damn thing unless they wanted to. Charities were relied upon, but almost nothing was forcefully redistributed.

      Without such a wide and deep array of entitlement programs (think broadly here…), immigration would be a non-issue.

      • raingirl2 says:

        Craig it’s time to put the pipe down. Are you serious it’s people like you that should just listen and not speak.

        • One Vote says:

          An elite has spoken, Craig. Go back to your plow. Don’t you just love what the likes of raingirl have done with the place?

  9. cruexxx says:

    Tony-Your attempt to divert the issue and nature of my questions is funnier. Your argument may be best suited for a national blog where others can assail your position of assuming people who are on the “for” side of legality on this topic must be racists. As for now, I’m still waiting for Mrs. Moeller’s response to the questions asked. She needs to tell people how she feels about those who are breaking the law in Elgin, here or in front of many at a debate.

    • Bob says:

      One of the biggest costs of illegal immigration is education. Bilingual or dual language programs cost as much as $1,000 more per pupil. If you’re going to be paying that much more in property taxes you might as well take advantage of it even if your kids first language is English.

      “Some parents are concerned that the program is being rushed and they still have many questions. Anna Moeller, mother of two U-46 students, wonders what all of this means for her two daughters.

      First-grader Madeline, 7, leaves her home school, McKinley Elementary, to attend the dual language program at Channing, Moeller said, wondering if her younger daughter, Eleanor, 5, can attend Channing or will have to go to McKinley if there’s a two-way dual language program there.

      She also questions whether there will be enough students interested to make the program work.

      “I don’t know if they will have enough English-speaking kids in the area to have a two-way dual language program,” Moeller said.”


      Maybe that last quote will shed light on Clarence’s question of whether Moeller supported busing.

  10. Tony Elgin says:


    Personally, I think that every question is valid - yours included. I wasn’t really referring to what you wrote. I was referring to the mindless, anonymous, automatons who espouse their typical bag of vague crap. You have an opinion and are looking to hang your vote on the answer depending on how closely it matches your internal process.

    No harm no foul - all voters do that.

    I just don’t believe that something as dense as immigration (legal or otherwise) can be boiled down into a black and white issue. And considering how this country was founded (and who was here first), I just don’t buy the AFLA argument since, if they had had the technology and foresight, the Pilgrims would have probably become a footnote in history and some Native Americans would have had some more ear necklaces.

    Of course, that probably brings up all sorts of counterpoints and arguments about why it was “right” and blah blah blah but if you can have your position, what’s so wrong about people on the other side of your discussion having theirs?

    Personally, I haven’t heard a single person on this issue say “Viva Illegal Immigration!” What I HAVE heard is people saying “it’s more complicated than that” or “it’s a federal issue” and things like that.

    But let’s say that you could snap your fingers and all illegal immigrants would be legal or back where they came from. Are you seriously saying that’s the magic bullet to fix Elgin’s issues? 20 years ago the topic wasn’t illegal immigration. It was probably African Americans (I don’t know…I picked a number and wasn’t around at that time).

    So I guess the question I have for YOU goes like “is illegal immigration THE issue to put Elgin back on track or just the NEXT issue for people to complain about?”

  11. Abe says:

    Choices. It all comes down to making decisions on how to, if possible, generate additional resources and then redistribute them in a mindset which is aware they are finite.

    What I’m hearing from Mrs. Moeller is that she understands this well.

    Frankly, if she is elected and has only 20-40 hrs a week to spend her time honing the craft, I want to see it spent on what will benefit us most as a community and a city. If that means it comes down to deciding if she tackles housing stock improvements (to retain and attract new residents) and business incentives (to maintain and attract new businesses) vs. Spending money and time attempting to influence how businesses spend their money (ex. Incentives for hiring “proven Americans”) Sorry - I am voting for someone that will go with the former.

    Meddling with immigration at this level is risky at best. You will NOT attract new businesses if they believe they would be heading into a “meddling” government and you will not attract a diverse population if outsiders see us as selective.

    Cheers Anna Moeller! Good luck!

  12. cruexxx says:

    So I guess what you are saying, Abe, is that it’s ok to turn your head when it comes to illegal aliens as long as YOUR bottom line is not affected? As long as the “housing stock” on YOUR street is improved? And the jobs the businesses bring going to illegals is alright with you as long as YOU have a job?

    Is it really “meddling” to ask any branch of government to make sure laws are followed? Especially laws that are broken by those who have illegally entered our country? How would you feel if the illegal alien who lives in Mrs. Moeller’s neighborhood (300 block of N. Spring St.) and is accused of child molesting were to slowly drive by YOUR house every morning on his way to a job YOUR tax dollars paid his company to hire him?

    You used the word, “meddling” and I must chuckle. Is it meddling when our government via the police stops a driver for a defective tail light? Is it meddling when the FBI investigates a bank robbery?

    I INSIST my local government be selective with my tax dollars. NOT giving businesses incentives to possibly hire those who have no right to be in this country is what I expect. Have you seen the latest unemployment figures??

    If Mrs. Moeller or any other candidate thinks it’s alright to attract companies here so they can hire illegals AND give them money to do so, may they see the election results from the bottom of the results.

    • Abe says:

      Cheers to you Cruexxx for being active in the civilian discourse.
      However, I must inform you that you guess incorrectly about what I was saying… unless by “YOUR” you meant “Elgin’s” then I apologize as you do guess correctly.
      As for meddling, I chuckle because you’re extending my comment out to obsurd scenarios I didn’t mention and are not logical conclusions from my comment.

      It isn’t meddling for any branch of government to act in such a way to enforce its laws - but all laws cannot be enforced with equal effort. So yes, while hiring illegal immigrants is not legal - I’d rather the police focus on responding to emergencies, spotting erratic behaivor, preventing speeders from overrunning our children and even broken brake lights than on the possible nationality of the community. If you like, you can call the Feds (ICE or Homeland Security) and steer them toward offending businesses as that is exactly their job.

      And when it comes to “rewarding” businesses for what they should do already - that’s just wasted money. (You seem to have misundertood the context of my statement on “rewarding”. Someone else mentioned rewarding businesses that hire nationalized folks - it wasn’t about rewarding for hiring illegals.)

      So what IS meddling is going into businesses as a local entity when there are federal and state functions for that space. Elgin will just come off as heavyhanded to new or relocating businesses… They have enough to deal with at the fed & state levels than “prove” to local departments that they are only hiring folks the locals want them to hire.

      I INSIST our local government uses its resources wisely and as such, during an economic time such as this, takes actions (spending money & time) in which there is a positive return or at least a promise of a future positive return. So yes, I say let’s focus on bringing in new businesses and improving the residential stock rather than eating up payroll money knocking on businesses doors for nationality checks.

      Finally, and I respond to this at the end because I once learned and enjoy the inverted pyramid of writing (putting less important fluff at the end): Your child molester example is simple fear mongering. If it is true - great - he’s been accused and the police know about him and the courts are ready to handle him. It should be obvious to anyone that an illegal immigrant is granted no free pass in breaking the laws. Crappy people exist as citizens and illegals - a quick review of the illinois sex offender site is solid proof of that.

  13. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:


    I posted the below statement under every one of the council candidates today that has their picture on the website as of now. One last opportunity to actually answer the two questions yes or no instead of spinning them away. I need people in office who will give me direct, honest answers to my yes or no questions below.

    I know you were not on the city council in 2004 when Mayor Schock and his informal majority proposed to hire the Futterman Law Firm at a cost of $44,000 to consider suing OUR OWN SCHOOL DISTRICT.

    At that time I thought that was the most stupid idea I ever heard of. The tax payers who pay taxes to Elgin and U46 lose either way the suit goes. So far we have lost 9 million dollars of tax dollars defending this class action suit. We have lost teacher and staff jobs in U46.

    The mayor and all involved should not even had whispered suing. In my opinion they should have taken a proactive role and did their best to calm every one down and explain that filling Futterman’s pockets will not accomplish anything for either side.

    With Futterman’s track record in the google past that was research-able they should have known they were pawns in the hands of Harvard and Yale chess masters.

    I will be asking these questions of all the candidates running for City Councilman or City Councilwoman.

    1. In 2004 when the city was informally proposing to hire Futterman were you for that or against that? Yes or NO please.

    2. In 2004 were you for the parents group suing OUR OWN SCHOOL DISTRICT ? Yes or No please

    Councilman Steffen’s wife (who is lawyer Kerry Kelly) is quoted back then in a Daily Herald article that I will share the link below. She said -


    “It’s great if the city is on board, but we’re still here if they’re not on board,” said Elgin resident and U-46 parent Kerry Kelly, who is not a potential litigant but supports the parents’ efforts.

    Three times I tried to get a direct answer out of Anna Moeller and three times I failed. I hope the rest of the candidates don’t side step the questions like she did.

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      Anna Moeller returned my phone call and explained to me once again she can’t give a yes or know answer to the two questions below because in 2004 she had a one year old child and was not following school districts issues.

      1. In 2004 when the city was informally proposing to hire Futterman were you for that or against that? Yes or NO please.

      2. In 2004 were you for the parents group suing OUR OWN SCHOOL DISTRICT ? Yes or No please

      • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

        After reflecting on Anna’s phone call I just had to read her bio above again. I can understand not having an opinion if you have a one year old back in 2004 if you are not a go getter like she is but with a husband who is a teacher and all the civic involvement that appears to have started in 2004 with her serving on the Elgin Planning Commission it is hard to imagine her not having an opinion.

        Go figure

        From her bio above -

        I am a working mother of two young daughters, Madeline and Eleanor, and married to Marc Moeller, a teacher in the Barrington School District 220.

        I also have several years of civic involvement in Elgin. I have served on the Elgin Planning and Development Commission since 2004, as Vice-President of the Northeast Neighborhood Association of Elgin since 2005 and Channing Elementary School PTO Treasurer since 2009. I have also served on the Elgin Human Relations Commission and volunteered as an English as a Second Language Tutor for the Literacy Connection for five years.

  14. cruexxx says:

    For those keeping score, it has been 10 days since I asked Mrs. Moeller specific questions about illegal aliens in Elgin. Now, all of a sudden, she’s gone from here.

    • Abe says:

      No need to keep score she’s smart enough to avoid an ambush…
      She answered the question at the following..

      How well has the city addressed the issue of illegal immigration? Has it done what’s appropriate or is there more to do? Please offer specifics.

      I believe the city has done what it can within its limited jurisdictional authority to address the issue of undocumented workers in the community. It is my understanding that the city works closely with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency on law enforcement matters and has taken the additional step of auditing firms that do business with the city to ensure that their workforce is legally able to work in the US.

  15. cruexxx says:

    Mrs. Moeller said: “Elgin needs to embrace diversity with ethnic business outreach, bi-lingual staff, and cultural amenities.”

    Ralph is right. We have been there and done that and the voters said last time they don’t want that anymore. If voters had wanted it to continue they would have re-elected Figueroa and Walters!

    We’ve done enough embracing, Mrs. Moeller. If there any voters who do not want bi-lingual anything, tax dollars spent on ethnic business outreach and cultural amenities, you better vote for someone else. Send a message that Elgin is tired of over-compensating for those who do not speak English. Try to remember, there is nothing wrong with siding with American citizens.

    • Todd Martin says:

      Cruexx, you are quoting the wrong person. I said that, not Mrs. Moeller.

      Do you understand that there are Ethnic persons who are also American citizens? There are African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans?

      Your message is blind racism.

      • Bob says:

        “Do you understand that there are Ethnic persons who are also American citizens? There are African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans?”

        Do you understand Todd that every person is an ethnic person?

        That you don’t understand that indicates the depth of your inherent liberal racism.

        ““Elgin needs to embrace diversity ”

        Elgin needs to embrace community. Anything else would be “div”icive.

  16. cruexxx says:

    Todd: I apologize. Yes, I do know there are ethnic persons who are citizens. I am one of those ethnic persons. The difference is I can readily prove it and I do not feel violated when asked to. The side favoring illegals think it’s a sin to ask for such proof. People like Mrs. Moeller apparently feel that it’s not right to ask or do anything about illegals when they are discovered-whether they committed another crime or not.

  17. Consistent Voter says:

    Well, it appears that Schock, Warren, and Moeller yard signs are popping up around town, that is, on the same yards! There has been some concern that Mr. Warren has voted for two years almost on every issue with the mayor, Anna has been seen in town dining out with the mayor! Does the math look like it’s adding up. A friend recently brought up to me, do we want another council person from the same neighborhood as current council members, should we spread it out a little.

  18. Legal immigrant says:

    It seems like Manfred Czymmek is the only one adressing the illrgal immigration problem, pointing out what is obvious but ignored

  19. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    Voters of Elgin,

    Ever since 2004, with the city, the parents, and their relationship with the Futterman Law Firm driving up the cost of a lawsuit into the millions of dollars with no end in sight; it has been my goal to see the principal players voted out of office that I contend should not have been talking litigation. I wanted them out of office to send a message to future possible litigation advocates on future issues to think twice before they say something else foolish that would cause some future issues to burn out of control with our tax payer dollars through litigation.

    At the candidates forum 3-2-11 it looked to me like Mayor Schock is aging quite a bit, perhaps because of this issue, perhaps not. It also must be hard for the lawyer wife of Councilman Steffen named Kerry Kelly, to always be reminded of the foolish quote she used to support the parents back in 2004 especially since she is a trained lawyer.

    One last time I will share a Daily Herald news story from 2004 so that people not familiar with this will realize what I am referring to. The article is titled – Elgin Wont Sue U46


    So last night I was reflecting on all this. I was also reflecting on how possibly we lost an ex councilman years ago perhaps partly because of the way he left office over another foolish issue he was involved in.

    I was going to be persistent in my writing on this issue clear up to Election Day but I have decided I am not going to write anymore on it. It will be up to the voters to educate themselves on who they want in office after April 5 without my input as to why they should not vote for some who had foolish litigation talk or had a trained lawyer wife with foolish litigation talk.

    I just wish someone or some group could end this class action lawsuit as easily as I am going to stop my blogging or writing on this issue.

    How about it Futterman?

    Common Sense Clarence Hayward

  20. rm says:

    Hey, I’m sounding like Irv Kupcinet here, but was that Elgin’s Illegal Alien godfather John G. Dalton with Anna Moeller in a booth at Paul’s today?

    They must have been celebrating Anna’s trifecta: endorsed by the Daily Herald on behalf of its Mexican sweatshop agenda, supported by John G. Dalton on behalf of the Chicago Machine and its plantation agenda, and boosted by Elgin’s most noted convicted embezzler, David J. Reinert. Boy, Anna’s got all her ducks in a row: sweatshop interests, plantation interests, convicted felons. With supporters like that, it’s time for a real celebration. It’s a shame, though, that Anna and Mr. Dalton had to travel out of their beloved NENAland and over to Elgin’s west side to find a suitable venue.

    Of course that could change.

    If Anna Moeller and John G. Dalton are elected to their respective positions this spring, they’ll spread NENA’s “gangs n’ghettoes” culture over all of Elgin, and they and we will just have to go down to St. Charles to find safe and suitable dining facilities.

    • Dave Reinert says:

      Just to set the record clear, and answer your 4th grade post, I don’t even know Anna Moeller. I have never met the woman. The only thing you have right in the whole post is my record. I doubt if many Elgin citizens care about old (1993) news. In addition, I’m doing just fine. I sure enjoy getting under the skin of people as shallow as you.

    • LFG-A says:

      RM - you are once again in the ’slander’ zone, which is not a good place to be (soul searching), or a kind way to abuse someone else’s website. Do you really want to hurt RS and this wonderful resource for Elginites?

      Please comment responsibly.

      • rm says:

        Thank you for your warning/comment.

        “Slander,” however, requires the element of factual falsehood. As Mr. Reinert has confirmed, I’ve certainly not slandered him.

        If you, however, are aware of anything I have said - either in the post to which you replied or elsewhere - that you believe is factually false, please advise me of the basis for your belief. I very much respect RS and his blog, and it is neither my intent nor desire to use it to convey falsehoods.

  21. rm says:

    Must have been a rocky night there recently for the Moellers with Mr. Estrada flying his Bimmer 7 series into their neighbor’s house. This event has even carried Elgin’s reputation into Europe with the story appearing in London’s Daily Mail.

    Zillow indicates that the house was at 150 River Bluff, around the corner from the Moeller family. While Zillow valued the house at $289,000, it indicates that there’s a pending sale for $374,900. Given what Mr. Estrada did to the house, that sale might be “pending” for quite a while and at a substantially lower price. Zillow already indicated in its “Zestimate” graph that the house had lost over $100,000 in value during the past couple years.

    But then all of us who own Elgin homes have had to watch their values destroyed by the presence of people like Heriberto Estrada, a 24 year old driving a BMW 750iL around drunk and with no insurance or license. Supposedly, he lives on Spring St. in NENAland.

    It is, however, an altogether new development in Elgin’s tragedy that our homes - even those lovely “housewalk” mansions of the NENA elite - can now be blown away by the criminals who’ve found a welcoming sanctuary in Elgin.

    Why the Moellers would expose their children to an environment of people like Heriberto Estrada is beyond the understanding of mainstream Americans who want safe neighborhoods, schools and retail environments. It certainly calls into question whether Anna Moeller has any understanding of the American Dream and what America should be all about.

    And the event at 150 River Bluff confirms that nobody in Elgin, not even our NENA masters, is safe.

    • LFG-A says:

      Wow - obsessive stalker behavior much? Trolling internet sites for information on Ms. Moeller, and dissing her ‘hood, the supposed race of the DUI offender and calling her family and choices into your non-argument. You are once again in slander and liable territory. Be careful RM, it WILL come back to bite you. (RS doesn’t need to defend a civil suit for a few misbehaving posters).

      Oh, and yes… I know there are folks out there who did the same research and baseless comment attacks to myself and my family in 2009/2010… they still continue today - for no sane reason… we find it just sad really.

  22. Jerry Garcia says:

    I am not so sure that the presences of people like Mr. Estrada in Elgin have caused home values to fall as much has powerful white guys on Wall Street. Take a good look at the film “Inside Job” for an education on the fall of our home values and our economy.

    Out of curiosity, would you have made a comment if a drunken white guy were driving the car?

    • bob says:

      “Out of curiosity, would you have made a comment if a drunken white guy were driving the car?”

      How do we know the driver’s race? rm did not say a word about race. You on the other hand - nothing but race!!!
      Just curious; what makes you think the driver wasn’t white?

      No problem unless it’s a problem? Is launching a car into the 2nd story of a residence any sort of problem for you? How about drunk driving? Driving without a license? No auto insurance? Ignore illegal entry into the United States. What does that get you?

      • Jerry Garcia says:

        DUI and all the other charges are crimes no matter who is driving the car.

        I do not know what life experiences you have had Bob, but all of the Estrada’s that I know come from a hispanic background. They are American citizens, but they are of Mexican heritage. Some of them may not be 100% hispanic, due to assimilation into this culture over the years.

        RM quote “But then all of us who own Elgin homes have had to watch their values destroyed by the presence of people like Heriberto Estrada,” So given my life experiences am I to believe The Mr. Estrada’s name was not used to point out his ethnicity? Am I to believe that by reading other posts by RM when ranting about Illegals and John Dalton that he is not trying to grind some axe about illegal immigration? Am I to believe that RM would have posted this in a thread about Anna Moeller if the driver’s name was Johnson?

        I am also amazed that you would like to complain that I was the one who brought up race and then close your comments with “Ignore illegal entry into the United States. What does that get you?” Help me with my confusion, Bob are you saying that Mr. Estrada, entered this country illegally? How do you know that? By the origins of his name?

  23. Ron Clayton says:

    I agree with Mr. Garcia. rm’s rant about why house values have fallen is off the mark. I live in South Elgin, and our property values are still at least 20% down from the value a few years ago, when most of us purchased our properties. Such rants with no so subtle bigoted undertones will do nothing to help the citizens of Elgin and surrounding communities pull together to make this a better area for all.

  24. bob says:

    ” help the citizens of Elgin and surrounding communities pull together to make this a better area for all.”

    What does that mean? Does it mean anything at all?
    Pull what together? Did you take Obamaspeak 101 - the ability to string words together that sound kind of good strung together but are completely utterly devoid of all meaning whatsoever, upon reflection?

  25. Wan Wms says:

    Wan Wms :: Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:10 AM
    Moeller is a politician/bureaucrat. That’s her life. She’s into grants and free money. She was an assistant village manager before and now runs an association dedicated to helping local governments get free money.

    Here’s here LinkedIN info:

    Now: Executive Director at McHenry County Council of Governments

    Previous: Development Coordinator at Village of Lake in the Hills

    * Assistant Village Administrator at Village of Lake in the Hills

    * Administrative Analyst at Village of Skokie, IL

    * English Instructor at Inlingua International Language School- Andorra La Vella

    * Legislative Aide at State Representative Andrea S. Moore

    Her group is dedicated to finding revenue sources beyond property taxes and making sure Springfield doesn’t stop them. Translation: More fees…and taxes on everything from phone bills to farts.

    Gee, I wonder why she doesn’t include her FULL resume on her website?

  26. Herguth says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Leonard. Your letter is as generic, non-committal and absent of any proof of claims as your “neighbor and friend”, Mrs. Moeller. You left out that you are her campaign manager, also.


    You also left out that Mrs. Moeller was run off the Elginite.org blog site when, after she posted her campaign virtues in February, she was asked to explain her position on illegal aliens. Will she duplicate her running away on other vital issues? Afterall, it WAS an illegal alien that drove into your neighbor’s house two weeks ago. And it WAS an illegal alien who was arrested for child molestation in YOUR neighborhood a few months ago. Running is a very characteristic trait of someone who is only skin deep on commitment.

    As the mayor attempts to feather his nest with another pigeon in Mrs. Moeller to accompany Mike Warren, voters must realize Elgin needs independent, free-thinking leaders, not a sympathetic ear for illegal aliens.

    There is no room in Elgin government for people who are absent on opinions for tough issues. Mr. Schock can’t protect your “neighbor and friend” forever and Mr. Kaptain won’t.

  27. Brian on the Hill says:


    Moeller lives in NENA.

    Moeller is endorsed by Schock.

    Moeller’s neighborhood has been the location of some major crimes committed by illegal aliens in the past handful of months.

    Moeller does not support any more efforts to rid Elgin of illegal aliens.

    Moeller has very few straight answers to campaign questions.

    Opinion: How anyone could vote for a candidate who will not support initiatives to rid even her own neighborhood of the same illegals who are committing crimes there is beyond me and common sense.

  28. Todd Martin says:


    Can you provide any guidance why you believe Anna Moeller is endorsed by Mayor Schock? I haven’t seen anything from either candidate to suggest that.

  29. Change council Now! says:

    The Elgin City Council took steps to help Senior Services Associates expand its downtown space and approved a contract with the police union at Wednesday evening’s council sessions.

    Acting on a suggestion Councilman Mike Warren brought up in February, the move would allow Senior Services to expand beyond the 800 square feet it rents at 105 S. Grove Ave. to include another 6,900 square feet of room close by at 107 S. Grove and 205 Fulton St. All three sites in question are overseen by Elite Management, 164 Division St., located in the Professional Building downtown.

    Warren, who like Mayor Ed Schock is running for re-election, noted that Schock told him he knew Ron Cope, one of the owners of the Professional Building, who also own the properties in question. Schock put the parties in touch.

    Councilman John Prigge tried to convince the council to table the measure, stating that because Warren only brought it up in February, it came up too fast. He said he was not 100 percent comfortable with it and suggested a decision wait until May, after the election and with a new council seated.

    His motion failed 4-3, with Prigge and Councilmen Rich Dunne and Dave Kaptain, who is running for mayor, wanting to table it and Mayor Ed Schock, Councilmen Mike Warren, John Steffen and Bob Gilliam negating the move. Only the same four voted for moving the motion forward to an upcoming regular meeting for approval, but that was sufficient.

    Steffen mentioned that other options had been explored for extra space, to no avail. While not against the project per se, Kaptain objected, claiming that it appeared council members tried to negotiate a deal before bringing it to staff.

    “Staff should be there from the very beginning,” Kaptain said.

    “There was no deal cut,” Warren said, noting he took offense at what Kaptain was implying.

    “This isn’t like this is the first time this has occurred. There is nothing new here,” Schock said, strongly asserting no deals have been made.

    “The timing of this is exquisite. I wanted to take the ‘politicalness’ out of it. I don’t want that for this team,” Prigge said.

    City Manager Sean Stegall mentioned that the purchase of service agreement with Senior Services was due to be on the meeting agenda regardless of its amended nature. To leave it off might seem equally political, Stegall said.

    As set at the committee of the whole session, the agency would receive $10,170 in 2011 as part of the agreement to provide services to local seniors and about $14,000 more to cover seven months’ rent for the additional space this year. The city then would have to come up with extra money to help pay the rent for two years beyond that. The money would come from Grand Victoria Casino money the city receives.

    Rent on the property would be $3,600 per month, which would include all utilities. A code inspection would be done prior to any agreement. Senior Services would continue to pay $800 a month out of its own funds. The deal is contingent upon Elgin Township pitching in $833 a month, which it is set to discuss at its April 6 meeting. The city would contribute $1,967 a month toward the rent.


    • Dave Reinert says:

      Leave the Senior Center alone. The Senior Center deserves all that they ask for and more. I applaud those members of the council who have the guts to vote in favor for the needs of Elgin Senior Center. Kaptain, Dunne, and Prigge should be ashamed of their votes. Whan Elgin don’t need is more council members who think like these guys.
      Elgin needs to elect responsible candidates who will back any and all Senior Citizen endevors.

      • One Vote says:

        This isn’t about the Senior Center; it’s about politics.
        But unless Kaptain can confront Ed at the forums like he did last night, he deserves what he gets.

  30. Combos says:

    You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my mailbox today came two political mailers. One from mayor Schock and the other from council candidate Anna Moeller. How’s THAT for a coincidence? Not only were they sent at the same time to arrive at the same time but the same postage permit number and the same style font for the addressing is used!!!!

    Shame on you, Anna Moeller. WHO do you think you are fooling? If you’re not strong enough to be on your own and show some kind of independence enough without Schock getting his hooks into you, you don’t deserve to run and you sure as the devil do not deserve anyone’s vote. I thought you were going to be independent?

    I barely know much about Kaptain but after I saw what happened with Schock and Warren on the Senior Assoc. discussion, he’s got to be better than Schock just because he’s a helluva lot more honest! My Lord, how many puppets does Schock want?? And today it looks like Moeller is coming along. I cannot imagine what a council of Schock, Steffen, Gilliam, Moeller and Warren will do to this city. I’m going to have to pick someone who isn’t dirty now and that’s not the way voting should be! I sure wish Kaptain would not have decided to run for Mayor.