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Legislature passes 67% tax hike

12 January 2011 RS 3 Comments

Abandoned wheelbarrow on a construction site, Elgin, IL Abandoned wheelbarrow on a construction site, Elgin, IL (Photo by The Elginite).

Illinois state legislators today approved a bill that raises the individual income tax rate from 3% to 5%, a 67% increase. The bill also increases the tax rate on corporations, and provides for roughly 15% growth in state government over the next four years. Governor Pat Quinn had vowed during the election season to veto any tax increase of this magnitude but has apparently changed his mind and is expected to sign the bill.

This bill, SB2505, counted at one point among its sponsors local State Senator Michael Noland (D), who voted for the bill in 2010. Apparently he disagreed with amendments that were added in the Illinois House, and voted against the final bill. He had his name removed as a sponsor of the bill on Tuesday.

State Representative Keith Farnham (D) voted against the bill, as did all Republicans in the legislature.

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3 Responses to “Legislature passes 67% tax hike”

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  1. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    This headline I have been reading every day and I just have not been able to comment because I am so upset with those free spending Democrats who would do this to us.

    About all else I will say is I am prouder than ever to be able to say two women Democrats kicked me out of their Meet the Candidates at their new headquarters kitty corner from the post office some time before the presidential election.

    Some people just don’t like to see anyone use their free speech if it does not agree with theirs.

    If President Obama or Martin Luther King were in that headquarters I can tell you they would have been appalled watching Democrats kicking someone out of their headquarters simply for sharing that he can’t vote for Obama because of his position on abortion and because I think the terrorists would be motivated more to test Obama rather than McCain.


    • RS says:

      The most astonishing thing is that they are budgeting for an INCREASE in spending. They are going to increase the size of state government by 15% over the next four years. It’s truly baffling.

      Somehow, for the State of Illinois, which is apparently being run for the benefit of the SEIU/Chicago Machine, spending cuts are impossible. Yet somehow the newly-elected governor of California, who even happens to be a Democrat, is proposing $12.5 billion in cuts for his state.


      Go figure.

      • rm says:

        RS, this is only baffling from your perspective.

        From the Chicago Machine’s perspective this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure absolute control of Illinois. Obviously, the plan is to take our money and fund a massive, dependent, union-run, bureaucratic army totally loyal to the Machine and ready at the Machine’s notice to mobilize against any tea-party type sniping.

        It’s simply the Chicago Plan taken to the State level (and eventually through Bill Daley and the “clean” and loyal Machine puppet “President Obama” to the Federal level). I don’t have the most recent figures, but Crain’s Chicago Business reported that as of September 30, 2008, government agencies constituted five of Chicago’s top six employers - the City of Chicago, Cook County, Chicago Public Schools and so forth.

        Of course, raising taxes has ancillary benefits for the Machine Agenda. It stifles the sort of business activity that might create jobs not under the control or the Machine or its union tools. It reduces the affluence of independent Illinois families, stamps out middle-class values and communities, and helps make them more dependent on the welfare and social services of the Machine’s corrupt, grossly-inefficient, but unionized and loyal bureaucracy.

        This agenda is in full swing in Elgin. The Machine’s local tool Mike Noland yaps on constantly about “putting people back to work.” But by endorsing the Amazon tax that is killing local enterprise, Noland has signaled that his “work” will be either as a unionized state bureaucrat or dependent on one of Noland’s loyal union bosses. The sort of work that engages independent, creative minds and results in middle-class salaries, values and standards of living is not welcome in Nolandville or by the Machine. (BTW, one really had to roll one’s eyes at that DH article about Elgin as a “high-tech hub.” In Nolandville? And when was the last time you heard the word “incubator” for this sort of thing? It all reminds me of Daley Jr.’s big plans for Chicago to be a tech “incubator” with “Flip” Filipowski 12 years ago. I guess Elgin is now condemned to repeat all of Chicago’s stunts ten years later… sorta like our current “sustainability” fetish following Daley’s greeny gimmicks)

        But I digress…

        Have nice day and start checking those real estate listings in Florida and Texas.