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For Republicans, Democrats, mixed election results in Kane County

3 November 2010 RS 2 Comments

Congressman-elect Randy Hultgren (R) at a rally, St. Charles Congressman-elect Randy Hultgren (R) at a rally, St. Charles (Photo by The Elginite).

Republicans failed Tuesday to unseat State Senator Michael Noland (D) and State Representative Keith Farnham (D). GOP challenger Ruth Munson conceded to Mr. Farnham Wednesday morning. Steve Rauschenberger has yet to concede the very close race to Mr. Noland, but the probabilities do not seem to be in his favor. All the candidates in these races are Elgin residents.

The Republican candidate for Kane County Resident Judge David Akemann defeated Democrat John G. Dalton by a vast margin of nearly 30,000 votes in the county-wide race. Both men are Elgin residents.

Kane County Sheriff Pat Perez (D) defeated Republican challenger Donald Kramer by a small margin.

GOP challenger Randy Hultgren easily defeated incumbent U.S. Representative Bill Foster (D). The margin of about 15,000 votes was much larger than most observers expected.

The biggest surprise of the evening was the apparent defeat of 8th District Congressman Melissa Bean (D). Despite the weak Republican challenger, who was saddled with a questionable resume and who’s campaign was poorly funded, it appeared that voters in the 8th District had enough of the incumbent representative who veered strongly to the left and insulated herself from constituents in her last term. The final result will probably not be certified for some time, but it appears that Joe Walsh has won this race.

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2 Responses to “For Republicans, Democrats, mixed election results in Kane County”

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  1. Dave Reinert says:

    The GOP has lost ground in Kane county and the State GA districts in the past several elections. There is no responsible leadership in the GOP anymore. As the election cycle continues in the future the GOP will continue to go down in defeat. They have no candidates worth carring the GOP banner. These defeats should not surprise anyone with the knowledge of the political system. The dairy farmer needs to go back to selling cows, not GOP candidates. He is a weak link in the chain and he should resign.

    • RS says:

      Was the “dairy farmer” involved in this election?

      Finding good candidates is tough for all parties. I don’t think GOP candidates in the area are any worse than the Democratic candidates, but the Democrats have an edge because they have experience in competitive elections (having had to unseat Republican incumbents) while most of the GOP candidates are still complacent.

      The Democrats also have the full weight of the Chicago machine behind them, not just in funding but in staff sent in from the city.

      Republicans can still win but they need to take it seriously.