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November open thread [2010]

1 November 2010 RS 18 Comments

Milkweed, St. Charles, IL Milkweed, St. Charles, IL (Photo by The Elginite).

November open thread. Post what you want.

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18 Responses to “November open thread [2010]”

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  1. rm says:

    Another typical day in Elgin… Highland Avenue downtown is almost closed by construction work.

    What’s interesting, though, is that the construction trucks on Highland carry the colors and name of Orange Crush LLC - the same company that former Elgin City Manager Femi Folarin said lacked “the necessary integrity” to bid for construction services in Elgin.

    In 2009 Orange Crush LLC bid on Elgin’s 2009 Neighborhood Resurfacing Project. In a June 4, 2009 memo to Mayor Schock and the City Council here is what City Manager Folarin had to say about Orange Crush LLC:

    “Orange Crush, LLC is debarred from performing any work on federally funded projects or Illinois Department of Transportation funded projects due to prior fraudulent activities. Additionally, the manager-member of the limited liability company; namely, Sebastian (Sam) Palumbo appears to have been similarly debarred based on prior convictions for eight counts of ERISA fraud…”

    “[I]t is the evaluation of staff as provided above of the responsibility of Orange Crush, LLC, that this bidder does not have the necessary integrity to assure good-faith performance. Additionally, it is the assessment of staff as provided above, that Orange Crush, LLC, does not constitute a responsible bidder, and that it is in the public interests to reject the bid of Orange Crush, LLC, pursuant to the aforementioned Elgin Municipal Code sections and bidding documents.”

    So why is Orange Crush LLC now doing work in Elgin? Different city manager? Different city ethical standards?

    By the way, Orange Crush was recently in the news for controversial contributions to Judy Barr Topinka. And if you want to know more about the history of Orange Crush LLC, google “Orange Crush” and “Palumbo.” You might want to add the terms “fraud” and “jail.”

    Do that and you’ll wonder if Highland Avenue’s new asphalt will make it through the winter.

    • RS says:

      Was there any follow up to this, rm? The local papers are generally incurious about these matters so I don’t expect anything, but just wondering if you heard anything.

  2. Elgin2030 says:

    So Mayor Potter recorded some radio spots for Walgreens…hmmm….I wonder how CVS is reacting to that. But it’s OK…because he claims they are Public Service Announcements. You guys be the judge.

    Youtube Link with audio –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTDLCXQNneM

    The original C-N article –> http://couriernews.suntimes.com/news/2413218-418/schock-walgreens-anderson-elgin-wbbm.html

    • RS says:

      I have a hard time understanding the controversy. The mayor endorses businesses all the time, and should be free to do so.

      • Elgin2030 says:

        Well firstly, if the Mayor is supposed to represent every citizen and business equally then endorsing a particular brand is irresponsible for a public servant. Endorsements imply the choice of one over another. Using his own actions as an example: The Mayor was reluctant to approve the motion to include a question on the ballot next April that would decide whether or not an advisory committee would be formed to investigate a mixed-ward system of government because (paraphrasing) “including the question on the ballot implies that the Council is in support of this idea”. So…some things are ok to imply and other things (challenges to centralized power) are not.

        Secondly, I have several sources stating that Walgreens is petitioning the city of Elgin to bring liquor back into their stores. Now, people will have differing opinions of how wise that is but how do you think his appearance on their paid advertisement (source: wbbm) will affect the committee in charge of making that license decision?

        Going Macro for a bit here: had anyone every heard of a Portugese Water Dog before the Obama’s adopted one?

        • Dave Reinert says:

          The present system of governing the city is just fine. We all know what we have and it dose work for the citizens of the city. Some people like change just for the sake of change. I have lived in this city for almost 75 years. Several mistakes were made over this perior but we have all survived. The city once have a wonderful business district with two beautiful department stores. That was moved to West Dundee. Would a “WARD” system of government have made a difference? I spent hundreds of hours on my personal time doing community service from age 21 to 40 seeing the Wing Park Bandshell project to a successful conclusion, the Community Crisis Center become a reality, coaching in the Classic Little League, Elgin Teener Zleague and Pop Warner football for hundreds of the communties youth, just to name a few of the many projects I was involved with. I was a active member in the GOP for over 30 years. I watched different individuals try to sell the “Ward” system of government to the community. Every time it was rejected. Do you keep beating the same old dead horse time and time again? The present system has a record of success. Leave it “as is” and move on with it. We all know what to expect. The majority of the citizens living in Elgin are happy with this system and could care less about a “WARD” system. Some people are not happy with any system. The like to think a new agenda would better serve the city. I think it is time to bury the “WARD” system once and forever.

          • Dave Reinert says:

            See you on my facebook.com page. Just enter the URL in your browser and goto facebook. Type in my name for some excellent content and photos.

          • Elgin2030 says:

            Hi Dave,

            You sound like the kind of Republican this country needs more of (ending a sentence with a preposition). There is a LOT to be said for your party from the time period you talk about and I wish more of you were in the pole position of your party. The country benefits when the extreme elements are just that - “extreme” and pushed to the sidelines (both/all parties).

            But I wasn’t talking about putting in a Ward system.

            I happen to think that, as we grow, neighborhoods can benefit from a mix of local representatives and “at-large” representatives but what I was really talking about was the Mayor’s opinion that even bringing up the question (to the people he serves) might make it look like the Council is taking a position on the subject.

            But if he’s so reluctant to even put the question on the ballot for that reason - why would he specifically endorse Walgreens over, say, CVS? Isn’t that the definition of “having it both ways”?

            We may disagree (and I welcome healthy debate and the possibly that we may never see eye to eye) but my opinion is that the Mayor of any city should be completely impartial when it comes to one business over another (especially since the city profits when ALL businesses profit) and claiming that this commercial was a PSA is just baby town frolics and insults the intelligence of anyone who’s heard it.

            The radio station, itself, calls it a “paid sponsorship”…not a PSA.

  3. Dave Reinert says:

    Some people have nothing moe to do then sit home and listen to the radio so they can make a mountain out of a molehill about a mayor endorsing a business. Just consider the source and maybe you will understand. He must fear that the mayor is going to get rich. He always has question people living off the public trough, something he has done all of his life.

    • enoughalready says:

      I listen to WBBM at home and in the car every morning. I, too, was surprised when I heard the Mayor’s commercial for Walgreen’s. It wasn’t until I saw the Courier later that I read it was supposed to be a PSA.

      Frankly, who cares if he’s doing commercials? (and more than one - the one I heard was different) But don’t call it a PSA when it’s all Walgreens Walgreens Walgreens.

      So the Mayor believed he was doing a PSA, and that it’s still just a PSA. What else does he sign off on or agree to without fully understanding????

  4. Dave Reinert says:


    (ending a sentence with a preposition). This statement just shows how shallow you are. At least I have the guts to post my name on the content I place on this board. Anyone who hides behind his/her name is a weak individual without leadership. How easy it is to criticize the mayor, me and anyone else hidding behind a curtain of anonymity. Anyone who takes your post seriously has a problem with nasty people. The reason I take online classes from a state school every semester is that I’m not as smart as you. Seven more classes will give me a college degree from a four year university. English 381 may teach me the proper writing procedures. I must have missed them at ECC. However, Mike Alft did give me an A in national, state and local government while at ECC. I’m happy with my current GPA. Maybe an online class would do you some good. You better be ready to work hard as the class syllabus is between you, the text, and your computer. I talked with many young students, juniors and seniors, who are afraid of online classes. Good luck.

    • Elgin2030 says:

      Hi Dave,

      The “ending a sentence with a preposition” was making fun of myself.

      You (and anyone) can see who I am by visiting the Elgin2030 channel on youtube.com (and my website when I get around to rebuilding it). My name is Tony Aiello and I started Elgin 2030 with the Pit Bull “fervor” that Prigge was presenting what seems like 1000 years ago.

      I’m not sure, exactly, what there is in my last post to be so offended about. (<- Preposition).

      I try not to be shallow and part of my last post was, actually, meant to compliment what seems to be an old school Republican who’s done quite a lot to help our community (you).

      We may be from different parties, we may have differing opinions of the Mayor but we should be able to come together intelligently and discuss those things with civility, yeah?


      • Dave Reinert says:

        Hi Tony:

        I’m not a member of any political party. As a mater of fact I do not vote. I have not voted since 1993 and I will not vote ever again. I was a member of the GOP for 30 years but now have little use for any political oorganization or candidate. I could care less who gets elected mayor or to the council. I like to put these naive amateur candidates and elected on whenever I have the opprtunity. In 30 years I met and discussed a lot of issues with many of the past and present federal, state and local officials. They all have one thing in common. Find employment via the political system. Things keep getting worse and weaker candidates run for office every election. My whole concern is how my children and grandchildren are going to pay for the whole mess? I’m to old to worry about it anymore. As long as they keep sending me my social security and pay all my medical via medicare I will be happy. As long as I have a place to sleep and eat three meals a day I’m a happy camper. I will leave this life just as I entered. I do have a great spiritual relationship with my creator. It is a personal relationship between us without any clergy, church, or religion to interfere. We have a great love for each other.

  5. Dave Reinert says:

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  6. Sherri says:

    Well the carnivals organizer of this year Anthony Pedote finally gets the help he needs, hopefully. He was sentenced to 6 months supervision, 350 dollar fine and anger management classes for assaulting the manager of Douglas Street Sports Bar when setting up for the carnival in May.