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Police Report: Pit bull bites Elgin postal worker

30 June 2010 Elgin Illinois 8 Comments

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Dog bites postal worker: A dog bit a postal worker as she delivered mail in the 400 block of Morgan Street Tuesday, police said. The dog’s owner, Terry A. Contreras-Vonahnen, 49, told police her male pit bull mix, Rosco, charged through her locked screen door after the mail was delivered. She called the dog, which didn’t respond until after biting the woman on the right forearm. Contreras-Vonahnen allowed police to take her dog to be euthanized, reports stated. The dog also had bitten a friend of her daughter earlier this month. Contreras-Vonahnen was issued multiple citations for both biting instances, and was given a notice to appear at Elgin Branch Court July 13. The postal worker was treated at Provena Saint Joseph Hospital and released.

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8 Responses to “Police Report: Pit bull bites Elgin postal worker”

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  1. RS says:

    Could have been any dog, but doesn’t look good for pit bulls to have this many incidents in close succession.

  2. forcryeye says:

    Pit bulls and their foolish owners are going to make Elgin get a dog license for everyone and that will not be fair. My babysitter told me yesterday there are two types of people in Elgin now. Those who have been attacked by pit bulls and those who haven’t had their turn yet.

    I’m sorry to see Wawawaitaminute go. The lesson to be learned? Don’t criticize friends of the blog site owner, no matter how innocent the comment may appear. If one does not like the rules, start your own blog site, just don’t critique friends.

    • Carrie says:

      Let the new ordinance do its job and support the police department in its efforts to enforce it. A responsible dog owner would support the City Council’s desire to license dogs. This isn’t a negative. Look at it this way. Should your dog happen to get loose, the City has one more avenue to explore to reunite the two of you. If you don’t have a dog, you don’t have to worry about it. “It isn’t fair” is a weak argument. Life isn’t fair. Personally, I wish RS would stop posting the pit bull headlines – as all it does is rehash a “debate” that RS has even said isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. I’m sure I don’t need to point it out, but, the lessons taught by the “innocent” posts of Wawa didn’t go too far with forcryeye. Name calling before the first sentence was even finished? Classy.

      • Paul says:

        ” wish RS would stop posting the pit bull headlines – as all it does is rehash a “debate” that RS has even said isn’t going to change ”

        Why do you think he does it?
        But let’s not be blaming the victim here, even if he continues poking the pitbulls.

  3. Paul says:

    >>her male pit bull mix, Rosco, charged through her locked screen door <<

    “Could have been any dog”

    No, it couldn’t.
    Unless the door was locked with a really really old rubber band it could NOT have been a chihuahua.

    • Abe says:

      Well, if it couldn’t have been *any* dog, it actually could have been a number of dogs I haven’t seen mentioned in this debate. Lab, Doberman, German Shepard, Boxer, or Irish Wolf Hound **shudder**.

      I recall German Shepards and Dobermans were once villified as well… granted the Pit has some physical attributes that make it a formidable dog - but I’m frankly cautious of *any* loose canine.

      So I feel this is a bit like arguing what car is most likely to be stolen. Last time I read on that topic it was the Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic - either of which also happened to be one of the most popular cars of the time.

      PitBulls are simply the latest breed to be both popular with the ill-educated wannabe-dog owners and have the chomps to cause real damage but go back 10-20 years and everyone was crying about Doberman attacks. And what was the root issue then? Lazy owners that never took the time to understand a dog as a pack animal.

  4. klubgal says:

    Sounds like Pit Bulls need a PR rep.

    I’d have no problem purchasing a license for my dog. Actually, it would be nice to see if other dogs were licensed when we’re out walking and run into other dogs. No proof of vaccination = no license.

    • mazinger4 says:

      All big working dogs should be banned form city limits, specially pitbulls. Lets face it: working dogs require ample territory to roam around, thats their nature. You keep them confined to the inside of a house or a backyard, this will create enourmous stress on the animal. Therefore their aggressive behavior. I don’t see nothing wrong owning great danes or mastiffs in a farm or junkyard where they belong.