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June open thread [2010]

3 June 2010 RS 37 Comments

Here’s the monthly open thread. Post what you want.

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37 Responses to “June open thread [2010]”

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  1. Gibster says:

    As summer politics season revs-up, I was asked a question on Sunday from a resident trying to understand the difference of AFLA and SOAP, what went on in the 2008 elections with the groups in Elgin and anything new as of late?

    This little animated ‘ditty’ is a recount of that conversation played out as a script of facts - the result of my brain on overload…. (and some quotes from 2008 Elginite, Newspaper and their own respective group blog posts)

    What do you all think, should “John” and “Melissa” tackle more Elgin issues?


    • Reply says:

      Lori, you may be a nice lady, however, don’t bother running for council, your not council material, honestly, thats the word around town, most know of your mislead intentions! Take care.

  2. WaWaWaWaitaMinute says:

    I did not know campaigning for the 2011 city council election began so early! Usually the b.s. front of “someone asked me a question” in order to make a point or presentation starts in the Winter. There were no Elgin elections in 2008, by the way. That’s ok, don’t let that stop you.

    • Ah the bravery of anonymity. You guys crack me up.

      • Paul says:

        “Ah the bravery of anonymity. You guys crack me up.”

        An anonymous poster disparaging another poster for posting anonymously!!!
        Am I the only one to see this or the only one with the courage to comment!

        Tony, at least the anonymous poster had the civility AND intelligence to keep his comments directed to the issue under discussion. You, on the other hand, lacked both characteristics and did not keep to the issue.

    • Gibster says:

      Sigh — It’s ok if folks don’t ask you questions… You don’t have to hate hate hate all over the place with it. You are hindering, not helping the conversations for this site and its purpose.

      The problem with getting involved in this community and trying to step forward to get more information and make some progressive changes for the better — well people assume you have answers and they ask questions because they don’t want to go through the trouble (or embarrassment) of trying to figure it out themselves. They saw you do it over the years, easier to just ask you. It also makes it easier for people on message boards to attack me and try to make me out to be something that fits into your fantasy-vision of Elgin dramas. (snore)

      I was one of these people in 2007 and 2008, trying to find the answers and only getting road-blocks or confusion about many things in Elgin, the county, school district, etc. As an example, when SOAP came up in 2008, I looked for answers to that as well - I heard things all over the place about this ‘new’ group and our ‘illegal’ problems in Elgin. Just wish more in our community would do the same when they have questions or don’t understand why something was done the way it was done. When you find those answers, certain things make sense, you can trust our local leaders and perhaps sleep a little better at night. Elginite.org is an excellent resource for getting information to the people on such topics. (thank you!)

      I guess it’s more adventurous to play sideline commentator, hide behind negative comments on messages boards / articles and continue to spread the same rumors and hateful remarks about people. Gee, what a great image for Elgin! At least try to give an opinion on the content next time, I’ve heard I was too kind to both AFLA and SOAP… which I guess means I got it just right. ?

      Maybe the internet commentary should be the discussion for “Melissa and John” next time - I can just take the comments from the sites and show people how ridiculous they sound when being read out loud by animated folks. Remember, anything you wouldn’t say to someone’s face, should be said in an online forum either. We tell this to our kids, why can’t the adults follow suit? Don’t be a Cyber-bully. Don’t litter, help, not hinder… Etc, etc…

      - LF

      • Boxcar says:

        I don’t think I have ever read a post with more hypocrisy in it than Gibster’s. I’m speechless. Totally, totally speechless. I’ll probably get over it but for now, I’m totally in shock.

        Criticizing someone for hate? Hate?!

        I, too, cannot wait for the 2011 council election if what I’ve heard is true. Moreover, I cannot wait to see who is going to be on the Lords Park committee. THAT, my friends, will be very interesting.

        Oh, my God……… this ain’t gonna be pretty, people. I smell payback coming.

        • Paul says:

          “I don’t think I have ever read a post with more hypocrisy in it than Gibster’s. I’m speechless. Totally, totally speechless. I’ll probably get over it but for now, I’m totally in shock.”

          I’m glad you said something, Boxcar. I was beginning to wonder if I wasn’t in some kind of twilight zone, or whether there was an alternative reality, or posts that others could see that I couldn’t!!! Her lengthy hate-filled response to what I perceived to be a VERY innocuous comment, was stunning.
          Evidently, anyone who disagrees with her, no matter how benignly, are “hate hate hate all over the place”. Wow, indeed!

          And her “ditty” was rather hilarious in her pretense that it is unbiased. My take on her “ditty” was SOAP is okay but AFLA needs to apologize to all Hispanics for being racists and bigots; AND all members of AFLA need to sign a document proclaiming they are no longer racists and bigots (and not Jewish too, maybe?).
          And if anyone disagrees with her “You are hindering, not helping the conversations for this site and its purpose. ”

          Excellent book at GBPL called Liberal Fascism. Gives great insight into the rationale for demonizing and marginalizing any and all opposition.
          Really quite simple - which side do you want to be with assocciated with; the “hate hate hate all over the place” side or the wonderful righteous peace love Gibster side!
          Delusion is a powerful thing and the need to be socially accepted by being on the correct side regardless of the delusion should never be discounted.

          • Boxcar says:

            I’m just now starting to get over the shock and gall of the posting.

            Even though it will all come to light later this year, based on the 2 voter forums I attended last year, people will ask about her unbecoming behavior. Calling people a “douche”, “bi*ch” or an “a**hol*” goes beyond the scope of disagreement.

      • Reply says:

        Lori, this is not hatefull, but factual, your high school rant is a true and clear picture of who you are, again, your a nice lady, not council material. We need substance with our future council members!

  3. Boxcar says:

    No one should be discouraged from running for political office. And if what I hear is true, the next election could be an election filled with hate, name calling and general nastiness, and that will be coming from just one candidate!

    Doesn’t it make you wonder why anyone who distributes and endorses so much name-calling and personal hatred towards others would want to work WITH anybody? Those are characteristics of a lone wolf. Never sharing. No teamwork. Just a being a pox. Sort of like the runt of the litter not getting enough attention. Why bother?

    Who would trust anyone like that? Not me. Recently, I read this little gem of a quote and I hope someone uses it in the next election- “Nothing gets done by people being nice,”

    In all of my years I have never seen a leopard change their spots. Especially a nasty, vile one.

    • enoughalready says:

      Wow, speaking of nasty and vile…

      But you’ve got a point Boxcar. I would never pay an incredibly talented woman money to teach my kid to dance, knowing that her husband sits on the computer all day long ripping on teachers, dog owners, firemen and all folks with Hispanic last names.

  4. Gibster says:

    WOW, after being away for the weekend camping with the family, I never thought a girl could be so popular or have such a twisting of incorrect quotes and assumptions applied to her! I guess I should be honored?

    Oh, and thank you to whomever decided that leaving cryptic messages on my voice mail last week was a “GREAT” idea. Seriously? The last thing I’m thinking about this summer is running for any sort of political position, so enough with the gossip please. I have a feeling there is some ‘man’ out there just trying to scare a ‘little lady’ - sorry, don’t play that game bucko - so stop your little fantasy drivel please. It’s not amusing and I really don’t need to waste the EPD’s time trying to chase your drama.

    Anyway, I post because you brave-souls on Elginite.org LOVE my last ’short’ so much! — “Mark” and “Uretta” just having a dialog about Elgin news.



    - LF

    • Maura Wood Maschinski says:

      Laurie, just listening to some of this lunacy frightens me half to death. Don’t take any suspicious or threatening phone calls lightly, it seems some of the bloggers are capable of just about anything….

  5. Boxcar says:

    I wonder which quotes are “incorrect quotes” and which quotes have “such a twisting”, wouldn’t anyone else? Considering those distasteful words are undeniably on her video site!

    My new favorite quote: “Nothing gets done by people being nice.”

    I like that one the best. I wonder if all of that will fit on a campaign sign…

    • Tony Elgin says:


      LF didn’t say that - I said that and I meant it. I’m not going to explain myself (to you or anybody) but if you’re going to spew your innane and repetitous screed, at least point your tunnel vision in the correct direction.

      You haven’t said anything new or original in the last several months. Why are you still here?


      • Boxcar says:

        Uh-uh, dude. You don’t get to skate away on this one. You are her and she is you. She supports you. She endorses you and shills for you on her Facebook site and this site also by providing links to your latest tantrums. Sorry, “bucko”, you wanted attention, now you both have it.

        All of this is moot if Gibster does not run for a political office like she alluded she won’t. Sort of. Kind of. Deceptively. Indirectly. Mysteriously.

        I hope Gibster does run for city council because, as many of us know, “Nothing gets done by people being nice.”

        • Tony Elgin says:

          Well you would know, Boxcar. I think your outrage at my quote is especially laughable. Have you read your own stuff?

          And I don’t skate away from anything, “kiddo”. It’s my face and identity on my site, afterall. I could do the “brave” thing and hide behind a screen name but…I don’t know…that seems so 8th grade. To me you’re just a kid throwing rocks at windows.

          I can’t decide which is more hilarious - your “righteous indignation” or the idea that you might think you’re actually relevant.

          • Boxcar says:

            Of course, it’s your face, you’re the one needing the attention and the validation, silly. LOL.

            Please, please, please encourage Gibster to run for city council in 2011. And don’t you dare take your videos off the net because they will be very, very relevant to her campaign! I personally know a few people who will see to that.

            Voters will love the campaign slogan, “Nothing gets done by people being nice.” I’ll attend her first fundraiser to see how she will work in the words “douche”, “bi*ch” or “a**hol*” into a speech! I’m sure she can do it.

          • Tony Elgin says:

            Oh Boxxy, you do make me smile.

        • Gibster says:

          Oh no, the trolls keep picking on me and making idle threats! sigh… “I’m goin’ home and I’m gonna I’m gonna bite my pillow. It’s what I’m gonna do.” - Corky | Waiting for Guffman

          The following Quote is ALL Boxcar - Enjoy!

          • Paul says:

            “Oh no, the trolls keep picking on me and making idle threats! sigh… ”

            Who are “trolls”??? Plural so more than one. Juvenile name without any basis in truth.

            What “idle threats”??? Outright lie.

            And that ladies and gentlemen, is deemed to be politicaly correct civil discourse from the liberal left.

          • Gibster says:

            Seriously? wow. – um ‘like’ - NONE of that made sense, did you forget an adverb or something? no matter, don’t really care.. but I understand you and the other ‘trolls’ do and will hit refresh to watch the boards. I just let the Internet and RSS feed do that for me - too busy doing important tasks that actually HELP people and other mundane activities that created my successful 15+ year career and pay the bills.

            The animations / puppets are just for show you know. Proving the point, whether you ‘get it’ or not… it’s OK not to, really. ;) So go attack me on that why don’t yah. Just please get over it people, really. There are more interesting things in town to bicker about…. go spend $5 at Quizno’s or Cafe Domani to help out businesses slowly strangled by lack of customers in the last 30-days from constant road construction. Or just come back here in July/August to complain about how ALL the good businesses close down, etc, etc…

            BTW = http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=troll (I know, the term is SOOO 1997)

    • enoughalready says:

      Why not just look up the story instead of “wondering” if they are incorrect or twisted? Or better yet, look up ANY story concerning school, public workers, Elgin parks, etc., and you will see many of the same things written - often by the same posters.

      Really sounds ugly when they are actually voiced instead of typed. Does that make you uncomfortable? Which one is yours Bria - I mean, Boxcar?

      • Paul says:

        “Why not just look up the story instead of “wondering” if they are incorrect or twisted? ”

        What story??? LMAO.

        “Or better yet, look up ANY story ”

        ANY (all?) story have incorrect quotes in them?

        “Really sounds ugly when they are actually voiced instead of typed. ”

        The incorrect quotes are voiced somewhere??? Seriously LMAO.

        “Which one is yours Bria - I mean, Boxcar?”

        “Which one” what???

        Is there any software available to translate your gibberish into an intelligible format?

        Key the twilight zone music. Apparently there is an alternate reality here.

    • Paul says:

      “I wonder which quotes are “incorrect quotes” and which quotes have “such a twisting”, wouldn’t anyone else? ”

      Only those concerned with truth. In her favor that eliminates about half the population. The “incorrect quotes” wasn’t the point. The point was disaparging and demonizing any and all opposition.
      And to further that end, since some of us clearly were not buying into her BS, was to play the pity and sympathy card.
      Given that she uses this site to castigate an alleged “cryptic” phone caller, evidently she believes the cryptic phone caller eminates from this site. Given my understanding of people of her ilk, I doubt there was any caller. And if there was a call of a threatening nature she NEEDS to call the police, not whine about it here. That is what the police are for. That is why she pays taxes.

  6. WaWaWaWaitaMinute says:

    Sorry, Gibster, there are no “incorrect quotes.” Those are the exact words your husband uses and the ones you endorse. I forgot to add the “F” word too.

    “The last thing I’m thinking about this summer is running for any sort of political position”

    You don’t have me fooled with that answer. Not exactly a denial, is it? No, it’s double-talk. It looks like a different kind of transparency may be coming to Elgin politics.

    • Tony Elgin says:

      I’ll make sure to let you know when I post the next one so you can watch that one too, WaWa…

      I think your “offended viewer” act is hilarious!

  7. Maura Wood Maschinski says:

    \You have created a lovely site here.
    The photographs are spectaular.
    The articles are important to Elgin and its residents.
    Most bloggers are respectful and sincere.
    However, this will be last post and my last reading/viewing of the site.
    There are bloggers who’s tirades cause me serious concern.
    I thank you for the opportunity to be heard. I
    hope you continue to have enormous success.

  8. WaWaWaWaitaMinute says:

    Thank you, Boxcar. You have done it again! What a lesson in human psychology we have here. Proof once again, that if you say something the Gibster house does not agree with, they’ll make a puppet, stick or video, out of you and link it on a blog. Where are the swear words? What a fine, credible civic leader we have in Elgin. Those poor zoo animals haven’t got a chance.

    • Tony Elgin says:

      Every time you two talk you prove my point. You girls rock!

      • Boxcar says:

        T-minus 9 1/2 months and counting until the next Elgin city council elections.

        • Gibster says:

          Gee, you would think I was pregnant or something??? LOLz…

          I do know “fancy pageant walking” and have a “handicap son” - so beware and forewarned!!!!

          silly, silly, silly… get outside, enjoy the weather folks and PLEASE try to support the businesses strangled by the E. and W. Highland construction in June. ;)

  9. WaWaWaWaitaMinute says:

    What narcissism! She’s running, alright.

    The Seniors and church-goers will love the profanity and hate-filled name calling right after Christmas and just before Easter. (Election season).

  10. Lizzy says:

    I beg to differ, the 800+ Laurie Faith leeds in worship monthly would support her in a heart beat! Of course LF has said this summer is ‘off limits’ and ‘thank you for the kind support’ - but there are more important things on her plate to deal with - politics ranks about a 8 out of 8.

  11. WaWaWaWaitaMinute says:

    “Leeds (sic) in worship monthly”????

    You’re kidding, right? Tell me you are kidding! I realize churches have become more liberal lately but are you saying there is a church around here that allows hateful and vulgar-mouthed people to lead their members?? Where does this church meet at, a truck stop? A bar?

    Do the church members get called a “douche”, a “bi*ch” or an “a**hol*” there, too? Are those words in their Bible, because they are not in mine. Is there a pastor or a priest there who owns a computer? I think I’m falling for a joke here.

  12. RS says:

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