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March 2010 open thread

1 March 2010 RS 35 Comments

Here’s your regularly scheduled monthly open thread. Discuss what you wish.

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35 Responses to “March 2010 open thread”

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  1. Gibster says:

    There is someone on the newspaper comments rumbling about trying to get a certain councilman recalled… has this ever happened before? Just thought I’d throw it out there on the March open thread.

    There is not a lot of information on the internet to the masses about how our City Council elections work, who has served in the past and how people leave via resignation, recalls, election-defeat, etc.

    This may make an interested future topic to review the history of Elgin and it’s City Management structure.

    • Boxcar says:

      A recall? For proposing an ordinance? Who would run the city?


      • Gibster says:

        Today, people from a varied group of 25+, many told me they hope when WARREN, SCHOCK and KAPTAIN plus STEFFAN have to run this fall, that 2 of the 4 are voted out… you c an guess whom they said… again, where is the doctrine or who is UP, who how does someone run to replace the mayor, and what happens when people don’t find the votes to be re-elected? Prigge and Gilliam are up in 2011.

        • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

          I believe Schock, Steffan, and Kaptain are up in 2011.

          In the last city election I am proud to say I helped Rich Dunne get more votes than all others including Gilliam.

          After the census there is a good chance that we will be adding a councilman or two to the seven because of population growth.

          • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

            After reading another post my baby boomer memory is finally clicking. I think Warren might be up for election as well because I believe he won the two year term that filled Marie Yearman’s remaining term on the council. So I think up for reelection if they all choose to run again will be,

            Schock, Kaptain, Steffen, and Warren.

            If the census gives us enough population growth I wonder if we get to elect some additional council people in the coming election?

          • Gibster says:

            I heard that same question from an Elginite yesterday - they were sure in 2011 there would be an additional council seat. I asked them, are their rules and such for how it all operates, is split up across Elgin, elections get going before votes in spring or fall, etc? They just said they are sure there is a document or pamphlet at City Hall. LOL Sure, just look at our current Animal Control Pamphlet… (14 pt fonts and bullets, no real info) — Elgin needs to work on the basics for information to it’s citizens about how the inner-workings operate. Alleviate the myths, perhaps help them understand council makes no salaries really, but do get benefits and pensions, etc? Facts or Myths? etc, etc.

  2. maura wood maschinski says:


    our peaceful and loud voices are being heard!!! we’ve made the chicago tribune.

    pass it on and keep writing our councilmen. i have it on good authority that mike warren is the trump card and the only one of the four naysayers that would even consider changing his mind.

  3. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    Hi everyone,

    Radio station y103.9 is having a Disco Party and if you vote for us you can help us win an overnight stay and dinner at the Baker Hotel in St. Charles and tickets to relive the 70’s at their disco party on their lighted, colored dance floor.

    Please google y103.9 and click on the Disco Party and then you can please vote for Clarence and Brenda about three fourths of the way down where it says click here to vote.

    You can vote once each day if you like.

    Don’t miss your chance to relive the 70’s AGAIN as you dance the night away to all your favorite groovy hits on Hotel Baker’s mind-altering light up dance floor! The era that birthed platform heels, John Travolta, and ridiculously tight slacks!

    Thanks for helping us celebrate our 36th year of marriage early this September 14, 2010. The picture is from Brenda’s Larkin High School 1973 prom. As lead singer Dennis Deyoung of Styx sang their hit song Lady “live” at the prom in the Blue Moon Ball Room, through my eyes she was the most beautiful lady there.

    We really appreciate everyone taking the time to vote and you can see what I looked like before I became a 56 year old big bellied baby boomer. These days I have shaved my mustache off and have a crew cut until it grows out so that I can look younger than I am. (It is easy for Brenda to give me a crew cut for free)

  4. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    When we were looking at locations for our wedding reception over 35 years ago we did look at the Hotel Baker but we ultimately went with a church reception so it would really be nice to go to this Disco party at the Hotel Baker. You have to win tickets by phoning in or being voted in.

  5. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    Please google y103.9 and click on the Disco Party and then you can please vote for Clarence and Brenda about three fourths of the way down where it says click here to vote.

    You can help me win a nice early anniversary present of a night at the Baker Hotel, dinner and drinks, tickets to Y103.9 Disco Party and an opportunity to dance the night away on the colored, lighted, Hotel Baker dance floor with my Lady.

    Thanks to anyone who wants to help me out.

  6. combiner says:

    Pls resign ms. WOMACK . we need a honest top cop who will work with the legal citizens. The teachers did not break the law by recruiting illegal aliens to Elgin,you did!!!The hospitals,social services and schools are all REELING from your stance on ILLEGAL immigration.You knew what occured in Texas and you turned your back on DUTY. PLS RESIGN,NOW thanks elginite.org

  7. No BSL/No budget! says:

    “…he (Warren) will be fine as long as he thinks independently of the mayor.

    Impossible. Warren was created from the hands of Schock. He has no guts, no soul. “Buckets of money”? “Do more with less”? Those are puppet words.
    Will Mike Warren step up and be his own man, or will he follow Schock again on another council agenda? How much money will this cost us and the city? Warren has followed suit now for one year without much gusto, just going with the normal flow. Will he do it again?

  8. Reply says:

    Combiner, it’s not the chief, well, not completely. It’s schock! We need to vote him out in spring of 2011 with Warren. This will then completely change the council to a proper balance. Gilliam must go next but is not up next time! Remember Warren, Illegal Immigration is all federal, here in our city, it’s a witch hunt?

  9. Dogjudge says:

    Thank you to everyone who fought for this.

    I especially want to thank the entire council for reconsidering this idea.

    I commend you.

    Finally. I would like everyone to also keep an eye for the REAL dangerous dogs and help get them off the streets of Elgin.

  10. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    Exciting News

    I am one of about 31 locals who are in a Biggest Loser Weight Loss Contest being coached by Laura Dion Jones who has a radio show on WRMN on Wednesday from 3-4 at 1410AM or http://www.wrmn1410.com

    I would like to invite all the elginite.org readers to read of my day to day progress at my new blog:


    I tipped the scales at 197 lbs for the official weigh in only because of my big, baby boomer belly. That is where all my excess weight is. Some people say it is harder for a woman to lose weight than a man.


    just google 103.9 and click on the top google homepage. You then will see something that says click to vote or something to that effect. Click it and then look for the handsome young 20 year old at the top of the page with his beautiful Lady of a prom date Brenda Barton who is now Brenda Hayward.

    If you don’t see that voting page immediately at their website you can also click on the flashing disco party add and three fourths of the way down it will say click here to vote.

    While lead singer Dennis Deyoung and his band Styx sang their first hit song Lady at the prom through my eyes Brenda was the most beautiful Lady there at Larkin High School’s 1973 prom at Blue Moon Ballroom.

    A big thank you to Gibster and anyone else who already voted. You can vote once a day I believe until 3pm on this Friday, March 12.

    Last week I emailed all the city council members and encouraged them to protect us against dangerous dogs with an ordinance that would not provoke costly litigation.

    I reminded the city council how I don’t forget when costly litigation is provoked.

    Glad to read they had some common sense with their voting.

  11. combiner says:

    without leadership-what is the result? yes, the shlockmaster must move on and JUST enjoy his hefty pension from u-46,see it at champion website. go elgin citizens go The combine must be dismantled!

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you have any pics of the prom and Styx in 1973 at blue moon Would love to have copies

  12. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    Thank you!

    A big thank you to all who took the time to vote for Clarence and Brenda Hayward in their 70’s prom attire at Y103.9.

    Although I don’t see our pictures anymore on the web site anymore nor an announcement of the winners on the website I was soaking in a hot bath listening to Y103.9 last night and heard we are one of the five couples to win the contest.

    Thanks to all who voted we are going to have an early 36th wedding anniversary present of tickets to Y103.9 Disco Party at the Baker Hotel, dinner and drinks, and an overnight stay.

    With an upcoming wedding to help pay for my daughter and fiance this summer, one more year of tuition at ECC and two years of tuition, room and board at ISU for my son, money is tight so winning prizes saves me the expense of buying the love of my life an anniversary present. I will still buy her roses though.

    Brenda, I love you Babe. You are still my one and only Lady.

    The reason I was soaking in a hot bath is because the last two days I have been walking to and from work which is 4.5 or 5 miles round trip to help me lose the most percentage weight of 31 competitors in WRMN and Laura Dion Jones Elgin Biggest Loser Weight loss contest.

    I am so out of shape from sitting in front of a computer all day at work that so many muscles in my body are in extreme pain from the walking.

    I figure in about one week or two I my body will be use to it and eliminating most carbs from my diet surprisingly has not been as big of a struggle as I thought it would be.

    I want to slim down to win the contest and then coming up hopefully enough people will vote for me to Kane County Board District 19 Board in November so I can begin fighting the payroll obesity problem the county has after binging to long on taxpayer dollars. It is time for change and reform so that the taxpayer’s have a chance to fatten their wallets for a change.

    I have a blog to tell of my progress to lose the most weight over the next 8 weeks at:


    Learn more about how Laura Dion Jones lost 130 pounds over two and a half years and has kept it off for six years now.


    Common Sense, Independent Clarence Hayward

    • Gibster says:

      Good for you to post your progress in Blog format Clarence, also glad to see you and the wife got ahead in the radio contest! (keep the successes going!)

      I lost 116 pounds in 2002, and I’ve kept about 80 of those pounds OFF over 8-years. It’s such a freeing feeling to re-learn how to live your life and treat your body right. The Mental and Physical exercises become routine and so much normal after time. Keeping a Journal/Blog while on this journey will greatly help you, I know it did for me as well. Let me realize if I could lose all that weight, 5lb by 5lb I got a little bit more of freedom and energy back to my life. ;)

      Go get ‘em!

  13. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    It might be better to go to http://www.lauradionjones.com and click on her blog towards the bottom right to read not only my challenges trying to win the weight loss contest but hopefully some of my challengers will share their thoughts as well.

    I believe I have given a couple of them motivation because of who I have supported or not supported in local political elections in the past and recent past.

  14. Mike Robins says:

    Hello Jessica and R.S. I was going to ask several months ago, would it be possible for you to post some data or all data on how many hits this site gets, per. day, week, and monthly. Statements have been made to me that it’s always the same people on here. However, I remember during the last election, I believe one of you posted there was something like 1200 hits in the week, or was it the month. One of you had also broke down the number of hits to posts. If you would rather not for whatever reason, thats fine, thought the stats might be interesting. No rush on this if it takes a few days. And thanks for starting the monthly thread!
    Since our last election, several issues were addressed by the candidates. What has been done on those city issues. What has changed with illegal immigration, in regards to new code changes with square footage living space, I will speak on this more and our business licenses in coming months. What about our decline of revenue, my stand would still be, not to raise taxes, it would be a no vote from me. Lets not raise the water bill by three dollars either. Can things change for the worse with city coverage, sure, but what do we do, put it on your backs due to past lack of planning and poor decisions on spending. Did we ever see the city attorney or the county prosecuter approached with civil gang injuctions to limit the gangs activities. One of the biggest issues to come up involved our four legged family members with all the other matters going on around us. Should city managers get pay raises with picking up extra work, only if there were true and acurate cost savings. Whats been done to enhance the east side, or villa st. when improvements were made on the west side. Whats been done to increase jobs in Elgin? One of the candidates is still talking about it, that it needs to be addressed! It’s now been a year.

    • RS says:

      good question, mike. the latest month’s number is 3,377 unique people, about 20% or 660 people being regular (repeat) visitors. traffic fluctuates from month to month. as you mentioned in the last election it peaked at about 23,000 page loads (april). normal traffic is usually half that. last month there were 12,322 page loads. about 47% of that came from regular visitors.

  15. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    Thanks again to all of you who took the time to vote for the picture of my wife and I in our Larkin High School 1973 prom attire. We tied for 3rd place out of the five couples on the website who won tickets to the Y103.9 70’s Disco Party at the Baker Hotel Rainbow Room this past Saturday night. The top 5 couples won the overnight package.

    At that1973 Larkin High prom the rock group Styx played live. They had their number one hit Lady and Lorelei at that time. Prom night while Dennis Deyoung of Styx sang Lady I thought Brenda was the most beautiful Lady in the room.

    We also won dinner and drinks and an overnight stay at the beautifully refurbished, historic Baker Hotel built in 1928 by Colonel Baker in Downtown St. Charles on the Fox.

    This September, Lord willing my wife and I will celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary. Since my daughter is having a big wedding this August and I have one more year of ECC tuition and then two years of tuition, room and board for my son at Illinois State University to pay for I welcomed winning the party, dinner, drinks, and overnight stay at the Baker as an early 36th wedding anniversary present for my Lady.

    We sat at a table with two couples we had never met before named Dan and Joanne from Carpentersville, and Phil and Janet from Fox Lake. I believe we were all baby boomers and we had a lot in common so it felt like we had known them all for more than just that one night. Friendly conversation of past rock concerts from the past filled our table talk.

    The dinner of steak and some kind of stuffed chicken was excellent. I am in training for a contest so I let my wife have both of our drink tickets and she had two glasses of wine.

    Jeff James of Y103.9 was the DJ hosting our party that was also live on their radio station. There were a number of other station personalities at the party, one being Lisa Allen I believe was her name from Star 105.

    My wife and I were not much of disco dancers in the 70’s but we liked to watch and dance whenever their was a slow dance playing. Anyway, we got out on the dance floor for that song Disco Inferno, and we sure did “burn baby burn” the night away for both disco and slow dances.

    Ever the romantic that I am a few days before the party I went to the mall and bought some scented candles, at Bed and Bath I bought tropical scented body lotion, some flavored coffees at Gloria Jeans, and a $4.99 bottle of Meijer’s finest wine and I think the Cold Duck cost me $3.99. I also had Ghirabelli’s chocolate bar with caramel, Mertk’s port wine cheese spread and Ritz crackers and of course some red, ripe, and juicy fresh strawberries for our anniversary celebration.

    As my lady was changing into something more comfortable I put the single red rose on the pillow, lit the candles, put the roar of the ocean on the clock radio, in anticipation of the night to come.

    About 36 years ago our second night of marriage was in an oceanfront room in Daytona beach where with the warm ocean breeze caressing our clothless bodies and the roar of the ocean drowning out our passionate love crys we became one for the second time of our lives.

    We didn’t have the warm ocean breeze to caress our clothless bodies but I did have Bed and Bath’s tropical body lotion to caress our bodies as the clock radio’s ocean sounds muffled our sounds of baby boomer passion.

    In the morning the Baker had a fine continental breakfast and we left our anniversary love nest for home sweet home.

    All in all it was just a magical disco night. I want to thank Y103.9 and their staff for helping relive the baby boomer’s decade of the 70’s. A big thank you to the Baker Hotel and staff. The elegance of your hotel is only exceeded by the sincere outstanding customer guest service we experienced from all.

    The only think missing from our honeymoon night 36 years ago was the vibrating bed I put a quarter in at the Ramada Inn some almost 36 years ago. We made our own love vibrations this past Saturday night at the Baker Hotel.

    Common Sense Clarence Hayward

  16. sick of gossip says:


  17. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    Some of the readers at the elginite, or daily readers to the online editions of the Daily Herald and Elgin Courier might have noticed that Common Sense, Independent Clarence Hayward is not giving his two sense worth in articles on how to better serve the taxpayers of Elgin and Kane County these last almost 6 weeks.

    Good news, I have not died I have just been busy slimming down. Almost 6 weeks ago I was one of about 33 local Elginites to take advantage of WRMN 1410 AM radio show host Laura Dion Jones offer to have an Elgin Biggest Loser weight loss contest. I tipped the scales at 197 lbs. and on my 5ft. 6.75 inch frame the BMI or Body Mass Index says that is a BMI of 31.1 which they consider obese.

    I am or perhaps soon I will be able to say I was a type II Diabetic who was on the maximum strength dose of three diabetes medications. My doctor had warned me if my A1C blood test did not come back better next three month check up then Dr. Lucy was going to put me on one shot of inject-able insulin a day.

    Ever the needle wimp that got my attention and when promoter George Rawlinson gave me an email inviting me to join the Elgin Biggest Loser contest I thought to myself this is just the motivation I need to turn my obesity around. All my excess weight was in my 56 year old big baby boomer belly. You would not think of me as obese but if you could see my naked baby boomer belly you would have agreed with the BMI report.

    I have had to continually cut back on all three of my diabetes medications because of the proper diet and all the cardio that is naturally eliminating the excess sugar in my blood. I am down to taking only one fourth of a dose of one medication having eliminated entirely the other two medications.

    All the endorphins that the cardio is creating in my body has given me much more patience in my stressful job that I have.

    Now Laura Dion Jones is an expert at losing weight as about 6 or 7 years ago she dropped 131 lbs herself over a two and a half year period and has kept it off the 6 or 7 years as well as dropped about 20 more lbs. I believe.

    So I figured I would do whatever she told me to do so I could once again be that slim and trim person I was when I married the love of my life Brenda Barton almost 36 years ago.


    Laura’s book said cut out the sweets. Eliminate bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, from your diet. Try and limit carbs to 35 carbs a day. So I did all that.

    She also said do daily cardio and walking is one of the best cardio’s to lose weight. So I started walking three miles to work in the morning and three miles back home after work. Along with two weeks on the above diet and I had dropped 10 lbs in two weeks. I was really getting positive feedback from the scale and the diet was not hard for me to do whatsoever.

    My 56 year old sacroiliac joint has some arthritis and calcium fusion in it the xrays say. It had been acting up a month before the contest started. After two weeks of walking it was still bothering me so I swithced to swimmin for the next three weeks of the contest. Now I am back doing the walking for the last three weeks of the contest.

    I was a big sweets, carbs, and junk food, or fast food eater before the diet. I was concerned the diet would be hard for me because when I was not on a diet I was always hungry. With my diet I would eat three meals low in carbs and I would make sure I had 3-5 ounces of lean meat at every meal as that is suppose to help curb your appetite. I would drink at least 16 ounces of water with my three meals and three healthy snack daily. I lost most cravings for the wrong foods and was feeling more full between meals. I am thinking maybe since my body was getting proper nourishment maybe that is why I was not always feeling hungry while on a diet that surely must be more than half as many calories less as I was use to in the past.

    I am so happy to report that at the 4 week mid contest weigh in of all the contestants that chose to do that weigh in I am leading the field with an 11.4% weight loss or 22 lbs. My nearest competitor has dropped about 9.8 or 9.2 percent of her weight.

    Whoever has the highest percentage weight loss after 8 weeks will be the winner.

    After 5 weeks I had dropped 25 lbs. I was able to tell Laura when this past Wed. I was interviewed on her radio show.

    I am striving for 30lbs down at my 6 week weigh in this Wed. and I am striving for 40 lbs. down at the end of the 8 week contest. People tell me that the first 4 weeks weight loss comes off easier than the second 4 weeks so I am upping my cardio and tightening my diet the last three weeks of the contest.

    I am a mild Cubs fan as I enjoy watching Bears Football and Bulls Basketball more so than baseball. My teen age son is a big Cubs fan and so each year our family goes to a Cubs game.

    Yesterday we were in box seats that were only 10 rows from the location where Carlos Marmol and Sean Marshall were warming up as relief pitchers. I went off my diet and before the game we stopped about a block from Wrigley at Bracci’s Pizza where they make gigantic size pizzas and a slice the size of about half a normal pizza is only $5 and includes a soft drink. Jason wisely suggested that Mom and Dad ask to have one of those slices cut in half again as a whole slice is very filling. So we did that. I enjoyed it so.

    Before the game I had walked about 7-8 miles round trip total to my work out center and back.

    At the game I am a lover of Chicago style hotdogs and I noticed that they were advertising foot long Buffalo and foot long Bison hot dogs. I asked a fan what is it with those dogs? She said the new owners of the Cubs own a buffalo and bison ranch. So I asked the lady behind the counter which one tastes the best and she said the Bison hot dog. I had one loaded with saurkraut, sport peppers, relish, mustard, and pickle. It was heavenly. Maybe that Bison did not go to heaven as Ms. Hale at the Courier suggested when it died recently at Lord’s Park.

    If I would lose the contest because of that slice of pizza and Bison hot dog I will not be able to watch another Cub’s game without a bad feeling in my heart. I probably will not be able to go to Lord’s Park to look at the remaining two bison.

    So the prizes I hope to win are $250 for the charity of my choice which is Highland Fellowship Church’s Royal Rangers Christian Scout Troop. By giving it to them their District office will match the funds and so it will end up as $500.00. They have an outstanding program for boys and also the church has a great program for girls called Impact I believe. Our kids took advantage of both. They have some great memories of fun things done while learning life thriving Christian values to follow.

    Coach Laura and her husband Ellery own a rental home on the water in Fort Myers Florida with the biggest swimming pool in the area. In peek rental season it rents for around 3200.00 a week. The winner is going to get a free week there.

    My son is a musician and not inclined to vacation with Mom and Dad anymore unless we are going on a cruise or something really good. I suggested that we drive to Fort Myers and stay overnight in Tenn. and visit Elvis’s Graceland. He can bring a friend and he likes that idea. I am hoping we can do some snorkeling and fishing in Fort Myers as well.

    I have not lost my passion to bring common sense values to local government. After I slim down to win the Elgin Biggest Loser weight loss contest I go into full campaign mode for the November election.

    If the voters of Cathy Hurlbut’s Kane County District 19 will consider hiring me with their votes running as an Independent my next goal will be to bring common sense values to the Kane County Board.

    Together we can work to stop the bingeing of payroll dollars as noted by the Sun Times in 2008 below. I want to slim down local Kane County government so that the taxpayers have an opportunity to fatten their own wallets for a positive change.

    This investigative piece by the Sun Times and I believe investigators from the Beacon News is worth it’s weight in gold as it truly enlightens the taxpayer on the payroll bingeing by Chairman Karen. It needs to stop.

    December 4, 2009

    A Sun-Times Media analysis of county records found numerous Kane County department heads, directors and managers in areas under Chairman Karen McConnaughay’s control earned 100,000 or more in 2009, many enjoying double-digit percentage pay bumps since 2004 to push them into the six-figure range. Several other county employees have not yet crossed into a six-figure salary, but have nonetheless received considerable raises.

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes out of eight nearby counties, Kane’s 2008 average annual pay for local governments is highest. The figures below include executive, legislative and general government workers at county, municipal or other areas below state level.

    Kane: 55,486

    Will: 54,114 - Cook: 54,823 - Lake: 53,290 - DuPage: 52,739 - DeKalb: 42,586 - Kendall: 41,994 - McHenry: 41,780 - State average: 45,947

    Who would have thought we in Kane County would be hire than Cook County and all the other local counties listed?

    Common Sense Clarence Hayward for Kane County Board Commissioner in District 19 this November.

    Voters please consider hiring me with your vote. I will work to truly serve the voters of District 19 with common sense community values and frugality of taxpayer funds.

    Thanks for taking the time to read. Please spread the work that Common Sense Clarence Hayward will watch your taxpayer dollars as if they were as precious as gold and not to be wasted on frivolous programs etc.

    Common Sense, Independent, Clarence Hayward

    P.S. Check out weigh loss coach Laura Dion Jones website at


  18. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    Sorry for two typos above.

    Weight loss coach Laura Dion Jones has a radio show on WRMN 1410 AM on Wed’s from 3-4.

    Common Sense, Independent, Clarence Hayward for District 19 Kane County Board.

    Together we can work to stop the bingeing of payroll dollars as noted by the Sun Times in 2008 below. I want to slim down local Kane County government so that the taxpayers have an opportunity to fatten their own wallets for a positive change.

  19. Paul says:

    If you were running against Charlie Manson it’d be a tough decision.
    You’re not and it isn’t.

    P.S. If you want to lower the Kane County government salary average, raise taxes and hire more minimum wage workers.

  20. Elgin's Biggest Loser Weight Loss Contest Winner says:

    Looks like we need a May open thread. I just finished the Elgin Biggest Loser Weight Contest with exciting news as shared below.

    Thanks Laura for the encouragement and motivation. Your contest has probably given me up to 15 more years on my life as I had read that people with diabetes have on average 15 less years to live.

    I was a type II diabetes person before the contest on three meds the maximum dosage. Today I am on none when I have the time to do cardio after breakfast and after supper. If I am not doing cardio I might need one fourth dose of one med in morning and one fourth dose after dinner.

    I had the reputation in our scout troop of being the loudest snorer. I don’t snore anymore my wife tells me.

    At start of contest I weighed 197 lbs. I now weigh ????????????? 159.4 lbs.

    My BMI or Body max index was 31.3 or obese Now I am ????????????????? 25.3 a 19.17% improvement.

    I was heavier than 77 percent of people in my age group Now I am ??????????? 32 percentile for people my age and height of 66.5 inches and 56 years old male.

    My doctor had told me before I ever knew about the contest that the next time I came to her with my blood work in about 4 months if my A1C number was not better she was going to put me on one shot of insulin a day. Being the needle wimp that I am that was motivation for me along with all the benefits of possible winning the Elgin Biggest Loser weight contest.

    Here are the most exciting results of cardio and diet for eight weeks…………

    A1C level which is a blood measurement over two to three months and so since contest only went two months it has not fully reflecting my diet and exercise as the most recent A1C I received just a week and a half ago.

    A1C before contest was 7.6 At end of contest is 7.0 An 8.6% improvement
    Blood pressure was 146/78 At end of contest is 140/70 a 4.1%/10.3% improvement
    Total cholesterol was 198 At end of contest is 112 A 43.4% improvement
    Bad cholesterol was 83 At end of contest is 49 A 41% improvement
    Good Cholesterol was 36 At end of contest is 52 A 44.4% improvement (Higher is better)
    Triglycerides was 395 At end of contest is 57 A 85.6% improvement

    Three lovely twenty somethings at work have been watching me go by over the last eight weeks as my big baby boomer belly has been getting smaller and smaller. They have asked me for my weight loss secrets I imagine so they can tone up for bikini season. They already look great but I believe they just want to drop about 10 pounds for the summer.

    I am known as CJ at work and I joke with them that after they reach their desired weight they can consider getting a heart shaped tattoo that says Body by CJ in it.

    So my doctor is overjoyed with my numbers. If I understood her correctly she was not worried about me loosing over two pounds per week since I was losing it with both diet and exercise. If I had lost over two pounds per week on diet alone she would have concerns that I was losing muscle as well as fat which would not be good but since I was exercising all along she was not worried about how much more than two pounds per week I lost. At final weigh in we will see what that figure is ?????????????I lost a total of 37.6 lbs. represented visually at the weigh in by 4-8lb bags of potatoes and1-5lb. bag.

    Caution: Always check with your doctor before starting a diet or exercise program. Check with your doctor before altering the dosage on any medications you are on. Find out what is the safest amount of weight to lose per week without dangerously burning muscle as well as fat. You would not want to end up burning heart muscle as well as fat. That would not be good. What worked for me might not be right for someone else based on age or other medical factors.

    My doctor cut my cholesterol med dose in half based on my new numbers. I am off completely my glipizide and actos for diabetes. When I have time to do the cardio after breakfast and supper I am off the metformin as well. At the most I just need one fourth dose of metformin in morning and one fourth dose of it after supper if I don’t have time to exercise.

    Thanks Laura for all your help with this. I read your book and followed your diet and exercise plan very consistently and it works! I plan on getting to the weigh in around 5:50pm this Wed. May 5. I sure would like it if you could do the math on the top finishers so that we know who won immediately. I will have potatoes to represent the total fat that I lost. At the four week mid contest mark I had dropped 22.4 lbs or 11.4% of my obese body weight based on BMI calculator. What percentage will I finish up with ???????????

    Now that I have cut most of the fat in my body my next goal is to see if the voters in Kane County Board District 19 currently held by long time incumbent Cathy Hurlbut will consider hiring me as their board commissioner with their votes on November 2 so that I can begin to work with others to cut the fat in Kane County payroll and other areas.

    “Voters in Kane County District 19 please consider hiring Common Sense Clarence Hayward as your next board commissioner so that I might cut the fat in Kane County government for you. Your wallets deserve to be fatter.”

    I am living proof of the fantastic medical results that can come from eating right and doing cardio everyday.

    I just did exactly what Laura said regarding eating and doing cardio. I did it consistently. There was only one or two days I didn’t do cardio.

    I kept to a no sweets, no bread, rice, potato, or pasta diet religiously. Early in the contest because my blood sugar was dropping naturally from diet and exercise I had a couple times where because I had not cut back enough on the diabetes meds I actually had to eat some high carbs to bring it up from being too low.

    My wife and son and I celebrated my weight loss at the Golden Corral last night and I had two plate fulls of mostly fatty ribs and a bowl of banana cream pudding plus two pieces of that terrific candy someone made and gave us at the weigh in. This morning my blood sugar without any meds and without any cardio after eating was 108. It needs to be between 60-120 so I right where I want to be. Fantastic. That is the best prize for all of my hard work. I can’t thank Laura enough for being the motivator. Knowing she lost 130 lbs over two and a half years and keeping it off for 7 years I knew she really knows what she is talking about so I followed her instructions and they work.

    As always, thank for anyone who took the time to read my post.

    Common Sense, Independent, Clarence Hayward

  21. Used Piano Wanted Please says:

    Looking for a used upright piano for low price or free. Also could mow lawn for piano.

    My almost 20 year old son who taught himself guitar now wants to teach himself piano but we don’t have a piano and money is tight with a wedding for his sister and one more year of ECC and then two years at Illinois State University to pay for so he can be a teacher.

    • Alan says:

      Are you still looking for a piano?

    • Jean & Jack says:

      We have an old upright piano from around 1915. If you are still interested, we’ll entertain ANY offer. It plays fine, and would require tuning. It’s been house kept–not in a garage or anything like that.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I may be able to help you out. I’ll post back here later.

  23. I am so pleased to read about the fellow on the “biggest Loser” program. It is always encouraging to know that people of all ages and sizes are willing to make changes to better their lives. Inspiring! And the fact that he still knows how to enjoy himself and have a piece of pizza when the occasion arises(: