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January 2010 open thread

1 January 2010 RS 30 Comments

Mike Robins suggested we do a monthly open thread instead of weekly, which sounds like a good idea to me. You can use this throughout the month of January to post whatever you want. If this goes well we’ll do the same thing at the beginning of each month. I guess we will discontinue the weekly open thread for now at least.

Happy New Year!

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30 Responses to “January 2010 open thread”

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  1. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    With baseball season approaching in a number of months I have a question about Cubs General Admission bleacher seating.

    Two seasons ago I bought 6 tickets for the above seating knowing that I would not have specific seats but assuming I had six seats to sit in. Because of a traffic jamb we got there at the Star Spangled Banner. The bleachers were completely full and there were probably at least 100 people not in seats. It appeared as if the Cubs sold more tickets than there were actual seats for.

    I asked three different ushers where is my family going to sit and not one would make any effort to get people to squeeze in so they were not taking up more than one seat as Cubs management claimed was the reason there were not enough seats for everyone to sit in when I appealed to Cubs management by phone weeks later.

    We were not able to sit down on the seats we paid for which was any non specific seat until the 9th inning. I told Cubs management they need to sell specific seats for regular games in bleachers just like they sell specific seats for play off games in the bleachers.

    Recently I also sent a letter to the new owner of the Cubs informing him of this unfair situation and so far I have not had a response.

    Does anyone agree the Cubs should sell specific seats for the bleachers regular home games?

    • RS says:

      I think the standard practice for this kind of thing is to sell more seats than you actually have seats, because some people for whatever reasons will not show up. At times, everybody will show up and that presents a problem. On top of that you have the problem of different sized people. If you happen to have a largely obese crowd you’re not going to have enough seats. Unfortunately when they sell seats they cannot ask how fat you are. I think it’s just something you have to deal with. Sometimes you’ll have a seat and sometimes you won’t. That’s bleachers for you! If they GUARANTEED seats for you, then you should be able to ask them to give you tickets for another game. But somehow I doubt that seats are guaranteed for bleachers.

      • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

        In the interest of full disclosure and transparency I maintain the general admission bleacher seats should be sold with a disclosure that basically states that what RS suggested might occur or else they should be sold as standing room only or use the seat number that they have on the bleachers just like they do on play off games and have the ushers seat people in those seats.

  2. LF says:

    A welcome start to the new year?!!?


    This video is a bit RAW from this morning.. alas, why did the City of Elgin not think to reach out and inform the people RAISING all the monies to improve the zoo? Dakota’s death was in a reported MEMO from 12/29 - yet NO one thought to let us know about it… communication is sadly BROKEN once more… typical Elgin?

    • Paul says:

      Lost here amidst Clarence’s years ago tragedy at Wrigley field was the tragedy at Lord’s Park over the recent holiday period.
      No, not the death of the buffalo. That was a mere sideshow to the real tragedy. The real tragedy was the City of Elgin not contacting LF immediately and directly upon the event of the buffalo’s death!
      “… typical Elgin?”
      Most certainly her ego was badly bruised. Evidently, LF thinks she has acquired an exalted status with regards to Lord’s Park and should be accorded special treatment. Queen of Lord’s Park; how’s that grab you?
      No, I don’t blame the City of Elgin at all for this alleged tragedy. Sue Olafson, speaking for the City, put it best: “the city doesn’t have protocol for announcing the death of a zoo animal.”
      That ain’t BS. Maybe the city council can occupy their time by discussing protocol regarding announcement of dead zoo animals!
      Demonstrate some real interest, goodwill, commitment, and leadership, LF. Get your Friends of the zoo group (if they haven’t all been co-opted by the commune-ity garden brigade) in association with your corporate sponsors, go buy a buffalo calf and donate it to the City of Elgin. And given that the zoo belongs to the City of Elgin, you might want to try establishing a good working relationship with the City rather than publicly disparaging the City to the media, assuming you still want, need or expect City cooperation in the future!

  3. Boxcar says:

    I suggest you save your money and not buy any tickets to any games. Just sit on the sidewalk outside of Wrigley Field so you don’t have to pay a thing.

  4. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:


    Wouldn’t you agree that myself and all those people who were forced to stand for most of the game should have had the right to sit down on a seat?

    After all, they legally paid for a ticket for a general admission seat. It was not sold as a standing room only ticket.

    Shouldn’t people who are legally in the bleacher section be provided with the seats they legally paid for?

    • toothache says:

      Wrigley is know as “the worlds largest beer garden”. Within the park the bleachers are known for being packed and the spot for bad behavior. If they had assigned bleacher seats it would remove that element from the park which is exactly why I would be against it. If you want an assigned seat, buy an assigned seat. The bleachers are for the fun, carefree, and laid back crowd that don’t get their panties in a twist over having to forage for a seat.

      • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

        I could deal with that if there had been proper disclosure that there would not be enough seats for everyone at the game who bought general admission bleacher seating.

  5. Boxcar says:

    All this coming from a guy who camped outside the fences of FoxFire Fest last Summer to listen to the music so he wouldn’t have to pay the $5 cover charge.

    Seems pretty “Common” to me.

  6. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:


    With all your posting of being legal I would have expected you to support me in this legal bleacher ticket issue.

    • Paul says:

      If only you were at home cleaning up sewage out of your basement you wouldn’t have to experience such terrible things like fat slobs at Wrigley Field taking up more than 1 bleacher seat at a time and thus rendering you and your family to standing! The horror!
      If only you were so lucky as your SW neighborhood friend. And then on top of all of your misfortunes the City of Elgin is raising your sewer rates because YOU complained about sewer back-ups!
      Some times things just don’t make any sense. Like the ushers not being able to accommodate your group of 6 group seating, literally, according to you, at the time the game began! Makes no sense!

    • toothache says:

      There are too many disclaimers and not enough common sense in this world. Go see a Bandits game. You are sure to get a seat there.

      • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

        I am not a big baseball fan. I bought the tickets because my son is the big Cubs fan. I was doing it for him on his birthday.

  7. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:


    If a person has a fire in their home should they be expected to pay for the fire department? I don’t think so. I think all taxpayers can expect to have a fire department that responds to their need if a fire occurs with a working fire department that will respond each and every time as expected. The same applies to a sewer. All taxpayers have a right to expect a working sewer that doesn’t back up no matter how hard it rains each and every time. To think that some should not have that right is ridiculous.

    The bottom line on the bleacher tickets in this age of more and more transparency and disclosure is just disclose in no uncertain terms that if you get to a game too late you will be standing like the 100 other people who are in the same boat because the Cubs sold more tickets than there are seats to sit in. That is a reasonable expectation a consumer should expect to be disclosed.

    All I want is proper disclosure and I would like six bleacher tickets for this year to make up for the ones I was not able to sit on until the ninth inning due to improper disclosure.

    It only makes common sense.

    • Paul says:

      “Cubs sold more tickets than there are seats to sit in. ”

      You haven’t a shred of evidence to back your claim that the Cubs sold more tickets than they have seats for. That you show up late for the game and can’t find 6 empty seats grouped together in the general seating area and then proceed to whine cry complain about it says volumes about you and little about the Cubs.
      Contemplate this, Clarence: your experience at Wrigley field hasn’t/wouldn’t/won’t happen to anyone else on this board. Why? Here’s a clue: watch The Simpsons and pay particularly close attention to a character named Homer!

      • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:


        The entire bleacher area was completely packed. There were no seats available. At least 100 people were standing. The Cubs were a hot team that year.

        The Cubs management claim they did not sell more tickets than seats available. They did concede that their fans take up more than one seat.

        I get the impression you are a very angry person. Try chilling out a bit in the new year and decade.

        • Paul says:

          “I get the impression you are a very angry person. ”

          Wow! In the very thread where the ember of anger that has sat in your craw for years bursts into flames over a long ago incident that occurred to you at Wrigley field; you perceive my telling you truth as anger! Wow!

          Here is some more truth for you, Clarence: I’m laughing at you. Really. I was dead serious when I alluded to you being Homer Simpson. Homer Simpson is a very hilarious character. He is unwittingly funny - like the three stooges. Things happen to Homer that don’t happen to anyone else, much like you.

          What was your objective here in fanning the flames of this long burning ember of your anger? If you want sympathy, you’ll find it in the dictionary between stupid and syphilis. What I think you are looking for is free tickets from the Cubs management because in your experience in life, no matter how flat the tire, wobbly and out of balance the wheel, sometimes you get a squirt of oil.
          For the rest of us when we are dealt a few lemons we try to make lemonade. If I had shown up late for the game in general seating (I wouldn’t) and unable to find a seat I would have grabbed a beer or three and enjoyed the game. Not you! Years later the anger is still burning.
          And you perceive me as “very angry”!!! I believe the term used in psychiatry for that is called projection. Or maybe delusion.

          P.S. Was that you at the movie theater this past weekend coming in late, making a ruckus, climbing over people and seats, spilling popcorn and drinks, demanding the usher stop the movie, turn on the lights and re-arrange seating so your group could all sit together???

          • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

            That was not me at the movies. I very seldom am willing to pay theater prices for a movie that most likely won’t be good enough to keep me awake.

            I do not make a scene at a movie.

            The last movie I saw was Blind Side. It was very good and kept me awake.

          • Boxcar says:

            Afterall, why pay money for even a matinee showing when you can lean against the back door of the theater with a drinking glass up to your ear for 2 hours and listen for free!

            You can even bring your dog, too! They have GREAT hearing so you can ask your dog what you missed.

            Thank God the sewers have been seperated at the Fox Theater.

      • toothache says:

        Well put Paul.

  8. Boxcar says:

    I’m going to puke.

  9. toothache says:

    Well boxcar and paul…I haven’t laughed this hard in years. Guess you put that one in the ground.

  10. Mike Robins, Im Sorry says:

    Hello all, I am so sorry for what I did,or what I said, and sorry for my family, I can not put into words how sorry I am and sorry that all of you were put through this because of me?
    Lets start over, are you all getting tired of hearing IM SORRY

  11. Mike Robins, Im Sorry says:

    Im so sorry, all of a sudden something came up, Im back! All of this Im sorry makes me GAG! When a POLITICIAN makes a statement or a move on something on or off the scheduled agenda, thats it, its done and over with! If thats what the person choose to do or say, that is now part of the record and part of YOU! George Ryan was really SORRY. Soon, Blago will be SORRY, and stop the Hollywood act. How about all of the news on national criminals, they are all SORRY about what they did, or is it that they got caught and now feel totally stupid that the plan did’nt work right! Now, the famous baseball player is also SORRY, and he cried about it. Be a man, stand up for your actions and don’t cry like a baby, admit what happened during your sports career, and say it was wrong, period! If I ever take another run in the future for city council, once I say something on the record, or take an action on a personal or council matter, it will be because that is what I choose to do. You won’t hear or see say Im sorry, or can I have another chance please!!!!!! Buy the way, if you disagree with the content of this blog, Im not sorry! Its my Birthday this weekend, enjoy the warm up, check in soon.

  12. Mike Robins says:

    On the contrary, Robins came from total obscurity and nearly beat a former councilwoman and DID beat a well-based, Sligting. That’s the story of this election.

    Maybe the word is getting out slow that Robins is THE only candidate with a spine against the ravages of illegal aliens in Elgin. He’s got more work to do. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hello, all, it’s been a year, how time goes by so fast! I will start looking at this entire matter again, and let you know when spring starts. This next election will have a new look at topics and our progress in the city.

    • Paul says:

      Are you talking about yourself in the third person, Mike?

      See the Seinfeld episode on that one.

  13. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    Although Sligting was well based, in my opinion the thing that beat her was the video she was featured in on the two newspaper web sites as well as her reaction to that incident at the time it happened and in the time directly after it. I really think she beat herself.

    Mike did do well especially for being an unknown.

  14. BuibubZep says:

    WTF! - How do people similar to Bernaldo Bicoy - who is a twice convicted child sex offender get bail?

    This animal impersonated himself as a attorney and business investor consultant to win trust of adolescents. Out of all people, the gov lets him home?

    It’s sad but the streets of Lake Forest are now dangerous. How can I petition?