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October [2009] open thread

27 October 2009 RS 5 Comments

It’s the last week of October now, and I didn’t get to make a lot of posts. If there’s stuff that happened in October that you want to discuss go ahead and post it here on this thread.

From now on, there will also be a weekend open thread, where you can discuss whatever you want that happened during the week. That will go up every Friday.

Hope that will give you all enough opportunities to rant, rave and praise.

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5 Responses to “October [2009] open thread”

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  1. rm says:

    Nice to have you back, RS, from your sumac-sniffing sabbatical. And welcome back to the Real World of Elgin which has a few more issues than the quality of the pizza at Red Bar. Latest unemployment figures for Elgin are 12.2% - about two points higher than the state’s and three points higher than the nation’s rates. Elgin is too poor to sustain the Salvation Army’s thrift store. “Homeless gentlemen” are taking the insulation for Elgin’s downtown skating rink. Hunger in Elgin is “beginning to be a serious situation” according to the Salvation Army, and Elgin residents are going from town to town in the region seeking food. At least Elgin resident Leticia Murillo was employed… until she was arrested for working with a fake SS card and resident card. Police allege an Elgin girl under 9 years old was raped in her home by Jesus A. Julio, a target of US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice demands that Elgin avoid anything that could create a “climate of hostility” toward illegal aliens. The Larkin Home, once an esteemed facility for Elgin’s orphans, is now the state’s warehouse for “the worst of the worst” and generates an average of 2.5 police calls a day. U-46 sponsored another chatty forum on gangs which concluded (yawn) that “constant communication between various sectors is vital.” The Gail Borden Library is promoting its national library award with a congratulatory quote from uber-rascal and Sleazocrat Senator Roland Burris. Illegal alien protector Ruth Munson wants a second crack at illegal alien protector Keith Farnham. Dave Kaptain has joined the Daily Herald and Councilman/Rotary president Mike Warren in wanting to avoid a “witch hunt” against illegal alien labor. Mike Noland’s wife thinks it is “profiling” to believe that Mexicans are a significant source of illegal alien labor. John Dalton is using a “popular gay bar” in Chicago’s Boystown to raise funds for his judicial candidacy so that he can bring the sort of “integrity” to the Kane County bench that one might expect from an illegal alien activist, former Sears collection lawyer and counsel for Citigroup’s credit card operations. (Hasn’t Mr. Dalton represented just about all the causes of the economic crisis?) And, of course, we have Councilman Kaptain’s wife and the head of our local League of Women Voters lecturing us that amidst all these developments Elgin’s only real concern must be “climate change.” Plenty to chew on besides Red Bar’s pizza.

    • Boxcar says:

      Nice post!

      Another arrest yesterday of a Larkin Center criminal at a U-46’s crime school. Who would have thought that two opposites in councilmen Gilliam and Prigge would take them on and put them on notice?

      Dalton knows what he is doing with his choices of locations and campaign wording, believe me. But he’s not trying to make that an issue.

      Yeah, right.

      • RS says:


        For those interested in learning more about Mr. Dalton.

        It would be interesting to see how well he does in the election. If he can raise money in Chicago, he could be a formidable candidate. I’m guessing there are also national political action committees that will put money into his campaign.

        I would not say it’s a great year for Democrats though…

  2. RS says:

    I’m still on sabbatical :)

  3. Westie says:

    I like the pizza at Red Bar.