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Noland says he’s fiscal conservative

16 July 2009 RS 7 Comments

The latest missive from Illinois State Senator Michael Noland (D-Elgin) proclaims that raising taxes 67% is fiscally conservative:

Dear Friends:

On July 15th in a clear minority, I voted against Senate Bills 1292 and 1216. These bills were the borrowing and spending authorizations for Fiscal Year 2010. It is important for my constituents to understand why.

For years, we have watched as Illinois lawmakers have dragged this state to the abyss of government shutdown. Under both Democrat and Republican leadership we borrowed to make our Medicaid payments, deferred payments to our pensions and continually added to our structural debt.

Six weeks ago, I, along with 30 of my colleagues in the Senate, voted to clean up this mess once and for all by voting to implement permanent structural tax reform and a balanced budget in House Bill 174. True, we asked for an increase in revenue. But we doubled the property and education tax credits and tripled the earned income tax credit. Taking a pay cut ourselves, we cut nearly $2 billion from the budget taking the fiscally conservative pay as you go approach to solving our current fiscal crisis. Unfortunately, the measure was never called in the House.

Nobody wants to see our emergency rooms fill with mentally ill patients as the doors to our mental health centers close. Nobody wants to see our prison guards and law enforcement officers imperiled as their ranks are thinned due to budget cuts. Nobody wants to see the profoundly disabled out on the streets or be responsible for the next suicide that happens because counselors didn’t show up for work one day.

The people of the state of Illinois are tired of staring down the barrel of a government shut-down. In fact, the true prospect of a government shut-down might have been what it took for some lawmakers to do the right thing and impose the structural tax reform this state needs.

There has to be a beginning and an end to everything. There is no moral authority to justify sending this state further into debt, further burdening our future generations more and more year after year, not even with a government shut-down. For those who wondered whether a Democrat could be fiscally conservative, let this be their answer.


Senator Michael Noland

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7 Responses to “Noland says he’s fiscal conservative”

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  1. Boxcar says:

    Next thing he’ll say is that he believes in our laws against illegal aliens.

  2. John says:

    I can’t argue with his claim to be a fiscal conservative here. It makes perfect sense, he doesn’t want to continue this annual borrowing spree that the State seems to go on every year, under Republican and Democratic control.

    Isn’t this what we’ve all been gripping about for years? The state always is borrowing from here or there to make up for its short falls in the budget. I understand a need for oppositional politics, but sometimes it’s better to just fix it!

    Kudos to Senator Noland for wanting to provide Illinois with a long term solution, instead of just delaying the budget problem a little longer.

    The real question I would be asking is why did Conservatives like Senator Lauzen, Senator Radogno, Senator Rutherford, and Senator Althoff vote WITH Chicago Democrats to borrow more money to “balance” this year’s budget?

  3. RS says:

    I’m not sure it makes sense, John. The idea that being fiscally conservative is raising taxes every time you go over budget invites more and more spending and higher and higher taxes. Under this definition of “fiscal conservatism” there is absolutely no limit to government spending and no limit to taxation.

    The normal definition of fiscal conservatism is that if you go over budget, you cut spending to bring it back in line with your revenues. You don’t spend more than you have.

    Senator Noland presents a false choice: either raise taxes or shut down the government. I hope it has occurred to him that you can also cut spending to bring it in line with revenues. Instead it’s raise taxes or we’ll shut down the government.

  4. Anonymous says:


    You’re acting under an assumption that simply because Senator Noland is a Democrat that he represents the same fiscal ideology as others. Thus you place too much emphasis on the importance of political parties.

    Recently Senator Noland voted ‘No’ one the budget that was just passed. Why? Because, it borrowed money to pay down the debt.

    Senator Noland’s stance is one of fiscal conservatism because the bill he voted for DID call for budget cuts. In fact, $2.1 billion dollars worth of cuts including a cut in legislator’s pay.

    However, we must also admit that there is a huge revenue problem in Illinois. Let’s look at Washington circa mid 1980s to early 1990s. We were facing massive deficits. Then President George H.W. Bush, in a effort to be bipartisan, sat down with Congressional Democrats and instituted Pay-Go.

    It was a fairly simple concept. Simply put,all increases in direct spending or revenue decreases were to be offset by other spending decreases or revenue increases. Now many contribute the budget surplus enjoyed under the Clinton years to be a direct result of those fiscal measures.

    The bill Senator Noland has continually supported in his email blasts, which I also receive, demonstrate that he wishes to pursue a similar approach with Springfield.

    That’s a fairly responsible stance to take and I think, instead of focusing on the party title that follows his name, we should give credit where credit is due. The way we know that this is an issue over his party affiliation is because Senator Lauzen and others who associate themselves with the Republican Party have received a free pass with this recent bill that incurs more debt to settle this years debt.

    Again, kudos to Senator Noland for being one of the few in the Senate that chose to exercise fiscal responsibility over political expediency.

    • RS says:

      Actually there are Democrats like Keith Farnham who are rejecting a tax increase, so I think Mr. Noland may be far more tax-happy than other Democrats. After all, the total amount of taxes he wants to raise is as noted before more than a doubling of the current rates, with no significant cut in spending.

      As for Chris Lauzen’s vote, that was the right vote. What other option is there? Should he have given in to the Senate Democrats demand of “raise taxes or we’ll shut down the government?”

      Shutting down the government or raising taxes? Neither of those are wise moves. And the idea that you need to choose between them? Well that’s just a false choice. You can have a functioning state government without raising taxes.

      The budget bill prevents a government shutdown and buys time to effect reform and cut spending.

  5. John says:

    Forgot to enter my name… so it appeared as anonymous.

  6. Tim Elenz says:

    Please Senator Noland spend money like a drunken sailor he is a clone of Blago! He had over a half of dozen checks on his website of different private organizations he gave our tax dollars. The one I was able to copy was a mock check from the State of Illinois made out to a private club for heating and air conditioning signed by Michael Noland. He is a grandstander that time and time again puts his personal interests before anyone else. He is the poster boy for “say one thing do something else” Members of his own party are not supporting him. If you speak to him for more 2 minutes you know the true man. Call him ask him about the mock checks that he uses for his campaign. Money from the people of Illinois The 22nd district deserves better