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April is for walleye

21 April 2009 RS 4 Comments

Fresh-caught walleye is invariably fried Fresh-caught walleye is invariably fried (Photo by scottmark).

Last week I stopped by Meijer on my way to Caribou Coffee, and noticed some lovely wild-caught walleye in their seafood section. Suddenly visions of panko-coated walleye danced in my eyes, but since I couldn’t leave it in the car all day, I didn’t buy it. When I got back to the store a few days later, the fresh walleye looked well, not-so-fresh, so I didn’t get it.

But I’m not one to let April pass by without eating walleye, so today I stopped by Culver’s in South Elgin for their Northwoods walleye dinner. Let me tell you, if you haven’t had fried walleye you’re in for a treat. They stop serving it at the end of April though, so you’d better hurry over there. Else you’ll have to wait another year.

If you know other places in Elgin that are serving walleye, do tell.

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4 Responses to “April is for walleye”

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  1. Jessica says:

    I just started eating seafood a couple of months ago and don’t really know what is fresh when. Is fried the only way people eat walleye?

    • RS says:

      Frying seems to be the most common way to eat fish in this country, but I’m sure walleye is delicious no matter how you prepare it. I’ll leave it to others to suggest recipes!

  2. Dannyblake says:

    Jessica-Fried, pan seared, grilled, poached or steamed, walleye is a real treat.

  3. RS says:

    Meijer had monkfish today.