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Mike Warren elected councilman

7 April 2009 RS 47 Comments

In the race for the 2-year Elgin City Council seat, Mike Warren has handily defeated all competitors, taking in more than 30% of the vote. Congratulations to Mr. Warren.

The new Elgin City Council lineup is now: Richard Dunne, John Prigge, Bob Gilliam, Mike Warren, John Steffen, Ed Schock and David Kaptain.

Those who asked for change have gotten it.

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47 Responses to “Mike Warren elected councilman”

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  1. Boxcar says:

    Warren’s victory is a sad one for those who smelled Ed Schock’s hands all over Warren and his whole campaign.

    The ONLY joy in this race was Emi “Anti-American” Morales getting whipped and beaten down to third place.

    But even more telling/joyous?

    She got DESTROYED in Cook County! The east side! HER territory, where, I believe, most of the illegal aliens she LOVES live!

    Signs in yards don’t win elections.
    Signs in yards of VOTERS do!

    While Geppetto (Mayor Schock) got his puppet Pinocchio (Mike Warren) elected, it could have been worse. There will never be a mystery or idea coming from Warren, unless Ed Schock makes one for him. But, with Morales? It would have been illegal alien paradise.

  2. Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

    Although my candidate Emi Morales did not win I want to congratulate Mike Warren.

    The biggest mystery is who is Boxcar and who is Herguth. What kind of human being is so sure in his opinions but like an animal that only comes out in the cover of darkness hides behind his cover of a blog post moniker?

    • Americanway says:

      Com’on you don’t have 2 b a rocket scientis to know its white and heaton. if you can’t keep up move over to the right lane.

  3. Kurt says:

    Boxcar you have been nothing but a pain in the butt throughout this election! Your prejudice and ignorance has done nothing but waste mine and other’s time trying to read through these blogs to determine who the best candidates would be!

    The Native North American Indians of this territory are the ones who really deserve the rights to be here! Our ancestors conned them out of what they felt was not owned by any person and then forced to selected and minute lands! So we are just as bad as any other outsider!

    Your ignorance, as for some others, is that this is the United States, not just America! You criticized Clearance for his misspelling of Brenda Rodgers name, but what about your lack of knowledge of the history of this land! You seem to fail to realize that this country (not America, the United States) was built of a melting pot of nations! We are now nothing but a very large group of mutts!! Mutts that have been cross bred of many nationalities! The Nazi’s didn’t cross breed, they killed anyone that wasn’t of a pure breed! Are you of a pure breed? If you are, then why are YOU here?

    Yes, I am frustrated with the over crowding of illegal immigrants! I have a friend whose daughter has a friend from England that has been trying to be a legal citizen! He has gone through the classes, and learned the exact way we speak here, our history and the U.S. Constitution, just as mine and maybe even your ancestors did to become citizens. Despite what he did to be a legal citizen, he fell through the cracks and was denied!! What makes him any different then our ancestors who complied to our countries requirements? The reason is because of the amount of people trying to a part of a free country! My biggest problem of illegal immigrants is ID theft, overcrowding of property because of safety, waste of money for bi-lingual schools and signage, and tax evasion which our own rich citizens do! So where do you draw the line on who should be here? In my eyes, the problem is, anyone that wants our freedom here in the U.S., that won’t comply with the U.S. Constitution and its ways, and flies the flag of a country they don’t want to live in, is a trader to the land they want to reside in!

    To slander anyone, such as Emi, is just as illegal! Our country has been based on the freedom of speech! Whether we agree or not! That is what has made our country as strong as it has been! I’m just glad that your freedom of speech toward illegal immigrants while endorsing Dunne and Prigge didn’t hinder their election! Luckily, people read beyond your words and elected them anyways!

    As for your stupid confrontation with Clearance and Jessica, I agree with them as to one hiding behind a fake name! I have friends that are Mexican and also Latino that are legal, and they are on the same boat with me! That if you want to live here in the U.S. you need to live by this countries laws! They back me with my views because of what they have here! What is sad is that you have made them grouped into a stereo typed group that they are not of! The thing that matters is that I don’t hide behind a fake name and am right up front with those who are willing to learn to help them be involved with this country and its decisions! I will back any illegal alien if they go through the steps to be legal as our ancestors did!

    My largest issue is will you come out from behind that fake name and confront your opponents to who you really are? My name is Kurt Wiewel and I am willing to confront you and your issues face to face! If you are any kind of a man, you will let everyone know who you are! If you are scared, you can chat with me in confidence and I will not ever reveal who you are, we can share our opinions in confident. My e-mail is sales@wiewel.com !

    If I don’t hear from you, it will show that you are someone that yells behind a wall! This reminds me of Proverbs 10:19 along with Proverbs 12:1

    I await your answer!

    • GEE-N-JAY says:

      Kurt- thank you, although I might not agree with your positions I like how you put your thoughts in a civlized maner. your definetly right on Boxcar’s Prejudice ways-I just hope Prigge isnt the same.

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      Kurt, very well said and I thank the elginite.org for allowing my comparison that Boxcar is like an animal that hides and only comes out in the cover of darkness. Boxcar hides behind the darkness of his anonymous post name the same as Herguth. I try to go by the Daily Herald’s terms of service on their sight and I get a TOS violation if I try to say this.

      Just one thing though. I am not Clearance. I am:

      Common Sense Clarence Hayward - The Taxpayer’s Watchdog

  4. Kurt says:

    I am sorry I spelled you name wrong Clarence! I started this letter before your blog and posted it after you had posted yours and didn’t realize the mistake until after I posted it!

    I don’t want to get caught by boxcar misspelling someone’s name!!

  5. Jessica says:

    Congratulations to the new members. This is very exciting!

    Even though only two of the four I voted for won, I am very excited about the new Council. The dynamic will be completely different. Maybe I’ll attend more meetings.

  6. Boxcar says:

    “The biggest mystery is who is Boxcar and who is Herguth.”

    I know the answer to one of those names, but just like a certain former mayoral candidate dropout, that’s not important now.

    What IS important is that this is a very dark day for the gross amounts of illegal aliens and their enablers in Elgin and their never-ending draining of its precious resources. Gone are their projected hopes of increased proliferation at the hands of Emi “Anti-American” Morales, Juan Figueroa and John Walters.

    Voters were and are fed up with this city’s bending over of its leaders to allow this cancer to devastate people and businesses.

  7. UrIgnrant says:

    Boxcar- the race is over and yes the voters have spoke but you are something else. Ms. Morales is AMERICAN and stop slandering her name. That’s pobably why you use a code name. She sits on a commission for the City and volunteers pro bono for the citizens of Elgin her legal services..what do you do for ELGIN??? She was also a legislative Aide helping to assist constituents when they had questions navigating throughout their community or needed assistance and you have done what? just slander! That doesn’t seem anti-American. Do not judge a person just by one affiliation- which also contributes to the community by promoting civic engagement,voter registration and citizenship. SO PLEASE GET OVER YOURSELF and your infatuation with MS. Morales.

  8. Boxcar says:

    Let’s cut to the real chase here, shall we?

    Morales was born here, I heard. But many anti-American people were born here.

    Her NOW moot agendas ARE anti-American. AGAIN, here’s proof: http://lulac.org/advocacy/platform.html

    She just didn’t join LULAC like you and I sign up for a library card. She took an oath to be a local board member and promised to foster all of LULAC’s anti-American issues.

    She carefully worded her forum presentations to NOT include citizens and to NOT exclude residents. As I said before, there IS a difference - you can be a resident and NOT be a citizen. She wanted to include ALL in her work. That’s wrong and UN-AMERICAN. Irrefutably wrong.

    Now, she’ll just have to continue enabling illegals to drain Elgin from the dark shadows of her law office and her SOAP and LULAC meetings.

    Thank God, voters saw her in those dark shadows and kept her there.

  9. DIDI says:

    Boxcar - Emi may be a LULAC member, but you are a lunatic.

  10. Boxcar says:

    When someone presents facts I guess calling them names make one feel better after a Tuesday mass rejection. Ok.

    No, there is NO “maybe”.

    She IS an oath-taking, hardcore board member (secretary) of LULAC.

    Looks like it really paid off yesterday, huh?

  11. UrIgnrant says:

    Yes what a mass rejection. she passed the primary and had people supporting her and endorsed by a paper who also endorsed Prigge. Your a waste of time Boxcar. People like you just look for things to critize- intelligent, respected AMERICAN latinos because YOU are afraid of them!

  12. DIDI says:

    hahaha youre really funny………….

  13. Alienrants says:

    Although I didn’t vote for him, Warren will be OK. He’s got brains. He’s got friends in business and friends in social services. He’s not likely to be bold, but he will be fine as long as he thinks independently of the mayor.
    I believe that will be a bit easier to do now.

  14. GEE-N-JAY says:

    boxcar- do you have a job? seriously, wow you are a lunatic.

  15. GEE-N-JAY says:

    I like Warren too. He presented himself well and WILL side with Gilliam,Steffen, and the mayor to not waste our money on 287g and more on revitalizing businesses and downtown.

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      The city has been trying to revitalize the downtown since it started going down in the late 1960’s with the box stores moving out. It takes a realist to realize that market forces are going to determine the evolution of the downtown not Elgin throwing tax payer money at it and what they think it should be.

      In hindsight the one thing the city could have possibly done to get something similar to a big box store downtown to draw many people to the core of the downtown would have been to work in conjunction with the library and build the new library on a sight in the core of the downtown.

      The library some might think is downtown but to me it isn’t in the core downtown and anyone who goes to it isn’t going to be motivated to go to any other nearby shops in the core of the downtown.

      If it had been built in the core of downtown we would have more traffic than even a big major box store would generate who would be able to get things at the other stores within walking distance shops nearby.

      The library is a precious jewel in a relatively empty treasure chest called our downtown.

      • Kurt says:

        Common Sense Clarence Hayward’
        I had apologized for the miss spelling of your name, and am sorry again!

        For your information, the city was not going down in the 60’s as you say! The downtown was doing well along with the 2 movie theaters until Sears and JC Penny moved to Springhill Mall, and followed by the closing of other major stores (JS and Woolworths) in the late 70’s early 80’s! I was born in 1966 and remember what our downtown was like until I graduated! I use to go to the Grove and Crocker theaters with my parents and have a remembrance of all the people that walked around the downtown then! I was saddened when my parents couldn’t take me there anymore because the downtown was deteriorating when I was in my preteens! So don’t put blame on anyone of this town, put blame on modern malls!

  16. Boxcar says:

    “People like you just look for things to critize- intelligent, respected AMERICAN latinos because YOU are afraid of them!”

    I will ALWAYS be afraid of anyone who says they are an American and advocates breaking laws to suit their culture AND, helps others do it, also.

    “Your a waste of time Boxcar.”

    My what?? I don’t own “a waste of time”. What is that?

    “(Warren) WILL side with Gilliam, Steffen, and the mayor..

    You can stop there. The mayor will tell the puppet what to do on everything. Wait and see.

    “…he (Warren) will be fine as long as he thinks independently of the mayor.

    Impossible. Warren was created from the hands of Schock. He has no guts, no soul. “Buckets of money”? “Do more with less”? Those are puppet words.

    • GEE-N-JAY says:

      I am fine with Warren following the footsteps on Schock! ..dont you know you need a majority vote to pass ordinances Heaton ..OOPS i mean Boxcar.

      • Boxcar says:

        In that case, ALL council members should have a pet that can roll-over, sit pretty and then vote any way their master says so.


        • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

          Boxcar, is your last name Heaton like Gee-N-Jay mistakenly replied above?

  17. Lifer says:

    Relax…..do something constructive. The weather and the climate of Elgin is changing. Let’s get ready to enjoy it, but never stop being critical of the ones that are actually in the positions they are in. The one’s that didn’t win will still be productive members of our community. Let’s thank them for that. Congrats Jessica!

  18. Anonymous says:

    no boxcar editorial

  19. Mack says:

    After reading Boxcar’s comments, I’m more and more concerned about the two AFLA candidates that just got elected. I assume we can count on the inconvenience of odd/even parking throughout the city all year long now, right? And an increased pickyness about my CODE violations?

    But, can someone help me to know how extreme or moderate these folks really are? Did we really elect the gestapo to the City Council? Or is most of the talk just electoral banter? Can someone help me step back from the ledge?

  20. Boxcar says:

    No Boxcar editorial.

  21. Mack (angry historic district resident) says:

    Just found out that the Odd/Even Parking will be extended (yet again) until May 31st. They want to keep in place so that the new council can decide whether or not to make it permanent. I think they already have decided on making it permanent, year-long and throughout the city. They are just going through the motions at this point.

    What does everyone think about the Odd/Even Parking? I live in the Historic District in a house without a driveway and therefore hate this policy more than anything at the moment.

    I currently have about $200 in fines so far. The latest was last weekend, my wife wants to get in the house quickly to pick up the kids and so parks in front of the house without thinking. Within 15 minutes, they give us a $50 ticket. They have people just patrolling to find someone parking on the wrong side. Don’t they have something better to worry about?

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      I too find this odd-even parking to be a costly burden on society. From a safety viewpoint there might be some older streets that are not wide enough for a fire truck to get through if cars are on both sides. If so I can understand having it for certain streets. Otherwise from a better leaf pick up point of view it does not make common sense to have it year round or in the areas like my neighborhood where we have to bag our leaves. There clearly needs to be exceptions if it goes city wide for people who do not have enough off street parking. It is also a safety issue for citizens as woman might sometimes have to walk too far after finding a parking spot to get to their home and elderly might slip on the ice and snow especially if they have to walk on sidewalks that are in front of local merchants as I have noticed a lot of merchants refuse to shovel the sidewalk in front of their business. If there had to be a compromise clearly having the parking ban not in force on week ends and legal no mail holidays would make common sense as leaves are not picked up on those days. Look around at your street on a legal no mail holiday and ask yourself where will all the visiting relatives and friends park? Will Grandpa slip on the ice walking a block to your house? Will your wife be attacked under the cover of darkness walking a block after finally finding a parking place?

      Common Sense Clarence Hayward - The Taxpayer’s Watchdog

  22. Alienrants says:

    I for one look forward to some dialog on issues like parking.
    From an old set of White House rules: “In unanimity there may well be either cowardice or uncritical thinking.”
    Let’s hope the issues get aired adequately in the future. Time will tell if Warren is a Schock puppet or his own man. Give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

  23. Mack (angry historic district resident) says:

    More parking woes. It appears the Elgin Police are now strictly enforcing the CODE 114 (no parking within 20 feet of curb). In many places in the historic district, that eliminates big chunks of parking. Anyway, I just got a ticket for parking in front of my house (the same place I’ve parked for the past 11 years without getting a ticket). I’m not happy.

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      Great point. I forgot in my post above that if the city looks at the distance for legal parking on a street they will realize there are less parking spots than at the present.

  24. rm says:

    “Give him the benefit of the doubt for now”

    And show Warren a little compassion, too. He’s just a 39 year old, heterosexual white guy (the lowest rung on the Diversity Scale of Human Worth) trying to keep a job and raise a family in his home town. I’m not even aware that he has a four-year college degree. If Mike got cross-ways with the local business interests feeding on Schock’s “revitalization” racket and illegal alien and cheap Mexican labor, his life and local job prospects would get a lot chillier. Mike, of course, is a Trustee of the Elgin Symphony Orchestra, the President of which is Tom Roeser who was the subject of a New York Times article detailing how grossly rich he was becoming from cheap Mexican labor at his Otto Engineering facility. I don’t think Mike is necessarily enthusiastic about illegal aliens and the crime and social deterioration they bring to communities. He’s trying to stay afloat in hard times in a depressed town. To do so, he has to serve The Man, and in Northern Illinois The Man wants cheap Mexican labor.

    • Jessica says:

      Can you share the link to the article you mention? Not doubting you, just never seen it and would like to.

      • rm says:

        Jessica, by asking me to “share the link,” you’ve caught me in my technological inadequacies. (I can only imagine the computer skills you have to do your blog.) Anyway, some simple Googling will bring up the article. It was done by Alex Kotlowitz and appeared in the NYT Magazine of August 5, 2007. BTW, I’m not accusing Roeser of using “illegal” immigrant labor. Other businesses don’t have such fine sensitivities, but Roeser seems to play it within the lines. But as Kotlowitz expresses, access to cheap Mexican labor - legal or otherwise - helps keep wages low and profits (at least in 2007) high. In view of the current 14% unemployment rate in Carpentersville (edging out Elgin’s 13.6%), one must question the public policy merits - at least to average Americans - of importing more unskilled labor into the country.

        Finally, congratulations on your election victory. The fresh Mexican gang sign on the building across from the Library points up your challenge of maintaining a strong American cultural resource in an environment of foreign crime and poverty. Good luck (and I mean it).

  25. Mack (angry historic district resident) says:

    If we drive out the Mexicans, our property values will go down. Obviously, Mexicans help drive up demand for housing and are willing to pay more for houses in the older neighborhoods than the white folk. But perhaps boarded up homes are preferred neighbors for some people.

    • rm says:

      “If we drive out the Mexicans, our property values will go down. Obviously, Mexicans help drive up demand for housing and are willing to pay more for houses in the older neighborhoods than the white folk.”

      Sure, “obviously.” BTW, Mack, did you once work for a mortgage broker? Countrywide maybe? Because you’re showing just the sort of real estate savvy that created the subprime lending business and the biggest worldwide depression in our lives.

      Evidently you believe those big ol’ mansions up on Spring and Douglas would be worth so much less were it not for their proximity to gang violence, poverty, bad schools and poor retail. I do tend to agree with you, though, that these “amenities” are generally not what mainstream Americans are seeking in their real estate choices - a point reflected in the low and declining median price for Elgin home sales.

  26. Boxcar says:

    “If we drive out the Mexicans, our property values will go down.”

    Who wants to drive out the Mexicans? How do you do that? Let’s drive out the illegals and leave it at that.

    • Kurt says:

      Boxcar your right, who wants to drive out the legal Mexicans? As long as they don’t abuse the benefits given to them and use up the funds for others, they have been a good part of our economy! It is the Illegal immigrants that are hurting this town with tax evasion, etc… that we need to deal with and giving them citizenship without complying to this countries original rules to become a citizen does nothing but separate this countries unity!

    • UrIgnrant says:

      And Heaton will you & Prigge go around checking every brown skinned body’s ID? That’s where the problems begin!

  27. klubgal says:

    LOL at Americanway!

  28. Americanway says:

    Don’t be a poor sport Boxcar!