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Daily Herald Picks Warren

21 February 2009 RS 26 Comments

Park bench at Tyler Creek Forest Preserve, Elgin, Illinois. Park bench at Tyler Creek Forest Preserve, Elgin, Illinois. (Photo by James Jordan).

The Daily Herald endorsed a candidate for the 2-year seat:

Six candidates are running for the unexpired term of Mike Powers, who resigned last year after a conflict of interest surfaced.

That’s a rather nice way of putting it, wouldn’t you say? What is the status of this investigation, anyway? Does anybody know? Has the states attorney forgotten all about it?

After several candidate forums, an exhaustive questionnaire and an editorial board meeting, our top choice is Mike Warren.

Warren, 39, who works for Rieke Office Interiors, has proven leadership experience. He’s a take-charge guy, having risen to leadership roles in a variety of community undertakings. He is president-elect of the Elgin Rotary Club, president of the Well Child Center, president of the Sherman Hospital Men’s Health Alliance board, and a trustee for the Elgin Symphony Orchestra.

He has a solid grasp of the operations of and challenges facing the business community and would apply that knowledge to helping Elgin navigate the difficult waters ahead during the recession.

And he grasps the notion that once the new casino in Des Plaines opens, Elgin’s cash cow - the Grand Victoria - will lose a chunk of its customer base and the city will lose a sizable portion of its capital improvement source.

Among his positions: Warren believes that unless financial incentives offered to downtown businesspeople don’t result in economic growth or more jobs then they are a detriment. Counter to what some of his opponents say, he feels the trial parking ban in the city should not be broadened or scrapped until both public works and emergency crews weigh in on its effectiveness and residents in the four neighborhoods can assess it. And on illegal immigration, Warren suggests that the city be mindful of not conducting a witch hunt that could disenfranchise an large segment of Elgin’s diverse population.

Emi Morales, 27, an Elgin native and attorney, is also worthy of attention. Morales has served on the Elgin Housing Authority Board. She would bring a great deal of enthusiasm to the council.

Al Fernandez, 47, a veteran Hoffman Estates police officer with a master’s degree in urban management, would offer a cop’s perspective on the council. We agree with many of his positions, but find his answer to the parking issue - implementing a 2-inch snow parking ban across the city to be simplistic and unworkable.

Charlene Sligting is president of the South West Area Neighborhood association and knows well many of the neighborhood-level issues. But her 2005 DUI and her recent handling of it during a candidate forum showed a considerable lack of judgment.

Brenda Rodgers has a good heart but wasn’t a strong council member, and voters told her so two years ago when they voted her out of office.

Mike Robins, who has pledged to donate his council salary to charity and who advocates stronger customer service, otherwise lacks concrete ideas.

The Daily Herald must be really comfortable with the current city council to endorse Mike Warren. But I don’t sense that people in Elgin are looking for more of the same. People are upset about illegal immigration, for example. On this issue, what is the position of Mayor Ed Schock?

Here’s what the mayor has said about the topic:

But the fact of the matter is the economy of the United States is dependent upon and grown as a result of the immigration. The unfortunate thing is that this has had to occur too often in an illegal environment rather than a legal, orderly process…

Of course there have been employee and employer abuses, but the key factor to remember is this; In the Chicago metropolitan area since 1970, 96% of the population growth in the entire six county Chicago metropolitan area has been as a result of Latino immigration. No immigration; no new workers. Our region would have lost jobs because of its inability to provide or find workers.

Read that, and you can conclude that Ed Schock is in favor of illegal immigration, because to him, it’s just about population growth, and the more the merrier.

Well, Ed Schock has a yard sign that says Vote for Mike Warren. It’s not that you need the endorsement of Ed Schock to know where Mr. Warren stands on the issue. According to the Herald, Mr. Warren’s view is that to do anything about illegal immigration is to engage in a “witch hunt that could disenfranchise an large segment of Elgin’s diverse population.”

Witch hunt? Disenfranchise? I suppose we are close enough to Chicago that if dead people and goldfish can vote, so can illegal aliens. But really is that what Mr. Warrren is worried about? That illegal aliens won’t be able to vote?

Let’s hear your thoughts on this. Why should we vote (or not vote) for Mike Warren?

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26 Responses to “Daily Herald Picks Warren”

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  1. boxcar says:

    Ya’ Like Warren? You better LOVE Schock then. Now with zero credibility as a candidate, he’s tagged and rightfully so. Voters need to send a message to all illegals, Ed Schock and all his supporters and vote for Mike Robins. Or, at the very least, anybody BUT Warren.

    I don’t think people realize how important this election is.

    This is the only opportunity for citizens to say anything about illegals where it means the most: The ballot box. FOUR TIMES!

    If voters say “Yes” to Warren, Morales, Rodgers, Fernandez or Sligting they are saying “YES” to MORE illegals crawling the streets of Elgin and obliterating U-46 schools in Elgin. Warren, Morales and Rodgers are THE most dangerous candidates to Elgin. Fernandez doesn’t understand and Sligting can never be trusted on any issue. She has a paper compass.

    I’d like to know exactly who makes up the Herald’s editorial board? Editor Jim Baumann, for sure. Then who? Harry Hitzeman, a less-than qualified writer who should be doing newsletters instead of writing for a daily paper. Then, who?
    Kerry Lester, the U-46 good-times pipeline?

    Robins is not the best overall candidate but, he can be worked with AND he’s the only one with the guts to speak out against illegals. He may be copying and pasting John Prigge’s ideas but it shows he’s paying attention. He’s not strong but certainly the best out of this crew on illegals.

    Speaking of John Prigge, someone on the Daily Herald blog today wrote something very telling about what would happen if Prigge was in THIS race and not the four year one. Short version: It wouldn’t be pretty, with or without Mike “Little Eddie” Warren.

  2. rm says:

    I suppose no one is in shock that the Daily Reflejos has endorsed two Illegal candidates. Just as we should not have been surprised that one of its first “cost saving” terminations last year was Elgin columnist Chris Bailey who might not have been willing to serve as an obedient Reflejos-puppy and ignore the Powers scandal or the impact of alien crime and poverty in Elgin.

    The Daily Reflejos, while maintaining the image of an American journalistic enterprise, has never done a thing to investigate who in the Fox Valley hires illegal alien labor or the impact of illegal aliens on our public safety or their burden on our schools, medical and social services or other struggling public institutions. Should we be surprised that the decline of Elgin as a mainstream American community has been accompanied by the increasing presence of the Daily Reflejos in the Fox Valley? No more than we should be surprised that the Daily Reflejos does not want to rock the boat steered by the white business elites growing fat off the cheap peon labor that Mayor Schock is so eager to protect.

    Which leads to a question, RS. What’s the source of Schock’s quote? I’m not questioning the accuracy of your attribution. I’d only like its source for future reference inasmuch as it speaks so succinctly to the corrupt greed of the “immigration” racket and its transformation of northern Illinois into a plantation of peon labor “jobs.”

  3. Charlene Sligting says:

    Good evening everyone.

    There has been a lot of information posted regarding myself over the last few weeks, some being true and some not.

    This blog provides a great opportunity to have a Q & A to get to the bottom of the fact and fiction. I will stay on-line until 11:00pm tonight, February 21, to accomplish this for anyone who is interested and in the future for those who might read this posting after the fact.

  4. rm says:

    RS, good questions about the Powers scandal. It’s important for everyone concerned about honest government in Elgin to recognize that the Powers story is not “old news” (except to the Daily Reflejos for whom it was never “news” at all).

    Why did Bob Gilliam and John Walters - two current Council members running for re-election - sit by and let Powers vote on the $700,000 Bandits subsidy when Powers had been told a month before by Elgin’s head lawyer and assistant city manager that he had a conflict of interest with Bandits matters? Why was Powers’ apparent conflict hushed up for several months until last August when the taxpayer money had already been spent? Who benefited from this shady taxpayer subsidy besides the Bandits and Judson University, whose president Jerry Cain apparently is a member of the local LULAC board? I hope somebody poses these questions before the election to Mr. Gilliam and Mr. Walters because we know the Daily Reflejos won’t.

  5. boxcar says:

    The Herald didn’t run anything on Powers because Steven Ross Johnson of the Courier scooped the God out of them. Brutally scooped them. They got their rump kicked by a good reporter and for them to report anything would have made them look worse. They knew it was a huge story. Chris Bailey, we miss you.

    Great name for the Herald, btw.

  6. Charlene Sligting says:

    “Sligting can never be trusted on any issue. She has a paper compass.” I am interested in learning more about the basis of your statement.

  7. boxcar says:


    1) You are endorsed by AFLA yet nowhere on your website is the issue of illegals mentioned. Why?

    2) Will you initiate, not just support, forming a coalition of nearby cities to go to ICE and demand more help from them?

    3) Where do illegals in Elgin rank on your list of issues in Elgin?

  8. rm says:

    RS, thanks for the citation to the Schock quote. I well remember that WBEZ program on “immigration” in Elgin and will have to revisit it. A lot of water - and dead Mexican kids - have gone over the dam, at least figuratively, since it was broadcast.

  9. boxcar says:

    I will explain after your answers.

  10. rm says:

    Ms. Sligting,…

    I’ve raised serious questions about your past actions and character on this blog but no more serious than you will face from your opponents in a general election. I do, however, respect your apparent willingness to address questions on this blog.

    As a Council member will you be in favor of requiring the Elgin Police Department to disclose the legal residency status of any individual arrested by the department?

    As a Council member will you be in favor of requiring proof of legal residency before providing water service to a household in the city of Elgin?

    Thank you for your responses.

  11. Charlene Sligting says:

    1) Yes, I am endorsed by AFLA and have posted my response to AFLA’s questions http://www.charlenesligting.com/undocumented-residents/afla-candidates-forum.html

    2) Yes, I will initiate talks with whomever necessary to achieve a higher level of results at the local level.

    3) Illegal immigration, which I am assuming you are referring to, is one of the top issues facing Elgin residents and will also be one of my top priorities.

  12. boxcar says:

    I missed these answers on your website re: #1.

    Thank you for answers 2-3.

    Re: the compass and trust issues. I have the impression that your intensity on issues can change depending on who is asking the question. There is a difference between being firm and steadfast and being careful what you say as to not offend anyone.

    FYI re: the DUI issue. I feel it is completely unfair and irrelevant in this campaign and unfair that you have had to address this more than once.

    For me, illegal aliens and this council’s laying down while the city goes to Hell is my #1 issue. Your opponent, Mike Robins, has shown me more on that issue.

    Your responses are appreciated.

  13. Charlene Sligting says:

    When someone decides to run for public office, he or she knows that any past actions will be brought to light. Knowing this, I also know that most will look at and weigh an individual’s overall actions and character in full balance.

    The EPD already discloses information regarding legal residency status. A report was recently provided by the Chief of Police at a January City Council meeting along with how many of those arrested were deported.

    City Councilmembers, should not be in the position to decide who gets to drink water and who does not.

  14. Mike Robins says:

    Hello all, for years I have heard complaints from people from Arlington Heights to Woodstock about the daily herald and some of their abilities and the age group of the reporters. I know for a fact from a good source they goofed up an investigation a couple of years ago they were given good leads on, and sent a photographer to a surveillance because the reported at the time lived in the loop and did not work days. The guy that went, showed up 3 hours early and botched the whole thing.

    When I went to the herald, I really did not place to much emphasis on their process to begin with. It is absolutely stupid and silly that I lack concrete ideas, or that I am not strong in conviction. Anyone that knows me, knows I never stop at something I have an interest in. Some were not aware of this in the past and wished they were!

    There are two new ordinances in the last five years, due to the fact I had city council members check out a matter and that day they called our city attorney to advise him Robins was on key with this matter. An ordinance was passed within 3 months. The court administrator I once worked with, worked for the city, not the county. This woman called administrators in the chief judges office to advise them I was working out very well in the facility and that programs I expanded on were giving the judges the ability to set more reasonable bonds for people due to my efforts.

    I recently had a candidate i am running with tell me that I was the best one at the last forum at the library and on the ball with all the forums. My response was to thank this person for their honesty and the sincerity in telling me this. I have been at times very suprised and of course pleased with the amount of people approaching me after forums telling me, hay mike we were voting for so and so, but now were voting for you, you were great up there, we really liked your answers! How many county employees received a letter from a federal judge they never expected, due to concrete ideas and conviction! Running out of room, next blog.

  15. Mike Robins says:

    Also on strength and concrete ideas, I usually hang around people that are ten to fifteen years older than me, I am 51. People in this older age group are smarter than people my age and I find them very interesting. Throughout the years, these same people have told my parents when they speak with them that your kid is really on the ball. He is very smart and is a fast learner.

    In fact, sometimes I have been known to be to strong in nature as I usually get things done I want to accomplish. I did not study much in college and graduated with a 4.7 out of a 5.0 I took the LSAT and got accepted to john marshall and kent and changed my mind due to the fact there are too many attorneys out there already. BTW! WE DONT NEED ANOTHER ATTORNEY ON THE COUNCIL! Especially one thats already waffling on matters.

    People, let me tell you something right now! My entire life as been one of strength and concrete solid constructive ideas! My work record and personal life shows this. I will bring all of this to the council for you and so will my new friend if we both make it in, you can bank on this! If anyone ever wants to see my judical work letters or yearly performance audits from managers, I will be happy to show them to you and we can chat about some other issues. Hey how about this, you all for the first time saw something come out that finally hit a nerve with me! LOL!

  16. boxcar says:

    Rm said: As a Council member will you be in favor of requiring proof of legal residency before providing water service to a household in the city of Elgin?”

    This is an interesting question and a wonderful concept! I wonder if that can be done, legally.

    Now, here’s an example of a bad answer to that question:

    “City Councilmembers, should not be in the position to decide who gets to drink water and who does not.”

    Oh, really? So once they unlawfully get INTO Elgin it’s ok to provide city services? You see, this is the type of paper compass answer I am referring to. Your positions are not concrete in 100% convictions upon further examination. They are as good as the initial quote and then that’s it. Sometimes your words after the initial quote destroys your position.

    Maybe the best answer would be, “I will explore all legal options in our attempt to rid Elgin of illegals. If this can be done I would be in favor of it.”

    There’s no paper compass in that answer.

  17. Jessica T. says:

    What’s next? Checking IDs before allowing people to enter the grocery store? Why not just advocate shooting people who can’t show they’re here legally? It’d be more humane than letting them die of water deprivation.

  18. boxcar says:

    Pretty dramatic response. If Elgin was a desert town and there was no other city for miles around that would be one thing. But it’s not.

    Is there or could there be a law that says a city can withhold doing business with an illegal alien? I believe and hope so. Denying a city service to someone who is illegally on U.S. soil doesn’t seem out of line. It doesn’t let them die, it means illegal aliens have to go elsewhere.

    And what’s wrong with that?

  19. James says:

    “It doesn’t let them die, it means illegal aliens have to go elsewhere.”

    Elsewhere that doesn’t have a similar law, that is.

  20. boxcar says:


    And so on, and so on, etc.

  21. Cinderella Man says:

    Mike Robins is honest and hardworking. he is a person of integrity. He has within him the possibility to change the direction and tone of the Elgin City Council, which certainly needs changing. His election to the two-year vacancy will serve as a practical rebuke to the past several years, which need rebuking. His victory would provide a fresh start in a city in which a fresh start would come as a community relief.
    I saw Mike Robins at the VFW on Weld Road earlier today—Sunday. I noticed how gracious he was to the senior citizens who were there listening to the music of an earlier era.
    I like Mike. I hope Elgin likes him, too.

  22. Jessica T. says:

    So will the City also check to make sure the occupants don’t have outstanding warrants before turning on their water?

  23. James says:

    The illegal immigration thing is like a religion.

  24. boxcar says:


    Another GOOD idea! Maybe that’s being done already. I know that to run for the city council you cannot be in arrears to the city on anything. Water bill, parking tickets, etc.

    This would not be that big of a stretch.

  25. rm says:

    Does anyone know if Mike Warren has a bachelors degree from a college or university? I understand he graduated from ECC but do not know if he is a graduate of any other institution.