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The SEIU candidates

3 February 2009 RS 4 Comments

The following candidates for Elgin City Council participated in the AFLA candidates forum on January, 21st: Al Fernandez, Emi Morales, Michael Robins, Brenda Rodgers, Charlene Sligting and Mike Warren.

Of those candidates, only Mike Robins and Al Fernandez said they will not accept SEIU (Service Employees International Union) money. Warren equivocated, and Emi Morales, Charlene Sligting and Brenda Rodgers all said they would accept SEIU money.

These candidates would join a number of local politicians who feed from the SEIU trough. They are listed below along with the contributions they have taken over the past four years (thanks to AFLA for compiling the information):

Mike Noland - state senator - $9,334
Bob Gilliam - city councilman - $5,847
Ed Schock - mayor - $5,000
Juan Figueroa - city councilman - $4,238
John Walters - city councilman - $2,869
Pat Perez - county sheriff - $1,200

You can read the post on the AFLA blog about the SEIU. You can also read about how the SEIU has organized illegal immigrant rallies in all regions of the country. AFLA has noted on its blog how this same union is organizing illegal immigrant rallies in Elgin. They are going so far as to recruit students out of our local Elgin high schools.

Notice that the bottom of the flyer, which was distributed at Larkin High School, says “call Arnaldo from SEIU.” Arnoldo Fabela is apparently a paid union organizer for the SEIU, who is also co-chairman of SOAP, Speak Out Against Prejudice.

SEIU is probably doing everything in its power not only to legalize illegal aliens, but also through their local organizers to encourage the settlement of illegal aliens in Elgin. That’s not an agenda that we can support. Those who would take their money, are tainted, and do not deserve election or reelection.

Aside from the illegal immigration issue, how can we expect city councilmen to deal fairly with city workers when they are taking money from their unions? We want our councilmen to work for the residents of Elgin, not city employees.

I believe SEIU has undue influence in Elgin, and I’m glad that we have at least two candidate, Mike Robins and Al Fernandez, who recognize that there is a fundamental conflict of interest in taking money from the SEIU.

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4 Responses to “The SEIU candidates”

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  1. Boxcar says:

    That is a lot of money for three people in a local election from an organization that is directly tied to city finances. It would be one thing if the union wanted to show support for their bosses and make a contribution. BUT, because this union is obviously against American values (laws) and the issue of illegal aliens in Elgin is such a hot-button topic, accepting money from them should be a curse. It also clearly shows why these incumbents are hiding on the illegal alien issue. Even Walters, who I heard is a Republican, accepts their money. Maybe that’s why he didn’t get as much as Gilliam and Figueroa.

    I just sent an e-mail to John Prigge to ask him about accepting SEIU money. I’ll be curioous to see what his answer will be. I consider him to be the strongest challenger to the incumbents and others I’ve spoken with agree. He clearly has the best website based on information. But, it’s still too early.

  2. Tom says:

    SEIU is big trouble. Look at what Wikipedia has about them:

    According to a story published in the New York Times on December 11, 2008, the SEIU was “badly embarrassed” when the union was named in the federal criminal complaint authored by the team led by US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald that charged Rod R. Blagojevich, Governor of Illinois, with attempting to gain illicit financial benefits via the appointment of the state’s next senator, replacing Barack Obama. The article names Tom Balanoff, president of SEIU Illinois Council, Vice President of its International Executive Board, as well as the President of SEIU Local 1, as being involved.[2] The article also notes that Illinois branch of the SEIU issued a statement saying, “We have no reason to believe that S.E.I.U. or any S.E.I.U. official was involved in any misconduct.” On December 30, 2008, Juan Gonzalez of the New York Daily News summarized charges of corruption in various SEIU locals across the country.

    The corruption goes all the way to the top of the organization. Andy Stern, the CEO of SEIU, was probably involved with Obama/Blago senate seat scandal:


    The federal complaint alleges that one of Mr. Blagojevich’s plans was to appoint a labor-friendly candidate to the vacated Illinois Senate seat in exchange for a $300,000-a-year position at an SEIU-affiliated labor federation called Change to Win. As head of the SEIU, Mr. Stern is one of the top leaders of the seven-union federation.

    The SEIU was the governor’s biggest campaign contributor, contributing $1.8 million for his two campaigns for governor. Several former and current members of the SEIU’s executive board recall that the governor addressed the board’s first meeting in 2003 after he won the governor’s seat with strong support from the SEIU.

  3. Boxcar says:

    I just received this prompt email from Mr. John Prigge. (I am even more impressed with him now. He is to the point with just enough reasoning for his answers)

    Thank you for your question about an SEIU endorsement.

    I have not received nor initiated any contact with SEIU. I have no intention of contacting them to ask for their support. I would be surprised if they did contact me as I believe my views on what is important to Elgin is quite different than theirs, namely their advocation of illegal aliens. My plan is to make Elgin a very unattractive place for illegals to work and live. I believe they would not be interested in that plan. Their past financial support of the incumbents I am running against strengthens my belief.

    Although I cannot control who publicly endorses me, I can control who I accept contributions and volunteer help from and SEIU support would not be accepted by me.

    I’m glad you asked! Please visit my Web site for more information about “Vintage Values For A Better Elgin”

    John Prigge
    Elgin City Council Candidate, Four-year term.

  4. Dave Martin says:

    Dear John Prigge, what a breath of fresh air you are! As an Illinois Minuteman and a patriot, I appreciate your position on illegal aliens.
    When I read the stats on illegal immigration, and what harm it does to MY country, I am stunned!
    We do not know who these people are that are sneaking into our country. From past experience we may invite robbers, murderers and rapists into the US and never know for years that we have made that mistake. At least until the statistics start showing us that the people who are unwilling to ID themselves do so for a reason.
    It is unfortunate, but most of the felons I read about from southern American countries are arrested for child abuse IE. sex with a minor.
    Mostly with young girls, but sometimes even worse.
    Maybe a minor child ( female ) can be had by married by an older man in mexico, but not here. If you come to my country, learn the rules or leave. Dave.