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Candidate responses to AFLA questionnaire

30 January 2009 RS 2 Comments

AFLA has posted the questionnaire responses they received from Elgin city council candidates. Included are responses from the following candidates for the two-year seat: Al Fernandez, Emi Morales, Michael J. Robins, Brenda Rodgers, Charlene Sligting, and Mike Warren.

Among the candidates for the 4-year seat, responses from the following candidates have been posted: Bruce Trego and John Prigge. Mr. Prigge’s response looks incomplete, however.

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2 Responses to “Candidate responses to AFLA questionnaire”

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  1. Boxcar says:

    On the Daily Herald’s blog under a letter to the editor re: the candidate’s forum, Emi Morales is taking some direct and accurate criticism for changing one of her responses. Apparently at the AFLA forum she said she would accept an AFLA endorsement. Now, on AFLA’s written questionaire she avoids the direct question with some generic answer about representing all people, etc., with or without AFLA’s endorsement.

    The criticism is harsh but accurate.

  2. Mike Robins says:

    Hello all, I hope the weather continues to warm. I have some new info on my full platform page and about me section. I was at a political gathering last night at the Holiday Inn here in Elgin. I spoke of my work record and how it will pertain on the council. The city council salery is approx. $10000.00 per year. I ANNOUNCED THAT I WILL DONATE MY ENTIRE SALERY TO CHARITY. I have the ability to do a great job on the council. I have proven this through my career, if you would like, please call me for more info. I do not need to take money from the city budget for a tasc that should be on a volunteer basis to begin with.