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City Council Candidates Forum

19 January 2009 RS 11 Comments

The six people running for the 2-year Elgin City Council seat have been invited to a candidates forum scheduled for Wednesday, January 21st, at 7:00 p.m., at the American Legion Hall, 820 North Liberty Street.

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Mark your calendars. Show up. Ask some questions. Make your views known.

The event is sponsored by the Association for Legal Americans.

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11 Responses to “City Council Candidates Forum”

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  1. James says:

    I was not able to attend this event due to a work conflict; how was it, did anyone attend, learn anything?

  2. Tom says:

    Here’s what I found about it until someone else tells us what went on.


    Each candidate used the forum, sponsored by the Association for Legal Americans, as a chance to introduce themselves to the crowd of about 100 that included Councilmen Juan Figueroa, David Kaptain and John Walters.

    For the most part, candidates found themselves on the same side of many issues, emphasizing the need for more federal involvement in illegal immigration enforcement.

    On the revitalization of the downtown area, most favor making the kind of investments that would attract more businesses, but said they could not support the concept of building a new performance hall to replace the Hemmens Cultural Center in the current economic climate.


    When asked about whether they would accept campaign contributions from unions that represent city workers, Robins and Fernandez answered a flat-out no, Warren said he wants all residents to be active and interested in the race, and the remaining candidates said yes.

    The forum was the first of three planned before the primary. Other forums are 7:30 p.m. Feb. 4, American Legion Hall, 820 N. Liberty St. by the Elgin Jaycees; 7 p.m. Feb. 5, First Presbyterian Church, 240 Standish St., by the Near West Neighbors Association; and 2 p.m. Feb. 15 at the Gail Borden Public Library, 270 N. Grove Ave., by the League of Women Voters.

  3. You Should Know says:

    I was in audience and surprised to hear Ms. Morales say that she would accept the AFLA endorsement (with over 20 of her SOAP supporters also in the audience) since she is the SOAP candidate and Uncle Gil, who is on the SOAP board, is her campaign manager.

    It was amazing how she could stand in front of 100 concerned citizens and lied to there face. A true politician!

  4. Boxcar says:

    I was there also and I must say her saying that gave AFLA another layer of credibility. Anyone who is a dual-member of SOAP and LULAC (and a host of others, per Morales herself) that would accept an AFLA endorsement shows that AFLA is NOT a racist group.

    AFLA will never endorse her, of course. But now THEY can say that a SOAP and LULAC member WILL accept their support. A nice jewel for AFLA.

  5. ERICK says:

    Exactly, Ms. Morales said that she would allow support if AFLA would endorse her because she wants to represent all facets of the community. If anything, she is trying to be the change that we need in the council. Kind of like Obamas willing to be work through both parties and stop the partinship we have in this day.

  6. Boxcar says:

    I feel that when you are involved in an organization so deeply (LULAC) that you are on the board, you subscribe to their mission statement and platform in a much more dedicated fashion. You are a leader, not just a member.

    I am very disturbed by LULAC’s platform and consider it to be in direct conflict with many Americans. Again, her acceptance of an AFLA endorsement increased the credibility of AFLA and spotlights them more than Morales’ intentions of acceptance.

  7. WildeKurt says:

    I was at the Feb. 5 candidate forum. Ms. Morales said she’d accept support from anyone. Guess she’s not picky who she gets in bed with. A true politician and lawyer: Say what you gotta say to get elected.

  8. starshine says:

    I was at both forums that took place this week. I found Ms. slighting constant facial expressions distracting, revealing a lack of respect and professionalism towards her fellow candidates. Mr. Robbin long winded and not to the point. Ms. Rodger was disappointing. With four years on the city coucil under her belt, I expect her to be more of an expert on the issues and to offer us another perpective. Ms. Morales performed better at the JC than last night. she needs more supstance in her answers. I did like her responseto the AFLA endorsment. But the verbal catfight that took place after the forum between Morales & Sligting was a disgrace for both LADIES. Warren and Al(can’t remember last name) both very bland personalities came out ahead in my opinion. PS. Was this staged or what! opening question on arrest! what was up w/the rant about the DUIs?? did I miss something here? did Sligting ever take responabilty for it? I think she spent more time on blaming the officer and the arresting officer was there and I over heard people talking to him about it..!! and yes, I was listening to other people conversations.

  9. RS says:

    I normally only go to the LWV forum, so I’ve been missing out on all the exciting stuff that’s been happening at these forums. doglvr, did you say a catfight?

    Oh dear.

    So how much truth is there to the charge (made via a comment on this blog by an Emi Morales supporter) that Charlene Sligting has received two DUIs in Elgin?

    I am surprised that this comes up, just because city council competitions tend to be nowhere near as nasty as legislative or congressional campaigns. But I guess the Emi Morales camp is going all out.

    Should having a DUI disqualify a candidate? Two DUIs? It’s an interesting question. Drunken driving is always a bad thing, but I think voters should know how long ago this was, and what the circumstances were.

    Perhaps Ms. Sligting will provide us with some details.

    If anybody else attended these forums, please keep us posted!

  10. starshine says:

    Hello all, I’m new to this. don’t know the protocol, so tell me when is it good judgement to drink and drive? Does Elgin have a chapter of MADD?? I wonder what they would say…..now Doglvr must be a man. When ever two women disagree, it’s always discribe as a catfight, and more so from a dog-lvr? I wasn’t there so I don’t knw. until next time shine on!