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Charlene Sligting: City Council Candidate [2009]

18 January 2009 RS 124 Comments

The following is excerpted from the website of Charlene Sligting, a candidate for Elgin City Council.


Charlene Sligting is uniquely qualified to be a public servant. Her role model was her father, a fire fighter for over 24 years, who even in retirement demonstrated what it meant to be a public servant, and Charlene has lived by the lessons she learned at home. Now she is ready to move into the most important role of her career: your Elgin City Council representative.

Since coming to Elgin, Charlene has immersed herself in the community, both professionally and personally, reaching out and forming partnerships with members of the community and with non-profit organizations such as the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s Ride for Kids, the Elgin Youth Leadership Academy, and the Boys and Girls Club of Elgin. Through her many contacts, Charlene has found fiscal responsibility, safer neighborhoods, green initiatives, and accountability and transparency in city government to be of great importance to Elgin citizens. As your elected City Council representative she will devote her time and energy to dealing with these issues.

Charlene is a team player and an effective communicator. She worked with her neighbors to revitalize the dormant South West Area Neighbors (SWAN), and she currently serves as President of SWAN. Through her community service and her association with community organizations, such as the Elgin Community Network, the Elgin Chamber of Commerce Membership Council, the Elgin Hispanic Network, and Altrusa International, she has learned that the team is more effective than the individual. As a team player, she will work with other Council members while bringing a fresh perspective and independent ideas to the discussions.

Charlene is passionate about Elgin. She is dedicated to helping make Elgin a vibrant community, and she is forthright in her interactions with Elgin citizens.

We need Charlene’s experience and impartiality to bring some common sense into City government.

Charlene Sligting is the most qualified candidate to fill the 2-year vacancy on the Elgin City Council. Vote for her in the primary election on February 24, 2009, and in the consolidated election on April 7, 2009.


Promoting the Strength & Safety of Neighborhoods

The Code Administration Department has recently suggested some changes in the home occupancy guidelines and I support changes to reduce overcrowding. Our current code policy is too liberal by allowing 1 person per 100 square feet. When elected, I will work to ensure that any new guidelines that reduce overcrowding are enforced.

Furthermore, in order to promote the strength, safety, and health of our neighborhoods, we need to work with landlords. If we enforce mandatory deconversion of rental properties when adequate off-street parking is not available, this too will reduce overcrowding.

Implementing a Non-Emergency 311 Phone Number

Providing a designated number for Elgin residents to call for non-emergency assistance will create an effective channel for fostering better communication throughout the city. This would be a results-oriented system to enhance accountability and be a key tool for understanding the needs of citizens.

This would also provide a point of contact during both normal business hours and especially on weekends when residents find it most difficult to get their concerns addressed and resolved.

Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility

In dealing with the current economic climate, tough decisions need to be made to balance the budget while ensuring basic city services are not affected. I will work with staff to prioritize services needed to maintain the quality of life Elgin residents expect from city government.

Advancing our Green Initiatives

I will form partnerships and collaborate with established environmental groups to help make Elgin a sustainable city through energy conservation and waste reduction.

There are progressive ways to achieve this goal and my commitment to you is to research ways to use the Fox River as a further natural resource. For example using the river as an electrical resource to power city owned buildings. In doing so, we will also receive a one kilowatt credit from Com Ed for every kilowatt that is produced. This can also be achieve with the installation of mini wind turbines being placed strategically on city owned buildings. Again, we will receive a one kilowatt credit for this effort and provide an additional way to decrease spending.

As you can see, Ms. Sligting has updated her statement with some detail about what she wants to do with the Fox River. Apparently she wants to use it for hydropower. And to further burnish her “green” credentials, she is proposing, “mini wind turbines being placed strategically on city owned buildings.”

We will have to have an engineer weigh in on the merits of such a proposal, but I am skeptical that they are technically feasible. City-owned buildings are close to the ground where the potential for wind power is negligible. As for the Fox River, I can’t even imagine the cost of converting the Kimball Street dam into a hydropower project, which itself would be an environmental disaster of another sort. If she’s speaking of run-of-water generators in other locations, it is implausible that these can provide anything more than the most trivial amount of power.

Of course, as with almost all “green” measures, even if technically feasible they would not be economical.

Combine that with her proposed 311 system, which is inevitably expensive, and I’m not sure how to reconcile all of this with the “Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility” section of her statement.

No mention of illegal immigration, but you can guess…

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124 Responses to “Charlene Sligting: City Council Candidate [2009]”

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  1. I want to take this opportunity to further discuss placing wind turbines on city owned buildings and using the Fox River as a resource along with costs associated with implementation of a 311 phone number.

    • This past October, I attended Lt. Governor Pat Quinn’s Sustainable Cities Symposium where I first learned of roof top wind turbines. It is a very interesting concept and I encourage everyone to learn more about this innovative way to reduce electrical costs and our carbon footprint.

    • Regarding using the Fox River as a resource, professional studies have been done by the University of Illinois and engineers. Both studies results show using the dam for hydropower is feasible and not an “environmental disaster”. Furthermore, the dam is protected and can never be removed.

    • Additional staff should not be needed, as the 311 system could be implemented with reallocation of current staff and current resources. There are different cost variables when using the 311 system. These variables would need to researched further to determine which, if any, would be feasible for Elgin residents.

    I agree that during this economical climate, spending additional money on new initiatives might not be an option. These are progressive ideas for Elgin’s future that I would support. With any proposed project, a cost benefit analysis would need to occur to make certain it would be a proper investment of our tax dollars to ensure fiscal responsibility.

    Also, can please elaborate further regarding your statement, “no mention of illegal immigration, but you can guess…” I am not certain the direction of this generalization.

  2. Todd Martin says:

    Ms. Sligting’s issue statements most closely align with my views, so I am leaning toward supporting her. Enough so that I will try to attend one of her fundraisers and learn more.

    I find the statement: “Of course, as with almost all “green” measures, even if technically feasible they would not be economical.” to be ridiculous. Many “green” measures are related to increasing efficiency or conservation. Adding insulation to a building, changing to compact flourescents, high efficiency boilers and furnaces and water heaters and low flow faucet aerators and toilets and on and on… I want a city council that directs the City to constantly improve the City infrastructure to reduce cost, reduce waste, and yes improve the environment in which we live.

    I agree that removing the Kimball Street dam is impractical. The city of Elgin relies on the Fox River for drinking water, and the dam serves a useful purpose in that regard.

    Hydropower, once installed, has a very low cost of operation compared to a coal plant or natural gas plant (no fuel to buy). Federal, state and private subsidies are available to mitigate the cost of construction. So it may well be cost effective for the City to pursue. Wouldn’t it be nice for the City to have lower utility bills?

    Most of the environmental harm done by hydro-electric dams is caused by the presence of the dam (which we are stuck with anyway). The environmental benefit of generating electricity without coal plant emissions should not be overlooked. The air quality in Elgin can be improved by such initiatives.

    Equally important are her proposals to reduce overcrowding and our street parking problems. U46 will be a better school district if the single family homes in the district (which pay just one property tax bill each) have just one family in each.

  3. RS says:

    ‘I find the statement: “Of course, as with almost all “green” measures, even if technically feasible they would not be economical.” to be ridiculous.’

    Todd, I did say “almost.” :)

    Even then such decisions are made on the basis of cost efficiency. Long before the environmental movement, people have looked for ways to save money, including any way they can eke out greater efficiencies, regarding energy or any other resource. Nowadays it’s fashionable to call it “green,” but it is what it is.

    When I talk about “green” measures I mean things that are done primarily because they are perceived to be environmentally friendly, not because they save money.

    If something saves money, you can bet that it will be done regardless of whether it is “green” or not. Assuming of course, that the authorities responsible are both competent and budget-sensitive.

    With regard to hydro, I think the impoundment of the Fox River is the single most important environmental issue in this area. It is not easy to remove the dam at this time, but to further modify it for power or do anything else that will have the effect of making it more permanent is in my opinion, environmentally irresponsible.

    Ms. Sligting, thank you for leaving a comment. I’m glad you have decided to engage this audience and communicate your views. I am very interested in the study you mentioned regarding using the Kimball Street dam for hydropower. Could you please provide the authors and year of publication so that I can obtain it?

    I’m interested in what scheme they would propose, and what the expense would be to create such a modification, how much power it could generate and what the required resources would be for maintaining it. I’m assuming such a project would require hydraulic engineers and other staff familiar with power generation, something the city does not currently do to any extent, as far as I know.

    With regard to 311, I’m sure you have done more research than I have because it is a part of your platform. May I ask for an example–because I have not been able to find one–of a city that has established a 311 system without increasing their headcount? Can you name one city? It would be good to know, and would go a long way towards reassuring those of us who have doubts about this program.

  4. Boxcar says:

    When a political candidate ignores the 300-lb. elephant in the room it’s usually out of fear. Fear that their opinion and or lack of a follow-up solution may be unpopular with whom THEY deem as being the majority. Afterall, noone wants to offend a majority of voters in an election.

    However, I will ignore a candidate who ignores big issues anytime or anywhere. Illegal immigration in Elgin is a catastrophic problem and getting worse every day. Any candidate who ignores this on their website as Ms. Sligting, Ms. Rodgers, Ms. Morales, Mr. Figueroa, Ms. Quezada and Ms. Scruggs has or, as in Mr. Robins’ case, mentions it with no opinion or solution is either out of touch or afraid. We already have 6 people afraid on this council and I don’t want or need any more.

    I know it’s early but to be THIS afraid or THIS out of touch on illegal immigrants shows me nothing worth in a candidate.

    Re: overcrowding guidelines: Sadly, I do not believe a city can override a Federal law on this issue. Anyone know?

  5. Jessica T. says:

    Regarding the dam:

    At tonight’s Elgin Alive event this came up. Very interesting! Apparently the dam was purposely rebuilt with the intention of electrical generation, but at the time the local energy company fought it. Also, it would not have created a steady, large amount of energy because of the slow current of the river at times.

    Dave Kaptain mentioned the U of I study and said this is something that the City of Elgin plans on revisiting this year to see if it is economically feasible as part of the sustainability planning process. Mike Alft commented that Chuck Emert (sp?) has been pushing for the dam conversion for the past decade and has quite a bit of information on it.

    Regarding overcrowding:

    These laws are determined by local ordinance. Elgin currently requires 100 sq. feet per person, while Aurora only requires 50 sq. feet. There are other details beyond square feet that are more important and usually considered in the enforcement/inspection, though I am definitely not an expert on them.

    Examples: Some cities require a room to have a closing door to be considered a bedroom. Some cities limit the number of children that can share a bedroom. I’ve heard of a county regulating the number of unrelated people who can live in the same housing unit. Etc., etc. I believe these are used rather than actually dividing the total sq. footage of the house by number of occupants. As far as I know there is not a federal law guiding this, though the Fair Housing Law has come up in communities where people have alleged overcrowding ordinances were enforced in a discriminatory way.

  6. Tonight, Elginites will be able to hear first hand each candidate’s position on undocumented residents living in Elgin. The AFLA candidates’ forum is at 7:00 p.m. and will take place at the American Legion on Route 25.

    Please know that I am not a one issue candidate nor will I be as a City Councilmember. Regarding the ongoing comments that candidates do not have this issue on their web site, after the forum tonight, I plan to post the questions and my answers on my website for those who were unable to attend. Also, this week I went to Dave White’s home, Vice-President of AFLA, to read the letters and e-mails that Elgin residents have submitted regarding their concerns.

    If anyone would like to get together for coffee, I will be at Ravenheart Coffee this Saturday from 10:00a.m. until noon and would welcome the opportunity to talk about this in person.

    Until the next blog posting…

  7. Mike Robins says:

    Hello all, please check my website for updates and my blog section, Thankyou.

  8. WildeKurt says:

    At the Feb 5 Candidate Forum, Ms. Sligting did say she was against what she called ‘undocumented immigrants.’ However the use of this term somewhat disturbs me. Are they not illegal immigrants?

    Interestingly, Ms. Morales in her response to the same question incorrectly accused Ms. Sligting (in a rather backhanded fashion) of calling illegal immigrants ‘animals.’ That’s just smearing your opponent Ms. Morales, you shant be getting my vote.

  9. lvr2 says:

    What disturbs me is that I had spoken with Ms. Slignting and she had a completly different take on the subject and now this? Makes me question if she just follows the status quo and has no convictions?

    I was too at the forum last night, i don’t believe Ms. Morales’ comments incorrectly accused Ms. Sligting rather she stated that comments like the ones Ms. Slighting make divide our community greater and lead to people treating certain individuals like animals when then say they have no rights, which can lead to people being treating inhumanly. At least that’s what I believe.

  10. Boxcar says:

    If Charlene Sligting referred to illegal aliens as “undocumented immigrants” then she is not worthy of any vote and certainly not worthy of AFLA’s endorsement. IF she said that and it was not a mispoken phrase she certainly confirms my opinion that she IS more interested in getting elected than representing citizens.

    Anyone who makes the mistakes she is making in this campaign (trying to please everyone and not addressing key city issues with ANY opinion) does not deserve to run. At least, not now. How can she be trusted to stick to her guns when she has no guns? How can she initiate anything when she changes her opinion to fit her goal of getting elected. As far as I’m concerned she is AFLA’s weakest link. That may sound harsh but this is an IMPORTANT ELECTION!!!! Elgin cannot afford to have ANY more council people who waffle or want to hide from illegal aliens.

    After checking all of the candidates’ sites 2-3 times a week, I believe this: You will not see or hear John Prigge use the word “undocumented” anything. I looked twice. The only phrase he uses is “illegal aliens”.

  11. starshine says:

    Wow….John sounds like a real progressive guy. Do you think he has indoor plumming?

  12. Shesaflake says:

    Here is what I found interesting about yesterday’s forum at the church. At one point a question was asked whether or not any of the candidates had ever been arrested. They all answered no but one, Charlene Sligting but instead of owning up to her mistake she decided to go after the credibility of the officer and stated that it was “police brutality”.

    I was puzzled at the fact that she would go after the officer without going into detail of what happened. That made me very curious, so I did a little digging and I found an article from the Daily Herald under her then married name Charlene Eckols…

    Police reports.(News)
    Article from:
    Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
    Article date:
    August 20, 2005

    “Elgin - An Elgin woman was accused of drunken driving after an accident at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday at Route 20 and McLean Boulevard. Charlene Eckols, 32, of 344 Wabash St., was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, no valid insurance and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. Police said they had to warn Eckols that she would be pepper-sprayed if she kept resisting arrest, before they took her to the Elgin lockup and had her 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible towed. Eckols was released after she posted $100 and her driver’s license. She is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 6 at the Kane County Judicial Center in St. Charles.”

    I was flabbergasted. DUI and causing an accident and worst yet NO INSURANCE. That’s horrific. I don’t see why that’s the officer’s fault, he didn’t make her drink and drive and cause an accident. She did that all on her own. If there was an issue of brutality what was the end result? There was no mention of a lawsuit or complaint filed in the newspaper. Bottom line she could have killed someone with her reckless conduct.

    This information puts her credibility in question especially when she’s willing to blame everyone else but the person who she should blame, herself. If she can’t even own up to her mistakes then how is she going to serve the city? What happens if she makes a poor decision is she going to own up to it or is she going to throw someone else in front of the train?

    After learning of all this I will be looking much more closely at the other candidates and NOT Charlene Sligting.

  13. starshine says:

    I was just getting ready to log off when I came across this. If it true, and she did not own up to this and just blame the others is not cool. Bad Karma. not getting my support.

  14. Boxcar says:

    I will not vote for Charlene Sligting. But, it will not be for this reason. “No valid insurance” could mean she did not have a valid card with her but HAD insurance in effect. I would like to know her blood/alcohol level. I would like to know the end result, also.

    She is not the first Illinois almost-politician who has a DUI. Elgin’s mayor was arrested and spent a night in the Elgin jail once, too. Good kids can do wrong things and so can adults. She should own up to it first and THEN explain.

  15. RS says:

    Shesaflake, thanks for posting that. I looked it up myself and can confirm for our readers that that was indeed published in the Herald on August 20, 2005.

    I wish I had gone to that forum to see for myself how Ms. Sligting responded to the question. I do think it is important for people to accept responsibility for their actions and express contrition.

    None of us can know whether there was police brutality involved, but we all do know that a drunken person’s perception of reality can be very distorted. For that reason, we have to take claims of police brutality–which should never be leveled wantonly–by such persons with a lot of salt.

    Whether or not there was police brutality, there is still the issue of drunken driving, an accident caused by that, and no valid insurance.

    And this happened just a few years ago.

    I have to say that I do not know if there is any truth in the claim that she has a second DUI. If she does it did not appear in any of the newspapers.

    I think it will be very difficult for Ms. Sligting to continue her campaign. I can’t imagine that she’s going to sit in front of the League of Women Voters, and tell them about police brutality during her arrest for drunken driving.

    This is a somber moment. It’s nothing we want to dwell on, but I have little doubt that the Emi Morales people will keep pushing this until Ms. Sligting drops out of the campaign or gets knocked out.

    If she does stay in, put on your goggles, because the sparks are going to fly.

  16. Boxcar says:

    I am more afraid of Emi Morales than I am of Charlene Sligting. A DUI arrest can be from a serious ONE-TIME error in judgment. Serving on the board of an anti-American organization is much more serious. It’s on-going. Then going from concealing it to masking it on her website is a character flaw of sneakiness.

    Sligting probably knows better NOW not to drink and drive. Morales doesn’t think being on the board of an anti-American group is a problem. What’s worse?

    Again, I will not vote for Sligting but that decision was made LONG before her DUI issue came up. But, if Morales pushes this, she’ll be open for more criticism than Sligting could get. I assume Sligting doesn’t drive drunk everyday. Morales IS a LULAC board member every day.

  17. shininglite says:

    Are you serious comparing a DUI offense to participating in an organization-volunteerism?
    She endangered lives, filed suit against the city, resisted arrest and know thinks she is a great example to lead this City and represent it? Tell me who in the Police Dept is going to respect her?
    ELGIN- look into her case.

  18. Deep Throat says:

    Has anyone ever questioned Ms. Sligting about her economic situation? I believe that she has filed bankruptcy as well. Is that someone that I want voting on the city’s budget? I think not.

    She is the epitome of a person who just wants to get elected to office. She doesn’t care which office, and won’t do a damn thing if she wins.

  19. ERICK says:

    Thanks for posting..I will definetly not vote for Charlegne! Drunk driving, speeding, and causing an accident?! and then have the audacity to not own up to the charges and blame our Police officers?? She’s Suing the City now?? I would expect her to step down and not embarass the City of Elgin anymore.

  20. You Should Know says:

    I was at the forum the other night and heard Ms. Sligting acknowledge responsibility for what happened. She even mentioned she was accused of resisting arrest because she was barefoot and did not have her blazer on and wanted those items before she was taken to the police station.

    During her answer at the forum she said that she would answer any questions about the arrest after the forum. I stayed until the end and asked Ms. Sligting a bunch of questions. Come to find out there was a third vehicle involved in the accident that had pushed her stopped car into another car that ended up being a hit and run. Ms. Sligting was the one who called the police. She also said that she admitted to the officer that she had two glasses of wine.

    It seemed Ms. Sligting was not trying to blame the police officer because she never mentioned his name. Maybe she shouldn’t have tried to explain that she understands first hand police brutality. She seemed remorseful this ever occurred and after talking with her I felt sorry for this young lady.

  21. Boxcar says:

    Volunteerism? Nice spin attempt. Volunteering on a board that promotes un-American issues is no honor. It’s a shame accentuated by running for an American office. I will not hold anything against her for filing a lawsuit against the city. I’m sure Emi Morales’ LULAc has filed many lawsuits against our government.

    Re: bankruptcy filing? So what???? Geez, what’s next, jaywalking? THAT’s illegal. Sorry, but bankruptcy is not a sin-it’s a sad fact of life especially the past few years.

    If the opendulum swings both ways, maybe someone should ask Morales if she has ever done business with an illegal alien in her law practice. THAT’S much different than defending someone on a speeding ticket. The Morales should be prepared for that question. Again, Morales gives me more to worry about than Sligting.

    I still will not vote for her but let’s be fair here.

  22. nancy says:

    There is way to much shenanigans going on with most of the candidates. Rodgers is like a repeat superbowl that we dont need to see again. Sligting now has all of this luggage with her and has not been strong in the forums to begin with. Morales is hiding things with lulac and has changed her stance twice with afla here in elgin.
    The other two do not thrill me either. The guy who is very empressive is ROBINS. This guy shoots straight from his head and his heart. This is what all of us need in the council. I get a very comfortable feeling listening to Robins because he does not seem to memorize the generic responses, he is very real and stable. The friends that my husband and I know told us they had other candidates in mind until they heard Robins and are now voting for him. So are we, and so should you!

  23. deep throat says:

    You don’t think bankruptcy is a big deal? Running up thousands of dollars in credit card debt is not the type of leadership I look for in an elected leader. The City of Elgin can’t file bankruptcy. If its budget gets out of whack, its the tax payers that have to bail them out. I don’t know about you, but I’m paying enough taxes after the reckless spending of U-46.

    I’m not defending Emi either. I’m not voting for either candidate. And Robbins is concerned about a dog park when 1 in 10 elginites are out of work. Because a dog park is my first concern when I’m trying to pay my mortgage.

    Come on people.

  24. Shesaflake says:

    So Ms. Sligting admitted to drinking two glasses of wine and then driving? Hence, she was indeed drinking and driving. She should NOT have been on the road to begin with, Period! Again she’s continuing to place the blame on SOMEONE other than herself. A third driver? The police officer? She was barefoot and didn’t have her blazer on and that’s why they charged with resisting arrest because she requested her items? I find that also very hard to believe.

    Whatever the case or the story, as RS stated it is important for people to accept responsibility for their actions and express remorse and she should have stated this DURING the forum.

    You Should Know - I find it very interesting that you just happen to know quite a bit of detail about what happened that night, all the way down to her being barefoot and wanting a blazer. Hmmmm….makes me wonder who actually responded to this thread.

    Whoever any of you end up vote for may I suggest it not be Charlene Sligting.

  25. Charlene Sligting says:

    Elginite bloggers, I would like to clarify that I have not been arrested for 2 DUIs nor have I sued the City of Elgin for what occurred. Regarding insurance, I did have coverage but my insurance card was not in my car.

    Please know that I do take responsibility and ownership for this mistake. If my acceptance of the arrest was lost in my response at the forum on Thursday, I apologize.

  26. Boxcar says:

    Bankruptcy is not all about running up credit card debt. It’s about hospital bills, deaths, broken promises and doing what you say 1 out of 10 people in Elgin are doing: LOSING THEIR JOBS!

    A personal or business bankruptcy does not make a bad person. Facts have to come in first and I don’t care about a bankruptcy. Times are tough and have been. I just don’t becauise it has nothing to do with a city’s finances. That’s why there are budget directors.

    People, we are not being fair to someone who wants to serve. She will not get MY vote for other reasons but, wow, I’m not going to pile on.

    Even though he is not running for re-election, our Mayor was once arrested and put in jail once for disobeying a court order. LOL. And HE was elected TWICE. Some people LOVE him!

  27. member says:

    Mr. boxcar your name should read boxedmind. You should attend a LULAC meeting, held at very secretive place, Elgin City Hall. And you will be asked to leave if you refuse to face the American Flag and put your right hand over your heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag(mandated in our bylaws) possibly lead by one of our members, Major Ken Nicolai of the Salvation Army (Org.that helps those in need)but wait it gets even better, Dr. Jerry Cain, President of Judson University could very well lead you in Prayer for our nation and its leaders. Both men are members of the local LULAC chapter. Both are men above reproach, exceptional citizens of this community. May I suggest to you to hitch that boxcar to the 21 century express and join the human race and live by YOUR own words…be fair to someone who want to serve.

  28. Boxcar says:

    LULAC believes illegal aliens should get drivers licenses.

    LULAC believes English should NOT be this country’s official language.

    LULAC believes illegal aliens should get in-state college tuition rates.

    LULAC believes local law enforcement should not be used in enforcing Federal laws regarding illegal aliens.

    LULAC believes we should not be patrolling our border with Mexico.

    The Salvation Army and Judson College references have zip for credability as both are sympathetic to illegal aliens. They would not be a part of LULAC if they were not.

    Sorry, serving LULAC is serving anti-American values and laws. My suggestion? Hitch YOURSELF to a novel concept LULAC members choose to routinely ignore: Laws. Don’t like ‘em? Change them the right way instead of advocating the breaking of them first.

    Remember, if Morales DIDN’T think she had to hide her LULAC and SOAP memberships she wouldn’t have until she got caught concealing them. Even after that, she still ashamedly ducks her membership issue by saying she either was or is a member of LULAC and SOAP. That’s lawyer-speak. She knows it and so do many voters.

  29. The Truth is Out There says:

    So what about the bankruptcy Ms. Sligting? Your comments about the DUI helped to debunk rumors of a 2nd DUI, but your lack of acknowledgement of the bankruptcy, which had just been mentioned, leaves us in question. Is it true? How long ago? Why should we vote for a candidate that we will be entrusting with a $300 million budget that has an inability to manage their own financial situation?

  30. Jessica T. says:

    I am not familiar with Charlene Sligting’s DUI arrest, but from friends’ and acquaintances’ experiences, I know that it isn’t cut and dry and there are many important factors to be considered. Also, an arrest is very different from a conviction. An officer can arrest you if she/he is suspicious you have been drinking.

    An arrest does not mean you are guilty of DUI, just that you have been accused of it. And people may be falsely accused for various reasons–they’re driving while tired or upset emotionally, etc. A conviction might be an issue (and I have no clue if there was a conviction in this case), but an arrest alone is much less of one.

    The Blood Alcohol Content is an important factor. If someone blows .2, sure, they’re smashed and being irresponsible and putting others at danger. If they blow .085 or .09 they are just barely over the limit, and their reading could actually be incorrect because of the breathalyzer’s margin of error.

    An arrest doesn’t equal a conviction. If a person has a very low BAC it’s less likely they will be convicted. The number could be incorrect.

    As for the two glasses of wine comment, that is the rule of thumb. Many sources say men can have three drinks and women can have two and still drive legally. Having two drinks and driving is perfectly responsible, and should keep you under .08 BAC. Google it–there are many charts online.

    Some charts go by weight. Although I’m female, based on my weight I can have 3 alcoholic drinks and still be legal to drive. If I drink those three drinks too fast and am over the legal limit by a hair, is it against the law? Sure. But it doesn’t have the same implications as drinking six drinks before getting behind the wheel.

    I think DUI is a very serious thing–don’t get me wrong. But if I remember correctly, our school district allowed a teacher to continue teaching driver’s ed after more than one DUI arrest. Also President Bush had been arrested for DUI and that didn’t stop him from serving in the White House for 8 years.

    Those examples show that people can learn from their mistakes and continue to be successful in the public sphere. DUI isn’t automatic death in the professional or political realm. Google it–there are many more examples.

  31. Boxcar says:

    Are you people kidding me? What about the BANKRUPTCY??? Not only is that personal and irrelevant, it’s also LEGAL. If I were Sligting I would never answer any personal questions. I believe all bankruptcy filings are a matter of public record as are divorces, deaths, judgments, etc. I don’t care UNLESS they give council members a free personal checkbook from the city. Do a google search on bankruptcy and you’ll see reasons why people file. My neighbor lost her husband in a car accident with two kids in college. She went from $1200 in debt to $590,000 in debt in 14 months (hospital bills, tuition, etc.) she did not run up her credit cards. Filing saved her life.

    Chew on this: If people elect Emi Morales and re-elect John Walters there will then be THREE attorneys on Elgin’s council. Three out of seven.
    I bet all three have represented bankruptcy clients, too.

    I would be more worried about Morales’ answer to this question: Have you ever represented a client who was or is here illegally?

    NOW, what’s worse, a candidate with a possible LEGAL personal bankruptcy or a candidate that assists and enables ILLEGALS to stay in our country after they have already broken the law to get into the country? AND, is a board member of a group that champions anti-American causes?

    Again, I’m not voting for Sligting-she’s not for me. But, using her as a punching bag is wrong. Especially when there is one candidate who clearly is sneaky and concealing and is anti-American.

  32. craabapple says:

    Everybody needs to just settle down! One arrest and bankruptcy doesnt mean squat. It is not necessary to ruin somebody’s reputation because of anonymous comments. Shame on all of you- get a life!

  33. The Truth is Out There says:

    Craabapple: “One arrest and bankruptcy doesnt mean squat. It is not necessary to ruin somebody’s reputation because of anonymous comments.” Not trying to ruin anyones life. Merely asking for clarification. Fiscal responsibility has never been more important and that is one of the four campaign issues the Charlene listed on her website. When candidates run for office they are willingly subjecting themselves to more scrutiny than the average citizen. DUIs, personal bankruptcy, and other issues can be an indication of personal character, which is an election issue along with many others. If a candidates reputation is deemed ruined due to their actions, they have only themselves to blame.

    Boxcar: Not using Sligting as a punching bag, just trying to get to the facts so I can make my own evaluation. A vote against Sligting is not necessarily a vote for Morales as there are several other candidates to consider. While the immigration issue is an very important one, it is not the only one. I agree that three attorneys out of seven council positions would also be far overweighted to one background.

    You are still on the clock Ms. Sligting.

  34. crabapple says:

    I just want everybody to keep it civil. I agree that everyone needs as much information as possible to cast an educated vote, but let’s leave people’s personal lives alone. The past is the past- everybody has made mistakes.

  35. RS says:

    To everybody, please do not post rumors about personal issues of the candidates unless you have a news clipping or some other evidence that would substantiate it.

    Jessica, thanks for the information about DUI. I agree that the issue is more complicated than it is on first glance. Everybody can handle a different amount of alcohol. For some people one glass will do it. For others it will take two. For some it will take six. There are even studies that show you can give someone a glass of a non-alcoholic beverage, tell them it’s got alcohol in it and five minutes later they will start acting drunk.

    From the details that You Should Know posted, it seems that the accident was not caused by Ms. Sligting. It’s up to Ms. Sligting herself, how much detail she wants to go into to clarify this, but I think it would be a good idea to describe everything that happened. Otherwise, rumors and questions will continue to swirl.

    In case Ms. Sligting’s response got lost among the longer comments above, she has accepted responsibility for the incident:

    “Please know that I do take responsibility and ownership for this mistake. If my acceptance of the arrest was lost in my response at the forum on Thursday, I apologize.”

  36. New Elgin Joe says:

    Hey one theme Boxcar, you certainly like to speculate on most things without the facts. You gotta be kidding right? Almost as though you personally have been affected by …..well no need to speculate about your personal info as you do about the candidates.

    I will give you this, because of mudslingers and anti-americans( just conjecturing about you based on your responses) like yourself who create responses in their own minds and spit them out on sites like this prevents many good people from running for office. let’s stick to the issues, budgets, taxes, safety and the future of Elgin.

    BTW, i am all for allowing the feds to enforce the current laws on the books

  37. The Truth is Out There says:

    Jessica T and RS, lets at least call a spade a spade. The police report quoted above by Shesaflake said that they “had to warn Eckols that she would be pepper-sprayed if she kept resisting arrest”. I consider a police report to be evidence, not rumor. I think her subsequent behavior is more damaging to her character than the DUI itself.

    Looks like Sligting will keep us guessing as to the validity of the statement regarding her bankruptcy.

  38. crabapple says:

    The truth…..

    Do you live in a glass house? Stop the nonsense; this campaign is about city issues, and we have plenty.

  39. nancy says:

    crabaapple, do you live in the glass house in elgin? Of course sligting is going to say now she takes responsibility now since it all came up in the forum and her trying to slide it off on all the other circumstances didnt work, so now she has to say this. You want to talk city issues, what if one of the council members now got the arrest, lets just look at city issues, I dont think so! We are all so sick and tired of this crap coming out in our political figures time and time again and then the excuses come out time and time again. Also during the forum, she had an attitude about the whole matter as she tried to reflect it off of her. As far as the financial problems, sure many people have them, however we need someone solid in the council who is stable and does not have all this juvinile minutiae constantly following them even before the campaign!

  40. Tom says:

    Whatever the truth is with Charlene Sligting, all I know is that Emi Morales really gives me the creeps. Her campaign is behind this dirt, right? These goons are going through the trash, running credit checks, starting whisper campaigns and doing every sleezy thing imaginable. These guys will do anything.

    Emi Morales is their million dollar baby. Who’s behind this? She is the candidate of the Chicago Democratic Machine/SEIU/LULAC/SOAP. They want one thing: total domination of Elgin through increased illegal immigration, unionization and Democratic machine politics.

  41. Boxcar says:

    I get your point Joe, you want the Feds and ONLY the Feds to enforce immigration laws and not other law enforcement agencies. Nice try.

    Hey, just like LULAC! There’s no mystery here now.

    Let’s just say this: If you think Elgin can and should tolerate MORE illegal aliens, vote for Morales.

  42. New Elgin Joe says:

    Hey Boxcar,
    sounds like you and your fellow Obamanites want to have government at all levels in our lives, nice try buddy. You may have won that one, but we will get back to what America is about including less government, innovation, reward for risk taking and independence.

    Don’t know any of the candidates except from their sites and posts like Charlene (it wasn’t my fault)Sligting and mike [ i'm a puppet for AFLA( Anarchists for limiting America)] Warren.

    I really can’t understand all the nonsense that you people are putting out there, speculation and rumor. But that is okay, we continue to deal with the lefty kooks and we can deal with this nonsense.

    I have to admit, I started to take your bait but no more. let’s talk the merits of the issues and this election should be about the direction and future of elgin, not some hearsay about dui’s, allegations of racism or other attacks on candidates that believe they have a vision. let them convince the voters on their merits and then their follow through!!

  43. The Truth is Out There says:

    New Elgin Joe, welcome to the community. Might want to brush up a bit on the level of information received in a police report versus hearsay. Also, these candidates are running as members of city council, not alderman.

  44. Boxcar says:

    Joe: I agree. When more voters learn the truth about Morales and her board member ties to an anti-American organization, the truth will show up at the polls.

    Government at all levels is usually a claim made by illegal alien sympathizers, harborers and enablers like Obama. There is no more room on this council for those who believe we need more toleration of Elgin’s illegal aliens.

    I’m all for risk taking and independance. Just not for criminals who broke into my country and live in my city.

    If you want more illegals in Elgin, vote for Morales. SHE certainly will vote for more on the council, or vote “NO” to doing anything about them. It’s in her LULAC creed.

  45. New Elgin Joe says:

    Thanks for the welcome!! TTISOT, perhaps it is more wishful thinking to have Alderman than Council members.

    As for a police REPORT, that is the Officer’s report of the incident ( shall we say the prosecutors evidence which would be authenticated in the court) versus a conviction, which is what the court decides—but I am sure you understand the subtle difference. Not that I am defending the incident, because I am not, but having someone reference a piece of material is hearsay.

    Boxcar you are on the right ‘track’ except for your obvious support for AFLA, which many Elginites (especially on this side of Randall) see as one of the lessor attributes for our community. They almost give the “raging lunatics” of the far left a run for their money!!! They would sure be a comical bunch if they didn’t take themselves so seriously ; )

    As for the idea of government and your assertion of “government at all levels” is misleading because different levels of government has its place at different levels of society. I just wish that the FEDS stop trying to take away our freedom and stop ramming their socialist philosophies and programs down our throats.

    What do these candidates say about the City Manager and his performance?

  46. crabapple says:

    Yes, Nancy, I do live in a glass house- that’s why I don’t throw stones!

  47. ERICK says:

    It is funny that Charlene says she prides herself on running a transparent campaign but only talked about the DUI arrest when asked and have no choice but to comment.if so transparent, why wouldnt she bring this up first day? A DUI is a very serious offense! I know a guy who was paralyzed from a drunk driver.. this is something I will not take lightly from someone running for city council.

  48. Paul says:

    After reading the above posts I’ve gained a certain amount of respect for Charlene. Evidently she has a bit of hard knock experience under her belt. Good for her.
    A lot of people have been arrested. Why just a few years back a middle aged gent on the west side of Elgin was arrested, handcuffed, and tossed in the back of a squad car for the grave offense of taking an stroll with his wife on a warm spring evening!

  49. The Truth Is Out There says:

    Paul, glad to see you put such important value on “hard knock experience”. I suppose you are disappointed that you won’t be able to vote for Blago a third time.

    Good for her? Not Sure. The question is - Good for Elgin?

  50. Boxcar says:

    Excellent point, Paul. That officer was fired.

    Just think, if that stroller were running for city council, he would have to answer “Yes” to the “Have you ever been arrested?” question that was asked at the forum.

  51. Boxcar says:

    I think if this issue ever comes up again at a forum, Emi Morales should answer this question:

    “Have you ever represented or assisted someone who was in this country illegally?”

  52. ERICK says:

    was this officer that arrested charlene arrested? If this was an accident im sure there was more than one officer on scene. Id like to hear their side of this tale…. and Boxcar- Charlene is part of the Elgin Hispanic Network…Centro de informacion is also a member of this group. AFLA claims that Centro is helping out Illegals and keeping them in elgin. So I guess Charlene is an active member in a group that helps and abades Illegals into Elgin? IF shes part of the group shes helping the illegals cause.

  53. shininglite says:

    So should Charlene answer that question-doesn’t she work for ECC so perhaps she has assisted an illegal?
    What what about Mike Warren he owns his own business maybe he hired an illegal or provided service to an illegal!! What about Brenda she may have sold a house to an illegal? I want to know that too! Walters is an attorney to so perhaps he should get this question also. BOxcar why are you targeting Emi? If you don’t want to vote for her thats fine but geesh, move on.

  54. Boxcar says:

    If the Elgin Hispanic Network has the oath and creed LULAC has, then yes, they are also anti-American and Sligting should be held accountable for that, also. AFLA then SHOULD ask her to resign or rescind their support of her.

    Re: If Sligting knowingly helped an illegal alien at ECC she should have notified ICE. Same with Warren. If ANY city council member or candidate knowingly assited an illegal alien to continue breaking our laws they should be held accountable. Steffen, Kaptain, Schock-all of them. Assisting illegals is wrong. That’s why we are in this horrible situation - too many people have assited illegal people to live here!

  55. Tom says:

    Charlene Sligting is not pro-illegal aliens, but she has no spine, and no courage to stand against it. Like ERICK said, she wants to please everybody, especially all those organizations she belongs to. Boxcar is not voting for her for that reason, I’m guessing.

    Boxcar is hung up on Emi Morales, because Morales is the most pro-illegal alien of all the candidates.

    Emi Morales is the most dangerous candidate in the field. If she’s elected, Elgin has no chance at all. It’ll be annexed by the Chicago Democratic Machine. They’ve already succeeded in putting Mike Noland and Keith Farnham in there, they’ve already bought most of the city council (look at all the guys taking money from the SEIU, starting with Ed Schock), they got the Kane County Sheriff, and now they are putting Morales in so they can groom her for something even bigger.

    Their plan is to turn the entire Fox Valley into one big border town so Chicago Democrats and SEIU can run the whole show, raise our taxes, and then dole out jobs and hand out contracts to their best friends and supporters.

    Those of us who aren’t illegal aliens or members of the Ghettocrats will have no choice but to move someplace better.

    That’s if she gets elected. But Elgin voters aren’t going to let that happen. Not yet.

    Let’s rumble, baby!

  56. Jay says:


    Wishful thinking but I hope your holding onto your chair but Morales is, guess what a Republican. She supported and worked with Ruth Munson, who also was endorsed and supported by SEIU.

    I hate to say it but both parties, Democratic and Republican have had their issues in government (Blago and Ryan)and let’s not talk about George Bush. I’m a Republican and I’m angry at how he ran this country into the ground. Companies keep folding, jobs keep leaving, people are losing their homes, businesses keep going under.

    The city itself is not immuned to job cuts and budget crisis. We need leaders at both the local to the federal level who are going to work to get this fixed.

    People should be looking at the issues:
    1. The economic situation of Elgin
    2. Economic Development (no not more homes but businesses that will bring much needed tax revenue)
    3. Improvement of City Services. (remember the leaf collection debacle of two years ago).

    Immigration is important but compared to everything else listed above at the bottom of my list. I don’t want my taxes to go up, I don’t want to see an increase in city fees etc. etc.

    Let’s put people in office who are going to do the best job possible. Just because someone has a hispanic last name or has a DUI to their record doesn’t necessarily say they are a bad candidate.

    I want someone who I can talk to, someone who is reachable by email or phone, and someone who represents me fairly.

  57. Tom says:

    Munson a Republican? Let’s see:

    - takes SEIU money
    - votes for in-state tuition for illegal aliens
    - votes for drivers licenses for illegal aliens

    No, Ruth Munson is a Democrat. And that’s the reason she lost the election, because people wanted to vote for a Democrat with a (D) behind their name not an (R).

    You talk about the importance of all those economic issues and city services, but have you ever stopped and asked yourself what is causing these economic problems?

    Illegal immigration.

    If you want to improve the economic situation of Elgin, encourage economic development, and improve city services then you have to start by stopping and reversing the flow of illegal immigration.

    Who wants to open businesses in Elgin when all these poor people have no disposable income? What they do have, they send back to Mexico or wherever. How is it good to have illegal aliens in Elgin instead of Americans?

    How does it help our economy to have one overcrowded house of 8 people, using the library, using the schools, using the hospital and services of social agencies?

    Do they pay property taxes? Yes, but their property tax needs to cover 8 of them (Hispanic fertility rate is twice as high as the rest of the population). A typical American family would be paying the same property tax to cover only three or four people. So tell me, how does it help our economy to have these illegal aliens here?

    Did you know it costs more, a lot more to educate children who don’t speak English? Did you know it costs more to educate children who are poor?

    Did you know that the incidence of diseases like Hepatitis among Hispanics is much, much higher than for the rest of the population? The rate of Hepatitis for Hispanics is six times higher than for whites. Do you think that leads to less burdened or more burdened hospitals and health services?

    Did you know the rate of crime for Hispanics is nearly four times as high as for whites? Does illegal immigration lead to more crime or less crime for our community? And who do you think is paying for the cost of incarcerating illegal aliens in your county jail and your state prisons? That’s right, you are.

    Did you know the drop out rate for Hispanics is four times higher than for whites, and twice the rate of blacks? Does it help our local economy to have more high school drop outs?

    Look at all the economic ills in this area and you can trace it back to illegal aliens.

  58. Jay says:

    Tom, I love Elgin and I love its diversity. It seems that all you are spewing is hatred towards Hispanics. Are you against illegal immigration or Hispanics. It sounds like you hate anyone of a Hispanic surname. If your against illegal immigration you should not discriminate you should be against ALL illegal immigration, not just one particular race. I think your listening too much to Rush limbaugh and Newt Gingrich. Two individuals who are outcasts of the republican party.

    The immigration issue is a federal issue, they are the ones sitting on there hands. Obviously the rest of the country didn’t feel it was that important an issue or they would have elected someone other than Obama.

    Did you know immigration was around number 8 on the list when they did the polls? If you hate immigration policy this much call every single congressman and senator and tell them about it.

    Geez, If you hate Elgin or the fox valley area so much then may I suggest you move out. If you hate the candidates that are on the ballot then why didn’t you run for office?

  59. The Truth is Out There says:

    Shininglite, no need to worry about Charlene assisting illegals at ECC. She has been terminated according to her former co-workers.

  60. Tom says:

    I have no hatred for Hispanics. I have friends and relatives through marriage who are Hispanic. I am just stating the facts. It seems that whenever someone states the facts that people don’t like, it’s called hatred and racism.

    Hey, if illegal immigrants from Russia was our main problem and all their stats were the same as Hispanics, we would all be talking about what a problem Russian illegal immigration is.

    Illegal immigration is not just a federal issue. It’s like saying drugs are a federal issue so only the DEA should enforce drug laws.

    There’s a lot you can do at the local level, and this city refuses to do anything because the people in charge are all tools of the SEIU, and they love illegal immigration.

    Jay, if it gets worse, I will move out, and so will the rest of the legal, law-abiding citizens of this town. And you will be left with illegal aliens and all the institutions that feed on and profit from illegal immigration (Ghettocrats, SEIU). By that time, good luck convincing any businesses to open in Elgin when all the disposable income has moved out to Huntley or Naperville.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  61. Boxcar says:

    If we do not get a hold of this illegal alien problem in this election Elgin will look like a larger form of Spring Hill Mall and the Meadowdale Shopping Center. Abandoned in some places and war-torn in others.

    People with roots in the comunity will move out like Tom wrote. There will be nothing fancier than a Wal-Mart in Elgin for stores.

    This is why Emi Morales and other candidates who do not have a stance on illegals in BOTH term elections are dangerous. This is why Emi Morales and her allegiance to LULAC is much more of a threat to decency than Sligting.

    Believe me, it’s cheaper and easier to help elect decent people than it is to try to sell your home now.

  62. Mike Robins IMPORTANT says:

    Good Morning all, Please go to my area blog section for important info regarding the campaign and my plan for the issues. Should be complete before noon today. Thankyou

  63. Paul says:

    The Truth is Out There, was there a point to your post other than to demonstrate your arrogance of ignorance?

    You are “glad” that I value hard knock experience? I’m quite positive “glad” was not the state of your emotion in your response.

    You “suppose” I’m disappointed I can’t vote for Blago a third time? Wow! Talk about running off a bridge-to-nowhere tangent and jumping into the abyss of ignorance - how did you come to that supposition? Clearly you are implying I voted for Blago twice and evidently you’re implying that Sligting is of the same ilk as Blago? The truth may be out there but you are doing your damnedest to obscure it!

    “The question is - Good for Elgin?”

    Yeah, that is the gist of this thread, with the exception of your post. Stop slinging your mud all over this thread. The mud only obscures the truth. Through all this slime, about the only thing that has been established is Sligting may have been arrested once. And that the outcome of that arrest is unknown.
    Again, anyone can be arrested. Well, maybe not you. But if a cop gets in my face when I’m out for an evening stroll with my wife, I’m going to be arrested. It is called principled character. Yeah, like the truth, we are out there.

  64. The Truth Is Out There says:

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face Paul. Now Charlene only “may have been” arrested?! Fortunately, the truth is out there, at the Kane County Circuit Court Clerk’s office. This is where you can verify that she was in fact arrested, pled guilty, and was convicted of a DUI, with court supervision and restitution. Feel free to access this public information yourself, unless you rather would bury your head in the sand and pretend it didn’t exist. Not sure how this equates to obscuring the truth, but I am sure you will clarify for me.

    If you find this evidence to be slimey, perhaps you should direct your attention to the person that pled guilty to these charges.

    Enjoy your evening stroll.

  65. Boxcar says:

    I will not vote for Sligting for many other reasons than a DUI. But, I would much rather vote for someone who has made ONE mistake than a candidate like Emi Morales brings an allegiance of anti-American values and beliefs to a campaign. And then tries to hide it. Then, dances around her current board position to LULAC on her website.

    THAT is slimey. Perhaps someone will ask her about her sworn dedication and love for LULAC at this Sunday’s forum. Perhaps someone will ask her if she plans on bringing her anti-American agenda to the council if she is elected.

    Being a board member of an anti-American organization (LULAC) IS a campaign issue when you run for an American public office.

  66. crabapple says:

    I am all for diversity, but there is a tipping point- some of our older neighborhoods are about 90% Hispanic- so much for the restoration of our beautiful old homes. That’s also why we can’t fill storefronts downtown. Take a drive thru downtown Crystal Lake some weekend- the stores and restaurants are packed. There isn’t a parking space available. What a shame, Elgin used to be the trendsetter, now we are the ugly stepsister. All because the city leaders couldn’t stand up to gangs, landlords, etc. I love this city, but I am completey frustrated by the city’s lack of backbone when it comes to these issues.

  67. ERICK says:

    Boxcar- it gets old after a while.

  68. lvr2 says:

    Hey Boxcar- yes it does get old. & I was reviewing the questions the candidates gave that are posted on this website (which i know your on all the time) and saw that Brenda Rogers in her first questions said she also works with the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). Wonder why you haven’t targeted her?? I think you believe Emi Morales is the most viable candidate and thats why you are targeting her. It’s all becoming clear now….glad I read up on my candidates!

  69. Boxcar says:

    Erick-It sure does get old after awhile. All the back-pedaling, concealing her anti-American agenda and double-talk Emi Morales does. It sure does.

  70. Boxcar says:

    lvr2-The difference? Easy.

    1. Rodgers “works with” LULAC. Morales is a sworn board member of LULAC. She has taken an oath to uphold the anti-American values LULAC subscribes to.

    2. Rodgers disclosed her “works with” LULAC relationship early on. Morales never did and still hasn’t CLEARLY stated she is a sworn board member. What is a “works with” example, anyway? Attend LULAC meetings? I don’t know. It’s pretty generic.

    No, what Morales did was omit it from her website for weeks. Then she tried to double-talk her way into it by posting what she has on her website currently:

    “The following are organizations I am either involved with currently or have been in the past:”

    There she mentions LULAC amongst other groups but never does she state she is a CURRENT board member (secretary) of LULAC. Why? She’s hiding it for good reason. She KNOWS a disclosure like that will turn pro-American voters against her. That’s a bush league attempt to fool people. Dumb people.

    Imagine how many pro-American voters will disregard a candidate who is against English as our official language, wants to give drivers licenses to illegals and is for in-state college tuition rates for illegals?

    It didn’t get by me and won’t get by pro-American voters.

    Learn your candidates people and VOTE. LEARN your candidates!

  71. New Elgin Joe says:

    IVR 2,

    I think you pegged ol’anti-american Boxcar on this one. Everyone is against old glory if you don’t share his myopic views. Makes you wonder which boat that guy got off of, however his one issueness really is not the issue.

    Rogers, horrible candidate. She came out here to west elgin 2 years ago and made a miserable impression. Then she blasted the winners much like a sore loser. why should we go backwards …let;s move forward and get some young blood on the Council!!!

  72. Boxcar says:

    Nice attempt at deflection and turnaround, New Elgin. Morales is the question here. HER views, not mine, are being called on the carpet here.

    HER hiding HER board position. My “myopic views” are reactionary to Morales’ anti-American views. I would have nothing to say about Morales if it weren’t reacting to her sneakiness and denials about LULAC. (I haven’t mentioned lately the spanking she must have taken after the first forum where she said she would accept AFLA support! OUCH!) Then, of course, she danced around that question again later.

    Let’s lineup a poll and ask posters if it’s red, white and blue to give illegal aliens what LULAC is all about-licenses and in-state tuition rates to illegals, English NOT being the official language for the U.S., etc.

    Re: Rodgers, she hasn’t got a chance for your reasons alone. She was given a try when she was elected and had nothing to offer. The council DOES need some new blood. American values blood, though.

  73. Paul says:

    TTIOT, Sligting may have been arrested and convicted as you claim. The problem, unfortunately for you, is that you have already established yourself as one who makes implied claims with absolutely no basis AND which couldn’t be further from the truth.
    And unlike you I regard myself as more that a single issue voter. Most certainly the majority of voters have done things in their past that they could have been arrested for. That we weren’t does not make us holier than thou. That to imply here that a vote for Sligting is a vote for drunk driving is theater of the absurd.
    Evidently, you are so invested in trashing Sligting that you yourself have already done the legwork with the Kane County CCC office on Sligting’s offences. Can you provide detail? This website and thread is be the place to do it, isn’t??? Most curious that you don’t.
    And what about her supposed bankruptcy? Isn’t that public record? Yet no further mention from you on that! Curiouser and curiouser.

  74. The Truth Is Out There says:

    Paul, it was not I who introduced Slighting’s DUI, bankruptcy or termination from ECC. I asked Slighting to clarify the rumor of bankruptcy since she has responded to other comments, like a rumor of a 2nd DUI. Apparently she likes to pick and choose what she will confirm, despite her claims of transparency. She also claims fiscal responsibility as one of the pillars of her candidacy, which is one of the reasons this information is relevant.

    It humors me to see you continuing to suggest that she “may have been” arrested and convicted. Perhaps she needs to plow into your car and blow a .20 before you will give a police reports and court records any credence. Dont leave your pepper spray at home.

    If she continues to ignore the questions regarding her bankruptcy, I am sure we can find the answers, because as we know, the truth is out there. However, I am less convinced that even by citing a public record of her bankruptcy and sharing with you where you can verify that information, that you will find it to be credible unless you were one of her creditors.

    Of course, Charlene is free to clarify any of these questions at any time. Once she clarified the rumor regarding a 2nd DUI, no one has taken her to task on it since. Not even a supposed mudslinger like me. What is “curiouser and curiouser” is that the one person that could most easily answer these questions remains silent. Perhaps she could share with us which of these claims (made by others) have “no basis and couldn’t be further from the truth”. That would be a step towards transparency, wouldn’t it?

  75. Jessica T. says:

    Charlene has made her phone number and email address public, both on her site and this one. If you wanted answers to your questions, you’d contact her directly.

    The fact that you continually visit this website (which is not hers, which, in fact, we are rather fortunate she has visited in the past) shows that your intentions are not to get to the truth, but rather to smear her name. She isn’t in hiding and isn’t hard to find.

    There have been MANY scheduled forums, and as others have written, she is willing to stick around and answer questions afterward. If you are physically unable to attend, you can call. If you are physically unable to call, you can email. Perhaps you aren’t asking her directly because you don’t want your true identity known?

  76. The Truth Is Out There says:

    Jessica T, I was unable to find her phone number or email address on either this site or her site. Feel free to post them if you have them.

    Apparently, I misunderstood that we could only happy, smiling questions about Charlene on this blog and that any clarification we are seeking about information posted (by others) that might be less than productive towards her goal of city council should only be addressed one on one.

    Is it me that doesn’t want their identity to be known, or is it Charlene? Do you think she has stopped visiting the blog? Is this candidate transparent or invisible? We have been rather fortunate that she has visited in the past this blog, I just didn’t realize she was done answering questions.

    No worries though, I think she has answered all of these questions by not responding with a single word.

  77. Jessica T. says:


    It is 630-927-5890. Please call me with any questions, concerns or thoughts to help Elgin become an even better place to live. I promise if I am unavailable when you call, I will return your phone call within 24 hours. If you prefer e-mail, my address is CharleneforElgin @aol.com


    “Fiscal responsibility?” I believe she has filed for bankruptcy in the past….She is crook and I hope Elgin does not put this irrisponsible human being in Council. She does represent the People of Elgin and is totally against the Police Department. (She has publicly slandered the police officer who arrested her for the DUI) She is only doing this for personal gain.

  79. Boxcar says:

    If Sligting is a crook for filing bankruptcy then councilmen Steffen, Walters and candidate Morales (I assume) are in the same category because, as attorneys, they probably have assisted other crooks in filing for them, too.

    What’s worse? Assisting a citizen with filing a legal bankruptcy (if she did that) or helping an illegal alien STAY in Elgin illegally?

    Philosophically, of course.

  80. Todd Martin says:

    I reviewed the video of her arrest, as posted on the Courier News website along with her responses to the reporter regarding the DUI. I also had previously sent 2 friendly emails (1 asking her details about environmental issues and a 2nd regarding attending her fundraiser). Unfortunately, she did not respond to either one.

    The video showed she was treated nicely by the officers, she displayed slurred speech and couldn’t pass the sobriety tests.

    Her apology and explanation has been incoherent. She pleaded guilty and apologises, saying it was a mistake. But she also claims she only pleaded guilty because she couldn’t afford a legal defense and I quote: “Describing herself as a “victim,” Slighting is convinced the police department has a vendetta against her.”

    So, I must withdraw my support for her and look for another candidate.

  81. hairspray says:

    after talking very bad abt elgin police how does she want thier respect..now im hearing she got fired from her job at ecc(whats all that about)hmmmm sound like maybe she cant work well w/others ………

  82. starshine says:

    Sorry to say Max, I hearing the samething. I just found out a friend is being accuse of getting her fired. He does not work at ECC, does not know her boss. He could care less about her. This is ugly, It’s serious and very sad.

  83. hairspray says:

    so again shes putting the blame on someone else
    who did she blame for her divorces……..

  84. RS says:

    I didn’t realize they had a video up. Thanks, Todd.


    Well, I’m not sure the video substantiates her side of the story–the way it’s sometimes told, at least.

    I do feel sorry for the young woman in that video, and for the candidate who now has to deal with it. If she had left it alone instead of filing a complaint, the incident would have been less damaging. She could have acknowledged responsibility for the event, and moved on. Instead, she gave the papers a reason to make a FOIA request for the video and an opportunity to write a story with a headline like “Candidate claims cop bruised her at DUI stop.”

    But really I’m getting tired of all the attacks on Charlene Sligting. I’m guessing that most or all of it is coming from the Emi Morales campaign, and I caution that camp that further efforts can backfire against their candidate.

  85. Boxcar says:

    If it can be shown that this whole deal came from Morales’ supporters, no true American voter will vote for Morales.

    As if they needed another reason.

  86. starshine says:

    you should focus on who Charlene’s ex-husbands support.

  87. New Elgin Joe says:

    hey Boxcar, keep up the “Patriotism” angle, cause it ain’t foolin’ no one.

    charlene does have pretty signage, which unfortunately too many people pay attention to and not the issues.

    Thanks for all the chatter on this candidate and I am definitely not voting for her!!!

  88. Charlene Sligting says:

    Todd Martin - Some how I did not receive your e-mails. Please contact me at 630-927-5890 at your leisure and I can answer your questions. If you prefer e-mail, my address is CharleneForElgin@aol.com

    Elginite Bloggers - My complaint against the officer was not pertaiing to Officer Young but the other officer for his actions after I was placed in the squad car and at the police station.

    I will gladly talk with anyone regarding what happened in 2005 or any other conerns. Please call or e-mail if you would like to meet for coffee to talk one on one or e-mail if you would like to remain anonymous.

  89. John says:

    I saw the video on the Elgin Courier News site and I think it’s suspicious. I viewed it several times to make sure that it was not my internet connection. The whole scene where there is a scuffle has been frozen. You can only hear the audio in those parts.

    This is the scene where Charlene Sligting said the Elgin police officer used unnecessary force. I would like the Courier to release another video that has the full scene with moving images.

    If they can’t do that then they or the Elgin Police Department should explain why their video has frozen images in just the right places.

  90. rm says:

    This has the odor of “Meg Goreki” all over it - and no improvement over Mike “The Bandit” Powers.

  91. The Truth is Out There says:

    John, I think that was the part where they were abducted by aliens.

  92. John says:

    Elgin Courier: “In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the city on Thursday released a video recording of Sligting’s arrest taken from a squad car.”

    Daily Herald: ‘Upon a Freedom of Information request, video of the arrest was obtained Thursday, which showed Sligting attempting to conduct several field sobriety tests.”

    What do you notice about that? Neither of these papers said they were the one who filed the Freedom of Information Act request, but they both received the videos! Who do you think filed the request?

    Anybody want to take a guess?

  93. The Truth is Out There says:


  94. John says:

    Very close getalife. Like Blago, she’s a good friend of illegal aliens and the SEIU.

    Try again.

    I’ll give you another clue: she’s running for the same seat that Sligting is.

  95. tacobill says:

    The sleazemongers and goons behind the Emi Morales campaign will stop at nothing to bring down candidates they fear the most. Why they are so afraid of Charlene Sligting? Who knows. They probably think she’s the one with the best chance of beating Emi Morales.

    They probably figure that if they can knock her out now, then Morales will have a clear path to victory.

    Their sleaze tactics, no matter how wrong, are working, and Charlene Sligting is on the defensive.

    Charlene, you need to go on the offensive on these goons. Show the people of this city who is running the dirty Emi Morales campaign and how they are doing it. How can you not have a newspaper story by now? After the planted questions? After the rumors and accusations of multiple DUIs? The credit checks? The harassment of your employer?

    You think this is just random people who are bringing this up? No way. This is a concerted, dirty effort by the Emi Morales campaign.

    Don’t sit down and take this garbage. Get out there and fight. And whatever you do, don’t drop out. I just might go out and vote for you if for no other reason than to make a point that MUDSLINGING DOES NOT PAY IN ELGIN.

  96. rm says:

    Lots of emotion and suspicion tonight, but help me here guys… If Sligting is willing to take money from the illegal alien front group SEIU why would she be in Morales’s crosshairs? Are you suggesting they are competing for the same illegal constituency, and there’s not room enough for both of them? And if they are both in bed with SIEU why should I as a citizens rights advocate care if they destroy each other?

  97. Boxcar says:

    Question at this Sunday’s forum:

    Ms. Morales, have you ever assisted, enabled or advised someone you suspected or knew was in this country illegally?

    If so, when, where and whom?

    Then notice several tush’s start to squirm almost as bad as they did when Morales said she would accept an AFLA endorsement. That’s before she got spanked by LULAC and SOAP for saying that.

  98. shininglite says:

    I think its funny how everyone is so intimidated by Ms. Morales and her viability to take this seat that you would think she would concoct this? You should be looking at Ms. Slighting’s ex-husband’s friends those are the ones throwing the stones! They don’t like what she did to him and are out to get her…if you want to know the truth- look into who his friends are and who they are supporting. Then go file your own FOIA and ask who requested it…

  99. starshine says:

    I knew Charlene and Scott back when they were Married . felt sad at the news of their split. It wasn’t long after that the rumor of why they split started. What I am reading I have heard months ago from his friends. and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t think Scotty is doing this. his friends think he was wronged by charlene and they are out to get her. Not too long ago he lost the family house & THEY are blaming Charlene for this.

  100. Boxcar says:

    Sounds like last Tuesday’s episode of “The Guiding Light”. For Pete’s sake, let’s stick to the issue of her being a viable candidate or not. She is not my candidate but not because of this DUI or the new leadership at the Courier who thought the tape was vital and newsworthy enough.

  101. starshine says:


  102. New Elgin Joe says:

    hey Boxcar, who is your candidate and why?

    I haven’t made up my mind except for not Charlene

  103. hairspray says:

    hey on sundays forum can we ask charlene the same question…oopps i forgot she got fired from ecc

  104. Mike Robins ITS TIME says:

    Hello all, please check my blog for latest post.

  105. DemocraticElginResident says:

    I know Charlene. She is a good person, she works hard in the community, she is a lot of energy, and has some good ideas. That’s why I am voting for her.

    I have a theory: Most of the negative comments above (from Democrats and Republicans alike) are from lazy big-mouths that would rather complain than get involved and actually DO something for the community. There is usually an inverse proportional relationship between the venom/anger in someone’s attack and the amount of work they actually DO in the community.

    I am voting for her.

    Let he among us who is without sin, cast the first stone!

  106. elgingiver says:

    I am a born-again Christain with enough bible verse memorization under my belt too. It’s about what is best for our community. I am a member of about dozen different community groups- very active in 3 of these groups. There are a lot of good, hardworking people that give of their time and resources but not all would make good coucilmembers. I have worked with CS and agree that she is hard working but I would differ on her being on coucil. I will not be voting for her.

  107. Boxcar says:

    Charlene has been unfairly persecuted about her DUI and shamed by what she probably thought was her past. I feel sorry for her as the Courier was dirty to run that tape. The Herald also chipped in by mentioning the DUI in their non-endorsement even though they didn’t run it in their own paper! I guess they read the Courier, too. She should not be dismissed for that reason alone.

    She has many other reasons to be dismissed and not voted for. All of which were discovered before her DUI. I will not vote for Sligting at all but not because of this DUI. The glass house theory is appropriate here, also. Especially when we elected a mayor twice who was jailed for defying a judge’s order years ago.

    See? It’s not a big deal to be arrested.

  108. RS says:

    Boxcar, Jessica and others did not agree with the Courier’s decision to run the tape, but I think they made the right decision in allowing people to see for themselves, and I don’t think the tape is as harmful as varying accounts and rumors.

    In fact, as I mentioned, I actually felt sympathy for the person in the tape and I think other people probably did as well. She had a long day, she was tired, she had a couple of drinks–and I’m not defending her decision to drive, but it was a mistake she made once, and nobody should pay forever for a mistake they made once.

    The fact is that since then Ms. Sligting has more than made up for it through her work in the community. She was not sentenced to do community work, but did it and has been doing it voluntarily out of a genuine concern for her neighborhood and her city. And that’s what really counts.

  109. rm says:

    The Sligting mess and the public’s response to it is a wonderful illustration of why Elgin is what it is and Illinois has assumed its deserved reputation as the political toilet of America.

    1. “the Courier was dirty to run that tape.” Yep, blame the dirty ol’ messenger. Obviously, the Courier has deeply offended our local cover-up community. Thank God, we still have the Courier and don’t have to depend solely on the Daily Reflejos or Chicago-filtered media for our information. The Courier was the only paper even to probe behind the spin and try to get the facts on the Mike Powers kickback scandal. Thanks to the Courier we learned that Mike’s efforts to portray himself as a man of rectitude were a crock. Thanks, too, to the Courier we could all see that Sligting’s claims of enduring sobriety tests “half-naked and barefoot on rocks” were another crock. (Of course, maybe Sligting herself was confused after drinking a beverage called Half-Naked and Barefoot - on the rocks.)

    2. “It’s not a big deal to be arrested.” Boy, doesn’t that just summarize the Blagojevich standard of character for public service? But let’s be clear here… Sligting wasn’t just arrested. She pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol. I understand that means she admitted to driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08% or higher. On “two glasses of wine with her girlfriends,” right?

    3. “she had a couple of drinks.” Maybe, RS. But thanks to the Courier’s video we now know Sligting doesn’t necessarily feel her statements need to be constrained by something called “the facts.” So what about the “two glasses of wine” claim? Blood-alcohol levels vary with the amount of alcohol consumed, the nature of the beverage, the speed of consumption, and body weight. I won’t be so ungallent as to guess Sligting’s weight, but go to some of the BAC calculators online and run some numbers. One site indicates that a 140 pound person consuming two five-ounce pours of wine in an hour or two will have a BAC of .03% - less than half the Illinois limit. It would take four glasses of wine in an hour - nearly a bottle of wine - to get that person to the Illinois limit. “Two glasses”? Well, at least she didn’t claim it was a reaction to cough medication.

    4. “it was a mistake she made once and no one should have to pay forever for a mistake they made once.” Just how far do we want to take that as a standard for public ethics - even assuming that legal violations are “a mistake”? I for one am quite happy letting Luke Casteel pay forever for his “mistakes” over at BJ’s. But, of course, Sligting’s “mistake” didn’t kill anyone. And I’d be inclined to say it is time to move on if she had just acknowledged her “mistake,” acknowledged some embarrassment, and said she’d learned her lesson and wouldn’t make that “mistake” again. But we now know that is not the way Sligting will respond when put in a tight spot. When found to have made a “mistake,” Sligting will hit back - and below the belt. Her initial response was to make apparently unfounded claims of harassment and try to smear the character of a city employee. Even today, while admitting to having acted “irrationally,” she says the police department has a vendetta against her. So we can expect that the first time Sligting would face a tough situation on the Council she’ll respond with some shifty evasiveness followed by accusations and baseless efforts to deflect blame and responsibility onto anyone in her vicinity. Can’t say we’re not going into this election with our eyes open. So why are some people still putting up those big purple “Sligting” signs in the belief she is a legitimate choice for the City Council?

    5. “She was not sentenced to do community work but did it and has been doing it voluntarily out of a genuine concern for her neighborhood and her city. And that’s what really counts.” No, RS, that is not “what really counts.” What really counts in a candidate is a personal competency linked to rectitude and personal accountability. I’m not real impressed by the competency of someone who admits to public “irrationality,” and claims she didn’t have enough money to fight a drunk driving charge but now wants us to give her the reins to a complex, multi-million dollar city budget in brutal economic times. As for Sligting’s rectitude and personal accountability, see above. And as for the sanctifying aspects of “community work,” let’s just say those activities are no substitute for having one’s house in order or having a sense of a community’s real needs. Elgin has far too many “community work” types who are focused on putting more bike lanes on our streets rather than on the conditions that are putting dead Mexican kids there.

  110. RS says:

    rm, I see what you’re saying, but what is the alternative?

    In politics, you never have the option of choosing the best candidate you can think of. Your choices are limited to who is running, and even further limited to those who are running and capable of winning.

    Right now, Charlene Sligting is capable of winning. As I’ve said elsewhere, I think candidates like Al Fernandez and Mike Robins have good potential as reformers and independent voices, but I don’t believe they can win.

    If you’re running for council, it’s simply not enough to just show up to the candidate forums and fill out questionnaires. You actually need to do the hard work of running for office. And that means raising money, knocking on doors, putting up signs, sending out mail. This is a competitive race.

    If Mike Robins does make it past the primary, how is he going to go up against an SEIU-backed Emi Morales? Mr. Robins said he won’t take any campaign contributions from anybody, and it’s not likely that he would write himself the five figure check he would need to be competitive in this election.

    Mr. Fernandez appears to be in a similar situation of not having the resources to take this all the way, even if he makes it past the primary.

    Let’s not look for perfection in a candidate. At this stage, it’s time to figure out who we need to support.

  111. lbf says:

    I was at a u-46 parent prayer group. Someone requested prayer for the upcoming election. It wasn’t long before everyone was talking about the candidates. What I gather from the conversations, is not the DUI itself but how Charlene handled this issue at the Nearwest forum and blaming the officer. this is what’s killing her chances. with this group the two names that came up favorably - Morales and Warren. I think Warren has the best chances of winning this but I would not count Morales out. I would be surprised if Charlene or Robins pull this off. Hey but this is Illinois-I guess we’ll have to wait until next tue.

  112. Jessica T. says:

    I do not recall saying or writing that I disagreed with the Courier’s decision.

  113. Mike Robins says:

    Hi guys and gals, I am on WRMN 1410 tomorrow Friday morning at 9am, tune in!

    RS, I have had political consultants contact me recently to tell me that I am making a lot of ground in this election. Lets hope they are accurate. They have also advised me of which candidates will definitely not win, even if they get past the primary. And they have told me if I get through, that I will have to drop the donation thing. My present thoughts on this if I do, is to only accept donations from citizens, not unions, business or contractors.

    RS, you are right, its time for YOU to figure out who to support. Since your getting in a tactical frame of mind now, have you forgot the 4 year candidate I have been bonding with recently ,again, on changes we can make for all of you! Also, don’t assume I cant write myself a five figure check. Perhaps I choose not to before the primary, I could take a loan out from a bank with our 810 credit score. Don’t worry about the outside factors, focus on the city topics. Large sums of money to one candidate will not always win a race, I have been around this for 22 years, even though this is the first time for myself. I have family friends in Cgo. and Galena who have more money than god, they could buy out SEIU! Im not in this for the money, its for change with my new friend! Stick with me, I might surprise you! Chow

  114. Boxcar says:

    Is it confirmed Emi Morales is backed by SEIU?

    I know she is part of the anti-American group, LULAC.

  115. Charlene Sligting says:

    We need a person on City Council who will not rubber stamp anything. I truly feel that I can make a difference for you on City Council regarding overcrowding, code enforcement and ensuring that our quality of life is not affected by lack of basic city services along with ways to reduce city spending.

    I take full responsibility for my actions during the arrest and Officer Young was nothing but professional during that time. My complaint was filed against the other officer for his actions while we were in the squad car and at the police station. My mention of this at the forum was so that everything could be put on the table and was some how lost in my response. Again, I apologize if it came across that I was “blaming” the officer.

  116. Boxcar says:

    Did you forget illegal aliens, Charlene??

    AFLA said you were one of their choices. Do you rate illegals behind overcrowding, code enforcement, providing city services and reduce city spending???

  117. Tom says:

    RS, you’re right. We need to start thinking about who can defeat Emi Morales.

    Emi Morales and Veronica Noland work together on LULAC. Veronica’s husband, state sen Mike Noland is a big SEIU guy (they gave him $9,334). Considering that his wife is on LULAC and SEIU is trying to legalize all illegal aliens, we can figure out where he stands on this.

    Having more illegal aliens in Elgin will help drive out repub voters, so Noland can keep his senate seat for far longer if Emi Morales is on the city council helping to bring more illegals into Elgin.

    So what do you think is happening? Noland has a capable campaign organization and you can bet the dollar in your pocket that it’s going to be used to elect Emi Morales. AND the SEIU is going to send their goons out to support her, and throw thousands of dollars her way.

    We need to UNITE behind one candidate who can defeat Emi Morales. The Morales people knew early on that Charlene Sligting was their biggest threat, and you know what happened. Charlene has taken the high road and refused to point fingers about who is responsible, but it’s obvious when the people who are smearing her are at the same time talking up Emi Morales.

    Boxcar, I’m skeptical like you are, but I think RS has a point. Charlene Sligting might be the only candidate who can defeat Emi Morales.

    AFLA has given her their endorsement, so maybe they know more than we do. Let’s hope so.

    I’ll be voting for Charlene Sligting.

  118. been around the block says:

    Warren, sligting and Morals are Republicans. Mike and Emi worked on Hoeft campaign. Slighting and Morles worked on Munson & Sen. Rauschenberger, Morales worked on Golden’s, (she came to my door with Patrica) but is friends with noverini too. This is a non-partisan race but I think all three can work with both parties. Noland is supporting Brenda he gave her #250.00. As far as smearing goes, Eckols freinds are very loyal to him. As far as defeating Morales-That would be Warren.

  119. Boxcar says:

    Elgin cannot afford another sympathizer and enabler of illegal aliens on the council, even if it is for only two years. Robins is the only hope in this particular race. Sligting is a fair-weather candidate on important issues even though she has been endorsed by AFLA.

    The others? The mean no chance for illegal alien lawfulness when it comes to the disease of illegal aliens overrunning Elgin. We all better bend over even more if Warren, Morales, Rodgers or Fernandex gets in.

    That would make it FIVE illegal alien lovers. Kaptain is not a shoe-in on this issue. This race is to IMPROVE ELGIN NOT keep it declining.

    5 to 1 for MORE illegal aliens?! Not for THIS American.

  120. Charlene Sligting says:

    Good evening everyone.

    Yes, I have received AFLA’s endorsement http://www.legalamericans.net/SLIGTINGENDORSEMENT.html . This was for many reasons such as my position regarding our overcrowding issue, the need to return our older communities back to traditional neighborhoods, willingness to working with other municipalities and our elected Congressmen to make changes locally and the fact that we need to seek ways to work more closely with ICE. Reporting to ICE every 30 days is unacceptable.

    Within this site, there have been both positive and negative things said about me. There also have been postings regarding my divorce and bankruptcy. I will not blog about my divorce nor things that were a result of my divorce because my ex-husband deserves his privacy. If there is going to be mud-slinging, I will not participate in that either. Each candidate has his or her own weakness and I refuse take part in Chicago-style politics to win an election.

    Elginite bloggers, we need to get back to the issue of what each candidate can and will bring to City Council. You deserve a candidate who takes the time to research the issues. Over 2.2 million dollars was spent last year for Firefighter overtime. We can hire 11 full time firefighters, which will provide quicker response time and will save taxpayers an additional $500,000 per year. Also, I encourage you to read the AFLA questionnaire http://www.legalamericans.net/CANDIDATEINDEX.html and pay close attention to question number 24. You deserve a candidate who attended city council meetings regularly prior to running for office. By attending meetings it would have been clear that we have had a Fire Chief since November 1, 2007. As president of a neighborhood association, I have heard first hand the fears of long time Elgin residents, the desires from new residents to enhance our community and those who are frustrated and want to leave Elgin.

    Too many people feel that their voice has gone unheard. My commitment to you is I will not rubberstamp anything, make sure your voice is heard and be progressive such as reading and posting to this blog.

    I look forward to future dialogue regarding you wants and needs for a better Elgin.

  121. RS says:

    I caution those who say that this person or that person is a Republican or Democrat based on who they may be associated with or have associated with in the past or supported in the past.

    Party identification is for many people a fluid concept. Furthermore, some people support candidates who belong to the opposite party.

    Keep in mind that in this election cycle, we have a Democratic Wegman and a Democratic Rauschenberger on the ticket.

    And there are people who are nominally Republicans only because Republicans use to dominate politics in this area. You know who they are.

    And then there was Juan Figueroa who toyed with the idea of running for state senate at one point as a Democrat, then as a Republican.

    And then there was Noverini…

  122. rm says:

    RS, all good points on party affliliation.

    In many ways the illegal alien issue is like the slavery issue in the 1850s: a transformative event that challenges the very identity of America and, in the 1850s, changed America’s two-party system from Democratic and Whig to Democratic and Republican. The Illegal movement is the largest criminal movement in American history. Through its massive wealth from peon labor it has infected both political parties, and citizens know that they cannot expect their interests and welfare to be represented simply by picking the “Democratic” or “Republican” brand.

    Essentially, the only real issue in the spring’s upcoming local elections is alien poverty. It’s the issue that underlies all the issues about the fate of “downtown” Elgin, parking restrictions, neighborhood integrity, public safety, the stability of our public facilities, and the survival of our public schools and other institutions. The election will turn on those who have joined with the government of Mexico to benefit from the transformation of America through massive alien poverty (”immigration” in their code) and those who don’t. “Democrat” and “Republican” are not helpful in identifying those groups.

  123. boxcar says:

    Don’t forget Tom Sandor. The one-time adorer of Republican Marie Yearman who played all his Republican cards and lost in a re-election campaign. Then saw the Dems as a chance to get back in while proclaiming that most Chicago Jews are Dems so what’s the big deal?

    Then a spanking at a cost of 30K to the Dems to lose as Kane County auditor last Fall. A race he was clearly in if only to have a job. The current guy did and does nothing wrong. Now he is in obscurity hosting a radio show in Elgin that is merely an extension of his political career; a bitter loser. How bitter? He is so petty and jealous over losing the last two races, he has refused to interview ANY city council candidates on his show, so far. NONE. Even though there are 16 candidates for 4 seats!

    WRMN will never be considered a valid and legit radio station that serves the public but to not have ONE candidate on so far is petty and childish of Sandor and WRMN.

    Don’t bother calling the station to complain, they don’t care unless you want to buy something from the near-endless home shopping coupon show.

  124. Sarah says:

    Miss Sligting, you keep bringing up this Fire Chief question as if its a big deal or major factor, its not! OK, everyone took the question for granted as a given and answered it. There is much more you are all over the place on. You appear as a climber, you tell groups or individuals what seems approiate at the time. I have sensed this in all of the forums. And speaking of Forums, Did you realize how many people in the front and back were laughing at you when you said there are people that tell you, that you remind them of Marie Yearman! You are no Marie Yearman, not even close. That was a horrible thing to say at the library to try and save yourself at the last minute after all of your faults and weaknesses during this campaign and your personal life, which does illistrate how someone will act on the council! And the firefighter data, ok, fine, you continue to repeat this time and time again like a broken record, like this was your bonanza research of the year. I have heard many comments from friends of mine and people I know in town, I grew up here. If you happen to make it through the primary, there is no way you will make the general election with all of your college antics and side stepping you have done. The problem is, you may split the vote for someone who deserves to be in there for us.