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Mike Robins: City Council Candidate [2009]

17 January 2009 RS 86 Comments

Please note that this post is from the 2009 election. For the 2011 election please see Mike Robins: City Council Candidate.

The following is excerpted from the website of Mike Robins, a candidate for Elgin City Council.


Protect the animals you love with a vote for Mike Robins and his dog-tethering ordinance for the city council of Elgin, Illinois. Mike Robins wants to enhance the animal ordinances by initiating an anti-tethering law that will limit the amount of time a dog is allowed to be outside on a tethered collar to help eliminate some of the strain on the animal. This ordinance will help reduce imbedded collar abuse and help ensure a less aggressive nature in the animals, which means extra safety for family members, children, friends, and passersby. Contact Mike at (866) 935-7011 for more information.


I have lived in Elgin for 8 years, married for 21 years, have worked in the court system for 22 years and am respected by both the bench and the bar. Am a member of the animal assisted therapy program at sherman hospital here in elgin. Am a former commissioner of the Elgin civil service commission and was instrumental in the modification of how our oral interviews are now conducted for new hires and promotional interviews. Have been a member of AFSCME for most of my career.


Hello, I have a new approach to city government to be the people’s choice for the citizens of Elgin. I will document all phone and email contacts and register how citizens prefer a vote to be cast. This is not presently done with most of the votes cast. Individuals in political spots usually have their minds made up on topics and want to sell you on their visions. Do I have ideas and visions for our city, sure I do, however, the major change with me on the council will be that my votes cast will reflect how all of you feel, regardless if I agree or disagree. There will be no waffling on my part for personal gain. Also, there will be no conflict of interest with me on the council, I have accepted no money from any private parties or any organizations. There will be no bail outs with me on the council, our city must balance its budget as we do for our own lives. I will not vote to raise any taxes, cell phone taxes or any other until I get your input.It will not be what we think is important for you without getting your input, it will be what you think is important for yourselves. I have always supported downtown redevelopment, however will closely monitor any tax incentives for builders with your input. Our city commissions have been left with vacant spots in the past for long periods of time. This puts a strain on the current commissioners and affects city services indirectly. I will enhance this process for full staffing.

Dogs should not be forced to live life at the end of a chain, I will work to directly enhance our animal laws to include anti-tethering for those who leave the animal tied up outside 24-7. Dogs are pack animals and without socialization become aggressive, especially toward children in the neighborhood. Many cities already have instituted how many hours the dog can be kept. outside to retain the animals body heat in severe weather, and with what type of equipment can be used. These animals can be a great resource to our lives and should not be kept. in someones back yard as a novelty item. We must also consider the safety of people in our city who walk in our parks that do not own a dog.

Immigration is a focal point if its illegal immigration. All of you are aware of the financial toll it takes on the local economy and the county budgets. The problems are not with the hard working immigrants, its with the law breaking ones, Spanish, Polish, or any other. Some of the burdens are on our medical fields and in the court systems. One of the leading charges for illegals is Agg/DUI which can often have an overwhelming effect on the probation departments in the surrounding counties.

My family and I have always had positive experiences with the city police and our paramedics. At times negative issues will arise that need attention.The question has come regarding the establishment of an independent review board for negative allegations. Why did our council members leave the Police and Fire Commission open for so long with two open seats and only three at the helm, considering sick time, vacation time, ect. Then to fill a position, one of the council members walked in at the last minute to the city clerks office and turned in a packet for a friend of his. Anyone who wants to be a Commissioner in the city should be able to hand in their own packet on or before the deadline. Remember before on this web site, I brought up conflicts of interest. I believe a review board could be a positive addition to the overall process, keeping in mind that a fully staffed Police and Fire Commission is an adequate review tool along with the internal affairs division.

If you would like to contact me on other interesting matters such as, bike friendly community, red light cameras or not, a possible dog park, moneys used from HUD in our city, odd/even parking ban or none at all, the perception of Elgin, traffic flow, please call and leave a message.

Please do not confuse this exciting new approach with me getting bombarded with calls or emails from special interest groups.I will work for you to develope solid ideas for our future on both city and neighborhood matters. I can and WILL filter out the differences between sincere input versus any steering. Many of you during my obtaining of signatures felt that you were not part of and never were part of the process. Many of you complained of several things and how they were being handled. And that’s why I will open up the process, but will not be stepped on and will not let you get stepped on.

Recent additions have been placed on candidates websites in regards to residents feeling left out of the process, transparency in our city government, and the strengthening of our neighborhoods. Remember where and who you heard it from first. Also a separate section for DONATIONS. The concept of donations being normal and acceptable in our political process, is what has become an eyesore for our state, county, and some municipalities, time and time again. You are all aware that when a candidate solicits and receives any money, its guaranteed sometime in the future, that an item or issue is going to arise on the council regarding that person or organization. When it does, a past candidate, now on the council will have a difficult time being impartial, how can they when they accepted the money.

I’ve bolded the sentences that I thought indicated a position you might be interested in. My impression of Mr. Robins’s candidacy is that indeed the focal point of his campaign is not a major issue. The first paragraph of his website opens with the sentence, “Protect the animals you love with a vote for Mike Robins and his dog-tethering ordinance.” The title attribute of his website is, “Dog Tethering & Elgin City Council | Elgin, IL”

I’m not sure that most voters in Elgin are primarily concerned with this issue of dog tethering, and I don’t even see this issue as a controversial one. In other words, if Mr. Robins feels like an ordinance is in order, then I don’t see why he doesn’t take this to the present council and ask for one. Is this really something where you have to be on the city council in order to get it passed?

What will he do the rest of the time once the other members nod and say in effect, “Fine! Want a dog ordinance? Have it. You can even have a cat ordinance as a bonus!”

What really sticks out in Mr. Robins’s statement is that he apparently has few strong convictions, aside from the dog issue. He says his “votes cast will reflect how all of you feel.” The problem with that is that many of the most important issues lack a community consensus. And the idea of ruling by polls, even if they could be commissioned before each council meeting, is abhorrent to most voters. The position of a councilman is a leadership position, and don’t we expect leaders to have convictions?

Mr. Robins’s describes his position on illegal immigration thus: “The problems are not with the hard working immigrants, its with the law breaking ones, Spanish, Polish, or any other.”

The more the merrier then.

I guess the bottom line is that Mike Robins will be very appealing to voters who:

1 - Regard dog-tethering as the most important issue facing Elgin
2 - Favor illegal immigration (of hardworking immigrants, of course, not the law-breaking ones)
3 - Plan on calling Mr. Robins before every council meeting to tell him how to vote

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86 Responses to “Mike Robins: City Council Candidate [2009]”

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  1. Jessica T. says:

    From my take on his site I’d say you changed his intent greatly and took words out of context. I took it to say that immigration is a problem when it is illegal. The “law breaking” immigrants are a problem, and anyone here illegally is law breaking. No where did I read that he supports illegal immigration as long as those immigrants are hard working.

    I do not know the candidate and do not necessarily support him, just speaking up because it seems as if words have been twisted. I’m sure he’ll clarify at the forum.

  2. Boxcar says:

    I still don’t get it. Why bring up an issue just to give your opinion and NOT say what, you as a councilman, you will DO!? Isn’t that the point?

    I want planned actions and intentions and, at the very least, an idea on issues!! Not general opinions you can hear on all day long on talk radio. I hope he does state a position and HIS plan of change, if needed, at a forum. Sounds like he cares.

  3. RS says:

    Jessica, I’m surprised you would say I took his words out of context when I reproduced the entire paragraph (and entire statement) in the blog post.

    I think most people who look at the same paragraph will draw the same conclusion I did that Mr. Robins sees no problem with illegal immigration.

    The section I bolded is the key sentence. Yes, he doesn’t use the term “illegal immigrant” but the context of his paragraph is illegal immigration, as the first sentence of that paragraph indicates.

    Besides, nobody is talking about immigration. Legal immigration is not an issue, so I don’t see why anybody would be bringing it up. The issue that people are concerned with is illegal immigration, which is why he mentions it in his statement.

  4. Jessica T. says:

    Yes, but at the end of your post you quote one sentence and say that is his view on illegal immigrants. In the context of the entire paragraph starting with the sentence “Immigration is a focal point if its illegal immigration,” I took “hard working immigrants” as referring to those who are here legally, since he had already said illegal immigration is a problem.

    It is ambiguous, however, and I’m sure will be clarified at the forum.

    Legal immigration is something that is brought up, because it exists and occurs regularly. Many of the anti-illegal activists seem to lump all Latinos into the “illegal” category. Legal immigration must be brought up to counter act the discrimination and untruths told in regards to illegal immigration. Once again, I could be misinterpreting ambiguous words, but I took his statements mention hard workers and Polish and other immigrants to mean that is anti-illegal immigrant BUT NOT anti-Latino.

    As much as they like to deny it up and down, most of the vocal anti-illegal immigrant activists in town whose words I’ve heard or seen come across as anti-Latino.

  5. RS says:

    I guess it can be confusing. We’ll have to leave it to Mr. Robins then to clarify where he stands on this. He has left comments on this blog before, so maybe he will do so again.

  6. Mike Robins, Hello All says:

    Please check additional comments on my website, see full platform on bottom. http://www.robinsforelgincitycouncil.com Thankyou. Illegal immigration creates problems, especially with gang activity. C.G.I. Civil gang injuctions are based on others rights such as a public nuisance. The TROs limit any number of activities gangs engage in. During a court hearing, usually brought by the states attorneys office, the defendants in question do not get afforded a free attorney. A Judge will usually make a decision for the state or community based on gang activities causing a public nuisance. Otherwise we run into problems with their right to assemble. I am going to research if our city corporation council has the ability to bring this into a court instead of the county states attorney. In other jurisdictions, there was a 33 to 50% decrease in the gangs activity. Businesses in Elgin that hire and sometimes ignore if one has the legal right to work in our country or city, need to receive fines and have the business license reviewed. One city council member wants more apartments, how about landlords who allow properties to become illegally over-croweded, they also have a city license that can be reviewed. The costs of a green policy for Elgin has to be reviewed fully, including a new report coming out about the dam. Did you hear one of the city council members almost fell asleep on the last presentation. People for years have fled density to have more space. I do not fully agree that all will walk to get a gallon of milk, especially those with medical issues,if we increase density and stores in all areas. Our weather patterns in this state are mostly winter. It would be great if you can call and leave a message as others have, I would enjoy the one on one conversation with you. I would also add that 22 years with the court system has given me the opportunity to expand my resources with state and federal agencies and administrators, which is a benefit for you on the council.

  7. Boxcar says:

    Looks like Mr. Robins has been reading Mr. Prigge’s website re: Elgin businesses hiring illegals and landlords being more accountable for their tenants and overcrowding and getting judgments against gang members.


  8. Mike Robins says:

    Hello Boxcar, I have enjoyed most of your blogs, what a great process this is! I through time have been researching the above info, but will not post it as any other subject matter until I am comfortable with my info and key people have called me back. We were talking about this issue and looking into it a couple of years ago at the Grand and Central facility. Its great Mr. Prigge is aware of it. To all, Last week I received an email from a reporter on a major news station here in cgo. She was interested with my website and is looking into doing a story on the mauled children recently and my answer or solution to an on going problem. I explained to her this is not my major focal point for Elgin, that community imput will be a new approach and consistent communication with me. The country has seen a vast increase in the last 5 to 7 years in animal rights and care, and this happens to be close to me. Not neccessarily city agendas! I will mention that during my obtaining signatures, several voters would almost grab my clip board out of my hand when I brought up animal cruelity issues and open communication with me on the council. We will see how you really feel in the future, this is what its all about.

  9. Lori says:

    I for one think that Mr. Robins is a much needed breath of fresh air for Elgin. The current council are only puppets programmed to say what the mayor and manager tell them to. Since this present council has been in charge of Elgin concerns, Elgin has declined in many areas. They act like a Gestapo on some issues, and other issues are approved without voter approval.
    Take for example the odd-even parking ban in effect as a TRIAL in only a few neighborhoods across the city. At first, they only mailed out fliers warning people in the areas, then posted a few signs on some streets, not all. Some of the signs are simply put on a stick in people’s yards by the curb. As a TRIAL program, how can they legally collect fines and have people towed when it is not an official city ordinance? The city web-site states that it is being implemented in order to improve the beauty, safety, and street maintenance in those areas. WHAT? Is Elgin only concerned about these issues for a few areas, and don’t care about the other areas? Randall Ridge has bagged leaves for pick-up, so what does that have to do with a parking ban? I believe Adams Street has the ban on only half of the street, does the city not care about those living on the other half? And I bet that none of the streets affected by the ban are home to members of the city council. How is my safety being improved if I have to walk a block away from my home on icy roads in the dark in an area that has random shootings and gang activity? (We do not have a drive-way, and yes, we own and pay taxes on our home). What is the city doing with the approximate 80 thousand dollars they have collected in parking fines? If it is not about the money, why does the city have an actual department that handles traffic ticket fines, and why do they hire out someone from New York to send the notices of the hearing dates?
    Why does the city’s rules about restoring homes in the historic districts lack common sense? I personally know of someone who spent 1000’s of dollars (talking 10’s of thousands here) restoring his home, only to have the city take him to court and WIN to make him have 20,000 bucks worth of ENERGY EFFECIENT windows removed and replaced because they don’t quite match the original windows. How can situations such as these make any sane person want to buy a home here and live here?
    Mr. Robins has called me back when I have left messages of my concerns, and told me what I need to do to help, one of them being to make sure I attend a city council meeting voicing my concerns in the 5 minutes they give you to state your thoughts. I advise all of you to give him a call and talk to him, he is very caring and has a lot of great, much needed input and ideas on bettering this city before it becomes number 1 on the worst places to live list.

  10. mike robins says:

    Hello Residents, lori thankyou for your support and your input on our city. To all, 14 people have called since the night at AFLA and informed me they thought my answers were great. I have updated the website http://www.robinsforelgincitycouncil.com
    My wife and I have no children and my job requires me to work a normal week. With extra time, I know this will be an asset to you with me on the council, as I like to reasearch matters to no end. If you need me to visit your home or neighborhood on a matter, thats fits my beliefs, as I believe in a hands on approach.
    AFLA sent me the poll results after our forum with them last week. The results placed me in second, and there was a little note on the bottom stating that they were aware of candidates having friends and supporters in the audience. I for a fact came alone with only my wife attending. This shows me that I am giving you reliable answers with sound judgement. Thankyou for your support and thoughts.
    My cell phone number is 847-280-1958.

  11. Lori says:

    It is a little after 11 pm, and my street is lined with police cars, about 8 or 9 of them. Well, Elgin, you really improved the safety of my neighborhood with your odd/even ban. Thankfully the officers were able to find parking spots, as normally it is bumper to bumper parked cars and they would not have been able to park where they needed to. I don’t know if a murder or drug bust happened, but this is the biggest I have seen here lately. This IS NOT a safe neighborhood, and I resent being made to park away from the safety of my front door.

  12. Mike Robins says:

    Good Morning all, I was at the city council meeting last night, the week before and the one prior. I have attended several over the last 8 years. Where are all the CANDIDATES? There were a few of us last night, a couple last week, me and another. If one is running for a city council seat, do you expect them to be attending these meetings to stay on top of and with issues. I spoke to the chief of police last night after the meeting for approx. one hour. We were all alone down by the entry door. I asked here several questions about ICE and our proceedures, along with gang unit agendas and programs. It was a very interesting conversation. Are the other CANDIDATES waiting to get elected to go to our meetings. Keep in touch, thankyou all for all of your calls and support.

  13. Mike Robins says:

    Hello all, I hope the weather continues to warm. I was at a political gathering last night at our Holiday Inn. I spoke of my work record and how it pertains to a council seat. I have updates on the full platform page and about me section. I MADE A COMPAIGN PLEDGE TO DONATE MY ENTIRE SALERY WHILE ON THE COUNCIL TO CHARITY. The amount council members make is approx. $10000.00 dollars per year. I can do a great job on the council as proven from my work record. I do not feel that I need to take money from the city budget for a tasc that should be on a volunteer basis to begin with.

  14. RS says:

    Mr. Robins, it’s great to hear that you will donate the earnings to charity. It shows that your desire to serve on the city council is not motivated by self interest.

    I’m also glad that you clarified your stance on illegal immigration, acknowledging that it is harmful to our local economy. And your pledge to not take money from the SEIU is a major plus for your candidacy.

    I encourage our readers to view Mr. Robins’s updated position statement:


  15. For those interested in learning how many city council meetings all the two-year candidates have attend this past year, AFLA has provided detailed questions and this concern is addressed. Questions number 7 addresses this important topic.

    There are also four additional candidates’ forums that will be held, with two taking place this week.

  16. nancy says:

    Mr. Robins, keep up the great work, I posted a message on sligtings blog you will be very interested in.

  17. kathy says:

    I believe, Mr. Robbins, that if you continue with a strong platform against illegal aliens, you will get A LOT of support. We really need someone on the council who will not cowtow to the rest of the current council members, especially the mayor. There are many, many citizens of this city who are sick and tired of the illegals and the problems they bring. This city, especially Villa St. is beginning to look like a border town.

  18. Boxcar says:

    Mike Robins has shown an interest in illegals.

    I would suggest looking at candidate John Prigge’s (4-yr. term) website for his plan on dealing with this Elgin cancer of illegals we have. Many people I’ve spoken with are shocked to see that a businessman and NOT a politician has come up with some definite-action thoughts. Robins would do well to adopt himself after a plan.

    Citizens are fed up and they better vote or they can only blame themselves for what will happen to Elgin.

  19. Mike Robins IMPORTANT says:

    Good Morning everyone, this weather is wonderfull, I hope your all enjoying it. Lets get started.

    I may have to go into the next blog section, this will be a long one! I would like to cover information I now feel comfortable with, remember a while ago I stated I usually observe before jumping into things.

    Lets start with me. Most or all of you want someone who has character and compassion on the council. I agree and have this to offer. Years ago I developed Atrial Fibrillation of the Heart. As time developed it became worse and just as horrific as the first event, hard to breath, becoming dizzy and concerning. Through spending many hours over night in hospitals staring at the wall while my heart bounced around like a water baloon, I became stronger through this. You have to, whats the alternative! It took a long time for the doctors to convince me with 2am conversations, that I would not die if it bounced the wrong way, or that I might live a shorter life than others. I am much better now after they burned my Heart to form scar tissue. Now at the age of 51, I also have a new hip! I have a total hip replacement. The time that went into this and the pain increased my character even more. Again what’s the alternative?

    Work Character- Several years ago I started the Pretrial Services Div. at the old traffic court building in Chicago. During the first 4 months, 3 to 6 judges came to me and stated, Mike, nothing personal but we really do not need your program at this facility. I ended up there for 7 years, why? because I initiated programs and proceedures to assist them and the facility which worked out productively. I also carried this to other facilities years later, and through time I have received letters from supervising states attorneys and public defenders that I was an intregal part of the daily process. A Federal Judge placed a letter in my work file after he left the county, to explain to administrators above me that he was very pleased with my talent while he was supervising the other Judges I worked for.
    Compassion- All of the above also increased my level of understanding for other factors of life and what people are living for. All of you are by now aware of my personal stance on Animal abuse and neglect.

    Now lets talk issues!!!!!

    First of all I would like to share with all of you that I recently took the direction to reach out to one of the four year canditates. I have the ability to see when others have my positive attributes. And in this case, I was right again. This man and I have spoke several times since my first call. We feel the same on most city issues, and shared the same humor on some. Our personalities connected from the start and I felt very comfortable with our exchange. Although I have not known him long enough to mention his name, I will tell you this. I discussed with him that I would feel extremely comfortable with him on the council, that we shared some same agendas, and we could work together to expand common goals. He felt comfortable with this as well and even went on to tell me that other candidates would not have his interestes in mind. The reason I share this with all of you is that if the new council has members that can work together on new plans of action for the city, it is beneficial for us and for you. He and I have some similarities toward Illegal immigration.

  20. Mike Robins IMPORTANT says:

    Illegal Immigration as I stated from the beginning of my campaign can be from any country. Sometimes it leads to gang activity associated with crime. A- C.G.I is a civil gang injunction through the civil court system. Any and all injunctions granted are on a basis that the activity caused by persons is causing a public nuisance. Otherwise the first amendment rights come into play. An injunction can limit major activity of a gang down to the simple matters such as color of cloths worn, to carry pagers or not, and where to not hang out.

    Once on the council, I will meet with our city attorneys to see what our ability with this is, instead of having to rely on the county prosecuter. I was the first candidate to address using our own staff for the process. Fake IDs usually bought in Cgo. allow Illegals to obtain a drivers license. The IDs are used for work purposes and given to police for arrest purposes. The E-Verify system to check SS numbers should be used by the city not only to check applicants working for the city, but also for the city to check workers that work for employers with city contracts instead of leaving it up to the employeer!

    Also the city could make several spot checks at temp agencies in the morning to end that practice. When E-Verify sends us back a NO-MATCH on a soc. number, we send the person to the Social Security office at which time they can come back and prove who they say they are with additional LEGAL documents! Immigrant visas exist for persons not a citizen or national allowing permanent work in the U.S. for those to eventually become citizens. A Non-Immigrant visa is for a short duration of work. BOTH OF THESE ARE PRESUMED TO PUT MONEY IN THE ECONOMY! Illegals that work here send MILLIONS of dollars back to other countries!

  21. Mike Robins IMPORTANT says:

    Landlords-Lets give a copy of our city code and laws pertaining to rental laws and overcrowding to our landlords and have them SIGN OFF ON IT. Now, once the landlord is in violation, there is no excuse they did not know for possible fines or suspensions of their city rental license. They will then pay more attention to Non-Compliance issues in the future!

    ICE-IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT. We need a percentage of Elgin officers to have 287G authority since Elgin DID request participation on the ICE ACCESS program, but not the 287g. This allows officers enforce immigration law. Cgo. and cook county are SANCUTUARY IN NATURE BY ORDINANCE. Officers can not ask about immigration matters on routine matters.

  22. Mike Robins IMPORTANT says:

    EMTALA- Emergency Medical treatment active labor act of 1985, obligates HOSPITALS to treat the uninsured, but does not have provisions to pay for it. YOU DO! indirectly. Several hospitals have been forced to shut down because of this problem.

    Anchor Babies- The Fourteenth amendment long ago allowed persons born here to become or be citizens. This was set up by our government in the past for african americans that were treated poorly and were emancipated. This was of great importance at that time and should have occured.This needs to be re-evaluated!

    We can not solve the problem of Illegal Immigration here at home in Elgin, however we can sure MANAGE IT! With objectives and plans mentioned above.
    If you here any of this information mentioned at future forums, PLEASE REMEMBER WHO YOU HEARD IT FROM FIRST!!! I will always keep open communication with you on the council, you will be a part of this process and feel proud of it. I have been asked recently to change my stance on NO DONATIONS AND MY SALARY TO CHARITY! This will not change, remember I told you NO WAFFLING LIKE OTHERS IN POLITICS!

    BTW-There is a member of congress who is trying to add a provision to the stimulus package that any and all corporations, employeers and businesses that receive funds, be mandated to use the E-Verify system to avoid vast numbers of Illegals being hired with the funds.


  23. ERICK says:

    hmmm..your right boxcar, this sounds a lot like John Prigges website.

  24. concerned citizen says:


    Federal judges work in federal court, not county court. Mr Robins, you started pre trial services in Cook County?

    Your stance on SEIU is simple, you can’t take the money. YOU DONT SUPPORT LABOR. YOU ARE A SCAB. When your local probation officer’s went on strike, you crossed the picket line. True definition of a non labor supporting scab.


  25. Nancy says:

    FYI you must be with SEIU, hmmm.. If you read correctly the data clearly states the judge he writes of was with his county before federal court! and you guys want more money when you cant read clearly! Also, anyone with a county knows of all the waste in the budgets! dont advance taking more of my money!

  26. Boxcar says:

    SEIU donations are made to political candidates with one thing in mind: Look the other way when it comes to illegal aliens. More illegals mean more people on their union deduction list. I guess citizens don’t count.

    Robins won’t take their money (or anyone else’s) and Prigge won’t take SEIU money, either (they wouldn’t offer it to him since he’s anti-illegal aliens). Prigge was a union steward at his job at the phone company, according to his website, so I assume he has carried a picket sign or two and fought management with grievances, etc.

    If you want MORE illegal aliens in Elgin, vote for SEIU-endorsed candidates. Or, Emi Morales, Brenda Rodgers, Al Fernandez, Mike Warren, Bruce Trego or all of the incumbents.

    Someone tell me if I have left anyone else out.

  27. concerned citizen says:

    Fancy Nancy,

    Oh I can read, too bad you can’t read or write. Mr Robins just can’t write or express himself clearly. Mr Robins stated: “A Federal Judge placed a letter in my work file after he left the county”. This sentence implies the Federal Judge worked for the county and after he left, sent a letter the Robins’ employer.

    Sorry, I am not with SEIU, nor, too have I ever been associated with SEIU. Facts are facts, Robins does not support labor unions. He crossed a picket line, did not support his fellow employees or local labor union. He showed his true colors by supporting management.

    Finally, he stated “Several years ago I started the Pretrial Services Div. at the old traffic court building in Chicago.” He did not start Pre Trial Services in Traffic Court or any other Court in Cook County. He may have been one of the first officers assigned to traffic court, but, he did not start Pre Trial Services. He went on to say “I initiated programs and proceedures”. Again, he did no such thing. He is a line officer and has little or nothing to do with initiating policy, procedure, or any type of programming. This is left up to the upper level management, the chief probation officer, and ultimately, the chif judge.

    The truth be told!!

  28. Mike Robins says:

    Hello, we were all at a meeting tonight answering questions and responding seriously with each other and having some fun at times.The people at the meeting, informed us we were a great group as they have had a lot of tension with past groups.

    Concerned-or John! I had to chuckle at your post, The Federal Judge in question was indeed a past supervising Judge at traffic court, then went on to become a Federal Judge, and did indeed send his letter to me and Mr. Mike Rohan who was administrator under Harry Commeford the Chief Judge. Mr. Rohan then sent me a letter of his own that he was in receipt of the letter from the Federal Judge and to keep up the great work. Steve Mcguire, past Director of pretrial was also given the letter. Since you work for our county, who know the names! Finally as you so humorously put it, I was indeed the first line person with pretrial placed at traffic court and did indeed start it at said facility, not county wide, or I would have stated that. Initiating new policy and proceedure at this facility was acomplished with myself,the Judge,and the court administrator stationed there at that time. There was no chief probation officer as pretrial was not with probation then. The Director, Mr McGuire was aware of program modification with traffic court as was Mr. Rowan and they were advised by the Judge and our court administrator that my proceedures were working for that given facility. After Judge Commeford retired, Judge O’Connell,the new Chief Judge, had visited our facility more than once. On one visit, he informed me with the court administrator my additional programs on top of the usuall the dept. did, were sucessfull and told me to keep it up. The facts are indeed told-John. Of course you will deny your name, so contact me for furthur discussion, make sure you do.

    For those of you placing posts, I was suprised tonight when I asked some of the candidates about this site as I am new to it, that two of them looked here in the beginning but no longer do. They felt it was usually the same persons and not at all the populous at large. They thought there were some that placed intellectual commets but most was just negative bla bla. I have appreciated the posts on here that have been productive for all of us. The other candidate heard of it but said, I dont use it. Well, its all part of the process. For those of you interested and sincere in addressing city matters, thankyou for your support. I will continue to go forward for all of you. See you after the primary!

  29. rm says:

    RS, you’ve been providing a great community asset and forum even if (as Mr. Robins would express it) it doesn’t involve “all the populous at large.” You’ve certainly involved important elements of that “populous.” I only hope the forum and related discussion can be extended to involve consideration of several other elections critical to our community’s welfare - the board seats for the Gail Borden library, U-46, and Community College District 509 (Elgin Community College). These are institutions vital to our welfare.

  30. RS says:

    Mr. Robins, I’m curious to know what meeting this was, because I didn’t know there was another forum scheduled for this week (besides the one on Thursday at the Centre).

    Also, since we have two more candidate forums scheduled, I hope we see you (again) BEFORE the primary!

    Thanks for asking the candidates about their usage of this site. I think that those who are ignoring it may come to regret it. We get several hundred page views a day–now approaching a thousand for the first time, and our readers–if they are typical blog readers–are opinion leaders in the community and have influence over the voting decisions of people around them.

    I am thankful for the little Elginite blog community that we have here, and the comments that people leave. I think mostly our community here has managed to be civil even while disagreeing. If candidates view disagreement with their positions as “negativity” then I think they are misunderstanding the role of debate and discussion in civil society.

  31. Mike Robins ITS TIME says:

    Hello everyone, I know all of you like to keep up with the latest and also some of the not so latest, so here it is. I would like to discuss some observations of mine, and discussions that have taken place recently.
    First of all, I need all of you to start calling all of your contacts and sending out emails to get the vote out for us. If you remember when I was out getting petitions signed, an overwhelming majority of you expressed to me that Illegal Immigration was one of the top priorities with you and that our mayor and council were not doing much if anything about it. That they always blamed it on a federal issue. It has now come up AGAIN for the second time! Recently I purchased some yard signs. Upon knocking on doors and meeting residents for the first time, asking if I could place a sign on their property, this is the responses they gave me. I could not believe, nor could my wife, that the majority of you, the minute I mentioned Illegal Immigration! right away, you told me I had your vote and yes, put a your sign on my lawn. Now, the reason I am bring this up again, is, ITS TIME to get all of you out to vote for me to get us past the primary! All of the TALKING has been fine and informative, however, if you do not get out yourself and tell others to get the vote out, I will not be able to help you on this issue or any other issues. All of your complaining about these topics, which is fine, will go no where if I am not in the position to make it happen.
    REMEMBER recently I spoke of a certain CANDITATE that I reached out to. Well, recently we have been speaking with each other more often and am developing a rapor on a business level and a personal level. We have discussed ideas we can work on once on the council, and have similiar thoughts on things right now! Its like I am looking in the mirror. There may be some more info on this in the coming week if both of us feel comfortable with it. As soon as I know, I will let you know right away. Again, if I do not make it past the primary, This four year candidate will have to work on all of YOUR complaints by himself!

  32. Lori says:

    Mike, I am so glad you are generating support from more of the citizens. I have not been able to attend any forums due to health problems, but read with interest the posts on the various blogs here. When I am able to take my walks, I talk to as many people as I can about you and how they need to vote for you. I would like to have you put a sign up in our yard, please email me if you can, or I will try to contact you with the details. I have NEVER supported any candidate before, but I feel strongly that our city needs someone like you to have input into our town. We need new faces and ideas on the board, and you are definitely one of the faces I want to see. Keep up the great work, I hope I am able to attend any future forums before the elections.

  33. starshine says:

    Mike,Mike, Mike I had hopes for you. You said you would not take money from special interest groups, Unions etc…..what happen?? I see all this AFLA on signs and cards? come on, what gives?
    At the forum today- I asked people around me and after the forum what they thought of our blogs. I did not meet one person who said it was good. Those that have seen it, thougt we are narrow mided hateful people and give Elgin a bad rap. I say don’t like it- don’t read it.

  34. Mike Robins says:

    Hello all, the forum was great tonight, will post more info soon on some matters of the campaign.
    The money costs are a small amount for signs and 5×7 hand outs. My wife and I have paid for all of this with no funds from anyone. When you get into the mail outs from companys and the auto-phone calls, now you increase the amount from a small amount. I have not participated in that yet. Afla has given me no money! So far, they have given me 3 bottles of water and oatmeal cookies at a meeting. A senior was going to give me a check tonight and I could not accept, however the thought was moving to me. I will bring up some points of the forum and the campaign from the beginning soon. Thankyou!

  35. starshine says:

    How do you account for the signs and cards with the AFLA name on it? Free publicity for AFLA? from one dog lover to another, You let me down bro.

  36. One Vote says:

    Robins must have thought the AFLA endorsement was worth advertizing. It doesn’t mean he took (or gave) money to AFLA.
    Sunshine is reading this all wrong.

  37. ERICK says:

    Mike- I feel something fishy going on here with all these AFLA signs around town. Somehow I think AFLA gave you some money to put these up?? I am hoping you are telling the truth about not accepting money but its pretty hard to believe since you have AFLA all over your signs…Who paid for your meet and greet at the American Legion last saturday Mike?

  38. queenie says:

    Hey, Mike is a straight shooter and will do what he says he will. He has not recieved any money from any organizations and will not as he has promised.Give him your vote on Feb 24th.

  39. Mike Robins says:

    Hi Erick, just checking in quickly, very busy lately, I rented the space out from dave the mgr. at the legion for only ten dollars an hour. BTW, the donuts are fantastic from that rolling donuts by the shell station, they have the taste of a real bakery, I paid for those also. Afla has given no money, just water and cookies at a meeting. All of us that were endorsed were told that they have a general fund, and after the primary, thay will pitch in to help all of us, not one. Going to check emails, lots on the odd/even parking. Check in soon. Bye

  40. starshine says:

    Will you then take the $$ after the 24th? I can’t help but feel you have lost your mission here and have jumped on the AFLA bandwagon.

  41. boxcar says:

    I am under the impression that AFLA will not be writing any checks to the candidates. They may take out ads and do some leg work for their choices but give no money.

    This is in stark contrast to SEIU (the Elgin city employees union) who has thrown close to $15,000 in cash in the laps of the three incumbents in the last election.

  42. New Elgin Joe says:

    I have a real problem with government employee unions trying to manipulate the outcome in this fashion. 15K? that is incredulous for a local election!!

  43. boxcar says:

    Donations to the incumbent candidates in the April 7th election:

    Gilliam $5,847
    Figueroa $4,238
    Walters $2,869
    Schock (not running) $5,000

    TOTAL: $17,954 (Minus Schock = $12,954)

    SEIU represents employees of Elgin’s Public Works dept., Clerical Technical employees and Part-Time Custodians. (That’s a lot)

    A couple of hundred may be one thing, but nearly $13K to the running incumbents?? What do THEY have that this union wants? I wonder.

    Nice war chest for a local election, eh?

  44. starshine says:

    Interesting-Is this for 2009 election or past elections and where did you fine this data?

  45. One Vote says:

    If I read it right, those SEIU contributions were for PREVIOUS elections. I don’t think they’ve published anything for this election. The 30 day reports are due for the 2 yr primary.
    The Illinois Board of Elections has the latest on their website.

  46. One Vote says:

    Speaking of unions, it really sucks that Burris called Ed Smith over at the Laborers’ union (LIUNA) in order to get his name in to Blago.
    First it was SEIU, now LIUNA. I don’t mean to hijack this thread; I’m just saying that union influence over politicians is out of hand. I think it applies here.

  47. DIVA says:

    I believe Mr. Robins will do all he can to help turn the city council around. He is a very sincere individual. If you want things to stay the same, then Mr. Warren is your man. Listening to him is as if he were a clone of the present council members.

  48. Daisy Mae says:

    Mike Robins is the best candidate of the 6 for the
    2-year candidates by far. He’s going to donate his income from city council to charity and has promissed to call back anyone who calls him within 3 days. How many of the current members can say that? We just have to get those up this election out. Mike also promisses to be more fair on the illegal issue than those who comprise the council now and many of the others running, which I personally welcome.

    Daisy Mae

  49. Mike Robins says:

    Hi guys and gals, I am on WRNM 1410 am tomorrow, Friday morning, have to return 9 calls tonight, chow.

  50. Mike Robins says:

    BTW the WRMN Radio starts me at 9am.

  51. lbf says:

    Daisy Mae- I know from my involvement with community events and fundraising for non-for-profit. The councilmembers usually buy tables (avg $500.00) and asked the group to fill them with members who could not afford the ticket price. or making donations to groups. I think this is a great way to use the stipen and support the communtiy . It can be pretty pricey to attend all the event you get invited to. The city does not always buys tickets for the coucilmember and their spouses. So it’s nice to have them send a little $$ to support the cause. I would like to see Mr.Robin do what the other members do and spread the wealth and not give to one charity.

  52. DIVA says:

    One thing to think about in making off street parking an ordinance, it will show where there is overcrowding because all the vehicles have to fit in the garage and or driveway. If other municipalities can do it, why can’t Elgin.

  53. Jessica T. says:

    What about the houses and apartments that don’t have driveways or garages?

  54. DIVA says:

    Many of these houses that have inadequate parking are the result of single family houses being converted into apartments. There were very few built without garages or driveways. Now the city has a program to deconvert these houses back to their original use as single family homes and the city pays for that. If what you say about legally built apartments, then the city should sell to the tennants on the lease a parking permit that affixes to the winshield which states they can park on the street at this location.

  55. ERIC O says:

    Go Mike. Get the ILLEGALS out of here. They are tunring Elgin into a 3rd world ghetto. Just drive around and take a look. Take some pictures! Another thing, get a real code enforcement program while you are at it.

  56. Mike Robins says:

    Hi all, well its that time! A recent blog was posted for Miss Sligting and there was a mention of pause due to the fact that I learned quickly on the illegal immigration and just started out with our canine friends with no other interest. WRONG,LOL. My website from the beginning addressed illegal immigration and other points of interest from myself and our citizens. Also this person addressed money matters again and must not have seen a recent post of mine in ref. to possibly taking out a loan, or if I am ever forced to take donations, it will be only from private citizens. Then this person brings up federal races which one needs much more money for! The donation of salery will not ever change! As I have been very clear on in the past if this person did past research from the beginning, I never jump into judgement on anything, thats why I am at where Im at in life! Also, this person attempts to make the perception that some of us have an equal stance on illegals, none of the other TWO YEAR candidates have a concrete plan for managing this, in fact Miss Slighting just brought up this week that she would not considering looking into illegals water bills. When I spoke to my FOUR YEAR candidate friend, he and I thought it was a great idea that a resident brought up and we went on to discuss the legalities of it with other alternatives! One does not receive a letter from a Federal Judge or high meets and exceeds on yearly audits if one where to ever jump into things, pause on that thought. BTW the way all, to change gears, I received a call from a women who is 80 years old today, she was disturbed that someone is taking my signs down. I then had two more residents call with the same occurance. These signs were on private property. Thats ok though, the clowns saved me the work of taking them all down! I made a call to the Elgin P.D. and a friend of mine who is a Private Investigator for 49 years, next time we have some suprises for the clowns. So, what camp do you think is taking down my signs? Look very close at the issues!

  57. ERICK says:

    salery-Salary.. Mike Robins- I went the first day i heard you were running for Elgin City Council to look at your website and no mention of Illegal Immigration. after AFLA meeting that somehow became your 1 issue(odd).LOL and now your starting to attack the people your running against i.e.”Miss Slighting”…and btw, I have seen more of your signs on public property than on private property Mr. Robbins. Is that legal? and now your going to take money from people from AFLA- are you going to recuse yourself from voting on Illegal Immigration issues? That was your platform- you sticking with it? no.

  58. boxcar says:

    The first time I saw Robins’ website was before the first forum and it DID have a paragraph about illegals. It was more generic than it is now.

    If ANYONE should recuse themselves on ANY illegal alien issues it should be the LULAC board member, Emi Morales. She is SWORN to uphold THEIR creed and platform.

    If Gilliam, Schock, Walters and Figueroa do not have to abstain from SEIU issues (like PAY RAISES for the city employees, ahem, ahem) then why should Robins on Elgin’s number one curse-illegals? He has not accepted ANY money from AFLA that I have seen. Their president or VP said NO ONE has received money-only pledges to help promote them.

    I believe Robins has only accepted AFLA’s non-monetary support. Morales has, again, sworn to uphold the LULAC ideals of licenses for illegals, in-state tuition for illegals, etc., and other anti-American plans.

  59. ERICK says:

    Boxcar- Was it not his platform that “I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE MONEY FROM ANY PERSON OR GROUP BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT TO RECUSE MYSELF FROM ANY VOTE” ?he said it himself at every forum. Now hes backtracking and says he will if he makes the primary..A Lot of talk,More politics, and NO CONCRETE IDEAS! Although my vote is going to Mike Warren,I wouldnt mind Emi Morales on City Council. I think they would both make great leaders for Elgin.

  60. boxcar says:

    Gee-You’re RIGHT! I forgot about that. Good point. Thanks for the reminder.

    Remember, a vote for Warren, Rodgers or Morales is a vote for MORE illegals coming into Elgin. There would be no reason for them NOT to come in if any of them got in.

    Instead of voting for Warren, why not vote for Ed Schock twice in 2011? It would be the same thing.

  61. Maria says:

    Ok, guys, Mr. Robins did in fact have that he was against illegal immigration from the on set because I clearly remember he was talking about the court system and the various probation departments being over burdened with the illegal dui situation on his website the first week it went up. He wrote recently that his supporters suggested he drop the no donation part and then he went the right way in saying if he ever does drop it, he will not take money from unions, or companys and he said builders. What else do you want, how many issues will come up with a private person like me! I highly doubt he will change his stance on illegals as his website has the most concrete plan out of the rest. Also, Miss Sligting did not speak at all of the illegals until afla, she spoke of the 311 system which we do not need, and the use of the river, and transparency which she has not much of in her campaign or personal behaviors. Anyway, the main reason I got on this blog today is to say that the person running this should let bloggers voice who they support or not and why. It really is not appropriate for this blog site to endorse any candidate at all, and sway public opinion. It does not concern me who they support, its that they went out to support one person. This blog system as any other should be for us to share feelings, facts, and ideas only and let the outcome take its course. My opionion of this site has gone down. Thanks for listening everyone.

  62. ERICK says:

    I also agree with Maria. A blog that was made for Elginites should not endorse canditates but just be a moderator and medium for citizens to blog about concerns but should not be a to sway public opinion. I hope someone else starts a blog that is independent and not putting its own ideas onto us.

  63. Jessica T. says:

    I suggest that everyone wanting a Elgin-focused blog with a moderator who tries to remain neutral go ahead and start one! I will be the first to link to you.

    Wordpress.com and Blogger.com are both two good places to start for free and easy blogging resources.

    This blog was started by an individual using his own time and money. You want someone who only moderates? This blog would be empty. People post comments on his content. If he took away the content, there wouldn’t be much left.

    & I’m wondering if you read newspapers. The Courier has stopped endorsing candidates, but the Herald still does. Most newspapers do, and have for many many years. Do you hold them in low regard for trying to sway public opinion?

  64. RS says:

    Maria, Erick,
    A blog is by its nature an opinionated medium and this blog will remain opinionated. BUT after the new site is rolled out–hopefully in the next couple of weeks, my opinion will not be the only one offered.

    Yes, we shall have contributors!

    If you’d like to apply to be a contributor, just leave good comments. If the quality of your comments is high, then you may get an invitation.

    Mr. Robins, I’m sorry I was not able to endorse you.

  65. boxcar says:

    I’m glad to know the Courier stopped endorsing. The Daily Herald should do the same. Their editorial staff is unimpressive and, in one reporter’s case, a complete weakling for a suburban daily paper.

    Since they print the Reflejos newspaper, I just KNEW they would endorse a candidate who will welcome MORE illegals into Elgin, Mike Warren.
    They also had kind words for another illegal enabler, Emi Morales.

    More illegals = more buyers of Reflejos in their mind. The Herald does not even recognize the fact that Elgin is stricken with the cancer of illegals.

    And we all KNOW how newspapers are struggling to stay alive nowadays.

  66. Mike Robins says:

    Hello all, I started this grass roots campaign with no support system and no base. Your wonderfull remarks and thoughts to me during this entire process, have shown that you want change with various issues and our present council. Guess what! I had a support system and base the whole time, YOU THE RESIDENTS! You kept me in a race that you related to, with issues of politics as usuall. You informed me that for the short time I have been in this, that my abilities are on the pulse of matters with a polished approach. Lets all expand this grass roots movement for our future. Please check the website of Mr.John Prigge in the four year race. We will embark together on a new and shared approach for you to not only manage illegal immigration, but to restore all city services directly and indirectly to enhance your lives here at home in Elgin. It would be refreshing to have two new members on your council addressing your concerns working as a team together. Thankyou all again, let your strength for change and your voice keep us focused together.
    When you can, check out todays date daily herald, and type in deportation in the search bar. Read whats taking place in lake county.

  67. New Elgin Joe says:

    This robins guy has to be embarrassed with his results. After having all the AFLAH kooks getting behind him, he barely had enough to stay in the game. Hey Mikey, Why don’t you get out of the race so we can have a serious dialogue of the issues.

  68. Maria says:

    Hey there old elgin joe/emi supporter, first of all its afla not aflah, secondly illegals is the serious problem. Sorry you had a testosterone or stupid moment.

  69. Boxcar says:

    On the contrary, Robins came from total obscurity and nearly beat a former councilwoman and DID beat a well-based, Sligting. That’s the story of this election.

    Maybe the word is getting out slow that Robins is THE only candidate with a spine against the ravages of illegal aliens in Elgin. He’s got more work to do.

  70. city hall insider says:

    Mike Robbins will get my vote. Take no money from SEIU. They would only come looking for favors later anyway. SEIU would love to have more illegals in Elgin as their unoffical stance is “more members,more dues”. That has to change.

    I’m a little ticked at Emi Morales. She came to my door two weekends ago(prosumptively off of an SEIU address list)and left a flier. I was home. She never knocked on my door! Just left a flier and wrote on it”sorry I missed you”. To make matters worse, She obviosly doesn’t understand even the most basic of laws(being a lawyer and all, she should). She put the damn flier in my mail box. Tisc tisc. NO Vote For you EMI! You’re lazy even before getting in office.

    One thing I’d like Mike Robbins to look into is the cost savings if the city didn’t have to supply the council members with free health insurance. Does anyone know they also get a free laptop? I like that Mike is willing to donate his soon to be salary to a charity. Could the charity be for the city employees that don’t yet have a contract signed! The city is yet again dragging feet about wages, insurance, and God knows what, acting like the working employees are pawns. Our contract expired last year with no indication of resolve. Time to clean the dead weight out of our current council. More rants to follow….

  71. starshine says:

    City Hall insider- are you asking Mike R. to donate his money to City Employees = SEIU members??

  72. DIVA says:

    Well Elginites you sure didn’t get out to vote whether you supported AFLA or any other organization. So if you like the way the city is being run, Warren is your man. He will fit right into the group. If you want amnesty for the illegals, hi-density living, overcrowding, Emi or Brenda is your girl. However, Mr. Robins seems to certainly be willing to fight for a better city within our means.

  73. Boxcar says:

    AFLA’s implied power was absent in this primary or it is completely non-existant. They tout 3000 members? They almost got completey shut out in this race and there is no excuse for that near-death experience.

    They are either grossly overstating their numbers or they failed terribly at promoting Robins. Prigge, Robins and anyone else they endorse better not count on their help alone (I don’t think Prigge needs it, personally) because AFLA may be a moot point unless they wake up.

  74. Elginet says:

    Elginites as a whole should be disgusted with the turnout of this election. This was pitiful and can only be attributed to wide-spread apathy in the system.

    8 out of 10 people I came across had no idea that the primary was Tuesday, and then the person at my polling place was telling people that the Republicans (who make of the majority in this town), don’t vote until April, so people were walking out not knowing that if they asked for a “non-partisan” ballot, they could vote!

    This no doubt, was by design, I’m sure.

  75. city hall insider says:

    starshine–you’re right …I hadn’t thought of it that way…just frustrated with the way the city managers play cat and mouse with common working folks. Can’t wait until our city manager takes his early retirement incentive and his bonus for saving the city so much money through layoffs. We should probably build that new orchestra hall so that the current regieme can get one more bronze plaque on a waste of money.

  76. city hall insider says:

    Does anyone know where Brenda Rodgers really lives??? I know she uses her sisters place to get mail here in town, but she doen’t live there….just wondering

  77. starshine says:

    My freind lives down the street from Brenda,She lives in Elgin. They see each other all the time.

  78. Kurt says:

    Hey everyone,
    Why don’t we ask for a “boxcar editorial” blog page from this site’s editor?

    Boxcar seams to enjoy himself by debating in the “elginite.org” blog site and using its space as a personal entertainment center for his own inner anger! So why don’t we give him his own page and ask the editor to transfer any of his views to this page, and this page only, so we don’t have to read his opinions unless we feel like being entertained like some of those TV shows such as Jerry Springer?

    RS, you might find this to be a good way to increase your sites viewing! He seams to love to write as he attacks people with his opinions, why don’t you use it to your advantage? There are people that thrive on this kind of entertainment, so go for it!
    You have to pay for this site anyway and the only way you make money on a website is by advertisement! So use his commentaries as a way to increase the sites viewing numbers to increase your income from this web site! He might draw more people with his racial, narrow minded, nationally uninformed, and targeted comments! He won’t tell anyone what his real name is, so he is safe from being killed by any illegal aliens or any discussed legal citizens that are frustrated with his views. This way he can debate with any that appose his opinions or be sided with those that agree with him on his own page! That is the power of entertainment!! If it brings more people to the site, maybe he could be given an income bonus for a percentage of all that view that page! At least the people that don’t want to read his stuff are not discouraged to even going to this site because they are fed up with sifting through his opinions to read what really matters and those who want to read it have a page to receive their entertainment on!

    I want everyone to respond to my proposal, whether against or for, by typing in; “yes - boxcar editorial” or “ no – boxcar editorial”! Don’t type anymore than that so it is easier for the editor to tally the count!

    Thank you for your participation!

    • RS says:

      Kurt, please post your comment only once. Don’t worry about readers not finding it. It will be seen in the Recent Comments part of the sidebar. If you flood the site with the same comment, then other people’s comments will be obscured and missed altogether. I had to delete your other, identical comments.

      With regard to Boxcar, perhaps the best thing for you to do is to simply ignore his/her posts. Let’s not feed the fire. Let’s not antagonize each other. The election is over and it’s time for everybody to settle down.

      Boxcar, please let’s move on.

      • Boxcar says:


        Until someone brings it up again…

        • Kurt says:

          The game is over! Let’s get back to politics!
          Hopefully the new council board will have a better sway for the people and listen to us for advice. After all, we’re the ones that are in the heart of the city.

  79. Kurt says:

    Oops! forgot to take rich’s website off after helping Mack feel at ease with the new members.

  80. Mike Robins says:

    Hello everyone, lots of interesting data on the dog ban issue blog!
    Several of you recently have asked me or attempted to convince me to run again. My campaign manager who is well known in town, and wishes to stay private, has again expressed to me with others, that I entered the race very late and came through the primary with my clear stance at the forums. Some of you still bring up the fact that from the primary to the general, I had a 500% gain in votes. My manager and one of the past candidates has advised me to start much earlier at the end of this year. If this is to happen, I will except donations this time and will not donate the council salery. It appears with all of the county and state issues, this was not important to our voters. I had thought it would matter!
    So, forget about what I think for now, what do you think, should I run again? What about the other candidates, who should run again or not, and why? What about the past incumbents, should any of them run again?
    Lets hear what you think!

  81. Mike Robins says:

    Hello, it’s been one year this month the 24th, time flies. This next election will take on a new perspective! What have our existing and new council members been working on to improve our city? Have our new members been progressive for change, or following the normal flow of order?

    • Common Sense Clarence Hayward says:

      Hi Mike,

      Do you know if the council gave incentives to that kick boxing place where Prairie Rock use to be? I sure hope not. Already had a big police incident outside it.

      I don’t know if we have a new dog ordinance or if they are going to tax my toy poodle. Any info on that?

      I don’t want my cars taxed with a vehicle sticker. I am afraid people are just anxious to get some money from my cars and my dog.

      I see the 450,000 the old council spent on the Bandits might have been an even bigger waste of money as I read the Bandits are looking for a new home for the 2011 season.

      So far it seems to me it has been business as usual with nothing new that I can recall. Sometimes that it is a good thing. Politicians create costly programs so they can leave their mark. I sometimes think not leaving a mark might be the lessor of two evils.

      My memory is not the best but I don’t really remember much over the last year that has improved our city.

      Common Sense, Independent, Clarence Hayward