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Lenora Scruggs: City Council Candidate [2009]

11 January 2009 RS 2 Comments

Lenora Scruggs at a candidates forum on March 16th, 2009 Lenora Scruggs at a candidates forum on March 16th, 2009 (Photo by The Elginite).

Lenora Scruggs is a candidate for Elgin City Council. The following statement comes from her campaign website:

I am one of 10 children and have lived in Elgin for 26 years. As an active single mother, like most parents have participated in various activities with my child. This included being a team mom for my son’s little league football, baseball and basketball teams.

With proud admiration, my son is a graduate of our U-46 Public Schools System and currently pursuing a collegiate education. Believing in the slogan (Children First) I’m very much concerned and have a driving passion regarding the future of our children. We as parents, adults, and the community at large, have the responsibility of involvement, and to address the needs of our youth.

I believe that if you want change, you must get involved and work together at bettering the community. Cheerfully, I volunteer my time and services to many organizations. I also believe that with equal representation of city officials on the council, no one single group of a city’s population should be under served.
The drop out rate is outrageous, suicide among our youth is on the rise, homeless, hopeless, no jobs, lack of health care, city money squandered on parks and vacant townhomes, what about the conditions of the under served, who will fight for them. This is America, we can change the way things are, and I will fight for that change.

So today I am asking for your vote for one of the (4) year seats. Elect someone that will stand for all the people all the time, that someone is me. Elect some one that won’t back down from the good ole’ boys, that someone is me. We as parents need to remember what it was like in our youth, we looked forward to our future. Let’s restore a since of hope to our youth, and for our communities.

Ms. Scruggs is vice president (Northwest Suburban Chapter) of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition. Read more about her on the biography page of her website.

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2 Responses to “Lenora Scruggs: City Council Candidate [2009]”

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  1. Paula says:

    Ms Scruggs sounds like a woman with a true mission to address the issues with Elgin’s youth, which is important to the future of any community. I was nodding my head reading all they up to her affiliation with Jesse Jackson and then I became disinterested.

  2. Boxcar says:

    Me, too. I don’t understand the Obama/QVC items on the front page, either. There is not ONE specific local issue on her website. It’s all non-committal good-guy stuff. Look at Prigge’s website and compare. (I’m still bowled over by his awesome positions page, btw)

    I know it’s early but if you are going to do the internet, you have to write SOMETHING about the issues even if it is early in the race, right? Aren’t local issues more important than an Obama sweatshirt?