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Emi Morales: City Council Candidate [2009]

9 January 2009 RS 75 Comments

Emi Morales at a candidates forum on March 16th, 2009 Emi Morales at a candidates forum on March 16th, 2009 (Photo by The Elginite).

Excerpted from the Emi Morales for City Council website:

My name is Emi Morales and I am running for the vacant two-year seat on the Elgin (IL) City Council. Having been born and raised in Elgin, I have had the opportunity to be involved with various organizations. Volunteering my time and efforts to different groups has led me to meet many diverse people of the community. Elgin is a community made up of many different fabrics- and each person adds a thread to this fabric known as Elgin. The interaction with these Ellginites and the various leaders of our community has made a lasting impact on my life. This imprint of civic duty and leadership has led me to the decision to run for Elgin City Council.

I am running because I know I can make a positive difference in the lives of Elgin residents in three key areas: Fiscal Responsibility, Continued Growth and Community Engagement. Elgin is a wonderful town with a rich history and a bright future. Like most of America, Elgin is facing serious challenges in terms of Fiscal Responsibility, Continued Growth and Community Engagement. I believe I can help my city meet these challenges through fresh ideas, a renewed sense of energy and a much needed new perspective.

I hope you will agree with me and help me make a difference. Please vote for me in Elgin’s primary election on February 24, 2009. I know together we will take Elgin to the next level so we can have a city we and our children will enjoy and be proud of!


I was born and raised in Elgin to wonderful parents that raised me believing in the American Dream. I have a sister who attended Elgin Community College and graduated from Loyola University and is currently a cardiac nurse. My brother also attended Elgin Community College and graduated from DePaul University. As adults now, we continue to live and be involved in the Elgin community.

I attended Elgin schools and upon my graduation from St. Edward’s, I enrolled in DePaul University graduating with a Bachelor in Political Science. I knew in college I wanted to make a real difference in the lives of my community and felt the best way to do this would be to continue my education and go to law school and fight for the rights of those around me. I wanted to be someone who was knowledgeable on the laws and would be able to come back and educate and serve my community. I graduated from Northern Illinois University’s School of Law and have been practicing general law in Elgin, Illinois.

I’ve worked in Elgin all my life. I found much inspiration and encouragement from people I worked for and am grateful for their example of leadership. I worked for former State Representative Douglas Hoeft. Doug opened the doors of diversity to me in politics, demonstrating the importance of community inclusiveness. When he passed away, this community lost one of its truly great people. I also worked for State Representative Ruth Munson. As a businesswoman, community leader, City Councilwoman and State Representative, Ruth demonstrated women can and should compete in the arena of ideas.

Community is the heart of my campaign and the center of my core beliefs. I have been involved in over a dozen community-based organizations. I believe all organizations have a stake in the future of their community and should be a vital part of the decision-making process as the City seeks to implement policy. I believe in the power of community and have seen the wonderful things people can accomplish when they set their mind to it. Elgin is a great place to live because of its residents, and the contributions each resident brings to its community.

If you’re looking for her position on the issues of concern to Elginites in this election cycle, don’t bother with the website. “Fiscal Responsibility, Continued Growth and Community Engagement” is the extent of her position statement. What we do know is that she is affiliated with League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), which is actively supporting illegal alien amnesty. We have made some progress with the current council on the issue of illegal immigration in Elgin, and I would rather not see that rolled back.

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75 Responses to “Emi Morales: City Council Candidate [2009]”

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  1. Boxcar says:

    I am going to look for all the candidates websites today. I read Morales’ website with a magnifying glass last night. A waste of time. All generalities and avoidance of issues. Makes me think she has an agenda that would not be popular if it were printed somewhere, i.e. LULAC. If she drops Munson’s and Hoeft’s names and DOESN’T drop the LULAC name (if she IS affiliated with them) then I’m not at all interested. Pro-illegal anything doesn’t wash with me.

    Are the other candidates’ websites all going to be this boring and general like Sligting’s, Scruggs’, Robins’ (oops! forgot-he’s the dog- chaining-to-a-pole candidate) and now Morales’????

    We have SPECIFIC issues and problems in Elgin! It’s getting to the point where I just want to see the incumbents’ websites just for the lies about what they have done the past 4 years!

    For the record, as of last night, Figueroa’s site is non-existant, Gilliam and Walters do not have a site. Figures. They don’t have anything to stand on anyway.

  2. Jessica T. says:

    Charlene Sligting at least has an “Issues” page where she discusses specifics things she cares about and hopes to promote once in office. That is much better than just generally advocating for “change.”

    Here’s her “issues” page:

  3. Boxcar says:

    That’s an “Issues” page? You’re kidding, right? To say what she says is like saying you believe in sunshine and flowers. C’mon now. If she is that out of touch to think taxpayers will buy into that while our city struggles with gunfire, illegals and an over-growth out west, she cannot rep me.

    The 311 system is the only thing close to being specific but that is not on my radar. Somebody has got to get real here if they want to win and I haven’t seen anything yet.

  4. RS says:

    Emi Morales is an officer (secretary) of Dundee/Carpentersville/Elgin Area LULAC Council 5236 of Elgin, IL according to:


  5. Boxcar says:

    Thanks. She’s scratched off my list. The pickings are REAL slim now for that 2-year slot. There is a reason she left the LULAC thing out of her website.

  6. Erick says:

    o please, this is just taken from Emi’s background page..I dont see another canditate with a substantial issues page. Charlene has about 3 issues with a 2 sentences for each and doesnt outline how she will go about initiating her ideas…i think we all need to go to the forums to see what the canditates are all about before making assumptions. and btw, LULAC stands for League of United Latin American CITIZENS! CITIZENS!

  7. Boxcar says:

    Sure, LULAC uses the word “citizens” in their name but they oppose “citizens” being protected from illegals. Also, nowhere at all on her website’s background page is LULAC mentioned. Nowhere. She is hiding that. Pretty important thing to be forgotten.

    FYI: Among other things, LULAC opposes making English our official language and local law enforcement to be used on illegal alien issues.

    No city council needs someone with that agenda.

  8. John G. says:

    No matter what stance anyone takes on illegals and other related immigration issues, anyone who hides an affiliation to a prominent organization would only tend to make me think s/he is hiding a specific agenda, and also has the tendency to hide other things as well.

    Not a promising start here.

  9. Paula says:

    Fiscal responsibility and love for community always gets my attention but I agree with one of the other commentators that her site is full of generalities. I also agree that the affiliation to a prominent organization seems to point at a hidden agenda.

  10. ERICK says:

    I know who EMI is and know that she is part of dozens of other organizations… that is said in her website! I dont think she is hiding anything i just think she didnt want to put multiple organizations but rather have people focus on her work with the state represenatives. and BOXCAR:The Mission of the League of United Latin American Citizens is to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, housing, health and civil rights of Hispanic citizens of the United States.

  11. Boxcar says:

    ERICK: Sure, that is their written mission statement but here is what their platform is as quoted from their website.

    LULAC wants to:

    1. Prevent our own government from patrolling our border with Mexico.

    2. Prevent making English the official language of this country.

    3. Give drivers licenses to all illegal immigrants.

    4. Give illegal immigrants the right to in-state college tuition rates.

    5. Prevent local law enforcement from being used in immigration enforcement, aka 287g.

    Oh, yes, it’s clear that Emi Morales is hiding her board position on LULAC and for very good reason. If she is a member of dozens of groups, then why not spout ‘em off! That’s what a website is FOR!

    Nah, there’s another reason for hiding this and her very clear agenda. I must say, it’s a touch ironic to be using the American flag on her signs and website when she believes in some obvious un-American issues.

    Maybe that’s why she does not address the all-important issue of Elgin’s illegal immigration catastrophe on her website? I saw through this weeks ago. Other candidates should seize upon this and make it an issue because it REALLY IS an issue.

  12. mike robins says:

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    I have upgraded my website http://www.robinsforelgincitycouncil.com
    I have posted another matter today on my area blog with some data. Thankyou.

  13. Mike Robins says:

    Hello all, please check my website for updates and my blog section, Thankyou

  14. Tania says:

    VOTE FOR EMI!!!!

  15. Boxcar says:

    Emi Morales = NO chance for the illegal alien issue to get better in Elgin. Her agenda is clear despite her trying to hide it. You can’t be pro-illegal ANYTHING and serve in the government.

  16. You Should Know says:

    Yesterday, AFLA posted their endorsement for Charlene Sligting.


  17. ERICK says:

    What is Emi trying to hide Boxcar? her website lists all her groups and affiliations? Boxcar = AFLA ranter. A little Birdie told me that Charlene has had 2 DUI’s in Elgin! LOL good endorsement AFLA! seems like you take into consideration the safety of your fellow citizens by supporting a multiple DUI offender! you can find the offense in her maiden name in public records!LOL

  18. RS says:

    Thanks for the info. I checked the AFLA endorsement page and found that they have endorsed the following three candidates:

    Mike Robins (2 year)
    Charlene Sligting (2 year)
    John Prigge (4 year)

  19. RS says:


    That’s the link for the AFLA Mike Robins endorsement. I do have to say that I am surprised that AFLA endorsed Charlene Sligting. I see nothing but equivocation in almost everything she says about the illegal immigration issue.

  20. cr says:

    I don’t know how everyone can be so opposed to legalization of immigrants. I mean how many of you can trace your roots back to the Mayflower? If amnesty is granted to active, working, productive individuals then that will relieve so many of the issues for not just Elgin but the entire US. If people are not “illegal” then they are then in a position to expect equal money for the same service. Thus companies will no longer have the option of seeking out illegal workers that they can exploit. This will in turn put all workers on an equal playing field. The person with the most experience will once again be given the opportunity to work. It’s always funny to me how people bring up how their not paying taxes. Well, in all honesty, with the little money they make they’d receive EIC. Then they’d get all their taxes back plus your money too! So I guess, in a way, they’re kind of doing us a favor!!! But seriously folks, if there is another amnesty then at least there won’t be any more illegal people and isn’t that what you all want? HAHAHA! Everyone needs to stop placing blame on this one group of people and we all need to realize that the problems we have in this country now were not caused by immigrants they were caused by pure greed and so many people’s feelings of self-entitled attitude about attaining a life they could not afford. At least someone like Emi Morales is trying to do something to help us all learn to live together without blame being tossed around like a rubber ball. Well guess what folks it’s NOT rubber it’s glue and it’s stickin’ to ya! It may bother some that Emi is a part of an organization that supports the Hispanic Community but, in case you didn’t realize it, she IS Hispanic. I wouldn’t down an Irish person or a German person for being a part of a group to support people of Irish or German decent respectively. What I really like about Emi is she wants to set into motion a system of checks and balances on people who use public assistance in Elgin. Imagine how much money we can save by catching these people committing fraud by utilizing assistance without need. That’s the kind of work I’d like to see done.

  21. Boxcar says:

    Let’s be forthright. Attorney Emi Morales supports criminal activity and people who knowingly and without regard break our immigration laws. Her group, LULAC, is anti-law and an anti-American organization.

    She knows it and she tries to hide it, even after being caught NOT disclosing it. Even now, her website does NOT disclose she IS an ACTIVE board member of LULAC. No, she lists LULAC amongst a group she was or is a part of. That’s lawyer-speak and insults the intelligence of citizens.

    She has clearly made her candidacy an “illegal aliens vs. citizens” election. Shame on her and her LULAC members.

  22. Boxcar says:

    I’m very shocked AFLA supports Sligting. Maybe it’s because there’s no one else on the list that can admit Elgin has a serious illegal alien problem? I have no idea where she is at on issues. Ideas, yes, but no plan on existing issues. Maybe she is more concerned about being elected than having a stance.

    Without a stance and an implementation plan, how can she be taken seriously?

  23. nancy says:

    To all concerned, I posted some information on sligtings blog, regarding Mr. Robins great approach, check it out, we may have our answer.

  24. New Elgin Joe says:

    Hey Boxcar, were you dropped off the freight and hit your head? Here is what LULAC says about
    Citizenship. NOTE “LEGAL RESIDENTS”

    LULAC encourages legal residents of the United States to apply for and attain citizenship so that they may fully participate in our democratic society. We strongly encourage all citizens of this country to exercise their right to vote. We are opposed to efforts to curtail the numbers of legal residents applying for citizenship and we urge the federal government to allocate additional resources toward the processing of citizenship applications.

    As part of our Commitment with America, LULAC conducts a national drive to have those eligible for citizenship apply for and attain citizenship.

    Boxcar, next time use the copy and paste features to drive home your points as opposed to allowing your fanciful runaway thought process get in the way of facts, although that is something very lacking and very obvious from your posts.

  25. Boxcar says:

    Uh-oh Joe, you forgot some things, in Emi Morales style:

    Here’s the copy and past feature I use from http://www.lulac.org/advocacy/platform.html

    “LULAC supports legislation to grant licenses to immigrants under any status.”


    “LULAC urges all states to pass laws that allow undocumented immigrant children who have completed high school, are of good moral character, and reside in the state to be admitted to colleges and universities as residents and eligible for in-state tuition.”


    “LULAC strongly opposes all legislation that designates English as the official language of the United States or of any individual state.”

    I will mercifully stop here for now. If anyone wants to re-focus these quotes locally, just replace the word, “LULAC” with the name “Emi Morales” in my above words. As a board member of the local chapter of LULAC, Morales’ name could be inserted in place of LULAC’s everytime.

    So Elgin voters, who would YOU much rather vote for? A candidate arrested (not convicted, I assume) once for a DUI or a candidate that took an oath to and lives by the anti-American edict of an anti-American group named LULAC? And sneakily denies and mildly covers it up even to this day.

    I’m not voting for either but it’s easy to tell who is more dangerous to my life in my city.

  26. New Elgin Joe says:

    Hmmm Boxcar, got you thinking right now. So when and where did she say that? Please refocus and not take things out of context and stick to the issues, or one issue for you.

    I can’t believe that the candidates who are up and running are up and running. when we are paying over 10k per year in property taxes we want someone that has a good head on their shoulders and recognizes that the casino isn’t the golden goose, the new developments aren’t there anymore, and we can’t be giving away our money to places like the Centre or ad campaigns.

    Hey Boxcar, what is the most ridiculous budget item and what are our candidates saying about that?

  27. crabapple says:

    The real issue is: our hard earned tax money is going to medical, WIC, food stamps, etc to take care of people who willingly broke the law

  28. New Elgin Joe says:

    There is more than one issue out there and they should be addressing good government and stewardship of our tax dollars. The constant focusing on one issue is a smokescreen for either the inability or lack of political desire to address the larger issues.

  29. Boxcar says:

    When and where did she say that, you ask? She says that and all of the other items on the LULAC platform EVERY DAY she is a board member! She swore to uphold the LULAC agenda.

    Most importantly, she has never dismissed the LULAC platform. I bet she can’t. She’d lose all of her LULAC and SOAP support. Remember, she said she would take AFLA support. So she would sell out her people over distancing herself from LULAC’s anti-American platforms.

    Illegal aliens are not the only issue in Elgin, it’s the MOST IMPORTANT issue. We do NOT need any more illegal alien enablers and supporters on the council.

  30. ERICK says:

    Boxcar you sound like a broken record.You avidly support a DUI convict candidate for our council..how embarrasing.

  31. Boxcar says:

    Erick, you are not paying attention on many fronts. I have written many times Sligting and Morales are BOTH unfit to run for council. I will not vote for either. We do not know the outcome of Sligting’s DUI so who knows if she was convicted.

    I also know Emi Morales and her LULAC spine present more of a danger to 100,000 residents of Elgin than Sligting does. Sligting’s misjudgment was apologized for. Morales’ whole anti-American belief system will never be apologized for. Sligting hopefully has learned a lesson. Morales doesn’t think being a board member of an anti-American group is doing anything wrong.

    Now, you tell me, who is more dangerous to the citizens of Elgin? Again, both are unfit for council. Sligting IS being picked on.

  32. starshine says:

    Boxcar or should I call you Richard. You ran for city council few years ago on “Illegal Means Illega” (I remember your yard-signs) you couldn’t get the support. You tried again for the county board. again, you couldn’t get the support and drop out. The average Elginite doesn’t care about Dimitre and Olga working at the corner diner as long a they get good service and food on the cheap.

  33. Mike Robins IMPORTANT says:

    Hello all, I posted information on my blog section, please visit for additional info. Thankyou.

  34. Tom says:

    The big issue for Elgin is illegal immigration. Emi Morales is pro-illegal immigration. It has nothing to do with her name or where she came from. It is her known and public stance that she is for illegal immigration. She told AFLA that illegal immigration is not a problem in Elgin.

    Read it for yourself:

    Question 3 – Do you believe the presence of illegal aliens is a problem in Elgin? If so, what do you believe the solution to be?

    Emi Morales’ answer: “I don’t believe the mere presence of “illegal aliens” is a problem in Elgin. I know of no objective and credible study that addresses the correlation between “illegal aliens” and their negative impact, if any, on the community of Elgin.”


    Well, let’s educate Emi Morales about this issue. Surely it has no negative impact for her (her law practice must be thriving), but let’s see what negative impact it has for the rest of us.

    I’m going to cut and paste from a Heritage Foundation study:

    Since the immigration reforms of the 1960s, the U.S. has imported poverty through immigration policies that permitted and encouraged the entry and residence of millions of low-skill immigrants into the nation. Low-skill immi­grants tend to be poor and to have children who, in turn, add to America’s poverty problem, driving up governmental welfare, social service, and education costs.

    Today’s immigrants differ greatly from historic immigrant populations. Prior to 1960, immigrants to the U.S. had education levels that were similar to those of the non-immigrant workforce and earned wages that were, on aver age, higher than those of non-immigrant workers. Since the mid-1960s, however, the education levels of new immigrants have plunged relative to non-immigrants; consequently, the average wages of immigrants are now well below those of the non-immigrant population. Recent immigrants increasingly occupy the low end of the U.S. socio-economic spectrum.[2]

    The current influx of poorly educated immigrants is the result of two factors: first, a legal immigration system that favors kinship ties over skills and education; and second, a permissive attitude toward illegal immigration that has led to lax border enforcement and non-enforcement of the laws that prohibit the employment of illegal immigrants. In recent years, these factors have produced an inflow of some ten and a half million immigrants who lack a high school education. In terms of increased poverty and expanded government expenditure, this importation of poorly educated immigrants has had roughly the same effect as the addition of ten and a half million native-born high school drop-outs.

    As a result of this dramatic inflow of low-skill immigrants,

    - One-third of all immigrants live in families in which the head of the household lacks a high school education; and
    - First-generation immigrants and their families, who are one-sixth of the U.S. population, comprise one-fourth of all poor persons in the U.S.

    Immigration also plays a large role in child poverty:

    - Some 38 percent of immigrant children live in families headed by persons who lack a high school education;
    - Minor children of first-generation immigrants comprise 26 percent of poor children in the U.S.; and
    - One out of six poor children in the U.S. is the offspring of first-generation immigrant parents who lack a high school diploma.

    Hispanic immigrants (both legal and illegal) comprise half of all first-generation immigrants and their families. Poverty is especially prevalent among this group. Hispanic immigrants have particularly low levels of education; more than half live in families headed by persons who lack a high school diploma. Family formation is also weak among Hispanic immigrants; fully 42 percent of the children of Hispanic immigrants are born out of wedlock. Hispanic immigrants thus make up a disproportionate share of the nation’s poor:

    - First-generation Hispanic immigrants and their families now comprise 9 percent of the U.S. population but 17 percent of all poor persons in the U.S.; and
    - Children in Hispanic immigrant families now comprise 11.7 percent of all children in the U.S. but 22 percent of all poor children in the U.S.

    Massive low-skill immigration works to counteract government anti-poverty efforts. While government works to reduce the number of poor persons, low-skill immigration pushes the poverty numbers up. In addition, low-skill immigration siphons off government anti-poverty funding and makes government efforts to shrink poverty less effective.

    Low-skill immigrants pay little in taxes and receive high levels of government benefits and services. The National Academy of Sciences has estimated that each immigrant without a high school degree will cost U.S. taxpayers, on average, $89,000 over the course of his or her lifetime.[3] This is a net cost above the value of any taxes the immi grant will pay and does not include the cost of educating the immigrant’s children, which U.S. taxpayers would also heavily subsidize.

    In this way, the roughly six million legal immigrants without a high school diploma will impose a net cost of around a half-trillion dollars on U.S. taxpayers over their lifetimes. The roughly five million illegal immigrants without a high school diploma will cost taxpayers somewhat less because illegal immigrants are eligible for fewer government benefits. However, if these illegal immigrants were granted amnesty and citizenship, as proposed by the Bush Administration and legislated in a recent Senate-passed immigration bill (S. 2611), they could cost tax payers an additional half-trillion dollars. In total, all immigrants without a high school education could impose a net cost on U.S. taxpayers of around one trillion dollars or more. If the cost of educating the immigrants’ children is included, that figure could reach two trillion dollars.[4]

    The poverty and other problems associated with mass low-skill immigration would be of less concern if they could be expected to quickly vanish in the next generation. Unfortunately, the evidence indicates that this will not occur. For example, the low levels of education, high levels of poverty, and high levels of out-of-wedlock childbearing found among Hispanic immigrants since 1970 persist among native-born Hispanics in the U.S. to a considerable degree.[5]

    These data indicate that the current influx of low-skill immigrants will raise poverty in the U.S. not merely at the present time, but for generations to come. Current low-skill immigrants will raise both the absolute number of poor persons and the poverty rate in the U.S. for the foreseeable future. The greater the inflow of low-skill immi grants, the greater the long-term increase in poverty will be.

    No negative effects huh, Emi?

  35. starshine says:

    The Heritage Foundation is a ultra concervative right wing Rebuplican group. You can swing to the Far left and find groups which state the opposite to be true.

    This group sings the praise of Reagan and one of their principles called “What Would Reagan Do?”

    Well blame Ronnie- He gave the Illegals amnesty when he was president.

  36. crabapple says:

    Sounds like a lot of citizens are ready for action- who wants to spearhead a mass rally to get city councel listening? The only way to spark action is to publicly congregate- the more people the better!

  37. Chance says:

    Ask Emi, Is she for e-verify for all business. Is she for face to face meeting with ICE to demand they step up their enforcement of our laws to deport illegal aliens, What is her answer to Elgin’s schools which, now have over 60% low-come enrollment , as reported in the last U-46 report. Ask her about neighborhood overcrowding the last I heard she thought the compassionate thing was to allow it. Ask her what Elgin benefits from Illegal aliens living here. Don’t anyone kid yourself Emi is a Soap candidate and will vote against anything that has to do with immigration enforcement that would require a council vote. If your happy with the Schock’s fraternity vote for Emi. Elgin now has a chance to chance if we can vote in people who are willing to take a stand againest illegal aliens living here.

  38. New Elgin Joe says:

    Who in the world (except for some inbred AFLA lunatics) believe that immigration is the big issue in Elgin? Yep, those darn Irish, German, Poles Italians and other Europeons really had a devastating effect on this country.

    BUDGET!!!! DEVELOPMENT!!! USE OF REVENUES, or lack thereof!!!! Infrastructure improvements!!! Business creation (private sector creates jobs and stimulates business growth not government) Those are the issues!!!

    Reagan was the Best!!!

  39. me says:

    Joe, It’s not immigration, it’s ILLEGAL immigration, which causes budget issues and requires use of revenue.

  40. New Elgin Joe says:

    Same question still out there!!!

  41. boxcar says:

    Right on, me.

    Illegal aliens ARE the biggest issue in this campaign mainly because the citizens are fed up with them and THESE incumbents that have encouraged their settling and working here. Schock and Steffen are guilty, too. They’re just lucky they’re not up for re-election yet.

    This election may come down to those who want MORE illegals and those who don’t.

    Morales will do nothing on this lest she gets a spanking from LULAC and SOAP. She’s already got one whippin after the AFLA forum. Warren is a chicken and is Schock’s boy. (Note the Warren yard sign in Schock’s yard) Fernandez and Rodgers are hiders, too. Fernandez must not deal with illegals in Hoffman Estates, huh. Rodgers brings nothing, absolutely nothing to the table.

    I think Robins will react positively but not initiate anything and Sligting? Sligting is a sandbagger who I feel will disappear on this issue after the election. With the primary in 10 days, you just can’t see where she’s coming from. I feel it’s wherever the wind blows from.

    I’m glad only ONE of these cast of characters will make it in. As of now, Robins is the lesser of six evils. Fernandez had so much potential, too.

    The real focus of Elgin’s future will come with the four-year term. That’s where the big hitters are.

  42. Paul says:

    Elgin Joe, how much liberal inbreeding does it take to lose the ability to distinguish between legal and illegal?

  43. Mike Robins ITS TIME says:

    Hello all, I just came over here after placing a new post on my blog. It is in ref. to initiating? and other supportive data.

  44. starshine says:

    Mike Robins, you said you would not take money from special interest groups, Unions etc…What’s up with all this AFLA stuff? just another politiican not keeping his word. You know you will have to recuse yourself when AFLA comes before the council on City matters.

  45. boxcar says:

    Mike Robins will not have to recuse himself from AFLA issues any more than the three incumbents will have to when any city staffring issues come up. They take money from SEIU, the city employees’ union.

    In fact, any candidate who takes SEIU money is much, much more in a conflict of interest position as they approve city contracts with that union.

  46. boxcar says:

    It would be GREAT if Morales would recuse herself on any issue dealing with illegal aliens as she has sworn to hold up the LULAC oath.

  47. hairspray says:

    hey mike you havent even been elected yet and you already broke one of your promies of not takting any money from anyone and here all your signs say afla endorsed (why because they gave you money) quess i have to chg my vote

  48. New Elgin Joe says:

    Paul, you Obamanite you, look around you and you tell me about inbreeding and liberalism. I am all for enforcement.

    But there is so much myopia on this one issue it is incredible and no wonder that our City is in the position that it is in. Glad it is only a select few inbreeders who are hateful, yes hateful. You talk in generalities, but that is ok since you don’t carry much weight in this community and pretty much irrelevant with the homeowners out west.

    Let’s talk to the bigger issues, of course some of you are either incapable or unwilling.

  49. One Vote says:

    I worry about this one. She’s tied in with SOAP and LULAC. Felicianos run her campaign.
    It all goes back to State Senator Mike Noland and his office.
    I find it hard to believe she’ll be able to work on the “right side” of this illegal alien issue.
    She’s evasive with her answers on the issue.

  50. One Vote says:

    At the library last night she spoke as if non-citizens, even illegal aliens, have the SAME RIGHTS as citizens.
    I hope she reads this and tells us just exactly what being a citizen means to her.

  51. boxcar says:

    Here’s the deal with Morales:

    She is only a soldier of the illegal alien army, aka LULAC. Every vote she gets will be an endorsement for the proliferation of illegals in Elgin. It’s that simple. She is so out of place as a LULAC robot, there only to defend illegals, that she can’t speak of any initiatives for this city. Why? Because she has none! She’s only there for the illegals and their harborers. She’s a rallying point for illegals. Her mere existance in this race with no single initiative is to be a figurehead and to try and stop anything local when dealing with illegal aliens.

    The crowd felt it yesterday. I felt it yesterday. She has nothing going for her that anyone can say to themselves, “Yes, she’s got some good ideas”. Nothing. Her opening statements are generic, just to “make sure all residents have a voice,” and that means illegals. Just substitute the word, “residents” with the word, “illegals” and you will be more accurate.

    She’s not hard to figure out. Just read her website for a lesson in high school double talk. Saying you are for fiscal responsibility is like saying you are for everyone stopping at red lights.

    Let this serve as a notice to all who are fed up with the swarm of illegals in Elgin. Every vote for Morales means more illegals, at least for the next two years.

  52. elginfan says:

    Emi Morales is the only candidate in the field who thinks that illegal aliens are A-okay. Sure they’re great for her because they chase out the law abiding citizens of this land who have been living here for generations.

    Emi Morales is a republican? Hahaha, don’t say that or you’ll give Mike Noland a heart attack.

    Emi Morales is not a republican and has not been endorsed by Ruth Munson or any other republican. If Morales had any sense of right and wrong she would not bandy around people’s names without getting their endorsement. Having “worked with” or “worked for” a legislator while they are representing your district has nothing to do with party and it certainly doesn’t imply an endorsement.

  53. ERICK says:

    Mike Robins Platform has been “I will not take money or help from special interest group because i do not want to have to RECUSE myself from an important vote”! now he goes around and accepts money from AFLA, has AFLA hold a meet and greet at the American Legion. now Mike Robins, your promise was to run without and money from any groups…I guess now you will have to recuse yourself from voting on any ordinances that AFLA prioritizes in their group! More of the same politics…

  54. hairspray says:

    hey boxcar did once ask emi out and she said no is that why you are soooo angry w/her and putting her down all the time (you sound were heart broken

  55. One Vote says:

    Time out. Joanne Armenta is a Republican.
    Oh yeah, she’s also LULAC.
    Dang, I thought I was on to something for a minute.
    Didn’t Munson have a Hispanic staffer. A woman.
    Emi is an apologist for the illegals. Exactly what Elgin DOESN’T need. We’ve already got Schock.
    But I bet the immigration lawyers in town are all for her.

  56. fact says:

    Hummm….. such ignorance and hate.

  57. boxcar says:

    Fact: I agree. How ignorant to think that an anti-American city council candidate who preaches illegality could fool American voters?

    I hate that.

  58. Mike Robins says:

    Hi all, checking in quickly, have not taken any money from afla, just water and cookies at a meeting. The saturday meeting at the legion was set up only by me with the manager dave, and it was a rental fee of only ten dollars an hour. The donuts at rolling donuts were great, I paid for those also. During the afla meeting, they did inform all endorsed candidates that they have a general fund, and would pitch in for all of us, not one, after the primary. A senior was going to give me a check at the last forum, and I had to refuse, but was very moved by her offer has she was approx. 83 years old. Have to go check emails, lots of illegal immigration and odd/even parking. Check in soon, Bye.

  59. starshine says:

    did you pay for your yard-signs or an in-kind donation from AFLA?

  60. observer says:

    who ever said she thought that illeagal aliens are O.k. ? She has said that she is for sending law breakers back and that she would be involved with ICE. She stands for peoples rights, everyone has them, that is the American way! Looks like people are looking at her race and not listening to her issues, I really think that we would be past that by now.

  61. Boxcar says:

    Morales quote: “I don’t believe the mere presence of “illegal aliens” is a problem in Elgin. I know of no objective and credible study that addresses the correlation between “illegal aliens” and their negative impact, if any, on the community of Elgin.” -AFLA questionnaire response.

    THAT sounds Emi Morales thinks illegal aliens are okay to ME. She is for deportation ONLY when an illegal commits a felony.

    You see, when you are a board member of an anti-American group named LULAC you are sworn to their mission statement. Deviate it from it and you will be chastised, like I’m sure she was when she said she would accept an AFLA endorsement on the first forum night. However…THIS was her written response to the same question by AFLA which she filed AFTER the forum:

    Question 21 – Would you accept support and/or public endorsement from AFLA?

    (STOP here. This is a closed-ended question requiring a Yes/No answer).

    Answer: “There are some things AFLA and I agree on. There are others things we do not. With or without their endorsement and/or support, if elected, I promise them what I promise everyone: to listen and make decisions which I feel are in
    the best interest of Elgin as a whole.”

    Ummm, did YOU see a “Yes/No” answer anywhere in that direct quote paragraph??

    Me neither.

    Oh, and her line about “Elgin as a whole”? Does that include illegals, too? Sure it does. Otherwise, she would have said “Elgin citizens as a whole”. Speaking of the word, “citizens”, Morales’ website does not contain that word at all, except for her donation name, “Citizens For Morales”. How did that get by the LULAC team?

    Need more convincing what her REAL agenda is? Read her website and LULAC’s.

    Regarding “She stands for peoples rights, everyone has them, that is the American way!”

    Perhaps. The problem is Morales and LULAC just want illegals to have MORE rights than citizens. Like rights to a drivers license, in-state college tuition and the right to make sure that ENGLISH is NOT the official language of this country.

    Now, what were you saying? Something about “the American way”???


  62. observer says:

    Her quote about the illegal aliens that was mentioned above is her just saying that it seems that a lot of people are blaming illegal aliens for all of Elgins problems, it is not. We have had some of these problems for a long time, and can not be placed just on illegals. The illegal alien issue is a Federal one and we can only do so much to combat it. Federal government needs to get more involved for that. And since when is going to school and getting in state tuition MORE rights then the citizens? Last time I checked I had those rights too. “the American way” America is a mixture of all types of people and all types, Jewish, Irish, Italians..ect. have come into this country in waves of heavy immigration, they didn’t speak English coming in, but had to learn it as they went, and I’m sure some of the older immigrants did not ever learn the English language. I’m sure that every one can look back on their history and at some time can pin point when their family immigrated into this country.(Unless of course you are American Indian) I will agree that it is an issue that needs to be faced in some way. That is why I think that Emi is a great candidate , I think she is holds the “middle ground” in this issue and can help come up with a fair method in dealing with it.

  63. Tom says:

    Observer, you have to be kidding me if you think she is middle ground. She clearly stated that she does not think illegal immigration is a problem, and she goes so far as to put the term in quotes. How do you interpret that?

    It’s simple: she thinks there is no such thing as illegal immigration or illegal aliens. She belongs to that fringe group that believes in open borders. I’d like to see her overstay her visa in France or Mexico and see what happens to over there, because unlike her, in those countries they do believe there is such a thing as illegal immigration and illegal aliens, and they don’t want any of it.

  64. Tom says:

    By the way, Observer, cut it out with the Al Sharpton crap. Emi Morales is not the only Hispanic in this election, but she is the only candidate, regardless of race, who supports illegal aliens.

    The people of this city have voted for Hispanics, women and blacks on their city council. We really don’t need to hear from you about who is racist or not.

  65. crabapple says:

    The only reason illegal immigrants are a Federal issue is because Americans can’t shut off the TV long enough and organize to make it a state or local issue. We are the federal government, duh!!! Write to your elected officials and tell them to get off their asses and represent the people.

  66. Boxcar says:

    Observer said: “And since when is going to school and getting in state tuition MORE rights then the citizens?”

    Under the LULAC wish, if my children want to go to UCLA, I have to pay an out-of-state tuition rate-much higher. If an ILLEGAL ALIEN who lives ILLEGALLY in California wants to go to UCLA, they pay the in-state rate-much cheaper.

    A splendid example of where ILLEGALS have more entitlements/rights than citizens do.

    And THAT’S what Morales is all about with her sworn membership and board position to LULAC.

    What a candidate for an American office, huh?

  67. observer says:

    The problem is that I believe that illegal immigration is a complex issue… What about those who have been living here for so many years and have kids that are in there teens? The children that are born here are American Citizens and if you were to send the family back those children would then be displaced, going back to a country that they have no knowledge of, and many instances can not even speak the native tongue..I feel that it is unfair to them, so for deportation I really do believe, as Emi Morales does, that deportation should be taken on a case my case basis, and not just say send them all back. I understand that illegal anything is not right, but we are also a country built on god and morals, and the need to do what is right. As for the college thing…Yes if you live in Illinois and want to send your kid to a California college you have to pay out of state tuition because you are out of state…. If you are living in California(legally or illegally) you reside, shop, and pay taxes to that state, so why wouldn’t you get in state tuition…it is not More rights, they are just giving them equal rights to everyone else. By being given these rights they will become educated and get a job where they don’t have to depend on the system, which is better for all of us.

  68. yeli says:

    hi emi you are great!!!!!

  69. boxcar says:

    Observer: “you reside, shop, and pay taxes to that state, so why wouldn’t you get in state tuition” “they are just giving them equal rights to everyone else.”

    BECAUSE YOU ARE ILLEGALLY IN THIS COUNTRY!! That person broke into a territory they have no right to be in! THAT’S WHY!

    You don’t get it. There should be NO such thing as equal rights for criminals who broke into our country! Human rights? Yes. Any other rights? No way.

    “By being given these rights they will become educated and get a job where they don’t have to depend on the system, which is better for all of us.”

    Including those citizens who will NOT get a job because an illegal TOOK that job! JEEZ!

    You better vote for Morales and all her LULAC anti-American baggage and agendas. She’d be perfect for you.

  70. Dannyblake says:

    boxcar–do they allow you to vote in the polling places with that white hood over your head?

  71. boxcar says:

    Awwwww. Some people equate being upset about the breaking of our laws with white hoods. They also think it’s ok to break laws IF they have a good reason for doing so. LOL. Problem is, those types of people who accuse others of wearing hoods often wear something on their face, too.

    They’re called ski masks.

  72. observer says:

    Boxcar, I don’t know if you know but they are importing people like crazy, to fill certain positions that are in need that Americans are not filling (nursing is one of these professions). If a person is willing to get educated by college and is able to fill a position they should get this position. There are a lot of doctors even not educated in this country practicing. Education is the best tool to ensure the future of America. Just to let you know Americans can and do go to other countries and go to school there too. Should those countries kick us out? And Americans go to other countries and buy homes… Should we not be allowed to do so? And the comment that some people think that it’s OK to break laws if they have a good reason…..Boxcar..ever got a speeding ticket? Guess you’d be doing the same thing huh? Breaking a law.

  73. Kurt says:

    You know, this is just ridiculous!
    I myself think there is an illegal alien problem and I think that anyone that comes into this country should do it through the channels like it was done in the early 1900’s. This is whether you Irish, German, Polish, Mexican or even from a different planet! But this tug-of-war game that is going on is stupid!!

    There are other issues that need to be looked at in this town also! If you don’t want to vote for a person say it and drop it! I just started reading this page yesterday. It took me a long time of reading until I got to the bottom of the blogs and all I did was get pissed at you people and not the candidate. It makes me feel glad that all of you are not running for the seat!

    I’m sorry Emi for these people battling on your space like this. I’m sorry to say I won’t be voting for you. If you do win this race, I pray that you will do what is right for this town and its people as a whole.

  74. Kurt says:

    By the way, geographically, Mexico is part of America the same as Canada! (North America) The battle is about being a United States citizen!! Or a citizen of the United States!

  75. Boxcar says:

    Yes, Observer, I have received a speeding ticket. And, guess what? I PAID THE PRICE for that offense. I want illegal aliens to be treated the same way, as the law states. Deportation. That’s the penalty for breaking that law. Illegal aliens don’t think they have a price to pay because they and all the enablers this city has think that if you have a good reason to be here, it’s ok. It’s ok to steal education, take jobs, drive without licenses and insurance.

    Emi Morales is the most dangerous candidate on the ballot. When you are a board member of LULAC you have no respect for laws that address illegal aliens in this country. And she is a lawyer, so laws don’t mean anything to her I guess. She endorses a mindset whereby quiet illegals are just fine with her. Steal while you’re here, just don’t get caught.

    She is also against stricter overcrowding laws. Gee, I wonder WHY? Oh, now I remember. She said that with so many people losing their jobs they have to move in with other family members. Nice smoke screen for illegals. If she gets in, she will tell all of her illegal friends to move in more people and they can cite that reason for doing so.

    Citizens have GOT to see through her and her ultimate plan of laying down for the current illegals ruining Elgin and, what’s worse, bringing MORE ILLEGALS into Elgin. If she gets in she’ll bring in more illegals with her.

    Can we afford MORE illegals in this failing city? Haven’t we had enough illegals destroying our schools and trashing our reputation?