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Linda Quezada: City Council Candidate [2009]

8 January 2009 RS 11 Comments

Linda Quezada is a candidate for Elgin City Council. The following statement comes from her MySpace page.

My name is Linda Quezada I filed petition for a four year Elgin City Council seat.

The reason in my running for council is to bring a fresh new prescriptive to the city.

As stated in the heading of my address to you, It’s not about me it’s about US. I was told by a good friend 11 years ago, There are three kinds of people in this world; people who wonder what happened, people who don’t know what happened, and people who make things happen. I consider myself a person who makes things happen this city is my investment just as my children. I need to make certain that the City of Elgin offers all it can to US and our children.

I consider myself “main street” and part of the ever so dissolving middle class family attempting to make ends meet in this fierce economy; I am the single mother of two children, the full-time employee for school district U-46 Transportation Department, the part-time enrolled college student, and the mother to assist teachers when needed.

“Improvising”, if you will is my middle name I don’t have the choice in getting things done, It is a MUST! Regardless of the current almost unbearable circumstances most of “main street” is facing, It must not alter our perspective goals. We must continue to steady fast and stay a course. Most importantly trust, know and believe it will all pass.

As the other running candidates my goals would be to defiantly make some suggestions on budget balancing even though Mr. Folarin has done a superb job thus far. Also seeking alternative ways in creating revenue where it doesn’t effect main street as much.

My greatest task at hand I would have to say would be, making the city’s Rec more affordable to “main street”. The Rec was built for the children and youths of Elgin to have a place to be productive and stay out of the streets, however with the astronomical fees it is defeating the purpose for which The Rec was built. Allowing the waiting predatory streets to eat them up and become predicable causalities. These issues are just a few of many that I would address given the opportunity by the people. Summing things up change only comes when people from “main street” make it their business to get involved. There will be no more excuses, make it your business.

UPDATE (3/12/09):
Linda Quezada has a campaign website. Learn more about her there.

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11 Responses to “Linda Quezada: City Council Candidate [2009]”

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  1. Jessica T. says:

    Good find.

    I like how her myspace url choice is “suckafree2.”

  2. Boxcar says:

    “SUCKAFREE2″????? I saw that, too. Nice. JUST the right kind of candidate I want to represent ME for 4 years. Grow up.

  3. John G. says:

    Are you seriously judging the woman solely on her url? So, her grammar is not topnotch, but I’d like to hear what she has to say first.

    The only thing that concerns me is that she thinks that the city manager has done a superb job. The only “superb job” he’s done is that he’s kept tight with the good old boys at city hall. Those city managers who came before him were far more capable, but they were outsiders and not part of the “in” crowd, and their lives were made miserable. I sometimes wonder if there wasn’t some sort of backstabbing going on that helped him inherit the job. They don’t like outsiders messing with their operation down there.

    The sad thing is, were someone like Ms. Quezada to get elected, they’d all make her life miserable. I’d hope she could hold her ground. Ask the police chief. Better yet, ask Brenda Rodgers.

    My gut feeling is that she really isn’t council material, and probably doesn’t share views that I would want to support, but she deserves a chance to be heard, taken seriously, and considered. A big shakeup is needed.

    I am constantly leery of anyone claiming that they are going to foster “change”. A certain newer councilman promised changes and a new perspective and swept on into the council. Yet, he fell right in step upon being elected, and gee whiz, his wife maintains a prominent role in a powerful neighborhood organization, too. Makes you wonder.

  4. Boxcar says:

    Not solely but initially. The term “sucka” is a street term for “sucker” and I’m sorry, I’m not interested in people who boldly use street terms to represent me. It’s immature and indicates thug life.

    During this campaign all candidates will be judged initially by their websites, if they have them.

    A powerful neighborhood group? LOL. Define “powerful”. Maybe in the world of their own block parties, newsletters and picnics but not in the real world.

  5. John G. says:

    “Powerful” was a poor choice of words. Make that “influential”. It is true that they live in their own little fantasy world, but don’t be fooled into thinking that what they don’t get almost anything they want out of city hall. They ignore everything south of Jefferson Avenue unless and until something like a murder occurs, and then they suddenly act like the world is coming to an end.

    As for using terms in url names and other internet tags, a tremendous number of people use slang in a tongue in cheek manner. What she meant to convey may not be what another reads into it. “Suckafree” could mean a lot of things.

    She made a poor choice in not creating a website dedicated specifically to her campaign. I concede that I’d not likely vote for her based on what I’ve seen so far. She APPEARS to be a bit naive and lacking in an all-around ability to serve and represent on the city council.

    My point was, too many times, people jump to initial conclusions early in campaigns. Every candidate deserves to be given the chance to be fully heard and judged by the voter. Dismissing someone right off the bat, based on one or two things, is poor voting. Too many people do this , and this is how we get the clods we usually get into public office.

    Would I vote for her? Not likely. She may have something valid to say, and then again, she may be totally off the wall. She may not even have anything to say at all. I’ll hold my final judgement until then.

  6. James says:

    Seems pretty empty if you ask me… kind of just vague “I am a everyday person like you/I have ideas” kind of talk. Lots of people will say they have “ideas,” but then never really offer much.

    I also could care less for someone depending on “improvisation” as an elected official. Tells me they don’t know much about what to expect in the position, but believe in their ability to “figure it out” as it comes at them. Thanks but no thanks.

  7. Paula says:

    I couldn’t agree with Boxcar more. Also..the use of all these cliches about “main street”….and “Us” and “middle class”. It’s just more generalities..pretty words to attract the uneducated and the voter who votes from information gleaned by sound bytes. She sounds like every other politician.

  8. Westside Reader says:

    What are the ages of these individuals posting their bashing reviews of the Elgin Council candidates? Middle School age?

    Come on, give these candidates a break. At least they’re trying to make difference.

  9. DIVA says:

    I know some AFLA supporters that she talked to. Someone has certainly changed her mind. Oh well, her loss.

  10. Carrie says:

    Doesn’t bother anyone that she thinks the city manager is still Femi?

  11. Carrie says:

    (oh, just noticed the date of Linda’s post ..)