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Elgin Haunted Houses

29 October 2008 RS 52 Comments

I was disappointed that the Haunted Elgin website has disappeared, because it had some great stories, very creepy photos and listings of all the “haunted” places in Elgin. I did find a website called the Shadowlands Haunted Places Index, which lists the following haunted places in Elgin, Illinois:

Channing Memorial Elementary School: Everything from cold spots, to apparitions, to footsteps from the upper floor (when you are “alone” in the building)has been reported here. When an addition was built on to the building, over 13 skeletons were found in the ground under which the school was built. Most of them estimated to be children ages ranging 10 to 17 years of age. if you enter this building after dark, be prepared to hear voices whispering in your ear, as well as screaming from the upper floor(it all seems to be centered around the upper floor)doors that open and close by themselves, and an elevator that operates itself! Many night custodians have fled the building in the middle of their shift, leaving personal belongings, scared to death, refusing to tell what they saw, or heard. And refusing to ever enter the building again.

Elgin Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery: Documentation of patients being tortured in the turn of the century era before science understood insanity. They then were buried five in a grave with the name of the body on top marking that grave. All kinds of supernatural activity here ranging from orbs to apparitions.

Elgin State Mental Hospital: Elgin State was a relic of the 1950s era of using pain for mental treatment. Electroshock and cold therapy were some of the ghastly methods used on patients. Many died and as the years went on, and the cemetery ran out of room, the bodies were incinerated in the basement. The campus is shut down, and is closed down. Visitors have to hop a fence and run from the security guards to avoid being fined $5,000. Reports include tapings, screams, shadows, lights inside, cold fields, and fog. Inside, visitors claim to see blood stained walls, and smell the scent of decay. Many consider it the most haunted place in Chicago land.

Elgin-U46 School District Central Office: Once known as the Old Elgin High School, the building was erected in the late 1800s. After a fire broke out in the first 50 years the school moved down the road and the District boarded the place up. No human deaths occurred however it is said that pets of the Science Faculty and classroom pets of most other departments were victims. The building has long since been gutted though many rooms still remain boarded up and the building no serves as the storage facility of all the district paperwork and offices of the central employees of the district. Lights will go on and off and in rooms that the windows are boarded up occasionally employees have still seen the rooms sunlight as if the windows were not boarded up.

Ellis Middle School: The auditorium is supposedly haunted by a woman in a white lace dress, and can only be seen in the Hallways backstage.

Read the rest of the descriptions on the Shadowlands website.

Their list doesn’t seem to mention any actual houses, but I’m sure a lot of Elgin houses have reputations for spookiness. Do you know of any? Elgin Paranormal Investigators would like to know.

I should probably file a report with them, because someone said she saw a 19th century soldier in the woods of John Duerr forest preserve on Sunday. Two soldiers of Winfield Scott’s army, from the days of the Black Hawk War, are buried there.

Elgin Turners is hosting a haunted house on Friday, October 31st.

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52 Responses to “Elgin Haunted Houses”

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  1. john says:

    There are ghosts everywhere in Elgin. My house is especially haunted!

    • Rebecca says:

      Has anyone been on Adams St.? There is a big white house across from the Mental place. I used to live there. There is a little blonde ghost there and a big man with a long coat and a beard. I STILL have nightmares. I only lived there when I was 4, but I was always the one with a spiritual energy. That place is MAAAJOR haunted…

      • jim says:

        I am staying in Elgin, and I had a dream about this man last night…I was looking around to find if there was a similar ghost story, and you hit it on the head! There was a big white house in my dream, and this guy in a long coat and dark beard killed his family because he thought there was some sort of invasion happening….it was in the turn on the century, and I remember a bathtub filling up with water….

      • poper says:

        What is adress of house on adams. If you don’t respond to comen on page please write me a letter with regular mailing adress rebecca

      • poper says:

        Poper somebody send me info about haunted white house on adams st I live in the 240. Area of adams clue me in I lived at same adress for 30 years the first I heard send 411// to 247 adams st elgin I’ll 60123

      • jessica says:

        i used to live by there

    • Poper says:

      would like to know any body that knows for sure house on adams st. From Asylam route. 20
      Maybe current owner let us film their! Write to me 247 adams st. Poper

    • yazmin says:

      omg i havwe been there several times i knew thaat house was hunted

  2. Eugene says:

    Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

  3. Dan says:

    What part of old elgin high is boarded up? I live across the street and it is very much a school. Not only are the offices totally functioning, but three different schooling programs are going on there. It’s referred to as ‘central high’. Basically it’s all BD/ED students.

  4. Tim says:

    What part of the forest preserve did she see this soldier? I am interested in more information about this 19th century soldier sighting.

    Also, if anyone believe their home in haunted (or knows someone) and would like their house to be investigated, you may contact me for more information as well.

  5. miguel vasquez says:

    i am an 8th grader in ellis middle school and their is also a secret tunel araund the whole school and their is a boardede up part in our scinece class and Mr. Defrain our 80 year old teacher said their was a pool but was closed because a girl drowned and died.

    • angiieee says:

      ya in the back of the girls locker room thers a dooor itzz creepy

    • jada slaughter says:

      im a 7th grader at ellis middle school in everyone at school talks about the lady that drowed in the pool.but a coulpe days ago we couldnt go down in the locker room cause a girl said that she saw a old lady walkin down there.so the gym teacher told us not 2 go down there cause the officer was lookin for her

  6. Juanita Lopez says:

    I go to ellis as a 7th grader
    and yea I heard about the pool thing!
    I was like “wtf?there’s a pool?”
    but yea today my friend Miguel told me that in reading in Ms.Swaback’s class the lights went off and the computer screen was like with all the lines and stuff and she said “Mary Lou is here” or something like that
    But yea…They say we’re gonna have to swim in that pool >.<

    • angiiee says:

      m in blue core n i hve to go behind the auditorium evry daay! n ya if yu go to the back of the girls locker room theeers a door to the poool! we aint gna swiiim in it though

  7. Juanita Lopez says:

    I just remembered!
    I used to go to channing all my life!
    I would go in the elevators and I would feel like someone’s breathing down my neck
    but either than that nothing has scared me
    Except that in 4th grade in the girl’s bathroom there was like blood on the floor.. and they still have the old principal’s tombstone there :D

    • princess says:

      wow thas just not normal lol i didnt go there bt i heard…

    • Lorena says:

      Oh my god! yeah i went to that school too. And i saw it! but i thought it was a teachers tomb??

      • Jessica says:

        No i was told by an elgin historian that it was a man who choked on a blueberrie at his honeymoon and that his tombstone was the only one they didnt get remove when it was a cemetery.

        • Jennifer says:

          From what ive researched the grave was left there as a remembrance to those who were buried there. Google it….it might just be the grave of the founder of elgin. It wa the first cemetery in elgin i believe the channing pioneer cemetery

    • anita says:

      I went to channing and I remember the elevator always getting stuck if an adult was there with children and i would be tiny enough to get out and ask for help. Another time we were told to not take the shortcut home which we always did so the one day we miss school my cousins friend got hit by a car and died. He went to school at Channing. Another time this boy was playing with guns at home showing off to his friends and shot himself in the head the friend said they were so sure the gun was empty.

  8. Dillon galvan says:

    Yea I live on Adams street and I have seenthat lady walking around tha house at midnight.!!!

  9. that bicth says:

    i herd dat if you go down villa road and u scream mary lou 3 times n close your eyes ull hear a little girl laughing and then you´ll feel as if sumone has pushed you when you open your eyes youll see a little girl with 2 ponytails and shell say tag your it…
    try it yourself!

  10. pulus says:

    Does anyone know something about a house on enterprise st,idont remember the house # but its like the 3rd or 4rth house on the left going towards jewell(crossing liberty)my dad used to own it n he said that he would hered foot steps n voices,and at one point he was working down in the bassement n the foot steps started n later “something” said “woo” in he’s ear n he just rann out of there like hell,he didn’t closeed the door.he sold it ,n who ever bought it lost it n got sold again n got lost again! Its a yellowish house.

    • Rebbecca Maxwell says:

      That is my aunts house and I don’t remember it ever being haunted when I was growing up and we played all over in it even in the basement.

  11. idalis says:

    i got to channing one day ther was a chair next to some black cabint in the hall and i saw a old lady in a purpul night gown

  12. janel says:

    cool that is agreat story if you no what im saying booooo

  13. Lorena says:

    I was a student at Channing Elementry.
    One day i was in class and i really had to use the restroom. so i went to the closest. which was a restroom,, with little light. As i got up to button my pants, i saw a shadow or it seemed to be ashadow or black fuzzy hands reaching out. i jumped to the side and ran out as fast as i could. i didnt even have time for anything. that whole yesr i was traumatized!!!

  14. Paula says:

    All the stuf about ellis isn’t true i went there someboddy did drown in that pool thouqh some quys qot in trouble for snekkinq in lol.theres a secret tunnel its pretty freaky.
    channinq is a pretty scary school i was always freaked out to qo in there.

  15. Kitty says:

    There are alot of haunted houses in and around Elgin, I grew up in one on channing street, went to channing School and walked the park, which is a cementary, there are spirits there. There are haunted tours that you can go on in elgin. Books at Sunset is hosting one
    this year on Oct 31. I am told that they will have a spiritualist
    medium there as well. I haave been on Judi’s tours and they are
    darn good.

  16. Kirby says:

    Yeah I lived on laurel Court, off of laurel st. 153 laurel court. it was most deff haunted. I too went to Ellis Middle school in 2001, and I remember something about the pool that was shut off to the kids there…oh and i had MS SWABACK for reading too. LOL!

  17. will says:

    its still a tombstone in the very back of channing field where the track is.

    • krazy says:

      Is it really true dat Ellis School is Hunted hard 2 blieve

      • Anonymous says:

        I dont think its haunted because i went there in 2001-2003 and i went back stage everyday and our teacher took us to the attic but we never saw anything scary. I think that just because someone died in it that doesn’t mean its haunted… Until there is real proof I’ll believe it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I live on Sherman Ave and I want to know if there are houses that are haunted around this area… Does anyone know?

  19. Anonymous says:

    My dad heard ghostly voices in german on several occasions in our garage. This was in the 1980s on Lincoln avenue . A friend of mine who lived in an apartmemt building on Chicago St, walked through a man an woman (semi-transparent) as he ascended a staircase. The couple nodded and smiled at him, as he quickly moved to the opposite staircase rail. My friend’ s wife witnessed the event-she remained at the foot of the staircase! .

  20. samantha says:

    House on mallery ave across from washington school haunted .. Hear foot steps every night. See black shawdow walking around . Womens voice moaning in sadness. Caught image of dark shawdow. Erie as h!** . Cold spots in rooms . Loose power to phones . Just to much .. People say a gurl burned her boyfriend in the home. Idk that true.. But the home is really creepy…

  21. nina says:

    i used to live by adams st by the way does anyone know if mckinley elementary school is haunted i hear some ppl saying dat it was a cementary bak den

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. jessica says:

    so one time in the back of ellis’ adutorium i seen a female dressed in white on her knees and when she got up i seen a man get up, pull up his pants & leave … idk what i seen but i was scareddd !

    • Pedroeatsdonkeyballs says:

      i used to go to ellis too & i seen the lady and a man do the same thing , thats weird and scary as fuck ! i thought i was the only one seeing shit but naaaa i aint damn thats sum crazy shit , jessica do you go to larkin ?

  24. jaunita frankweiner says:

    My school is haunted. I go to st.marys in elgin , our preist came in and blessed the school in effort to rid it of the ghosts. Two of my class mates have seen the ghost in the backhallway and bathrooms

  25. hotmessgirl says:

    Heck nah!!! im going to be at ellis this year now im scared! lol like i’ve heard rumors but i didnt take it dat serious now im scared being by myself oh yeah channing is haunted ma Bff gos to dat school she has had realzz creppy expiriences but ya im deffinetly not goin 2 b by myself!!!

  26. Rebbecca Maxwell says:

    August 10, 2013 at 12:34 pm
    I used to live with my aunt and uncle on Joan court in Elgin, this house was a VA loan house they bought in the early 70’s and it seemed like the perfect dream house for a while. My aunt and uncle were devowed Catholics, you know weekly mass, confessional, wednesday night mass, the whole enchilada, it seemed like the american dream come true! and then things started to change! Suddenly my strict catholic family decieded to convert to Jahova witness, and all the symbols of faith and catholisism had to be taken out of the house! even the big blue marble crucifix from Italy, my uncle took it out and smashed it on the street in front of the house, I tried to stop him and he was like a man possesed! In my room I had a statue of the virgin Mary and a crucifix hanging above my door and a rosary hanging on my son’s basinet, but they didn’t seem to help me much at times! We used to experience small anomolies like brown bags flying out from between the fridge and the wall, or dishes falling out of the cupboards, some really wierd things like when the eight packs of empty bottles we stacked in the closet next to the water heater would come flying out of the closet while we sat at the table eating dinner, but some of the wierdest things were one night my aunt had a doll that sat on the back of the couch and that doll was watching us all, her eyes would move, she moved from one end of the couch to the other on her own. And my uncle was standing in the kitchen making dinner and a butcher knife came flying off the counter and stuck in the wall next to where he was working! My aunt called the Priest and asked him to come and cleanse the house and bless the house,he came and walked in the front door, and wouldn’t go any further, he left and said you need more than I can do for you! WOW ok now what do we do? We went out to eat one night just me and my aunt and uncle, my uncle was driving,and we were on bluff city blvd. heading home, he passed our turn and was headed toward the cemetary entrance, my aunt asked him where he was going, he replied “home” well the light in front of us turned red and he was not braking to stop, my aunt said “___, the light’s red” he said I see it, yet no brake, she repeated it, again “I know it” not only was he not going to stop but he was heading head on into a massive tree! I reached up from the back seat and turned the key off and the car came to rest just before the tree, and he came to and asked what we were doing there? Someone or something had possessed him that night. That same night I was lying in my room reading my son sleeping and my door was open and windows open for a breeze, and all at once the windows slammed shut and locked my door slammed and locked my crucifix turned upside down and my statue of the virgin Mary flew off the dresser and shattered into a million pieces.the light kept flickering on and off and I was calling for my uncle and aunt and they couldn’t budge the door. and just as soon as it started it stopped, the windows opened, the door opened and everything was fine except my crucifix and statue. I tried to burn sage leaves in the house to cleanse it and it didn’t work, it quieted down for a time. But not for long, the doll went out the door, it just creeped everyone out big time, and we just got used to things flying around like the brown bags, the eight packs of empty bottles, and dishes flying out of the cupboards, but I think the kicker to the whole life experience was one night I was off work and we were all sitting in the living room watching television,and the next thing we knew we were watching a mob of corpses walking toward the culdesac, the whole side of the house disappeared and we saw the dead people walking out of the Bluff City Cemetary toward our street, all we thought to do is hold hands and Pray!!! when we opened our eyes the house was back and everything was back to normal! The next day we called the Chicago Diasees and asked if someone could come and do an exorcism on the house, they sent someone out who specialized in this type of thing. You’re wondering if it worked? Well it did for a short time, about six months or so, but not permanent. We all agreed if things started back up we were going to board up the house and leave it to them or it or what ever. This house was my aunt and uncles piece of the American Dream, it was a VA house my uncle survived Pearl Harbor, they deserved this, why was this being trying to take it away, it was time to do some research! I found out the contracters who cleared the site for these 8 or 9 VA houses didn’t remove the remains of the dead that were here and they were built on cemetary overflow ground. Well in the end we ended up boarding up the house and letting the VA have it back, I don’t know if the house is inhabited now or not but as of 1979 the house was still boarded up and non inhabitable. I’d be interested to find out if anyone has lived in the house since this and if they have encountered anything abnormal. the adress is 764 Joan Ct. Elgin Illinois. or if it is still boarded up.

  27. LilBabbi says: