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Fiesta Salsa 2007

16 September 2007 RS 3 Comments

car show at fiesta salsa

And more pictures.

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3 Responses to “Fiesta Salsa 2007”

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  1. Just great ... says:

    Let’s just say this festival started at the crack of dawn and didn’t end until 11pm. If you live downtown you left for the day because you couldn’t even hear yourself breath. Festivals are great to bring people downtown but don’t we have some type of noise ordinance in this town? Thank goodness it’s finally over.

    I for one am happy the loud weekend festivals in the park are most likely over for the season. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to some of the other festivals in the park this summer and they were great but this one was just WAY to loud! Let’s hope the city takes into consideration the fact that people actually live by the park and don’t want to have to leave their home for the weekend just to get a couple hours of peace and quite on the weekend. Maybe it’s time to move.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To continue my first posting, don’t get me wrong, the festivals are a good thing for the city and I know alot of downtown residents do enjoy most of them … that being said, the city needs to have a plan in place to prevent surrounding residents from inconveniences such as excessive cut through traffic, strangers sitting on their front porch, long hours on non-stop music, theft and vandalism … all of which have been a sad reality from the festivals over the summer. Hopefully in the near future the surrounding residents will have an opportunity to sit down with festival planners and discuss ways to improve upon future festivals to ensure they are a success for everyone. I’m looking forward to another fun summer of festivals in the park next year and hope some changes are made for the better.